Rostering Matrix

Rostering Matrix

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  S.No. Category Who   will   define   Rostering Punch   Allowed Non ‐ Academic   Employees In   Punch   and   Out   PunchMarketing Single   PunchSupport   Staff Branch   Managers Both   PunchesTransport Branch   Managers Single   Punch2 Academic   Head   Medical In   Punch   and   Out   Punch3 Academic   Head   Engineering In   Punch   and   Out   Punch4 Branch   Managers Cluster   Incharges In   Punch   and   Out   Punch567 Cluster   InchargesAcademicBranch   Managers21 SHIFT   ROSTERING   &   ID   CARD   PUNCHING   MATRIX Note   : ‐ In   case   if    an   employee   is   in   branch   for   whole   day   then   In   and   out   punches   will   mandatoryAssistant   Directors/Senior   Assistant   Directors/Deptuty   Directors/Associate   DirectorsAssistant   Directors/Senior   Assistant   Directors/Deptuty   Directors/Associate   Directors/GM  ‐ Marketing/AGM  ‐ Marketing/Associate   VP   /   Regional   DirectorsHuman   Resource8In   Punch   and   Out   PunchSingle   PunchAcademic   Head   /   Academic   Coordinators   (   Foundations) AcademicNon ‐ AcademicBM's/AH'sClustar   Incharges   /Asst   Directors/Sr.   Asst   Dir/Associate   Dir's/   Dy   Director/   Regional   DirectorsGM   /   AGM   /   SGM ‐ Marketing,   Associate   VP
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