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Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen * 1982 in Brovst, Denmark Lives and works in Berlin and Viborg Education : Meisterschüler - Hfbk Frankfurt - Städelschule,

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Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen * 1982 in Brovst, Denmark Lives and works in Berlin and Viborg Education : Meisterschüler - Hfbk Frankfurt - Städelschule, Class of Peter Fischli 2011: Cooper Union School of Art, New York, Classes of Walid Raad, Sharon Hayes, Jill Magid, Lan Tuazon : Hfbk Frankfurt Städelschule, Class of Simon Starling. Exhibitions (selected) 2017: Kunsthal VSA, Svendborg (April) Hans Purrmann Preise 2017, Speyer Kunstverein (February) Hail Satan Cave3000, Berlin th Fellbach small scale sculpture Triennial FOOD Ecologies of the Everyday Søby Skulpturbiennale - Ærø, Denmark viscous, ZQM - Berlin 2015 fyr, Doppelzimmer - 3 1/2, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin The second death of George Mallory - Karlin Studios, Prague Quando cabelo nasce às crianças - SKAD, Porto Men hvorom alting er - Galleri SØ, Copenhagen 2014 Fall - Gallerie Jochen Hempel, Leipzig Pashmina - Städelschule Absolventenausstellung, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main 2013 Collision Course - Sodom&Gomorrah, Amsterdam Forgotten Design Problems In Showbiz - Four Boxes Gallery, Krabbesholm Højskole, Denmark Lummerland II - Meetfactory, Prague Meine Austellung ist ein Litteratur Party - Shift, Berlin 2012 VOID - Flûte Douce, Frankfurt am Main D.-Spt Galleri Image, Århus, Denmark 2011: Übermorgenkünstler II - Heidelberger Kunstverein Lummerland I - Toves Galleri, Copenhagen 2010: FOMO - Farbenfabrik, Frankfurt am Main KE Carlberg Ny Tap, Copenhagen Fjaltring Harmony FM - Galleri Fjaltring, Denmark 2009: Spring09 - Kunsthal Århus, Denmark Lebenslust - Städelmuseum, Frankfurt am Main 2008: Sink the boat before it sails - Basis Gallery, Frankfurt am Main Publications -http://rasmusjohannsen.com/texts.html: FOOD Ecologies of the Everyday (Stadt Fellbach-Kulturamt) 2016 Residenzen (AIR Frankfurt Residents Ed. by Dr. Christine Taxer for Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main) Doppelzimmer (KW Institute for Contemporary Art/Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main) 2016 Morgenrøde #1, 2012 Residencies: SKAD, Porto, 2015 AirAntwerpen, 2015 Meetfactory, Prag, 2013 Luminary Lineation (in progress) 99 x 99 cm Stinging nettles, Robinia wood, lead, Kaliumhexacyanidoferrat(III), Ammoniumeisen(III)-citrate A series of tapestries woven of fibres of stinging nettles. The stems of the nettles will be processed into fibres and will be turned into string on a homemade rope making machine. A photo-sensitive mixture of iron salts is being sprayed onto the tapestries and the UV-light of the full moon reacts with it. It is the process of cyanotype nourished with coincidence. Everything that falls on the tapestry during the night leaves an impression on the otherwise cyan surface. Weaving in progress Close horizon 2015/2016 Tied nylonnets, roses metal Close horizon consists of knotted nylon nets onto which a large amount of Roses metal (an alloy with a melting point of 98 ) has been melted. On a western slope the nets are placed on stands just before sunset. A fresnel-lens magnifying glass catches the sunset and concentrates it onto the metal, which is placed in a wide funnel-shaped container, above the net. The metal melts onto/mixes itself with the net. KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, November 2015 Photos Camilo Brau Galleri SØ, Copenhagen, May 2015 Photos Vibe Overgaard Detach/adjust/connect Wood, extracted resin, grinded coal Height between 104 and 210 cm. Branches from trees have been cut down and sliced up. I burned parts of the wood and grinded the coal into dust. I withdrew resin from the living trees. The coal dust cooked with the resin makes a natural wood glue with which I force the slices together. MMK Zollamt, Frankfurt am Main, 2014 13th Fellbach Small Sculpture Triennial, 2016 Pivot Turned steel objects Crucial parts of powerful machines with a large impact on history, enlarged to fit in the palm of a hand. D.-Spt x 4 cm SS P x 1.5 cm HL-210 K45 18 x 4 cm SAL IR 20 19,5 x 4 cm FF 77A 18,5 x 3,5 cm VS 11G 20,5 x 4 cm LRS x 3,5 cm 01 SOP 19,5 x 3,5 cm 2194 A 21 x 3,5 cm 35345E 24,5 x 3 cm Flourish, Oblivion, Plunge, Red Dawn 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 Letter press printed texts on paper 22 x 28 cm. Words and sentences are used as a raw material. The final text ends up being a meticulous collage of rewritten quotes, self-constructed vocabulary and summations. Drop 2013 Hygrometer, Aqua Regia (nitro-hydrochloric acid), flask, D.-Spt. +55 (steel object), soldering iron, stool When conditions defer from linearity and surroundings reach an abnormal extremity, the hygrometer will switch on the soldering iron. The string burns and D.-Spt. +55 will plunge into the flask making the queens water drip. The Hygrometer and its drawn history will dissolve. Aktion 16 mm looping film 3 x 28 sek In the series of films Aktion, simple machines perform an action. The action is triggered by the windup handle of the camera, making the structures radically alter themselves. Videodocumentation: Stills from Aktion
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