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  Código 1  INSTITUCION EDUCATIVA ERNESTO PARODI MEDINA 2017 Descripción x  AsignaturaClasifcación ING-Sin Clasifcar-  INSTITUCION EDUCATIVA ERNESTO PARODI MEDINA 2017 Periodo Lecvo ! # #1$ - % 1# #1$Docente AL&'AND() *&(NAND&+ ()D(IG,&+Asignatura INGL&SCódigoNo.reCursoAsignaturaInd 1 11111/0A((&G)C&S )((&S SA2,&L 3)S&)CA-4ING111!54A(()S )((&G()SA 6&SI* AND(&S)CA-4ING&P2#%/4(I) PA(D) C(ISIAN 2AN,&L)CA-4ING&P2#$CANILL) C,&NAS DALIANA 2IC*&L)CA-4ING11#CANILL) G,+2AN C*A(I* 2IC*&L)CA-4ING&P2#$1C)(+) AC,7A DANNA 8AL&NINA)CA-4ING11191DIA+ SALAS :A(&N 3AN&*)CA-4ING&P2#$5;&(NAND&+ G,I&((&+ L,IS A,(&LI))CA-4ING1119#;&(NAND&+ SI&((A 3AN&LL6S AND(&A)CA-4ING11190GAL8AN NA8A(() 3)S& DA8ID)CA-4ING11##*IP,ANA &PIA6, C(ISIAN DA8ID)CA-4ING1111151L)P&+ G)N+AL&+ :&IS6 CA()LINA)CA-4ING90/2AN3A((&+ )&() ()SAI(IS &S*&()CA-4ING111#2AN3A((&+ (,&DA 6)&*N6S 2A(I&LA)CA-4ING1119%2A(<,&+ 3I2&N&+ 6IS&* 2A(C&LA)CA-4ING1111912)LINA S,A(&+ ()SALINDA)CA-4ING111%#NI&8&S SA,2&* L,IS ANG&L)CA-4ING&P2#$#)NI8&()S C&L&D)N 6)S2&I:&( 3)S&)CA-4ING111%!)(I+ G,I&((&+ AL4A L,CIA)CA-4ING1111#15)SPIN) 4ALL&SA 3)NI&( DA8ID)CA-4ING11119#)SPIN) 4ALL&SA 6ACI(A L,+)CA-4ING1515)8I&D) S)SA &8A SAND(I*)CA-4ING111%9PA((A) DIA+ )S2AIL6N 6)L&*)CA-4ING111%%P&(ALA 3I2&N&+ DASLIN AND(&A)CA-4ING//%#P&(ALA SI&((A NINI 3)*ANA)CA-4ING15%P&(&+ 2INDI)LA A(AC&LIS)CA-4ING111#19P&(&+ C)4) L&)NA(D) DA8ID)CA-4ING111%/P&(,+ GA(CIA 6&L6 3)*ANA)CA-4ING111115#PIN) &SC,D&() D&CI(&* :A(INA)CA-4ING111#1$(I)S CA2P,+AN) D&I46 (A;A&L)CA-4ING11119$(I)S ()4L&S :&IDIS CA()LINA)CA-4ING15!#(I8&(A ANA6A ()'ANA 2A(C&LA)CA-4ING11119/(I8&(A 2A(IN AL&'AND&( 3)S&)CA-4ING111$()4L&S )((&S A(IANNIS DAIN&*)CA-4ING111$1()D(IG,&+ NA8A(() 6A:LIN CA()LINA)CA-4ING%9()SAD) 2)N&N&G() :&IDIS 2&LISSA)CA-4ING111$5(,&DA G)N+AL&+ ANGI& PA)LA)CA-4ING
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