Powering progress. Budoucnost a uplatnění superpočítačů Informační bezpečnost jako služba Tomáš Hlavsa - PDF

Powering progress Budoucnost a uplatnění superpočítačů Informační bezpečnost jako služba Tomáš Hlavsa BULL CZ introduction The company was founded in 1993 Turnover in 2011 was CZK 117 million

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Powering progress Budoucnost a uplatnění superpočítačů Informační bezpečnost jako služba Tomáš Hlavsa BULL CZ introduction The company was founded in 1993 Turnover in 2011 was CZK 117 million NBU security clearance level Secret 23 employees Certifications ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2005 and ISO18001:2005 BULL CZ portfolio Information Security HPC Law Enforcement solutions 2 Information Security Security Portfolio Security Monitoring product and services IBM QRadar SIEM InveaTech flow monitoring, network behavioral analyses IBM Guardium database security IBM Maas 360 Mobile Device Management Security Monitoring services Analysis Monitoring concept Implement Support User training 4 Škoda Auto QRadar SIEM Enterprise license from VW Analysis of full deployment (2013) Monitoring concept PoC implementation (2012/2013) Sample of systems integrated Network monitoring components First phase of implementation (2014) Productive + testing environment Security devices, OS, DBs, infrastructure, proxy, antiviruses EPS, flow monitoring, flow probes Correlation rules Use cases 5 Other references ČSOB CZ Security monitoring T-Mobile CZ Network monitoring Vodafone CZ - Network monitoring Ministry of Environment - Security monitoring University Hospital Ostrava Security monitoring Institute of Chemical Technology Security + network monitoring Czech Government Network monitoring Vienna Insurance Group - Security monitoring Allianz - Network monitoring analyses Migration project 6 HPC High Performance Computing HPC Technology platform Blade solutions Compute power density B500 Aircooled system B700 Direct Liquid Cooling +watercooled rack door Special DLC rack design 9 double-blades Integrated Ethernet sw. InfiniBand sw. Ultracapacitor module Redundant PSUs Management module 2x 2-socket nodes 1x 2-socket node 1 or 2 Accelerators 8 HPC Technology platform Rackmount Compute, Storage & Service infrastructure ULTRADENSE COMPUTE NODES R424 E4: 4 dual socket nodes in 2U Also suited as light service node NetApp E Series disk Arrays NetApp E 2600 NetApp E 2700 NetApp E 5400 NetApp E 5500 Cost efficient entry-level and mid-range storage arrays SERVICE NODES R423 E4i: Enhanced connectivity and storage over 2U DataDirect Network Block Storage Appliances SFA 7700, SFA12KX Next DDN Storage box High performance block storage and file storage appliances SPECIALIZED NODES R421 E4: accelerator node R425 E4: visualization Panasas parallel storage solutions ActiveStor11, ActiveStor12 ActiveStor14, ActiveStor14T Powerful, easy to use, deploy and manage storage appliances FAT NODES R428 E3: fat node 9 Bullion Extreme scale-up system for fat nodes and virtualisation 2nd generation of MESCA platform Multiple Environments for the most Scalable Architecture me me m I/O me me m PCH DMI2 Node CPU 0 QPI 1.1 BCS2 CPU 1 PCIe XQPI me me m I/O me me m Scalable server based on a dual socket 3U server up to 16 sockets in 24U using BCS2 (6th generation) supports Intel IVY Bridge-EX CPUs (ready for Haswell EX) 10 Bullion Configurations S2 S4 S8 S16 2CPU / 3TB 4CPU / 6TB 8CPU / 12TB 16CPU / 24TB Up to 1280 SPECint rate Up to 2300 SPECint rate Up to 4340 SPECint rate Up to 8420 SPECint rate 50 standard VMs 100 standard VMs 200 standard VMs 400 standard VMs Up to Transac/Sec Up to Transac/Sec Up to Transac/Sec Up to Transac/Sec Up to SAPS Up to SAPS Up to SAPS Up to SAPS 11 Genomic analysis as HPC service Genome sequence cost - below 1 000$ Target diseases - breast cancer - cardiovascular diseases - colorectal cancer First references in Spain, Germany, UK nand CZ Project 100K in UK 12 Genomic analysis as HPC service 13 SSO/IAM Single Sign On Identity Access Management Identity Access Management Single Sign On SSO Policies & Config SSO Data A.D. LDAP or LDAP Directory Directories Active Directory Cache E-SSO Security Service Audit Cache E-SSO Security Service WAM SSOEngine SSOStudio SSO Console Administrati on SQL DB WebAccessManager E-SSOController Users / Admin Internet Cafe / Home Applications C/S Web Legacy 15 Strong Authentication Several options that might be combined Various methods of authentization - keypads - passive cards - RFID cards - hybrid cards - QR code - Social networks ID - RSA SecureID - Fingerprint (biometric readers) 16 IAM Authentization through QR 17 WAM features Secured access to cloud services and social networks SaaS apps WAM Identity provider IAM My Domain Internal users WAM supports natively major social networks Identities are provisioned in Cloud applications using IAM External users 18 Big Data & Security for Law Enforcement Agencies WEBINT Big Data in Law Enforcement 20 WEBINT Big Data in Law Enforcement 21 Thank you. More information at:
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