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265 Références bibliographiques Les références bibliographies en italiques n ont pas été consultées. [Abramowitz_Stegun-1970] ABRAMOWITZ, M., STEGUN, I.A. Handbook of Mathematical Functions. New York :

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265 Références bibliographiques Les références bibliographies en italiques n ont pas été consultées. [Abramowitz_Stegun-1970] ABRAMOWITZ, M., STEGUN, I.A. Handbook of Mathematical Functions. New York : Dover, p. [Allard-1993] ALLARD, J.F. Propagation of Sound in Porous Media. 3rd Ed. Londres : Elsevier Applied Science, p. [Allard_Aknine-1985] ALLARD, J.F., AKNINE A. Acoustic impedance measurements with a sound intensity meter. Appl. Acoust., 1985, Vol. 18, p [Allard_Champoux-1989] ALLARD, J.F., CHAMPOUX, Y. In Situ Two-Microphone Technique for the Measurement of the Acoustic Surface Impedance of Materials. Noise Con. Eng. J., 1989, Vol. 32, N 1, p [Allard_EtAl-1989] ALLARD, J.F., CHAMPOUX, Y., NICOLAS, J. Pressure variation above a layer of absorbing material and impedance measurement at oblique incidence and low frequencies. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 1989, Vol. 86, N 2, p [Allard_Sieben-1985] ALLARD, J.F., SIEBEN, B. Measurement of acoustic impedance in a free field with 2 microphones and a spectrum analyser. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 1985, Vol. 77, N 4, p [Aoshima-1981] AOSHIMA, N. Computer generated pulse signal applied for sound measurement. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 1981,Vol. 69, N 5, p [ASTM_C_ ] ASTM C : Standard Test Method for Impedance and Absorption of Acoustical Material by the Impedance Tube Method. 05/1985. [ASTM_E_ a] ASTM E a : Test Method for Impedance and Absorption of Acoustical Materials Using a Tube, Two Microphones, and a Digital Frequency Analysis System. 08/1985. [Attala-1997] ATTALA, N. GMC-722 Méthodes numériques en interaction fluidestructure. Sherbrooke : Université, Non paginé. [Bäck-1995] BÄCK, T. Evolutionary Algorithms in Theory and Practice, Oxford : University Press, p. 266 Références bibliographiques [Baars-1964] BAARS, J.W.M. On the diffraction of sound waves by a circular disc. Acustica, 1964, Vol. 14, p [Battiti-1994] BATTITI, R. The reactive Tabu search. [PostScript]. Trente : Université, [29/09/98]. Available from internet http://rtm.science.unitn.it/~battiti/archive/ reactive- tabu-search.ps.gz . [Benson-1995] BENSON, H.P. Concave Minimization : Theory, Application and Algorithms. In Handbook of Global Optimization. Horst R., Pardalos, P.M. Dordrecht : Kluwer, 1995, p [Berkhout_EtAl-1980] BERKHOUT, A.J., DE VRIES, D., BOONE, M.M. A new method to acquire impulse responses in concert halls. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 1980, Vol. 68, N 1, p [Bode-1945] BODE, H.W. Network analysis and feedback amplifier design. 2nd Ed. New York : D. Van Nostrand, p. [Bolton_Gold-1984] BOLTON, J.S., GOLD, E. The application of cepstral techniques to the measurements of transfer functions and acoustical reflection coefficients. J. Sound Vib., 1984, Vol. 93, N 2, p [Bonnans_EtAl-1997] BONNANS, J.F., GILBERT, J.C., LEMARECHAL, C., et al. Optimisation Numérique, Aspects théoriques et pratiques, coll. Mathématiques et Applications 27. Berlin : Springer, p. [Born_Wolf-1959] BORN, M., WOLF, E. Principles of Optics. 5th Ed. Londres : Pergamon Press, p. [Borse-1997] BORSE, G.J. Numerical Methods with Matlab, A resource for Scientists and Engineers. Boston : PWS, p. [Bradley-1996] BRADLEY, J.S. Optimizing the decay range in Room Acoustics measurements using Maximum Length Sequences techniques. J. Audio Eng. Soc., 1996, Vol. 44, N 4, p [Brekhovskikh_Godin-1992] BREKHOVSKIKH, L.M., GODIN, O.A. Acoustics of Layered Media II, Point Sources and Bounded Beams. Berlin : Springer Verlag, p. [Brown_Lovato-1994] BROWN, B.W., LOVATO, J. RANLIB Library of Fortran Routines for Random Number Generation. Mars Available from internet http://www.netlib.org/random/ranlib.f.tar.gz . [Bruel&Kjær-1987] Calibration chart, Sound Intensity Microphone Pair, type 4181, Serial N (resp N ). Naerum (Danemark), Bruel & Kjaer, [Burd-1997] BURD, T. CPU Info & System Performance Summary - General Microprocessor Info, [World Wide Web Fichier PostScript] Berkeley : Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, 12/10/97 [Dernière modification 24/11/98]. Disponible sur internet : summary/local/summary.ps.gz . [Byte-1994] Whither NeXTSTEP? [WWW], Byte, 1994, November. Available from internet [Champoux_LEspérance-1988] CHAMPOUX, Y., L ESPERANCE, A. Numerical evaluation of errors with the measurement of acoustic impedance in a free field using two microphones and a spectrum analyser. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 1988, Vol. 84, N 1, p [Champoux_EtAl-1988] CHAMPOUX, Y., NICOLAS, J., ALLARD, J.F. Measurement of the acoustic impedance in a free field at low frequencies. J. Sound Vib., 1988, Vol. 125, N 2, p [Champoux_Richarz-1990] CHAMPOUX, Y., RICHARZ, W.G. An aid in the numerical computation for in situ acoustic impedance and absorption coefficient measurements. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 1990, Vol. 87, N 4, p [Chien_Soroka-1975] CHIEN, C.F., SOROKA, W.W. Sound propagation along an impedance plane. J. Sound Vib., 1975, Vol. 43, N 1, p [Chien_Soroka-1980] CHIEN, C.F., SOROKA, W.W. A note on the calculation of the sound propagation along an impedance surface. J. Sound Vib., 1980, Vol. 69, N 2, p [Chung_Blaser-1980] CHUNG, J.Y., BLASER, D.A. Transfer function method of measuring in-duct acoustic properties. I. Theory. J. Acoust Soc. Am., 1980, Vol. 68, N 3, 1980, p [Collins_EtAl-1992] COLLINS, M.D., KUPERMAN, W.A., SCHMIDT, H. Non linear inversion for ocean bottom properties. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 1992, Vol. 92, N 5, p 268 Références bibliographiques [Comp.realtime-1998] Comp.realtime Frequently Asked Questions. [World Wide Web]. Bruxelles : RTUSI, Available from internet : http: //www.cis.ohio-state.edu /hypertext /faq /usenet /realtime-computing/faq/faq.html . [Cramond_Don-1984] CRAMOND, A.J., DON, C.G. 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