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Гернот Фельс, Главный менеджер по продуктовому маркетингу, Fujitsu передовые внедрения от Ашана до Яваты 0 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Customers across all industries Retail Financial Services Transport & Logistics

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Гернот Фельс, Главный менеджер по продуктовому маркетингу, Fujitsu передовые внедрения от Ашана до Яваты 0 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Customers across all industries Retail Financial Services Transport & Logistics Utilities Public Sector Manufacturing Communications Health 1 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Fujitsu portfolio More than products Products since ages Successful Quality, reliability, performance Efficiency (use and energy) Supply chain flexibility Focus of this presentation DC and workplace innovation Cloud Big Data In-Memory computing Selection across industries and regions 2 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Company Leading supplier of fertilizers Challenge Run SAP for ~40 locations 1000s of users Provide services on demand Solution FlexFrame for SAP Benefits Significant cost reduction Improve agility and service quality FlexFrame Management Logical Servers SAP SAP SAP SAP SW Virtualization Layer DB Physical Virtual Servers Network Storage The migration to FlexFrame for SAP from Fujitsu has given us greater operational agility, simplified administration and a significant reduction in costs. Dr. Ulrich Lamp, CIO, K+S Group 3 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Company European leader in pre-payment systems E-voucher instead of credit card or banking account Regular reports using SAP BW / DB2 Operations, Controlling, Sales and Distribution Reporting to public authorities and management Fraud and AML (Anti-money laundering) New demands Compliance with AML regulations Safe payment processes for customers Complex interactive ad-hoc queries Reliable response times Non-IT experts as direct users 4 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Change log Replication Solution IMDB to eliminate I/O Fujitsu Appliance for SAP HANA Achievements Loading 145M data sets Reduced from several days to 2.5 hours Activating 145M data sets Reduced from several days to 15 minutes Initial load after data model changes overnight 10 sec for comprehensive reports Ad-hoc queries with reliable response times Safe payment processes (compliance with AML regulations) App App RAM IMDB Server Server Storage Great improvements by Fujitsu Appliance for SAP HANA. 5 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Lifecycle Management Challenge DC space Energy and carbon Automatic recovery / failover Admin effort Flexibility and scalability Solution Fujitsu Private Cloud PRIMERGY BX900 and ServerView ROR Lifecycle management for entire cloud stack Cloud Infrastructure Management Logical Servers Physical vsphere Hyper-V Servers Network Storage Benefits 90% less energy Easy transition to external cloud operation, if required Investment protection simplifying future growth By fully understanding the requirements of customers, Fujitsu Taiwan built a standardized, virtualized and automated cloud. Mr. Chen, Director IT Department Legislative Yuan, Taiwan Private Cloud with heterogeneous virtualization technologies. 6 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Company Retail of window and door hardware Challenge Global growth, new branch offices Adapt and expand IT infrastructure Avoid increase of fixed costs and admin efforts Solution IaaS from Fujitsu Cloud Server, storage, security systems as cloud services Benefits Cost reduction by 25% Easy rollout to offices throughout the world Free up personal resources Flexibility for growth without additional manpower Our goal was to free up resources and cut fixed costs for infrastructure. We definitely accomplished that goal with the aid of cloud services from Fujitsu. We calculated that a cloud service from Fujitsu is about 25% cheaper than operating the infrastructure ourselves. Oliver Maisch, CIO, VBH Group 7 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Company Car manufacturer Challenge Dealer management mission-critical Solution Delivery aas from Fujitsu Cloud Monthly pay-per-use Flexible 3-year agreement Benefits Fast, secure, stable Great user experience Flexible alignment to strategy Resource consumption control TUNE Dealer Management System is critical to our business performance. We needed a trusted leader in cloud services for this project and Fujitsu s Cloud Services will provide us with a robust and secure IT strategy for this expanding application. James Scott, Manager IS Division, Toyota Australia Dealer management as a Service from Fujitsu Cloud. 8 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Big Data Store / Decision Support Engine Big Data cloud services for agriculture Challenge Transfer farming knowledge to younger generations Standardize work practices Increase crop production and harvest quality Visualize and reduce operating costs Solution Collect, display, analyze data Combine sensor, camera, satellite data with regional agricultural expertise Experienced farm workers Farming knowledge Sensors (temperature, soil, moisture) Cameras (diseases, infects of plants) Mobile phones with GPS (keep track of location, time) 9 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Challenge Keep medical patient data and other clinical data on premise Business continuity in case of disasters or other emergencies Solution Backup into Fujitsu Cloud Benefit Data access by evacuation centers or other medical institutions anywhere Mission-critical data backup into Fujitsu Cloud. 10 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Challenge Terminal servers for students, professors, office staff 120 servers in rack Poor server utilization From 10% to 90% Solution Consolidate terminal servers 50 PRIMERGY BX920 blades VMware vsphere 4 Enterprise Citrix XenApp Benefits From 7 to 2 racks 70% less floor space 48% less power consumption 120 t less CO 2 emission / year More efficient server usage Easy upgrade and SW updates Our aim is to realize systems which lower electricity consumption to protect the environment. In the future, we wish to continue to face challenges in order to create even more efficient systems. Mikifumi Shikida, Associate Professor, Information Science Centre, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Virtualization of terminal server environment. 11 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Company Large stock trading company 137 branch offices in Korea Operations in NY, London, HKG, Tokyo, Shanghai Challenges Security threats Avoid (even short) downtime Cost reduction Long term plan to move to cloud based operation Solution VDI for 200 users (start) Citrix XenDesktop with SSL VPN PRIMERGY BX900 ETERNUS DX80 in FC SAN Benefits Mobile work environment Ensure business continuity Improve data protection 24 hour support Improve customer service Reduce operator workloads Reduce maintenance costs Reduce space Reduce TCO 12 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Challenge Keep pace with growth and acquisitions Effective support for 25K users is critical Solution Transform desktop infrastructure Managed Services (5-year contract) for virtual clients and mobile devices Central infrastructure hosted in Fujitsu DC Business Benefits Better user experience Reduced carbon footprint As Centrica grows both organically and through acquisition, the IT capabilities and support we provide our people in doing their jobs is critical our desktop services, which increasingly involve adoption of mobile devices, become ever more critical to the efficient running of our business and the IT experience we provide our people. In July 2010 we appointed Fujitsu to run our internal IT service desk. This new contract builds upon that existing partnership David Bickerton, Group CIO, Centrica Managed desktop services and infrastructure hosting for utility company. 13 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Company Mobile communications carrier Challenge Deliver Mobile Secure Desktop aas to customers Excellent user experience even with low bandwidth Secure, scalable infrastructure Fast deployment Solution PRIMERGY BX, ETERNUS DX Citrix XenDesktop End-to-end support by Fujitsu To achieve a successful rollout of the new service NTT DOCOMO really needed a trusted partner with full strengths in SI and support capabilities. One that would not only help us deploy the core cloud foundation for our new service, but also operate the new cloud environment. Taking many factors into consideration we concluded that Fujitsu would be the partner we could rely on. Takashi Toda, Solution Business Department, Corporate Marketing Division, NTT DOCOMO.BC Delivery of new customer services by means of Fujitsu Cloud. 14 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU UK Bank Situation 55K users Legacy desktop environment with Windows XP High office cost per user Objectives OS upgrade without impacting users Change the way employees work Work from home (50% of employees for half a week) 20-40% productivity increase Reduce office cost BYOD Policy-based app access (device, location) Off-shore back-office functions within regulations Improve service quality Cost reduction Avoid recurring high migration costs 15 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU UK Bank Implemented infrastructure 90% Hosted Shared Desktops Published Desktops Windows Server 2008R2 64-bit RDS with Windows 7 experience 10% Hosted Virtual Desktops User User User Apps Terminal Server Server OS Connection Broker User User User Apps OS Apps OS Hypervisor Apps OS User User User User User User Apps Apps OS For developers / users needing admin rights Greater density Less HW Less energy Less space Less deployment efforts Less operating efforts Less cost Hosted Shared Desktop Hosted Virtual Desktop Better ROI 16 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU UK Bank Implemented infrastructure PRIMERGY RX ETERNUS DX Hosted Shared Desktops Hosted Virtual Desktops Load balancing Policy-based access control App virtualization User Environment Management Local print Infrastructure products for DC 2 DC for DR Replace rich client when written off or on failure Operation and support at monthly price per seat 17 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU UK Bank User-focused transformation Install SW for migration User virtualization tool Citrix Receiver Self-service binaries User migration scripts User and app discovery Who uses device Which peripherals Which apps, when, how long Find and remove unused apps Identify app dependencies App analysis Ready for Win7, App-V, HSD App packaging Sync user data and profile To central storage Transformation planning Self-service migration User logs on as normal Direct to Virtual Desktop Lock device securely Switch back to old desktop, if s.th. goes wrong Remote cleaning after 30 days Handover to support Fully automated in the background, while users operate as normal. 18 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU UK Bank Why they chose us Proven technology for any use case Focus on end user experience Transformation without impacting users Understand internal governance (key for success) Experience in defining desktop strategy for maximized benefits and minimized risks Leader in Managed Workplace services Industrialized service Global (consistent) 24x7 coverage with multi-language service desk Flexible contract, lean processes, predictable cost Continuous improvement (Sense & Respond) built into contract... UK Bank Bright ideas Bright technology Wherewithal to do the implementation Confidence that all requirements could be met with our solution. 19 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU Summary More than products Solutions supporting innovative trends End-to-end services Private / public (trusted) / hybrid cloud Sourcing options Self-managed Fujitsu-managed (on-premise, off-premise) One-stop shop in any situation Reduce complexity, time and risk Fujitsu Ваш партнер для передовых внедрений от Ашана до Яваты. 20 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU cтроим будущее вместе 21 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
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