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VOLUME 31 NUMBER 121 FALL 2008 ΟΡΓΑΝΟΝ ΤΩΝ ΑΠΑΝΤΑΧΟΥ ΙΚΑΡΙΩΝ OFFICIAL MAGAZINE OF THE PAN-ICARIAN BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICA AND THE PAN-ICARIAN FOUNDATION OF AMERICA q q 2008 PHILADEPHIA 2008 qchapter ATHERAS #12 n LABOR DAY WEEKENDqq q Ikapia Magazine Page 1 IKARIA MAGAZINE IS A PUBLICATION OF THE PAN-ICARIAN BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICA, ICAROS PAN-ICARIAN BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICA NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 721 8th Street, Oakmont, PA Telephone: (w) , ext 33 (h) SUPREME OFFICERS OF THE PAN-ICARIAN BROTHERHOOD SUPREME PRESIDENT MIKE AIVALIOTIS 721 8th Street, Oakmont, PA Telephone: (w) , ext 33 (h) or SUPREME VICE PRESIDENT, SONJA STEFANADIS 460 Palm Island SE, Clearwater, FL Telephone: SUPREME SECRETARY, NIKOLAOS J. PASAMIHALIS 1756 Gross Avenue, Pennsauken, NJ Telephone: (c) , (h) or SUPREME TREASURER /DATABASE MGR., GEORGE KOKLANARIS Harlan, Grosse Ile, MI Telephone: (w) , (h) COUNSELOR, ATHINA SIRINGAS 1441 St. Antoine, 12th Floor, Detroit, MI Telephone: (w) FOUNDATION OFFICERS Pan-Icarian Foundation P.O. Box Pittsburgh, PA Chairman Socrates Koutsoutis, 1757 Elton Road, Suite 210 Silver Spring, MD Vice Chairman C.D. Gus Yiakas, 1248 Via Coronel, Palos Verdes Estates, CA Director Chris Aivaliotis, 222 Park Square Lane, Pittsburgh, PA (w) (ext 30) Director PNP John A. Lygizos, 1150 Griswold, Suite 2400 Detroit, MI (w) , (h) Director Costa Mavrophilipos, 1206 Oakcroft Drive, Lutherville, MD Foundation Secretary Maria Vassilaros, P.O. Box Pittsburgh, PA DISTRICT 1- Governor George Paralemos, Street, Bayside, NY Telephone: DISTRICT 2- Governor Marino Moraitis, 3786 Riverwatch Lane, Columbus, OH Telephone (m) (h) DISTRICT 3- Governor E. Terry Platis, 321 S. Sangamon, #808, Chicago, IL Telephone: (h) (m) (w) or DISTRICT 4- Governor Charlotte Pardos, 34 Acacia Street, Clearwater, FL Telephone: DISTRICT 5- Governor Steve Facaros, 2044 Santa Rosa Way Stockton, CA Telephone: DISTRICT 6- Governor Zacharias Lefas, 31 Place Donnacona Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec H9B-2V1 Canada Telephone: Scholarship Chairman - Steve Stratakos, 9305 S. 85th Court, Hickory Hills, IL Web Manager - Dean S. Tripodes CEO, Baywalk Web Dev N. Lincoln Ave. Altadena, CA Ikaria Magazine Editor - Niki Plutis Salame, 1770 Douglas Ave. Dunedin, FL Page 2 Ikapia Magazine Ikaros Cover Artist: Rose Tsamoudakis - Pandiki Chapter PAN-ICARIAN BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICA ICAROS 721 8th Street, Oakmont, PA Headquarters of the Supreme Lodge October, 2008 PRESIDENT S MESSAGE Greetings to all and thank you for allowing me another year to serve as your President. As you may have experienced, or at a minimum heard, the Convention in Philadelphia was a wonderful and successful event. Congratulations and thanks to all those in Chapter Atheras who contributed to that glorious Labor Day weekend. I am combining my message and Convention report in this letter. The state of the Brotherhood is fine. We had the privilege of announcing another new Chapter in the Norfolk, Virginia area. I cannot stress how hard Vice President Sonja Stefanadis has worked on the creation of not only the Virginia Chapter but one in Washington State and Northern New York as well. Thank you Sonja! Unfortunately many of our more established Chapters are faltering in their membership drives. I urge all to do whatever they can to support their local chapter by reminding existing members that their memberships may be in danger of lapsing and by helping recruit new members. During my tenure as an officer of this organization there were three questions asked. Those questions lingered in my thoughts as I searched for answers. How can we find a way to involve our younger members? How can we promote a steady growth in membership? Why are we doing this? After eight years of involvement it came to me. The answer was simple, the Pan Icarian Foundation. Let us look only at one contribution the Foundation offered our community this year. Eighty-two scholarships were awarded, and I am happy to report that every student of Ikarian descent, who is (or has a parent who is) a member of the Brotherhood, and who properly applied, received a scholarship. Just this one aspect answers all three questions. The Foundation through membership in the Brotherhood can guarantee Ikarian families help for their children s education. Knowing this should make promoting membership an easier task. Our younger members would get involved to perpetuate a strong Brotherhood and a stronger Foundation, and that is why we are doing this. If we together started earnestly donating money as individuals and as chapters we could build a Foundation that could offer so much more than the $1, scholarship of today. Imagine the peace of mind we would offer a couple starting out in life knowing that they, together with their extended families donations, could eighteen years from now receive help for their child worth upwards of $10, a year. Until we realize that our work as a Brotherhood is to support and make a financial commitment to our Foundation, we will remain stuck in the antiquated misconceptions of what the Foundation means to us. The promise of our Foundation is that our tax deductable donations will ultimately be returned to our community in the form of scholarships, medical assistance, and help for our elderly. This is a guarantee. Your delegates at our annual national convention, through the powers granted in our constitution, see to that. The Foundation was created by us to offer help to us, and the more it has the more it can return. Think of it as a savings plan that we all contribute to in order to help our Ikarian brothers and sisters who are seeking assistance. At the convention I asked your chapter presidents and delegates to bring this message back to their membership, to try and better explain the importance of our Foundation. I ask that you please heed their words and help. I am looking forward to the Supreme Lodge meeting on November 15, 2008 in Detroit, Michigan. Please forward any questions you may have for the Supreme Lodge to your District Governor or me at Additional contact information is available in past issues Ikaria Magazine or the Pan-Icarian website. I would like your input and suggestions. Again, thanks to all for entrusting me with another year. Fraternally yours, Mike Aivaliotis President, Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America Ikapia Magazine Page 3 REPORT OF THE SUPREME VICE PRESIDENT SONJA STEFANADIS PAN-ICARIAN BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICA ICAROS LOWE S PHILADELPHIA HOTEL AUGUST 29, 2008 I thank the delegates of the 104 th Supreme Convention in Baltimore for electing me to serve as your Supreme Vice- President this past year. I considered it an honor and a privilege to serve the Brotherhood. Supreme Lodge Meetings: I attended the first Supreme Lodge meeting in Baltimore immediately following the convention. I also attended the second meeting in Cleveland where we toured the hotel facilities for the 2009 convention. Following the meeting, the Pharos chapter hosted the Supreme Lodge for dinner at their clubhouse. In January 2008, Helios #19 hosted the Icarian Youth Leadership conference where the Supreme Lodge Officers had an opportunity to address the attendees. We were quite proud of the organization that went into preparing for this event and hope the attendees left with a better understanding of the Pan Icarian Brotherhood. The third meeting found the Supreme Lodge in Clearwater at the Helios clubhouse where the members were provided with a delicious lunch prepared by the chapter members. The evening concluded with the 37 th Annual Glendi where approximately five hundred danced to the Greek band and violin of Peter Karnavas. The final Supreme Lodge meeting in May was hosted by Therma Chapter in Wilmington, North Carolina with their traditional southern hospitality at the Fellowship Hall of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. We sincerely thank all of the chapters for their hospitality. Membership: I am proud to welcome our newest chapter, Agia Eleni #27, of the Pacific Northwest. It has been a pleasure working with Sister Carlene Irini Karimalis-Kitchin, in realizing the dream of a chapter in the Pacific Northwest. It was a challenge organizing and bringing individuals across state lines to be united in a common goal. We look forward to working together and visiting this part of the country. Efforts to start new chapters still continue in the Norfolk, Virginia and Boston, Massachusetts areas. Anyone having contacts in these areas is asked to please get in touch with me. In fact, if you have any other areas that may need a nudge to get a chapter started, please let me know. Recommendations: 1) We continue our efforts to reinstate old members and recruit new members to join our organization. This should be a responsibility of each and every officer on the chapter and national level. 2) We encourage our students to join at the cost of $15.00 per capita, enabling them to receive the Ikaria Magazine and mailings while they attend school. 3) A workshop for officers be scheduled during the Supreme Convention to better prepare officers especially the secretaries and treasurers as to their duties. 4) When communicating via , use PIB or Pan Icarian Brotherhood in the subject line to avoid being deleted or marked as a spam. In closing, I thank the many chapters for their hospitality and would be remiss if I did not thank my chapter for their support through the years. I have been blessed with an understanding family and a spouse who has led the way through the Brotherhood and the Foundation. It has been an honor to serve you. Sonja Stefanadis Supreme Vice-President qqq Page 4 Ikapia Magazine The President of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Christofias addressed Greek-American leaders and representatives on Friday, September 26, 2008 at Terrace on the Park. The event was organized by the Cyprus PAN ICARIAN BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICA ICAROS DISTRICT 1 - GOVERNOR REPORT Federation of America and the International Coordinating Committee Justice for Cyprus (PSEKA). The President warned that the negotiations that began with a view to reunify Cyprus will not be easy and pledged to continue working hard in order to reach a solution, based on fundamental principles. He also expressed satisfaction with his meetings on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, noting that our policy is convincing. On Friday, September 26, 2008, Pandiki Chapter # 5 held its first meeting since the summer. During the meeting many issues were discussed, including raising the membership dues to help cover the club s extensive expenses. Also preparations are being made to bring the convention to New York in On Saturday, October 4, 2008, Congressman Zack Space, the first Icarian Member of Congress visited our Chapter. We all posed for a group photo (above). Submitted by George Paralemos Ikapia Magazine Page 5 PAN ICARIAN BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICA ICAROS DISTRICT 2 - GOVERNOR REPORT Dear Brothers and Sisters, Thank you for giving me the privilege of serving, as your governor for another year. As my second year in office comes to a close, I have had the opportunity to meet many of you and attend some of your functions. It seems that time is ever speeding forward making it difficult to attend everything that I would like. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the challenges and cherish all the friendships created from this vantage point. My schedule this year allowed me to attend the Supreme Lodge meetings in Clearwater, Cleveland and Wilmington. I also attended the Winter Glendi hosted by Chapter Helios, the Halloween Party and the Memorial Weekend Mini Convention hosted by the Pittsburgh chapter. I got to visit with the Warren Chapter at their Father s Day Picnic. I danced into the wee hours at the Cleveland Independence Day Dance. I shopped and boated with the Akron Chapter. What a year! First, I would like to thank all the Chapter Presidents in my district, along with all of their officers and dedicated brothers and sisters whom without we would not have the organization that is the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood. If any of these officers are present I would like you to receive my heartfelt Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. I know personally if my parents had not asked me to help them I would not be her today. They became involved because of my grandparents, whom were part of the beginnings of the club. Pramne #1 Youngstown- Aspasia Elias V.I. Chebithes #2 Akron - Argiro Spithas-Miner Pharos #3 Cleveland- Maria Tripodis Daedalos #4 Warren- Koula Glaros King Doliche #6 Steubenville- Stacy Kotsanis Icaros #7 Pittsburgh- Michelle Kotsagrelos Christ E Aivaliotis #17- Aristotle Hutras Drakanon #24 Parma - Maria (Parianos) O Connell Panagia #26 Upstate New York - Nick Skaros Secondly, I think the chapters overall, has done a great job in keeping it interesting to keep members. We all can learn from each other and most importantly is keeping our youth involved and interested. CHAPTER OVERVIEWS #2 Akron Oct fundraiser reverse raffle Dec 1 st annual Christmas Party Feb appreciation lunch/meeting-elections June market day excursion to Ohio City Aug lakeside picnic/meeting Looking forward to helping at 2009 convention Page 6 Ikapia Magazine #3 Cleveland- Pharos Sept- Supreme Lodge Oct - spaghetti fundraiser for orphanage in Greece Nov - elections Dec - Christmas Party Jan - New Years Party March- Independence Day Dance May- spaghetti fundraiser for a family from Icaria Aug - annual picnic #4 Warren June - Father s day picnic #6 Steubenville June - awarded 2 scholarships #7 Pittsburgh Has a meeting 1 st Sunday of each month Oct - Atlantic City trip &Halloween Party Nov appreciation dinner Dec Santa Party Jan - elections Feb super bowl party March spaghetti dinner May a tea party & Mini Convention #17 Columbus March lunch meeting Nov 1 st 2008 annual dinner dance #24 Parma July fishing trip Fall 2008 joint venture with #2 Akron #26 Upstate New York Busy electing officers and all the paperwork needed for a new chapter. Instrumental for cooking the loukamathes dough at annual church festival. (We may start a recipe exchange. I had a New Years day loukoumathes making and eating party last year.) Thirdly, I would like to say, is the norm these days of communicating and would invite you, just as the Supreme Lodge has, to provide an to communicate with. I would be happy to help, to the best of my ability, with communication issues any chapter may be having with this. Respectively submitted, Venette Argiro LaRocca, Governor District #2 PAN ICARIAN BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICA ICAROS DISTRICT 4 - GOVERNOR REPORT Brothers and sisters, with much regret, I am unable to attend the convention in Philadelphia due to my mothers health. We both look forward to seeing everyone in Cleveland next year. Atheras, I bid you much success this wonderful weekend. My report as district governor for district 4, is as follows: Chapter 23 Langada (the spirit of Ikaria, Atlanta) Officers: President: Bill Androutsopoulos Vice Pres.: Despina Vodantis Recording Sec.: Irene Mavroudis Corresponding Sec.: Irene Lafakis Treasurer: Demas Galaktiadis HIGHLIGHTS: This past spring Langada hosted a Hellenic scholars library luncheon at the Winfrey Galeria Hotel to benefit book holdings on Greek topics for the special collection at Stanford University in Birmingham Alabama. The guest speaker was Dr Speros Vryonis. Dr. Vryonis is founding director of the Alexander S. Onassis Center for Hellenic Studies A tentative fall meeting is planed at one of the local area lakes. Langada has an outstanding web site at Langada has 55 members strong residing in Georgia and Alabama. They welcome all Icarians in their area and surrounding suburbs to join as members of their chapter. Chapter 20 Kavo Papas (Houston, Texas) Officers: President: George Saphos Vice Pres.: Giovanni Recine Secretary: Melissa Saphos Treasurer: Kiki Tratras HIGHLIGHTS: Due to illnesses, Kavo Papas has not been able to have regular meetings. After September they hope to be back up and running. Their web site is Chapter 10 Therma (Wilmington, North Carolina) Officers: President: George Brunetti Vice Pres.: Nancy Batounis Secretary: Kay Skandalakis Treasurer: Connie Ronner HIGHLIGHTS: Chapter Therma hosted the spring Supreme Lodge meeting with an excellent luncheon. Therma meets in the local Greek church with whom they participate in many voluntary church functions. Every year they sponsor a family at Christmas time Their web site is Chapter 19 Helios (Clearwater, Florida) Officers: President: Stanley Pardos Vice Pres.: Steve Parianos Vice Pres.: Niki Salame Secretary: Anna Tripodis Corresponding Sec.: Fran Sharp Treasurer: Ann Lia Andreson HIGHLIGHTS: Chapter Helios held their winter dance at Holy Trinity Church January 26th. It was a great success with Icarians from all corners of the country came. They also hosted the Supreme Lodge meeting at this time along with the 4th annual Pan Icarian Youth Leadership Conference. Helios meets every month and host their regular spaghetti dinner They participated in the Greek Independence Day Parade in Tarpon Springs on March 30th. Many members came out to enjoy the blue skies and gorgeous day. This was followed by a spaghetti dinner at the Leski The Agias Marina picnic was held at Anderson Park on Lake Tarpon. Many members came to celebrate Icarian Independence Day The Helios web site is: Helios currently has 150 members. Respectfully submitted, Charlotte Pardos, District 4 Governor qqq Ikapia Magazine Page 7 IKARIAN YOU OUTH PAGE PAN-ICARIAN BROTHERHOOD YOUTH COMMITTEE MEETING REPORT Michelle Marie Kotsagrelos, Cathy Pandeladis, co-chairs Members: E. Terry Platis, Foutrides Stephanie Sakoutis, Langada Spirit of Ikaria Chris Tsambis, Helios 8/30/08 4:30 p.m. Sole Food Restaurant/Bar 1. The Youth Committee would like to establish a Youth link on the website (to be updated regularly) on Youth Events throughout the Brotherhood (even if it is a Bulletin Board posting) and an list of all Icarian Youth (list serve). 2. The Ikaria Magazine (Niki Plutis Salame) has been great with listing Youth Events on a page, but events need to be submitted early enough for publication. 3. An Outstanding Icarian Youth Achievement Award to be established. a. One (1) member per chapter (18-30) who is active in: 1. Chapter/Brotherhood 2. Community (civic, church and philanthropic) b. Each person would receive a certificate of recognition and one (1) person would become Outstanding Icarian Youth (year) during the President s Luncheon th Annual Youth Leadership Conference a. To be held in Cleveland, OH in 2009, in conjunction with the March 25 th Parade and Dance (Friday- Sunday, March 27-29, 2009). b. The age of delegates to attend the Youth Leadership Conference is c. The Youth Leadership Conference should rotate to different cities throughout the country in conjunction with local Icarian events. d. The Brotherhood/Foundation will cover the cost of hotel, food, local transportation and local event. e. Two (2) delegates per chapter are encouraged to attend. If more than two (2) delegates would like to attend from a chapter, based on availability, more delegates from a chapter may attend at the cost of the Brotherhood/Foundation. f. The committee would recommend that individual chapters assist the delegate with transportation to the host city. g. Inform the Youth Committee in writing (via the Supreme Lodge) by August 1 st (prior to the Convention) to bid to host the next Icarian Youth Leadership Conference. At the Supreme Convention, it will be announced the date and location of the next Icarian Youth Leadership Conference. h. At the Conference a short background of the Supreme Lodge and Foundation should be given (5-10 minutes). i. At this year s Conference, How to run a meeting will be the topic. The delegates will count off (1, 2, and 3) and 1s will be officers, 2s and 3s will be members (passive and aggressive). j. A brainstorming sessi
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