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Program/Programação World Science and Democracy Forum Fórum Mundial Ciência e Democracia From January, 26th to 31st 2009 De 26 a 31 de Janeiro de 2009 Belém do Pará Brasil Panels / Painéis January 26th

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Program/Programação World Science and Democracy Forum Fórum Mundial Ciência e Democracia From January, 26th to 31st 2009 De 26 a 31 de Janeiro de 2009 Belém do Pará Brasil Panels / Painéis January 26th / 26 de Janeiro First activity / Primeira atividade Introduction : Presentation of the event Science and Democracy How to make the discussions, the dynamics, how to relate with WSF, practical issues etc. Time: 8:00 8:30 Second activity / Segunda atividade Panel A: Science and democracy: what are the problems? Time: 8:30 10:30 Scientiae Studia Brazil Marcos Barbosa de Oliveira Fondation Sciences Citoyenne France Lionel Larque Issues for Discussion (1) How do different conceptions of science have an impact on the way in which scientific knowledge is produced (for example, the following themes should be discussed: feminist and alternative approaches especially regarding economy and health, traditional knowledge «marginalized» in the mainstream scientific world). (2) How persevering militarization of the structure and infrastructure of production of knowledge impacts on the conception of the science by the whole society? (3) How world trade market, multilateral agreements and IPR are they organizing the hold up on knowledge at the global level and in all sectors of life? (4) How the increased taylorism and management of the university and in the scientific system (including in the private sector) is in contradiction with the service of the public (people) Lionel Larque Fondation Sciences Citoyenne France 1 Hugh Lacey Scientiae Studia Brazil 2 Silvia Ribeiro ETC Canada? 3 Janine Guespin Espace Marx Transform! France Biologist, associated with the Scientific workers Movement 4 Anita Rampal AIPSN India Teaches in University of Delhi Third activity / Terceira atividade Panel B: Access to knowledge: building the commons Time : 11:00 13:00 VECAM France Valérie Peugeot AIPSN India Amit Sengupta (1) How could open access to knowledge (science and its publications and all other) be protected from the privatization? (2) How people and social organizations are developing instruments for creating and sustaining the knowledge of commons? How knowledge «producers» can contribute to building commons? (3) How alternate non IP based systems of reproduction of knowledge are they using the commons approach; free and open source approaches in different sectors: health, software, agriculture, culture... (4) How do Commons supporters emerge as a political force? Valérie Peugeot VECAM France 1 Amit Sengupta AIPSN All India Peoples Science Network India 2 James Love KEI Knowledge Ecology Initiative USA 3 Pablo Ortelado GPOPAI - Grupo de Pesquisa de Políticas Públicas para o Acesso à Informação Brazil 4 Viviana Munoz Tellez South Centre Switzerland. Fourth activity / Quarta atividade Panel C: Emerging forms of struggle for democratization of science Time : 15:00 17:00 Epidemia Brazil José Corrêa (1) Free access to knowledge; (2) Access to education and culture: share responsibilities in breaking all types of barriers; (3) How do we relate the commons approach to social movements? (4) Control of nanotech, BANG, reproductive and other technologies (research priorities, public funding and support, use). Mariana Tamari Epidemia Brazil 1 Sergio Amadeu Rede Libre Brazil 2 Cecile Sabourin FQPPU Québec - Canada 3 Marcos Barbosa de Oliveira Scientiae Studia Brazil 4 Asha Misra & Kashinath Chatterjee AIPSN India January 27th / 27 de Janeiro First activity / Primeira atividade Panel D: Science and democracy in a sustainable world Time : 8:00 10:00 INES Germany Reiner Braun Friends of the Earth USA Ian Illuminato AIPSN India D.Raghunandan (1) How does new advances in biotechnology, genomics and nanotechnology impact peasantry and agriculture. (2) How does science relate to the limits to growth, how to deal with negatives externalities (global change, climate crisis, energy needs, control society, increase in inequalities, poverty, social costs...). (3) How can Science contribute to peace construction? (4) How can Science contribute to the implementation of fundamental rights? Angelika Hilbeck Institut Fédéral Suisse de Technologie Switzerland 1 Reiner Braun INES Germany 2 Michel Doucin Ambassadeur français chargé de la bioéthique et la SER France 3 Ladislau Dowbor Coletivo Reconsiderar a Riqueza Brazil 4 D.Raghunandan AIPSN India 5 Louise Vandelac Cimbiose Québec - Canada Second activity / Segunda atividade Panel E: Social responsability, what cooperation between sciences and society? Time : 10:30 12:30 FMTS France Jean Paul Laine André Jeaglé AIPSN India Vinod Raina (1) How to favor the scientists to exercise their civic role and responsibilities, not only as an expert in the public debate? Specific role of researchers and scientists in society: necessity and limits to democratic decisions in science, freedom of research and responsibility. (2) How to associate the communities, rural and/or urban, in particular poorest, with the choice, the conception and with the realization of the research which relate to them? (3) How to allow a dialogue between the society and the researchers on the consequences of research? (4) How allow the rise of the secularization of the State and education Vinod Raina AIPSN India 1 André Jeaglé Fédération Mondiale des Travailleurs Scientifiques France 2 Jorge Romano ActionAid International Brazil 3 Gangadharan & Kk.Krisnakumar AIPSN India 4 Andrew Feenberg Sociologist Philosopher Canada 5 Dr Josette Shaje Tshuiluila anthropologist République Démocratique of Congo. Workshops / Oficinas Associação Filosófica Scientiae Studia Fórum Mundial Ciência e Democracia January 29th / 29 de Janeiro Workshop: Agriculture and alimentation Oficina: Agricultura e alimentação Time / Horário: 8:30-11:30 Local: UFPA Profissional, Pavilhão Lp, sala Lp 02 Expositores: André Moraes, Antônio Andrioli, Carolina Niemeyer, Hugh Lacey, Rubens Nodari January 30th / 30 de Janeiro Workshop: Taylorism at the university and the social responsability of scientists Oficina: O taylorismo na Universidade e a responsabilidade social dos cientistas Time 15:30-18:30 / Horário: 15h30-18h30 Local: UFPA Básico, ICB Anexo, sala PAT 02 Expositores: Fernando Tula Molina, Marcos Barbosa de Oliveira, Oscar Vallejos, Pablo Rubén Mariconda January 31st / 31 de Janeiro Workshop: Drugs and social health: which research strategies? Oficina: Medicamentos e saúde pública: quais estratégias de pesquisa? Time / Horário: 8h30-11h30 Local: UFRA, Prédio Central, Bloco A, sala 006 Expositores: Carlos Botazzo, Carmen L. B. Fusco, José Ruben de Alcântara Bonfim, Nicolas Lechopier
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