PACIS VISIO. All Miklós Farkasfalvy really wanted was to realize his vision of a peaceful home FORMATION OF AN ABBOT - PDF

Fall 2011 For family, friends, and alumni of Cistercian Preparatory School FORMATION OF AN ABBOT PACIS VISIO All Miklós Farkasfalvy really wanted was to realize his vision of a peaceful home Abbot Denis

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Fall 2011 For family, friends, and alumni of Cistercian Preparatory School FORMATION OF AN ABBOT PACIS VISIO All Miklós Farkasfalvy really wanted was to realize his vision of a peaceful home Abbot Denis Farkasfalvy addresses the large crowd gathered in the Abbey Church to celebrate his 50th Jubilee Mass in October. Welcome to Cistercian! Simple, elegant materials complemented by lots of natural light. Ceremonial, yet compact. A stillness that whispers stability. Just a hint of activity from offices hidden out of sight. Good morning, laughs Mrs. Nevitt, snapping you out of your reverie. This must be your first time in the new entrance building. she says. Everyone reacts that way. The final phase Contact Erin Hart or CISTERCIAN PREPARATORY SCHOOL Rev. Peter Verhalen 73 Headmaster Rev. Paul McCormick Assistant Headmaster Director of Admissions Greg Novinski 82 Head of Upper School Janet Bucher-Long College Counselor Erin Hart Director of Development and Alumni Relations Dan Lee Director of Athletics Luis Barbero 93 President, Cistercian Alumni Association School Board Rt. Rev. Denis Farkasfalvy Rev. Roch Kereszty Rev. Robert Maguire Rev. Bernard Marton Rev. Paul McCormick Rev. Peter Verhalen 73 Joel K. Fontenot Dr. Robert J. Henderson James M. Moroney III 74 Stephen C. Rasch 80 Peter P. Smith 74 Jere W. Thompson, Jr. 74 Thecontinuum David E. Stewart Tom B. Pruit Associate Editor Erin Hart Alumni Relations Jim Reisch Photography Editor The continuum is published twice a year (spring and fall) by Cistercian Preparatory School Cistercian Road Irving, TX Our 50th a banner year Understanding our roots and seeing our future unfold The school year started exceptionally well. Br. Stephen Gregg 01 and Br. Lawrence Brophy 01 were ordained as deacons, taking the final step before following Fr. Augustine Hoelke 00 and Fr. Philip Lastimosa 00 as Cistercian alumni and Cistercian priests next August. We also were richly blessed with the ordination to the priesthood of two beloved confreres: Fr. Thomas Esposito and Fr. Ambrose Strong. Fr. Thomas has returned to Rome to Letter from the headmaster Fr. Peter Verhalen 73 continue work in biblical studies, and Fr. Ambrose has assumed duties in the Prep School as Form Master to our youngest students, the Class of 19. In October Fr. Abbot celebrated the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. In our feature story, David Stewart 74 helps us Volume 38, number 2 Departments News & Notes Sports Class Notes Afterthoughts by Smokey Briggs...23 On Prayer by Fr. Roch Kereszty...24 Cover photography by Jim Reisch understand the sources of Fr. Denis s commitment to create a home at both the Abbey and School. That sense of a home at Cistercian was apparent to the visiting accreditation teams from both the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest and from the Catholic Conference. They left Cistercian with the impression that they had spent four days in our well-ordered, gracious home. Thanks to everyone in the Cistercian community from students and faculty to staff and parents who helped things run so smoothly. Take note of the contribution from a 21st century alumnus, Kenneth Spence 06, who fills us in on social networking. And don t miss the column by Smokey Briggs 84 on coaching. We are truly blessed to be able to present to you on this, our 50th anniversary, such a rich edition of The Continuum. May Cistercian always remain a place of peace, as Fr. Abbot longed for so many years ago in Hungary. In this issue Pacis Visio 8 With his world turned upside down at the age of eight, Miklos Farkasfalvy grew up determined to find his vision of a peaceful home. By David Exall Stewart Social Media 16 The Cistercian community shares observations on the pros and cons of social media. By Kenneth A. Spence Cistercian Preparatory School was founded with the aim of preparing talented boys for the colleges of their choice by challenging their minds with excellent academic programs, molding their character through the values of Catholic education, and offering them guidance with both understanding and discipline. Cistercian Preparatory School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national, or ethnic origin in the administration of its admission and education policies, financial aid programs, athletic programs, and other activities. FALL 2011 THE CONTINUUM 3 News & notes ACCREDITATION Visiting teams impressed, make recommendations Accreditation visits from TCCED and ISAS, which occur every ten years, began on Sunday of Homecoming Weekend and concluded three days later. Preparations began several years in advance and involved countless hours. At the exit meetings on Wednesday, the visitors shared some of their findings. Having visited Cistercian for only one day this past spring, said Chris Bright, headmaster of The Casady School in Oklahoma City, I felt that I was a better person. Having spent four days at the School during this accreditation visit, he added, I feel transformed. Recommendations revolved around the fine arts, technology, and foreign languages. Quiz Bowlers off to hot start Cistercian won t sneak up on any of the state s quiz bowl powerhouses this year. In the state s largest tournament this season, the Hawks took both 1st and 2nd place at Seven Lakes High School in Katy (Houston), TX on Saturday, Oct. 8, The two teams, led respectively by Ian Hunley 12 and Vimal Konduri 13, managed to win their way to the finals, where they faced off against one another. FEARSOME FOURSOME Fr. Gregory with (l-r) Collin Nadarajah 13, Mitchell Weldon 13, Ian Hunley 12, and Vimal Kunduri 13. Form IV students attended To Kill a Mockingbird with teacher Tom Pruit at the Wyly Theater Nov. 3. MORE FIELD STUDIES BY FORM Form VIII The Tempest Wyly Theater Form VII Art of the American Twenties Dallas Museum of Art Form VI Caravaggio and His Followers in Rome Kimbell Museum Form V The Spiritual in Art Meadows Museum of Art Form III Permanent Collection of Western Art Amon Carter Museum Form II Fabled Journeys in Asian Art: East Asia Crow Museum of Asian Art Form I A Christmas Carol Kalita Humphreys Theater EXPLORING CULTURE IN THE COMMUNITY Fine arts initiative to integrate the area s cultural arts into the school s curriculum In the first step in making the fine arts a more integral part of the curriculum in the years to come, Cistercian students this year are attending cultural events that dovetail with the content of their classes. This new program partly arose out of the accreditation self-study, in which we outlined goals for the next ten years, explained Peter Saliga, the newly appointed fine arts coordinator. While many of us would love to see a choir and other fine arts programs, Saliga said, the answer, at least for the moment, is fitting culture into the existing curriculum. Each form is being required to take at least one field study that relates to a cultural element formally treated in the classroom. Saliga also is suggesting that all teachers consider how to incorporate in their respective classes specific activities geared toward either the appreciation or the generation of art proper. It is exciting to see the cultural scene in North Texas taking off, he added. We want our student body to more actively engage a cultural scene in North Texas that s quickly becoming world class. Participation in the Junior Patrons Guild is being encouraged. Plans also include maximizing use of school facilities (e.g., theater productions, a student film festival, and movie nights). To do art at all requires knowledge of a great many things, Saliga pointed out. Thus Cistercian has pledged to more effectively round out its students inquiry into what is and what can be. 2 4 Number of Cistercian Quiz Bowl teams that competed in the finals of the state s largest tournament of the season at the Seven Lakes High School in Katy, Texas. Number of forms that will have embarked on arts related trips into the community before the end of the year. Forms must take at least one such trip this year. 4 THE CONTINUUM FALL 2011 Photos by Jim Reisch News & notes LEWIS 73 AND HAASER TO BE HONORED JAN. 28 An appropriately large 50th anniversary celebration is planned for the 2012 Jim and Lynn Moroney Award Dinner on January 28. Tom Lewis 73 (below), whose missionary work in Sierra Leone was documented in the Spring 2011 Continuum, will be awarded the 2012 Jim and Lynn Moroney Award. In addition, Bob Haaser (below), who has served the school for 42 years, will be recognized with an Honorary Alumnus Award. Haaser becomes the school s second Honorary Alumnus (Rodney Walter won the honor in 2009). TOP TALENT New teachers (l-r) Dr. Jonathan Gray (math), Dr. Olivia Villagra (Spanish), and Lisa Hernandez (Spanish). CISTERCIAN S NEW TEACHERS Foreign language department make-over Cistercian s three new teachers bring a great deal of experience and wisdom to the faculty. Jonathan Gray, who is teaching math in Forms III and V, holds a M.A. and Ph.D. from the Universisty of Tennessee. He has taught one year of high school math and six years of college. In all of my years of teaching, Gray said, I have not had more wellmannered, hardworking, and gifted students. Gray ended up in Dallas when wife Anna accepted a medical residency here. Lisa Hernandez is teaching Spanish in Forms V-VIII. I am enjoying the close environment at Cistercian, said Hernandez, who most recently taught at Bishop Lynch for four years. There, she established the dual-enrollment and AP program for Spanish classes and served In all my years of teaching, I have not had more well-mannered, hard-working, and gifted students. as a coach for the Bishop Lynch TAPPS academic team. While earning her master s degree at UNT, she taught undergraduate courses. She and husband Jeromy live in Garland with their two-yearold daughter, Loralei. Mexico-native Dr. Olivia Villagra is teaching Spanish in Forms V-VIII. She holds degrees from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (accounting), Columbia (M.A.), and Texas A&M University-Commerce. Dr. Villagra taught college in Mexico for over 10 years. For the last 25 years, she has worked as an English as a Second Language and Spanish professor at North Lake College. I am impressed by the quality of education at Cistercian, said Villagra, who is the proud grandmother of one and one on the way. Jonathan Gray Math (III, V) NEW FORM MASTER Fr. Ambrose assumes the reins of the Class of 2019 Less than a week after his ordination, Fr. Ambrose was on the job, preparing the Class of 19 for its eight-year march through the school. For the third year in a row, a newly ordained monk stepped into the role of form master. Next year, it appears that pattern will continue and all form masters in the Middle School will be young monks. INDUCTEES Members of the 2012 chapter of Cistercian s Cum Laude Society. CUM LAUDE SOCIETY New members announced The second half of the 2012 chapter of Cistercian s Cum Laude Society are: Santiago Martin 12, Josh Fontenot 12, Andy Kistler 12, John Newcomb 12, and Shane Macedonio 12. They will be recognized publicly at the Ring Ceremony. The first half (Michael Saad 12, John Paul Spence 12, Will Squiers 12, and Carlos Girod 12) were recognized at last year s Closing Ceremonies. Membership is based on grade-point average (the top 20 percent) over the first five/six semesters of high school. Cum Laude honors those who succeed in carrying out their many tasks, said Fr. Peter, since these guys participate in the arts, in athletics, in service to others, in growth in their faith, and in a social life Age of Bob Haaser when he began working at Cistercian in He has served admirably in many roles including football coach (see page 23). Young monks serving as form masters in the Middle School (Forms I - III). All began serving in their roles within days of the priestly ordinations in the Abbey Church. Photos by Jim Reisch FALL 2011 THE CONTINUUM 5 News & notes Passing it on: Jesuit QB has legendary Cistercian genes It s every Dad s dream, said Terry Buell 73 about watching son Brian throw the football for Jesuit. A father can have no greater pride than watching his son succeed at something he has worked Terry Buell 73 (left) and son Brian Buell, Jesuit quarterback. Hartnett 74 announces his legislating days are numbered After twenty years as a Texas legislator, Will Hartnett 74 (R-Dallas) announced that he will not run for re-election in I want to spend more time with my wife and three sons (including Will Hartnett 17), he explained. Hartnett is serving his eleventh term in the legislature and is the senior member of the House delegation from Dallas. so hard for. As quarterback for some of Cistercian s first teams, the elder Buell set the benchmark for Cistercian passers when he threw for 1,743 yards (and 17 touchdowns) his senior year. This mark for single-season passing yardage now ranks third behind Matt Walter 86 and Matt Hawkins 88. In his seven games for Jesuit, Brian Buell threw for 2,069 yards and 28 touchdowns. The Honorable Will Hartnett 74 with the gavel in the Texas House. Texas Monthly named him one of the Ten Best Legislators, calling him the epitome of fairness. CAPER ON THE TRESTLE OH! THE PLACES YOU LL GO The Class of 1971 restaged their iconic Exodus photo inside the Trinity River trestle during Reunions Weekend. PIONEERS REUNION, PART II - CLASS OF 71 The biggest little class ever reunites The 40th reunion of Cistercian s tiniest graduating class would be, declared presidentfor-life Buck Smith 71, nothing fancy. On Saturday, June 4th, the mercury soared as the boys gathered at the old stompin grounds and visited with Rodney Walter, Fr. Julius and other teachers, alumni, and friends. But the Trestle Ten soon bolted to restage the iconic class photo shot by Tom Montgomery underneath the (always forbidden) Trinity River trestle in Just as they had 40 years ago, all ignored warnings to avoid dee trestle. Our graduating class might have been small, explained Steve McAuliff 71, but we more than made up for it with creativity, respect for the individual and lock-step unity (when the moment required it). The reenactment, weeks in the planning, was recounted that evening along with vintage stories at the east Dallas compound of Robert Bellamy 71. Long-lost classmates Marty Cox, Paul DeCleva, Mark Pape, and John Rulien joined with alumni from the classes of 1970 through 1974 to sample delightful wines and savor a sensational buffet. A nice note from former Form Master McAuliff Johnston Photo by Peter Kurilecz 1. Tom Montgomery 2. Steve McAuliff 3. Steve Johnston 4. Buck Smith 5. Brian Melton 6. Robert Bellamy 7. Joe Bush 8. Mike Haggerty 9. Mike Kurilecz Note: Chuck Dolan was unable to attend. Greg Schmidt passed away in Daniel Csanyi made the rounds, and former Form Master Jerry O Brien and Form Master Fr. Melchior also joined the festivities. Toasts were raised to former classmates unable to attend, said Brian Melton 71, including Chuck Dolan 71, Sebastian Larreta, Casey Sills, and Ted Sarosdy, as well as to Greg Schmidt 71, Mike Wunderlick, and John Pendery, three friends who can forevermore only join us in spirit. 2 1 Smith, Melton, Dolan 3 4 CLASS OF 1971 Haggerty Bellamy Schmidt Bush THE ORIGINAL CAPER Not pictured are Mike Kurilecz 71, who was in Austria, and Tom Montgomery 71, the photographer. Photo by Tom Montgomery Number of terms served in the Texas House by the Hon. Will Hartnett 74, who recently announced that he will not seek re-election in The number of classes that graduated after nine years at Cistercian. The Class of 1971 was the first to complete the nine-year program. The Class of 1977 was the last. 6 THE CONTINUUM FALL 2011 Buell photo courtesy of Terry Buell 73; Hartnett photo courtesy of Will Hartnett 73 News & notes PASSING ON Louis Johnston M.D., Dr. Louis Johnston, father of Kevin Johnston 70 and Steve Johnston 71, was far more than a highly regarded physician who cared for patients through St. Paul Hospital and the Samuel Clinic. He was a trusted member of the founding School Board of Cistercian. His wise advice and counsel, especially during the difficult early years, prompted Abbot Anselm Nagy to bestow upon Dr. Johnston the title of confrater. It is the highest honor a layman may receive. Dr. Johnston also served as a physician for many of the monks in the monastery (a legacy son Steve is proud to carry on). He will be missed by all. J.T. Hunter, Jonathon Thomas (JT) Hunter, the beloved son of Mike and Carol Hunter, left this life on July 22, JT left behind a loving family and countless friends, especially his brothers in the Class of 2008, who will forever recall his kindness, humor, and ever-present smile. His free spirit and the welcoming warmth behind his smile were huge gifts to those who knew him well. And you couldn t meet JT without immediately feeling like he knew you well already. Greg Novinksi 81 GENEROUS BENEFACTORS Burk and Elise Murchison s gift is helping to push the campaign, which is slated to conclude in May 2012, toward its goal of $15 million. 50th ANNIVERSARY CAMPAIGN Murchison matching gift of $250,000 encourages contributions before the campaign ends in May Our kids wouldn t be who they are today without Cistercian, emphasized Elise Murchison, mother of Will Murchison 06 and Clint Murchison 08. Burk and I want to do everything we can to help the school raise the money they need to build a beautiful entrance building, she said. Cistercian deserves it! In the summer, Elise and Burk Murchison decided to offer a challenge match of $250,000, so that their funds might spark the generosity of others. We feel very strongly about Cistercian, Burk Murchison added. We hope our gift helps. We really do. The Murchisons passion for Cistercian stems from the very real help they feel their sons received, and continue to receive, from their form masters, monks, and teachers. Every young person goes through some difficulties, and men like Mr. Haaser, Mr. Novinski, Fr. Roch, they know how to help our boys through those times. We want to see this campaign end on a positive note. To date, $150,000 has been raised to secure the Murchison s matching gift. Donors interested in helping the school secure the full amount of the matching gift should contact Erin Hart, director of development. Rendering of the new entrance area. Campaign to conclude in May Contributions to the 50th Anniversary Campaign have surpassed $13 million. Fr. Peter has announced that the campaign will conclude in May. We hope to raise the funds to accomplish all we set out to do, said Fr. Peter. It s just a matter of how much we are able to spend on the entrance building. The funds are needed to ensure the new building makes alumni, students, and parents proud for the next 50 years. 6 4 Number of months (December through May) left in the 50th Anniversary Campaign, the school s largest and most transforming campaign ever. Number of confraters of the abbey. They include Dr. Louis Johnston, Bryan F. Smith, James M. Moroney, Jr., and Dr. Ray Thomasson. All occupy a special place in Cistercian history. Louis Johnston photo courtesy of Steve Johnston 71; JT Hunter 08 photo courtesy of Exodus; Murchisons photo by Jim Reisch FALL 2011 THE CONTINUUM 7 F A L L THE FORMATION OF ABBOT DENIS FARKASFALVY PACIS VISIO With his world turned upside down at the age of eight, Miklós Farkasfalvy grew up determined to fi nd his vision of a peaceful home. BY DAVID EXALL STEWART (Editor s note: No one has played a more important role in shaping the school s destiny over the past 50 years than Abbot Denis Farkasfalvy. Named headmaster at age 33 in 1969, he lifted and stabilized the school s standards, curriculum, and fi nances. Long after his 11 years as headmaster, he continues to play an important role in its development. Elected abbot in 1988, he directed efforts to build the Abbey Church and spearheaded efforts to attract new vocat
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