PRODUCT INSPIRATIONS Pencil me in! USE OUR COLORFUL ART PENCILS TO CREATE FUN SPACES AND QUIRKY DÉCOR FOR YOUR BUDDING ARTIST. Drawn Out This space is a place for fun! Oh-so-colorful and just plain cute,

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PRODUCT INSPIRATIONS Pencil me in! USE OUR COLORFUL ART PENCILS TO CREATE FUN SPACES AND QUIRKY DÉCOR FOR YOUR BUDDING ARTIST. Drawn Out This space is a place for fun! Oh-so-colorful and just plain cute, our vibrant kid s room can t help but inspire creative play. It s embellished from top to bottom with bright artist's pencils. That s right, they re not just for drawing anymore! {CREATIVE INSPIRATIONS free FROM HOBBY LOBBY } fine lines What goes with pencils? Paper, of course! This ruled scrapbook paper made the perfect background for our pencil-embellished dresser. Love the lettering? We stenciled it directly onto the paper. get gradient Color progression provides high style on our embellished chest of drawers. Looking for a craftier effect? Mix things up by using a rainbow of random colors. 2 Hobby Lobby Product Inspirations cup kick Pencil cup? We mean that literally! We kicked up a plain tin can with oodles of vivid artist's pencils. To make your own, remove the can s label and replace it with cardstock. Then saw the pencils to size, and hot-glue into place. Cute! can do Don t throw away this colorful idea! Take a bare wood trashcan (available in the Craft Department) and paint it white. Then cover it with pencils! Cut the pencils to size with a handsaw and mitering box before hotgluing them to the wood. Hobby Lobby Product Inspirations 3 The same old chairs for our sunny space? No way! We had to brighten them up with rows and rows of pencils! We shortened the pencils with a handsaw and mitering box before securing them to the chair backs with double-sided adhesive. tip: Be sure that the pencil points rest below the edge of the rails to avoid snagging or poking. Set the Table You ve got some chairs now you re gonna need a table! We used the same technique to add color and fun to the final component of this kid-sized set. Coordination never looked so cute! 4 Hobby Lobby Product Inspirations tip: Need to colorfully cover a bare cord? Use a craft knife to trim the tops from cap erasers, as shown. Then, cut slits in the sides and simply slide them on. Done! band together We kept to our desk set design theme with that s right colorful rubber bands! Who needs glue when you can wrap and go? Hobby Lobby Product Inspirations 5 big name The name game is no sweat when it comes to art pencils. Case in point? This adorable plaque! It began as bare wood. We added acrylic paint and a bevy of coordinating pencils hot glue held the pencils in place. «try this! If you ve got a passion for pencils, you ll need to know the tools of the trade. Use a handsaw attachment it s compatible with most craft knives and a mitering box to make safe, easy, straight cuts. simply sweet A little accent goes a very long way! Especially when it comes to our versatile art pencils. Try dressing up a bare wood frame with a simple coat of paint and a series of coordinating pencils. Easy! 6 Hobby Lobby Product Inspirations my monogram A bare wood frame (available in the Crafts Department) made the perfect base for a pencil-pushing monogram. We adhered the pencils directly to the frame s cardboard backing with doublesided adhesive. tip: It s best to start by creating the letter. Take time to carefully cut and measure for a supersleek design. Then, fill in the background with contrasting colors. dog day How about pencil-by-number! We offer a wide selection of adorable designs. And best of all the pencils come with the kit! So, take a day and color away! Hobby Lobby Product Inspirations 7 tip: It s helpful to cover each bead with dimensional gloss before stringing. This will seal in the color, preventing it from bleeding onto clothing. These pencils are pleasing as a sweet, chunky necklace! Use a mitering box and handsaw to cut the pencils apart. Then, use a hand drill to turn the pieces into beads. flair bear He s anything but bare...he s a pencil-covered bear! This darling ceramic piece is available in the Crafts Department. We added paint, pencil points (hotglued in place) and a cheery bow. 8 Hobby Lobby Product Inspirations «take note This quirky canvas play mat is where it s at! Think outside the pencil box to create a room with lots of one-of-a-kind style. We drew this design using a yardstick, a circle template and some permanent markers. fine feathers» A bare wood birdhouse (available in the Crafts Department) became an artistic display with acrylic paint, our colorful artist's pencils and pages from a nature-themed coloring book. all wall We took our theme all the way to the wall! These giant pencils (aren t they fun?) are made from foam core, balsa wood (for the tip) and acrylic paint. Secure to the wall with the adhesive of your choice. And look closely the baseboards are yardsticks! 2011 Hobby Lobby - Photography by Sanford Mauldin Art DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO COMPLETE PROJECTS ALONE. ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED.
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