Pathé International. Screenings. Thursday 12/01. Saturday 14/01. Sunday 15/01. Friday 13/01. DIVORCE FRENCH STYLE Screen AM - PDF

Screenings Thursday 12/01 Friday 13/01 Saturday 14/01 Sunday 15/01 Pathé International 9.00AM DIVORCE FRENCH STYLE Screen AM MY FAMILY ALREADY ADORES YOU Screen PM R.A.I.D SPECIAL UNIT Screen

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Screenings Thursday 12/01 Friday 13/01 Saturday 14/01 Sunday 15/01 Pathé International 9.00AM DIVORCE FRENCH STYLE Screen AM MY FAMILY ALREADY ADORES YOU Screen PM R.A.I.D SPECIAL UNIT Screen 3 YOU CHOOSE! Screen PM Opening Night Film DALIDA Screen 2 / Pathé International All s will take place at Gaumont Opéra Capucines 2 Boulevard des Capucines PARIS Opening Night Film Lisa Azuelos Lisa Azuelos PRODUCERS Julien Madon Lisa Azuelos Sveva Alviti Riccardo Scamarcio Jean-Paul Rouve Nicolas Duvauchelle Niels Schneider Patrick Timsit Vincent Perez Alessandro Borghi DRAMA MINS From her birth in Cairo in 1933 to her first concert at the Olympia in Paris in 1956; from her marriage to Lucien Morisse, director of the newly emerging Europe 1 radio to the height of the disco scene; from her journey of discovery to India to the international success of Gigi L Amoroso in 1974, DALIDA the film, is a touching and tragic portrait of an emotionally complex woman who was born to be a star. An unconventional modern woman living through conventional times. Despite her tragic death in 1987 Dalida's extraordinary presence and talent continue to live on. 11 th January 2017 Benelux, Bulgaria, Canada, Ex-Yugoslavia, France, Greece, Italy, Middle East, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey Thursday 12/01 7:00PM - Screen 2 Luc Roux world premiere COMEDY MINS Johanna Pasquali (Alice Pol) is a special kind of cop. Distracted, delusional and a total klutz, she is both eminently likeable and an embarrassment to the force. But Johanna has a dream and she spends all her spare time training to make it come true she wants to be the first woman to join France s elite police unit, RAID (the French equivalent of SWAT). Dany Boon Dany Boon Sarah Kaminsky PRODUCER Dany Boon Dany Boon Alice Pol Michel Blanc Yvan Attal Patrick Mille 1 st February 2017 Belgium, China, CIS, France, Indonesia, Latin America, Middle East, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland Friday 13/01 3:00PM - Screen 3 As fate and politics would have it, Johanna soon finds herself in RAID s training program, under the most misogynistic of the squad s elite officers, Eugène Froissard, aka Gene the Jinx, (Dany Boon). This improbable tandem winds up tasked with halting the formidable Leopard Gang, responsible for a string of spectacular armed robberies in the City of Lights. But first they ll have to find a way of working together without killing each other. David Koskas ROMANTIC COMEDY MINS world premiere Éric Lavaine Laure Hennequart Laurent Turner Éric Lavaine PRODUCERS Alain Benguigui Thomas Verhaeghe Alexandra Lamy Arnaud Ducret Jamie Bamber Anne Marivin Sabrina Ouazani 15 th March 2017 Belgium, France, Switzerland Saturday 14/01 3:00PM - Screen 3 We all make decisions a day French fries or salad? Friends or lovers? Right or left? Life is comprised of small and large decisions. Juliette s big problem is that she is totally unable to make the slightest choice. Even at 40, she asks her father and her two best friends to decide everything for her. When her love life crosses paths with Paul, and then Etienne each one charming and unique it s only normal that Juliette s heart wavers. But this time no one can make up her mind for her. Thibault Grabherr COMEDY - 87 MINS Two years have gone by. Vincent and Flo Leroy, now divorced, are next-door neighbors in Bordeaux, where they raise their four children while trying to start their lives over again. Vincent lives with Béné, a real do-gooder. Flo has started dating Edward, a rather annoying selfmade man. Obviously, each ex-spouse cordially hates the other s new partner. But things would be manageable if the children hadn t decided to wage a war of attrition to eliminate their soon-to-be step-parents. PRODUCER Martin Bourboulon Matthieu Delaporte Alexandre de la Patellière Dimitri Rassam Marina Foïs Laurent Lafitte 7th December 2016 Belgium, France, Switzerland OVER 1.2M ADMISSIONS IN FRANCE Saturday 14/01 9:00AM - Screen 3 Thibault Grabherr Forced to prove to the kids that there s no hope of their falling back in love, Vincent and Flo come up with the kind of crazy scheme in which they excel: by pretending to give each other a second chance, they intend show their children that family life can be pure hell. COMEDY - 81 MINS A modest creator of smartphone apps, Julien is 30 and eminently likeable. He has fallen madly in love with a specialized press journalist named Eva. Julien proposes and Eva says yes, then finds herself forced to introduce him to her family during an adventure-fraught weekend at their home on Ile de Ré. Julien s future in-laws are bound together in a web of lies and illusion, and he is about to blow all that to smithereens. S Jérôme Commandeur Alan Corno Jérôme Commandeur Kévin Knepper Frédéric Jurie PRODUCERS Dany Boon Yaël Boon Éric Hubert Laurent Storch Arthur Dupont Déborah François Thierry Lhermitte Marie-Anne Chazel Jérôme Commandeur 9 th November 2016 Belgium, France, Switzerland OVER 550K ADMISSIONS IN FRANCE Sunday 15/01 11:00AM - Screen 3 François Darmigny completed Bavo Defurne Jacques Boon Yves Verbraeken Bavo Defurne PRODUCER Yves Verbraeken CO-PRODUCERS Désirée Nosbusch Alexandra Hoesdorff Jean-Yves Roubin Caroline Bonmarchand Isabelle Huppert Kévin Azaïs Johan Leysen ORIGINAL SCORE Pink Martini 21 st December 2016 Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Middle East, Netherlands, Portugal, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, UK DRAMA - 90 MINS Liliane was once Laura, a rising star in the singing world, who had her moment of glory when she finished second in the 1974 European Song Contest behind Abba. Today, everyone has forgotten her brush with fame, and she works in a meat factory. But when she meets Jean, a 21-year-old boxer, her dreary life is suddenly turned upside down. He falls in love with her, and convinces her she should make a return to the stage. Fabrizio Maltese post-production Abdellatif Kechiche Abdellatif Kechiche Ghalya Lacroix Loosely based on the novel La Blessure, la vraie by François Bégaudeau PRODUCER Abdellatif Kechiche August 2017 Ex-Yugoslavia, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey DRAMA Amin, a young scriptwriter who has recently moved to Paris, heads down to his hometown on the Mediterranean for summer vacation. He spends his time at beaches and bars with childhood friends. One evening he meets Jasmine, whose singing he finds charming. With her, he wants to experience passion like in the movies. One encounter leads to another Through his best friend, Amin is introduced to a big producer summering in his villa. The producer offers to finance Amin s first film. With his film project, Jasmine and the producer s wife who is now hitting on him, Amin finds himself confronted with several choices. Abdellatif Kechiche post-production Guillaume Canet Guillaume Canet Philippe Lefebvre Rodolphe Lauga PRODUCER Alain Attal (Les Productions du Trésor) For Guillaume Canet, 43, life is as good as it gets. He has everything a man could want. Then, on set of a movie he is shooting, his beautiful, 20-year-old co-star stops him in his tracks by informing him that he is no longer rock'n'roll. In fact, he never really was. The killer blow comes later when she adds that he has fallen way down the list of bangable actors. Guillaume's homebody lifestyle with Marion, their son, his horses and the house in the country give him a drippy, totally unsexy image. Guillaume realizes that radical changes must be made, and now. His friends and family can only watch in dismay as Guillaume's makeover goes much further than anyone ever imagined. Guillaume Canet Marion Cotillard Gilles Lellouche Philippe Lefebvre Camille Rowe Yvan Attal 15 th February 2017 Benelux, France, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey Jean-Claude Lother COMEDY MINS post-production Étienne Comar Étienne Comar Alexis Salatko PRODUCED BY Fidélité Arches Films PRODUCERS Olivier Delbosc Marc Missonnier Étienne Comar ORIGINAL SCORE Django Reinhardt Warren Ellis Reda Kateb Cécile de France Beàta Palya 26 th April 2017 DRAMA MINS Paris is occupied and Django Reinhardt is at the height of his art. The brilliant and carefree jazz guitarist, that king of ethereal swing, plays to standing-roomonly crowds in the capital s greatest venues, while his gypsy brethren are being persecuted throughout Europe. His life takes a turn for the worse when the Nazi propaganda machine wants to send him on tour in Germany Benelux, Bulgaria, Ex-Yugoslavia, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Middle East, Portugal, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey Roger Arpajou
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