1. Crystalcel CG900M1 4-port GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal User’s Guide 1 2. Checklist for the package: 1. 4-SIM terminal 1 set 2. Power adapter 1 set 3. 4-line GSM…

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  • 1. Crystalcel CG900M1 4-port GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal User’s Guide 1
  • 2. Checklist for the package: 1. 4-SIM terminal 1 set 2. Power adapter 1 set 3. 4-line GSM wireless terminal antenna 1 set 4. Telephone line 4 pcs 5. User’s Guide 1 / Please Read the notes before Using the Terminal 1. This terminal should not be used at garage, oil storage and chemical plant or at places close to flammable or explosive substance. 2. This terminal should not be used in the hospital because medical electronic equipments such as pacemaker and audio-phone are easily to be disturbed by the terminal. 3. If the terminal fails to log in GSM network, please check whether the antenna and SIM card are installed well. 4. The SIM card that has been used in the terminal cannot be used in other terminals and it is not permitted to use other SIM card in the terminal too. 5. Install the SIM card and ensure that any active PIN lock feature is deactivated. (Check with your SIM card provider for more details on PIN lock/unlocking) 6. The terminal may be upgraded without notice. The appearance and function of this product are based on the real substance. Features  With advanced microprocessor controlling circuit, stead running and complete functions  Enhanced high gains external antenna  Be suitable to EGSM900MHz/DCS1800MHz  Locking terminal, locking SIM card  Display incoming calls number  Access codes can be set flexibly according to user’s requirement.  Barred telephone numbers can be set flexibly  Can be connected to charging device  Can be connected to PBX  With the function of network management, the parameters can be set through remote network management system 2
  • 3. 4-SIM GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal Composition Front View Front View: Indicators and knobs (from up to down) Network indicator—flashing once in one second indicates that the terminal has been on GSM network In-use indicator —Staying lit during calls and during parameters’ setting Warn indicator—Staying lit for less than 10 seconds indicates that the terminal is dealing with SMS. If it stays lit for more than 10 seconds, there is some trouble with the terminal. Reset knob — press this knob, its corresponding board will reset. Power switch—push to “On” or “OFF” side to turn on or turn off the terminal. Rear View Rear View Power port—connect to power adapter Phone port—connect to ordinary phone, PBX and charging device Antenna port—connect to antenna 3
  • 4. Installing the SIM Card Proceed as follows: 1. Slide back the SIM door and lift it up 2. Slide the SIM card into the SIM door making sure that the clipped corner of the SIM card lining up with the clipped corner of the SIM holder 3. Close the SIM door 4. Slide the SIM door to lock the SIM card in place Setting up the Terminal The Condition for Installation The terminal asks for 220V AC power supply. It must be installed in the area within GSM network coverage. Signal strength can affect the voice quality directly. Poor signal will disconnect a connected call. The Installation for Connect to Ordinary Telephone (1) Screw off the screws on the back of the terminal and pull out the corresponding main board. Install SIM card for every main board and install the main board in place, and then tighten the screws. (2) Install antenna. In order to ensure the quality of voice, antenna must be put beyond 1.5m from the telephone. (3) One end of the telephone line connects to “Phone” port of the terminal, the other end connects to an ordinary telephone. (4) “Power” port connects to power adapter that is connected to 220V AC power source. About 15—45 seconds later (the time is subject to local wireless network), the terminal will logon and work normally. The sketch for connecting to ordinary telephone: each main board can be connected to one telephone 4
  • 5. Attentions: Because there are many types of ordinary telephone and their electric parameters are different .In order to avoid mutual disturbance between telephone and terminal and affect voice quality, the distance between telephone and terminal is 1.5m at least. The installation for connecting to charging device If the users demand to record cost during calls, charging device can be connected between terminal and ordinary telephone. Charging device records cost according to the reverse polarity signal that is provided by terminal. (1) The sketch map of connecting multi-line charging device (2) The sketch map of connecting to computer charging system. 5
  • 6. The installation for connecting to PBX If users want to connect small PBX to this terminal, connect terminal’s “Phone port” to PBX. . Making Calls and Answer Incoming Calls Making Calls (1) Lift the handset or press “hand-free” key, you will hear dial tone. Then you can dial the telephone numbers you want to call. (2) Dialling: dialling the telephone numbers you want to call. (3) On completion of dialled digits, you can press “#” to transmit the called telephone 6
  • 7. numbers. If you don't dial any key for continual 6 seconds during the dialling, terminal transmits called telephone numbers automatically. (4) During calls, if the telephone numbers are not free ones, the terminal sends out reverse polarity signal (the signal is used to register cost by charging device). (5) If the calling party or called party hang up, the terminal stops sending out reverse polarity signal. (6) If users dial barred numbers telephone will give out the sound of three-time toot to ask the user to hang up. Answering Incoming Calls When some calls are coming in, if the connected telephone has the function of displaying incoming calls, the telephone rings and displays the incoming telephone numbers. Now users can lift the handset or press “hand-free” to answer it. Turn on or turn off the terminal Put power switch to “OFF” side to turn off the terminal and put the power switch to “ON” side to turn on the terminal. Information about Signal Quality, Malfunction and Software Version If the connected phone has the function of displaying incoming calls, the telephone rings after the terminal log onto GSM network successfully and a 8-digit code will be displayed .The code indicates the information about signal quality, malfunctions and software version as follows: The first two digits indicates the signal quality, it ranges from “00” to “31”. Stronger the signal is, larger the digits are. If it is less than 10, the quality of voice will be poor. The third and the forth digit is the code of malfunction: “00”: good “11”: failed in logging into GSM network “22” or “33”: PIN error (PIN code is not 1234 or PIN checking is not disabled), “44”: lock card error, “55”: lock terminal error “77”: lock network error, “99”: read card error The later four digits is the code of software version: for example 4060 indicates the software version code is 4.06. If the telephone displays “11”or “22” or “33” or “44” or “77” or “99” or the telephone cannot work normally, please contact service provider. Inquiry of Signal Quality and Software Version Lift the handset and then dial “***9#”. Hang up as soon as you hear the busy tone. The telephone rings and displays a 8-digit code. The indication of this code is the same as that of the above “Information about Signal Quality, Malfunction and Software Version”. 7
  • 8. Adjust Volume Lift the handset or press “hand-free” key. Dial “*33XY#” and then hang up when hearing the sound of toot. X and Y both belong to the digits of 1 to 5. X indicates microphone volume and Y indicates speaker volume. Level 1 is the lowest volume and level 5 is the highest. The Instructions for Terminal’s Running Status 1. The instruction for initializing terminal When Power indicator is lit, the terminal begins to initialize. If Network indicator and In-use indicator are flashing simultaneously, the terminal is searching for network. About 15 ~ 45 seconds later, the telephone rings, indicating the completion of initialisation process. If Warn indicator stays lit, initialization is unsuccessful. On this condition user can set parameters for the terminal but the terminal cannot be used to make any calls. If users dial telephone numbers, the Warn indicator will flash and the telephone will give out the sound of three -time toot to ask the user to hang up. 2. While users dialled barred numbers or other error numbers, the telephone gives out the sound of three-time toot to ask the user to hang up and redial. 3. While you are lifting the handset and do not dial any key for continuous 15 seconds or nobody answer the dialled telephone for 90 seconds after the called telephone has rung, the telephone will give out the sound of three-time toot to ask the user to hang up. If the user does not hang up for a long time, all indicating sound will stop after 1 minute. 4. While there are incoming calls, In-use indicator flashes. IF user answers the call, the In-use indicator stays lit until the call is hung up. 5. When user is lifting the handset, In-use indicator stays lit until user hangs up. 6. When the terminal receives SMS, Warn indicator and In-use indicator both stay lit, indicating that the terminal is dealing with SMS. 7. If Warn indicator stays flashing and the telephone continuously gives out the sound of three- time toot, which indicates that the terminal is on the warning status. Please hang up. Technical Specification (1) Working environment Environment temperature :0~+50℃ Relative humidity: 10%~80% Air pressure: 86~106kpa Environment yawp: ≤60Db(A) (2) Working frequency: EGSM900MHz/DCS1800MHz/PCS1900MHz 8
  • 9. (3) Stability of frequency: better than 2.5PPM (4) Signal sensitivity: -103dBm (5) Transmit power: <2W W W W (6) Power adapter: DC 6.5V (7) The max distance between terminal and telephone: 100M Maintenance and storage 1) The terminal should be kept in the desiccant place. 2) If three are some matters with the terminal, please send it to the appointed repair center. (The damages that are caused by error operation are beyond the scope of free maintenance). Do not take apart the terminal by yourself without our agreement 3) The packed terminal should be put in dry and ventilated place. Do not pile the terminal for storage more than 10 lays. The condition of the storehouse is listed as follows: Temperature: -10 to +45℃ Relative humidity: ≤95% You should ensure that there is no corrosive gas in the storehouse too. 9
  • 10. Familiar Trouble and Troubleshooting Phenomena Trouble Trouble Shooting Warn Failed in 1. The signal is too weak Please move the indicator stay login onto GSM terminal to the place where signal is stronger. bright for long network 2. Check whether antenna is connected well. time 3. SIM card is locked. Please contact the service provider. Power Having not 1. Check whether the adapter is connected well. indicator isn’t connect to 2. There is some trouble with the power adapter bright while power supply or Please contact the terminal provider. power adapter there is some is used. trouble with power adapter Only free The residual numbers can be money on SIM Add money to the SIM card called out card is too less Can’t hear of The sound during malfunction Change the connected telephone with a good one calls on the telephone Poor voice The voice 1. Adjust the voice volume to be lower. quality during volume is too 2. The local signal is too weak. Move the calls or there is high or the terminal to the place where signal is stronger. echo during signal of GSM 3. Make the antenna is longer from the telephone calls network is too 4. The voice quality of the connected telephone weak. isn’t good. Change the connected telephone 5. Trouble on the network. No ringing The 1. Malfunction on connected telephone sound malfunction on 2. Malfunction on terminal. Please contact the the telephone terminal provider. Incoming calls The connected 1. Chang the connected telephone with a suitable can’t be telephone does one. answered not match the 2. Forbidding answering incoming calls is set. terminal or Please contact the service provider. forbidding answering incoming calls are set 10
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