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PX-Edit 3.3β What s New? New features in PX-Edit 3.3 Speedups! Bug fixes Excel connection problems Hierarchical keywords Csv input (random dot codes)... Edit Data Report Edit Join: Merge switch Edit Database

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PX-Edit 3.3β What s New? New features in PX-Edit 3.3 Speedups! Bug fixes Excel connection problems Hierarchical keywords Csv input (random dot codes)... Edit Data Report Edit Join: Merge switch Edit Database Report: wildcard characters in filters Unknown keywords are (at last) reported to the user Numeric input enhanced: 1.23e+04, New features in PX-Job 3.3 Input files may be direct net addresses: \\server\dbase\file.px or web addresses: Join with Merge option: jb Interesting data values listing h25 & v List variables and values: h7 Metadata listing for each directory: h9 Set time window: y14+10 (files which are updated during the last two weeks but not within the last ten minutes) Bypass the DOS conversion of the input line:!b Print all files in the report regardless of filtering!f Process information:!i Quick file copying (job=px)!q Copy other files (than.px):!w Still in Beta There are a couple of features to be added Because of the changes under the hood, there have to be quite thorough unit testing before the official release Documentation has to be updated Hopefully before Xmas Is there a need for JSON input/output?..or JSON/STAT? PX-Job Demo 1: Database Enriching In this demo a new database will be created with the minimum metadata, and it will be fixed with several px-job commands The commands may be given from the command line or written as.bat or.cmd files Some of the settings have been omitted (such as logging and mutual path setting) for brevity The syntax.. denotes this expression [drive:\path\]px-job Convert to CSV Files.. job=csv in=f:\dbase\ out=f:\newbase -t3 -s!w job denotes the conversion type (.px to.csv) in declares the source directory (mandatory) out declares the target directory -t3 option separates value texts and codes -s option goes through all source sub-directories (recursive)!w switch copies all files except px files to the target The csv conversion removes all metadata from the px tables except the title, variable names, value texts and codes Convert CSV Files to px Files.. in=f:\newbase\ -icsv -sx job defaults to px out defaults to in -icsv option filters input to include only.csv files -s option goes through all source sub-directories -x option deletes the source files after conversion Most of the options can be joined together, such as -sx Inject Metadata to Database.. in=f:\newbase\ meta=s:\meta\tablemeta.csv -a1 s!i.. in=f:\newbase\ meta=s:\meta\variablemeta.csv a2 s!i meta denotes the control csv file for mass injection -a1 option injects table specific keywords -a2 option injects variable specific keywords!i switch shows the process indicator at the Windows taskbar Tablemeta.csv axis-version;creation-date;language;copyright;last-updated;units 2015; :00;fi;yes; :30;unit The first row shows the keywords to be injected The following rows sets individual values for the keywords they are not checked thoroughly, so be careful! The csv file may be created with Excel, but a text editor will do with semicolon or tabulator as field separator Variablemeta.csv The first row shows the variable names for which the TIMEVAL keyword is to be set (vuosi = year in Finnish) TIMEVAL needs to know only the frequency type (A for annual, Q for quarterly and M for monthly), a full TIMEVAL sentence will also work PX-Job will set the sentence accordingly, if possible Set SUBJECT-CODE.. in=f:\newbase\ meta=s:\meta\subjectcode.csv -a1 s!i The filename header checks the path part of the file name, and sets the SUBJECT-CODE correspondingly This works because the database has been arranged so that all the separate directories and their sub-directories contain all the tables of the specific subject the SUBJECT-CODEs and corresponding SUBJECT-AREAs have been declared in the PX-Edit_main_33.ini file Variablemeta.csv A Source.translate File with New Languages Create Text Files for Translation.. job=translate in=f:\newbase\ out=s:\translate\in\ s2 Translate creates text files with the.translate extension of each input file. These may be given to the translators It contains all the information needed for translations The files contain header lines in brackets, which are not to be changed The [LANGUAGE] header starts a new language section -s2 option goes through all source sub-directories but writes to a single directory Insert Translations.. job=translate in=f:\newbase\ meta=s:\translate\out\ rs Translation will add new languages in the input files set new keywords use either base or new language variables and values -r option replaces existing keywords (such as the universal UNITS setting in the first metadata injection run) Join Variables and Set TIMEVAL.. in=f:\newbase\ -gvuosi,kuukausi vkuukausi,månad,month s!t.. in=f:\newbase\ -gvuosi,neljännes vneljännes,kvartal,quarter s!t -g option joins the listed variables (in the base language) as one -v option sets the new variable names in the language order!t switch tries to set TIMEVAL, if possible in this example the Vuosi variable already has a TIMEVAL setting, which also tells PX-Job to try to change the expression PX-Job Demo 2: Join Single Language Files.. in=f:\dbase\ old=f:\newbase\ jn lfi,sv,en s!iw -jn option joins together files with the language code postfix (such as file1.px, file1_sv.px and file1_en.px) -l option lists all the languages in the preferred output order PX-Edit Mission PX-Edit should be able to read every valid px table detect most of all the possible errors (ie. all real-life ones) repair majority of the detected problems New features are added when they are considered feasible, sensible and necessary PX-Edit is feedbackware
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