Patología de Ovario

Tumores de ovario

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  Ovarian Sex Cord-StromalTumors  General  ã Derived from ovarian stroma, itself derived from sex cords of the embryonic gonad.  – The embryonic gonad is a predecessor of Sertoli, Leydig, Granulosa, and theca cells.  – Granulosaand theca cell tumors are feminizing; Leydigtumors are masculinizing. ã These account for 5% of ovarian neoplasmsand 7% of malignant neoplasms.  Fibromas ã Common, benign; arise after puberty. ã 40% of tumors >6cm are associated with ascitis. ã Associated with Meig’s syndrome .  – Triad of ovarian fibroma, hydrothorax, and ascitis; these last two disappear after tumor extirpation. ã Not hormonally active. ã Commonly occur with thecoma(  fibrothecoma ).  Gross: mean 6 cm, usually unilateral, solid, lobulated, firm, white, may have myxoidchange; not associated with adhesions
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