Religion — Psychedelic Advances (Nov. 23, 2013)

Religion — Psychedelic Advances (Nov. 23, 2013)

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  The New Religious Era Experiencing Spiritual Growth  Characteristics of Mystical Experiences POTT MUSIC P aradoxicality M ood changes O bjectivity U nity T ranscendence S acredness T ransience I neffability C hange in behavior  Religion Before It’s Doctrine and Morality Indeed, isn’t religion above all —  before it is doctrine and morality, rites and institutions — religious experience? …  And isn’t religious experience in its highest form   mystical experience … ?   Christianity and the World Religions. p. 168 Kung, Ess, von Stietencron, & Bechert  Primary Spiritual Experience  As The Taproot of Religion eliefs Make sense of PSE. Answers ―What was that? What does it mean?‖   Rituals  Attempt to recreate, celebrate, and/or commemorate PSE Ethics Express oneness, love , and gratitude for PSE in social action, responsibility Organization Houses beliefs,  rituals, and ethics. Provides community, social identify, and support. P  RIMARY S  PIRITUAL E  XPERIENCE  Also called state of unitive consciousness, mystical experience, peak experience, intense conversion experience, sacred oneness, gratuitous grace, and many other names.    A New Era in Religion Sacred texts reading    interpreting texts Sacred experiences   primary religious experience    Religious Sacred rites   activities and  behaviors    Development of Western Religion  pre-1500 ca 1500 ca 2000
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