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Québec, c est la fête This badge is the first in a set of Quebec specific badges. It is set up such that girls from any branch can complete it. Table of Contents Introduction... 2 Québec Festivals... 3

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Québec, c est la fête This badge is the first in a set of Quebec specific badges. It is set up such that girls from any branch can complete it. Table of Contents Introduction... 2 Québec Festivals... 3 Suggested Activities... 3 Example activities... 4 Sample Activity 1: The Sugar Shack Experience... 5 Sample Activity 2: Ceinture Fléchée... 7 Sample Activity 3: People Sledding... 8 Program Work Completed... 9 Québec C est la Fête Badges Introduction Québec is known around the world for joie de vivre and we celebrate our love of life regularly! The challenge is set up to encourage units to look into some of the many festivals that take place all year round in the province. A few examples are the Québec Winter Carnaval, the Montréal Just for Laughs fesitval, the Festival de Jazz de Montréal, museum day as well as dozens of film, cuisine and cultural festivals all year round. Festivals can be about music, dance, traditions, or local products when they come into season: ice fishing for les petits poissons des cheneaux (tommycod) in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade, blueberries in Lac St-Jean, and of course le temps des sucres (sugaring off) in sugar shacks all over the province. St-Jean has hot air balloons, Brome Lake has its fair, and St-Tite has a big Western Festival, right down to a rodeo and cowboy hats. The table below shows what a girl in each branch needs to do to earn the Québec, c est la fête badge. Branch Activities Festivals Sparks 2 Activities 1 or more festivals Brownies 2 Activities 2 or more festivals Guides 3 Activities 1 or more festivals Pathfinders 3 Activities 2 or more festivals Rangers 3 Activities + a service project 2 or more festivals 2 Québec Festivals The following are all suggested activities. You may complete any other activity that you feel fits the aims of this badge. Inform: Let yourselves be inspired by a Québec festival, or more than one, in planning a series of meeting activities, a day event, or a camp or outing. Learn about the history or the origin of the festival(s) you choose and share with your unit. Suggested Activities Out of the Ordinary! Some local festivals are quite unique and a little unexpected share these little known secrets with your unit maybe contact the festival organisers for more information or make a poster or banner to wish people well at their event! Road Trip! Travel to a festival event with your unit. The travel can be real or virtual or even imaginary! This might be a nearby event, or something that involves longer travel, perhaps even a weekend away. Look at event information online or in brochures. Build your Own: Travel doesn t fit your timing or budget? Make your own festival in your own community. Consider what you will celebrate, whether it will be a salute to an existing festival, or one that celebrates your own town s history or tradition. Will you hold it in a location where you invite the public? Perhaps your unit can offer to add a dimension to a local event of another kind. Maybe you can even create a Girl Guide celebration at a festival and invite units nearby to take part. Help out: Does your community hold a festival? Take on a role with your unit to assist your community or other volunteers with this event. Can you offer your support to promote the event or to manage an activity during the festival? Skills: Many festivals highlight a particular skill, cuisine, craft, or tradition. Learn more about these by making a salute of your own to these features of that festival. Try a craft, or learn a dance or rhythm activity, or hold a theme or pot luck dinner exploring the local specialties seen there. Many traditional skills, ones that aren t around as much today, are celebrated. Wood carver, fiddler, handcrafter, lumberjack important and valued skills in their day! Give one of these a try. Vive le festival! Attending a festival? Be part of the action while you are there, explore and get a taste of the event. Take part in activities. 3 Example activities Sparks could hold a winter festival day of outdoor winter sports, snowshoeing, followed by traditional tastings of sugar on snow Brownies could choose a festival from a list that is brainstormed with assistance (tourism Québec website can help) and each girl can learn something about that festival to share over one or two or even several meetings. Girls can collect their favourite ideas from all the festivals shared and make a typical craft, learn a dance or make a poster celebrating the many kinds of celebrations they heard about. Guides could look into the needs and plans of a local community festival. They can contact the organizers and see if they can be of service for the event: collecting tickets, distributing flyers, helping in activities for young children. They can make up posters about Girl Guides or a display of pamphlets and let the public know how great Girl Guides is! Pathfinders and Rangers may travel to a festival: visit Québec for Carnaval! Research the activities offered, plan your visit, take part in the action of the fête. Sample typical foods. Learn about a tradition like the making of the ceinture flechée and give it a try in your own style. Experience the music, maybe try to play the spoons. Plan one of your meals to celebrate a different festival while you are away! Rangers may share their experience with younger girls. 4 Sample Activity 1: The Sugar Shack Experience The sugar shack experience: a menu where maple syrup is an ingredient, part of the preparation of ham, beans, omelette, stew, and of course dessert! Maple trees are tapped, and the sap is collected. It is clear and thin, like water. After much boiling, it reduces down to maple syrup. You can continue boiling it to make a candy. It is called maple syrup taffy or sugar on snow or tire (rhymes with steer, in French). Once the syrup is the correct consistency, pour it in short strips onto clean, fresh packed down snow, and then wind the strip around a wooden stick. Mmmm, good! If you do not have maple syrup, or snow, you can make sugar syrup and pour it over shaved ice. It s still delicious! Supplies: Shaved ice Brown sugar Water Butter Vanilla or maple flavouring Large flat pan Heavy saucepan Candy thermometer (optional) Metal spoon or pitcher Popsicle sticks Sugar Syrup on Shaved ice Syrup: In a sauce pan put: 1 cup brown sugar, Just under a ¼ cup water ¼ cup of butter ½ teaspoon vanilla or maple flavouring Ice Fill a large, flat pan that is at least 3 deep with shaved ice. Keep in freezer until the taffy is ready (you can preserve a pan of clean snow this way as well.) Place sugar, water, butter and vanilla in a heavy saucepan. Bring to a boil and continue boiling until it reaches a soft-ball stage. This does not take very long. Do not boil longer as it will be too hard, like a hard candy. There are 2 methods of determining soft-ball stage: 1. Use a candy thermometer and cook till 234 f. Do not remove before, as the candy will be too soft. 2. Have a bowl of very cold water. Drip a bit of syrup into the water and, when it is soft-ball, you will be able to gather the syrup into a soft ball with your fingers. If you leave it boiling too long, it will be a brittle piece 5 With a large metal spoon or small metal pitcher, pour some on the shaved ice. If it absorbs into the ice as a liquid, it s not ready. Keep boiling and stirring. Repeat the testing until the syrup becomes a soft solid/taffy on the ice, until it s the consistency you like. Again don t boil it too long- it will become too hard. Once it s the right consistency, pour strips of the syrup onto the ice, take a spoon or popsicle stick and place it on one end of the strip, roll it up and eat! If you have more syrup than you can eat, roll up extra strips and put them onto wax paper and store in your refrigerator. 6 Sample Activity 2: Ceinture Fléchée The traditional ceintures flechées were hand-crafted using a finger-weaving technique that the settlers of New France learned from the First Nations peoples. The resulting sash was used by the settlers to tie up their wide and shapeless jackets to keep out the bitter cold. You can use beads and polar fleece to make a scarf or sash inspired by the traditional design. Cut fringes 1 cm wide, to the desired length, and decorate with pony beads, using wooden picks or skewers to help thread on the beads. If the fringe turns out too narrow, an overhand knot at the end will keep you from losing beads. Supplies: Pony beads Fleece Scissors Toothpicks or skewers 7 Sample Activity 3: People Sledding Use ropes attached to sleds or large cardboard box panels and divide into teams of sled dogs. Learn that the lead dog is the director of the team and that the dogs work together to pull the sled. The passenger(s) is/are the mushers who encourage the team and steer the sled. You can race several sleds at once, or time the course using the same sled and pulling gear. Supplies: Cardboard boxes or sleds Rope 8 Program Work Completed Which program work you complete will depend on which topics you chose to explore. Here are some of the areas you might have covered. Sparks: In My Community Keeper Brownies: Key to My Community # 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 Key to I Can # 6, 7 Key to Active Living # 2 Key to the Arts # 3, 4, 8 Girlfriends Through Time All About Canada Aboriginal People in Canada Family Heritage Special Days Wood Works Listen to This Artists at Work Super Crafts All About Art Guides: You in Guiding: Be Involved #3,6 You and Others: Build Skills in Communication #5 You and Others: Learn How to Plan #3, 6 Discovering You: Discover Your Creativity #3, 6 Beyond You: Discover Your Community #1, 6 Beyond You: Try New Things # 1, 6 Art Production Business Communication Creative Craft Cultural Awareness Dancing Event Planning Folklore Heritage Heritage Home skills Needlework Skills Outdoors in the City Provincial/Territorial Heritage Travelling 9 Pathfinders: Lending a Hand Event Planning Canada at your Doorstep Around the World at Home The Arts from A to Z Rangers: Community Connections #13, 14, 30 Explore Your Creativity # 5, 6, 9, 17, 19, 28, 29 Healthy Living #3, 16 Leadership and Management # 5 10 ORDER FORM Québec C est la Fête Badges Québec is known around the world for Joie de Vivre And we celebrate our love of life regularly! For all Branches QC C est la fête badges - $0.75 each* *plus taxes and shipping Please complete this form and it to: Guider name: Guider address: Unit/District/Area: Number of Spark badges (pink): Number of Brownie badges (brown): Rangers have their choice of colour # Badges Number of Guide badges (blue): Number of Pathfinder badges (green): Pink Brown Blue Green Please mail the badges to: (Let us know if the badges will be picked up at the office.) Name: (if different from above) Mailing Address: Street: City: Province: Postal code: PAYMENT We will send you an invoice for the total amount including 5% GST, 9.975% QST and shipping costs. Payment is accepted by cheque or credit card. Cheques should be made out to: GGC Québec Council and sent to: GGC QC Provincial office, 100 boul. Alexis-Nihon, Suite 270, Saint-Laurent, QC, H4M 2N7 If you would like to pay by credit card, please fill out the details below or phone us at Payment by Credit Card: Visa Mastercard Credit Card Number Name on card Expiry Date / 11 FORMULAIRE DE COMMANDE Écusson Québec C est la Fête Le Québec est connu dans le monde entier pour son hospitalité et sa joie de vivre et nous en célébrons régulièrement! Pour tous les niveaux Écusson QC C est la fête sont- $0.75 chacune * * plus taxes et frais d'expédition S'il vous plaît remplir ce formulaire et l'envoyer par courriel à: Nom de la cheftaine: Courriel: Unité/Secteur: Nombre d écussons Spark (rose): Nombre d écussons Brownie (brun): Les Rangers ont le choix de couleur # D écussons Nombre d écussons Guide (bleu): Nombre d écussons Pathfinder (vert): Rose Brun Bleu Vert S'il vous plaît envoyer les écusson à: (Faites-nous savoir si les écusson seront ramassés au bureau.) Nom: (si différente de ci-dessus) Adresse postale: Rue: Ville: Province: Code postal: PAIEMENT Nous vous ferons parvenir une facture pour le montant total dont 5% de TPS, TVQ 9,975% et frais d'expédition. Le paiement est accepté par chèque ou carte de crédit. Les chèques doivent être libellés à l'ordre: «GGC Conseil du Québec» et envoyés à: GGC-QC Bureau provinciale, 100 boul. Alexis-Nihon, bureau 270, Saint-Laurent, QC, H4M 2N7. Si vous souhaitez payer par carte de crédit, s'il vous plaît remplir les informations ci-dessous ou nous téléphoner au Carte de crédit: Visa Mastercard Numero: Nom: date d'expiration: / 12
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