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RETURN RESPONSES TO: RETOURNER LES ANSWERS À : Solinda Phan Specialiste d approvisionnement Supply Specialist Services partagés Canada Shared Services Canada Address Courriel: AMENDMENT TO INVITATION TO QUALIFY MODIFICATION DE L INVITATION À SE QUALIFIER The referenced document is hereby revised; unless otherwise indicated, all other terms and conditions of the Solicitation remain the same. Ce document est par la présente révisé; sauf indication contraire, les modalités de l invitation demeurent les mêmes. Comments - Commentaires This document contains a Security Requirement Ce document contient des exigences sécuritaires Title - Sujet Data Centre Server and Storage Infrastructure Infrastructure de serveur et de stockage pour les centres de données Solicitation No. N de l invitation /A Client Reference No. N référence du client : Solicitation Closes L invitation prend fin on le November 12, 2014 at à 11 :59 EDT Destination des biens, services et construction : Issuing Office Bureau de See Herein / Voir aux présentes distribution SSC SPC Procurement and Vendors Relationships Achats et relations avec les fournisseurs Transformation Initiatives Initiatives de transformation 180 Kent St, 13th floor Ottawa, ON K1G 4A8 Amendment No. - N modif. 004 Date 20 October 2014 F.O.B. - F.A.B. Plant-Usine: Destination: Other-Autre: Address Inquiries to : - Adresser toutes questions à: Solinda Phan Telephone No. N de téléphone : Courriel Delivery required - Livraison exigée See Herein / Voir aux présentes Buyer Id Id de l acheteur CAC Destination of Goods, Services, and Construction: Page 1 of 5 THIS SOLICITATION AMENDMENT IS ISSUED TO: Extend the ITQ closing date from October 28, 2014 to November 12, 2014, to publish Canada's responses to Respondents questions and to modify the ITQ. NOTE: Respondents clarification questions are numerically sequenced upon arrival at SSC. Respondents are hereby advised that questions and answers for this solicitation may be issued via out of sequence. Question 8: i) Could you please clarify the scope of the possible acquisitions via this solicitation. The DCSSI diagram in Annex B, page 24 shows the suppliers responsibility. There are 5 columns. 30% of procurement is in column #1, 55% of procurement in column #2, #3, #4 and 15% of procurement in column #5. There are three categories being procured. The first is SSI, the second is Virtual Servers, the third is cloud management software. ii) iii) Regarding column #1, is SSC planning to buy any of the software (ERP, data warehouse, etc.) within the scope of this stack? Columns #2, #3, #4 are entitle Vendor A, vendor B, vendor C. Please confirm that these are the vendors for category 1, 2 and 3 being tendered in this ITQ. iv) Column #5 has security, storage, network and compute as separate domains. Both column #1 and #5 don t refer to vendor A,B or C yet they show a percentage of the procurement. v) Will the result of DCSSI not only award converged infrastructure, virtual servers and cloud mgmt software, but also all the other security, networking, load balancing, visibility fabric, network management tools, and other components of a typical data center? vi) vii) viii) Has SSC effectively folded intra-dcn into this procurement? Does the scope of this procurement involve additional storage, servers or networking equipment that may not be part of a converged infrastructure or the virtual server services you are seeking? Should bidders provide OEM certifications for all these possible components? Answer 8: i) The DCSSI Diagram contained in Annex B, Section 3 Page 24 is intended as an overview of data centre elements and their relationships in the context of DCSSI. For the scope of this ITQ in relation to this diagram, Respondents are referred to Annex B, Section 4 Procurement Strategy, and Annex B Section 5 Responsibility Matrix for further descriptions of the procurement categories and Canada s current thinking on the responsibilities of SSC and its Suppliers under DCSSI. The columns depicted in the diagram in Section 3, Annex B (Page 24) relate to the Procurement categories as follows: The bottom left most column depicts multiple classes of specific purpose converged infrastructure for specialized application and database configurations as described in the table in Annex B, Section 4, Category 1, Server and Storage Infrastructure, bullet c. The second, third and fourth columns from the bottom left depict multiple classes of general purpose converged infrastructure as described in t Annex B, Section 4, Procurement Strategy Table, Category 1, Server and Storage Infrastructure, bullet b. Page 2 of 5 The fifth column from the bottom left depicts the multiple classes of standalone servers, storage devices and special purpose or specific components related to those server and storage devices required to interconnect connect these devices. The four bottom most left columns also depict the multiple classes of general purpose virtual servers based on X86 architecture and multiple classes of specific purpose virtual servers for specialized application and database configurations based on X86 architecture as described in the Procurement Strategy Table in Annex B, Section 4, Category 2, Virtual Servers. The horizontal row labeled Cloud Management Platform depicts the Cloud Management Platform requirements as described in the Procurement Strategy Table in Annex B, Section 4, Category 3. The horizontal row labelled Platform Software depicts the Platform Software Contracts as described in the Procurement Strategy Table in Annex B, Section 4, Category 4, and are Out of Scope of this ITQ. ii) iii) Canada is procuring infrastructure optimized to support specialized workloads based on our requirements in this phase of the DCSSI procurement. Platform Software procurement will be conducted separately at a later date. The intent of the diagram was not to associate vendors and categories to columns. The Diagram contained in Annex B, Section 3 Page 24 is amended with the version contained in this amendment. See Modification 007. iv) See Modification 007. v) Other related data centre components may be required to satisfy functional requirements of each category. Detailed requirements will be provided and discussed in the subsequent Review and Refine Requirements phase of this procurement. Please refer to Annex A for further detail on the procurement process. vi) vii) No, the intra-data Centre Network requirement is a separate procurement process. Yes, Annex B, Section 4, Category 1, Server and Storage Infrastructure includes the requirement for server, storage, and associated storage and network interconnect components that are not part of converged infrastructure or virtual server solutions. viii) Please refer to Canada s response to question 7. Question 11: We respectfully request a 15 day extension to the due date to allow enough time to adequately research, validate & present the mandatory project references requested. Answer 11: Question 13: We would like to request a 30 day extension to the closing date to provide the detail required to submit a quality response. Answer 13: Page 3 of 5 Question 15: Given that Industry has committed to participate at GTEC the final week of October we are requesting a 3 week extension to accommodate the conflict with our technical and sales resource availability to build the best response possible for SSC. Answer 15: Canada will extend the Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) closing date from October 28, 2014 to November 12, Canada will not grant any further extensions to this ITQ. Question 23: Would Canada please amend the Solicitation closing date to November 21st, 2014 in order to provide respondents enough time to create a complete and more valuable response? Answer 23: Question 24: Due to the complexity and the requirements that are involved in qualifying for this response. We are asking for a 2 week extension. Making the new close date of November 12th. Question: Will the Crown please revise the date of close from October 28th to November 12th. Answer 24: Page 4 of 5 Modification 007: On Page 24 of 48 of the ITQ, Annex B DCSSI Strategy, Section 3, DCSSI Diagram: Delete in its entirety. Insert: Page 5 of 5
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