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  HL5   TP43 HL3 CON CC HT4 HL J R HL DD TTPP44 HL3  OONN C C HL JJ HL HL5 HL D D D D  T4 HL CON  CON CON  CON  CON  CON  CON  C3C3C C  HT4 TT HL J4 4x J4 4x2J4 4x3J4 4x4J4 4x5J4 4x6J4 4x7J4 4x8J4 4x9 J4 4x J4 4x J4 4x 2J4 4x 3J4 4x 4J4 4x 5J4 4x 6J4 4x 7J4 4x 8J4 4x 9J4 4x2 J4 4x2 J4 4x22J4 4x23J4 4x24 R R  J6 2 J66J67 JJ HL  c R R4 TP44TP45 B3C7C8 C53 C4VR4J R TVS TSTS C4 7C4 9 C 6 2 TVS6 5 R6ANTANT ANT R R TT   C C C V   T CC C JJ6  T R AA R3R3R4R4 H HL T4T4 B3xB3xC7C7C8C8 C5C5 H HL C4C4 VV J J J J   ON  R R  H HL TS TS  TVS3TVS3TVS2TVS2 C4C4C4C4C4C4 J6 2x J6 2x2J6 2x3J6 2x4J6 2x5 J66J67 JJ TVS6TVS6 H HL R6R6 ANTANTANT
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