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To: From: EUROPEAN FEDERATIONS RINK-H0CKEY EUROPEAN CLUBS CERH PRESIDENT Date: 2015, April 20 Subject: EUROLEAGUE 2015/ CLUB INSCRIPTION SHARES BY FEDERATION Dear Sirs: 1. The participation in the European League is reserved for the affiliated clubs of the Federations of England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal Spain and Switzerland, having in mind that - under the current regulatory conditions in force - they have an effective capacity to organize annually their own national championships. 2. In the CERH General Assembly held on CERH September 6, 2013, in Alcobendas, Spain, it was approved - by unanimous vote of the participating Federations - the following: 2.1 The maximum number of shares by Federation amounts to 4 (four), participating clubs, including in the this number, which is compulsory: The National Champion in title; The Euro league Champion (if it happens that this is a club other than the national champion title) 2.2 From the 2015/2016 sporting season and for purposes of determining the annual rankings of clubs and federations, only can be considered the points obtained in men's club competitions - EURO LEAGUE and CERS CUP - for the definition of the 16 clubs that may participate in the EUROLEAGUE. 2.3 The clubs that will be considerer heads of each one of the 4 group series will be established by CERH, according with the following criteria: The Euro League Champion will always be the head of the Group A ; The other head of Group series B, C and D will be those clubs that belong to the Federations that have the 3 remaining highest shares, having in mind that: The 1 st priority must be given to the National champions in title of those Federations; The 2 nd priority will be given to the club with the highest European ranking between the other participant clubs of the National Federation in question. 3. In calculating the annual rankings of Clubs and Federations, each participating club will be valued according to their sporting performance, according to the following table of points to be awarded: Page 1 of 12 Página 1 de 12 4. The annual rankings of clubs/federations are determined by the sum of the points awarded by each participating club during the previous four sporting seasons (*), but without taking into account the points awarded in the last season, that is the one that occurred immediately before. (*) Important note/example: The ranking available for the definition of the inscription quotas of the Euro League of the 2015/2016 sporting season, will not take into consideration the points awarded in the sporting season of 2014/2015. In fact, the ranking in question will the sum of the points obtained in the sporting seasons of 2013/2014, 2012/2013, 2011/2012 and 2010/ Then and having in mind the detailed calculations presented in the Annex of this Communication, I want to call your special attention to the following information: 5.1 EUROPEAN RANKING CLUBS (calculation for accrued points - season 2013/2014) Page 2 of 12 Página 2 de 12 5.2 EUROPEAN RANKING FEDERATIONS (calculation for accrued points - season 2013/2014) 5.3 INSCRIPTION SHARES ALLOCATED TO EACH FEDERATION 6. CRITERIA TO BE APPLIED IN CASE OF ANY INSCRIPTION RENUNTIATION If any Federation renounce to the inclusion of one or more clubs in its allocated share in the 2015/2016 EUROLEAGUE, the replacement will be ensured by the Federations having the highest quota among those who had not been initially allocated, namely: 1 st priority: Federation of Germany 2 nd priority: Federation of Italy 3 rd priority: Federation of Switzerland Page 3 of 12 Página 3 de 12 7. It should be remembered to all Federations that it is not allowed in the EUROLEAGUE the inscription of any club that: 7.1 Is not qualified and/or not registered by the National Federation of its affiliation 7.2 Did not participate in the Championship of the highest level of the Federation of their own country, during the sporting season that was held immediately prior to the edition of the EUROLEAGUE in question 7.3 Will not compete due to their relegation to a lower level in the Championship of the highest level of their country during the sporting season of the EUROLEAGUE in question. 8. CERH established the date of 2015, July 31 as the deadline for the National Federations undertake having in mind their allocated shares , as defined in paragraph 5.3 of this Communication - the inscription of their affiliated clubs in the 2015/2016 EUROLEAGUE. With sporting regards CERH President Page 4 of 12 Página 4 de 12 ANNEX Chart 1 page 10 MALE EUROPEAN COMPETITIONS - AWARDED POINTS BY CLUBS AND FEDERATIONS COMPETIÇÕES EUROPEIAS DE MASCULINOS PONTOS ATRIBUÍDOS A CLUBES E FEDERAÇÕES Sporting Seasons of 2013/ / / /201 Épocas de 2013/ / / /201 Chart 2 page 11 EUROLEAGUE REFERENCE INDEX + SHARES TO BE ALLOCATED BY FEDERATION EUROLEAGUE ÍNDICE DE REFERÊNCIA + QUOTAS A ALOCAR POR FEDERAÇÃO Sporting Season of 2015/2016 Época de 2015/2016 Chart 3 page 12 EUROLEAGUE SHARES BY FEDERATION - ALLOCATED + NON ALLOCATED EUROLEAGUE QUOTAS POR FEDERAÇÃO - ALLOCADAS + NÃO ALOCADAS Sporting Season of 2015/2016 Época de 2015/2016 Page 9 of 12 Página 9 de 12 Page 11 of 12 Página 11 de 12 Page 12 of 12 Página 12 de 12
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