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James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go E|-------------Z--------------|-------------|---------------| B|---6-3-------|---6-3--------|---6-3-------|---4-4---4p3---| G|---3-3---3---|---5-5----5---|---3-3---3---|---3-3-------3-| D|-------------|-3------3---3-|-------------|---------------| A|-------------|--------------|-------------|-6-----6-------| E|-6-----6---6-|--------------|-3-----3---3-|---------------| A# F9 Gm7 D# [Intro] A# F Gm D# A# I

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  James Arthur - Say You Won't Let GoE|-------------Z--------------|-------------|---------------|B|---6-3-------|---6-3--------|---6-3-------|---4-4---4p3---|G|---3-3---3---|---5-5----5---|---3-3---3---|---3-3-------3-|D|-------------|-3------3---3-|-------------|---------------|A|-------------|--------------|-------------|-6-----6-------|E|-6-----6---6-|--------------|-3-----3---3-|---------------| A ! Gm# D$%ntro& A ! Gm DA% met you n the (ar)! You *t me upGm#You ma(e me +ee* as thou,hD% as enou,hAWe (an.e( the n,ht aay! We (ran) too mu.hGm#% he*( your har /a.) henDYou ere thron, upA0hen you sm*e( o1er your shou*(er! !or a mnute2 % as stone .o*( so/erGm# D% pu**e( you .*oser to my .hestAAn( you as)e( me to stay o1er! % sa(2 % a*rea(y to*( yaGm# D% thn) that you shou*( ,et some restA% )ne % *o1e( you then! But you( ne1er )noGm#ause % p*aye( t .oo* hen % asDS.are( o+ *ettn, ,oA% )no % nee(e( you! But % ne1er shoe(Gm#But % anna stay th you  Dnt* ere ,rey an( o*(A ! Just say you ont *et ,oGm# DJust say you ont *et ,oA% a)e you up th some! Brea)+ast n /e(Gm#%** /rn, you .o++eeDWth a )ss on your hea(AAn( %** ta)e the )(s to s.hoo*! Wa1e them ,oo(/yeGm#An( %** than) my *u.)y stars +orD0hat n,htAWhen you *oo)e( o1er your shou*(er! !or a mnute2 % +or,et that %m o*(erGm# D% anna (an.e th you r,ht no2 ohAAn( you *oo) as /eaut+u* as e1er! An( % sear that e1ery(ay you** ,et /etterGm# DYou ma)e me +ee* ths ay somehoA%m so n *o1e th you! An( % hope you )noGm#Dar*n, your *o1e s more than orth tsDWe,ht n ,o*(AWe1e .ome so +ar my (ear! Loo) ho e1e ,ronGm#An( % anna stay th youDnt* ere ,rey an( o*(A !   Just say you ont *et ,oGm# DJust say you ont *et ,oA% anna *1e th you! E1en hen ere ,hostsGm#ause you ere a*ays there +or meDWhen % nee(e( you mostA%m ,onna *o1e you t**! y *un,s ,1e outGm#% promse t** (eath e partDL)e n our 1osASo % rote ths son, +or you! 7o e1ery/o(y )nosGm#ause ts 8ust you an( meDnt* ere ,rey an( o*(A ! Just say you ont *et ,oGm# DJust say you ont *et ,oA ! Just say you ont *et ,oGm# DJust say you ont *et ,o$!na*& A----------------- A.or(es -----------------apotraste na 39 .asaD: ; < 6 5 3 4 3 - =:! na +orma (e D>!: ; ? 3 3 @ ? ? - =:G na +orma (e !>! : ; ? 3 5 @ ? ? - =:G na +orma (e ! >Gm: ; 3 5 5 3 3 3 - =:Am na +orma (e Gm>Gm#: ; 3 < 3 3 3 < - =:Am# na +orma (e Gm#>A: ; < ? 3 3 3 ? - =: na +orma (e A>
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