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1. Orla Curran 11 Ardcuan Park, Downpatrick,BT30 7HX | 07521101795 | orlaithcurran94@hotmail.co.uk Dear Sir/Madam: I am a dedicated and detail-orientated person with a…

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  • 1. Orla Curran 11 Ardcuan Park, Downpatrick,BT30 7HX | 07521101795 | orlaithcurran94@hotmail.co.uk Dear Sir/Madam: I am a dedicated and detail-orientated person with a keen interestin the financial,analytical and business sectors as well as being extremely hard working, motivated and organized. My experience in youth work has given me the abilityto work at my bestunder pressure and think quickly,making the best decisions and implementing them effectively. Through this position, I have learnt to communicate with a wide range of people over a variety ofoften sensitive topics andIfeel these skills would allow meto prove a valuable and trusted member of your team. Working in a high pressure environmenthas given me the confidence to bring relevantand creative ideas to the table, with potential solutions to problems that may occur. I always aim to see the bigger picture and to take into consideration as many outcomes as I can, remaining prepared and vigilant in my work, I have well established abilities in team work,both as a leader and someone contributing towards the completion of tasks as efficiently and effectively as possible.The high grades I have received in both group and individual work demonstrate my flexibility in this. Despite facing many challenges whilst studying, I have achieved a 2:1 overall gaining a first in my dissertation. I have strong analytical and numerical skills that I have used to write a dissertation on Frailty Models and their use within Proportional Hazzard Modelling. The software I used was self-taughtand mywork received highly positive feedback from my tutors. Through my university career I have proved that I can work accurately and independently,producing work that I am proud to put my name to. I am proficient in Microsoft Office, especially Excel and Word. I am a conscientious studentand believe myabilityto view tasks in their wider contextallows me to complete the m precisely and effectively, ensuring my work is of a standard that would reflect only positively on any team I am a part of. I hope that my CV proves that I would be a great addition to your team, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours Sincerely, Orla Curran
  • 2. Orla Curran 11 Ardcuan Park, Downpatrick,BT30 7HX | 07521101795 | orlaithcurran94@hotmail.co.uk Personal Statement I am a highly driven and ambitious Financial Mathematics graduate. I have always had a keen interest in the retail and business sectors which has been further fueled by the opportunities to learn more about it that I have encountered whilst studying this degree. I wish to embark upon a career in financial business to boost my academic knowledge, further my skills in team work and gain invaluable experience with a wide range of people in a high pressure environmentin which I am sure I can thrive. I intend to study for any relevant exams and dedicate myself to further study ensuring I am highly skilled in my profession. Iam a logistical thinker and thrive under pressure.I take pride in my work and my ability to work strongly as an individual and as part of a team. Academic Achievements and Qualifications DEGREE | SEPTEMBER 2012 – JUNE 2016| NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY BSc (Hons) Financial Mathematics – 2:1 Within my chosen degree I study a wide range of modules including Mathematical Methods,Statistics, Computational and Numerical Methods, Algebra,Economics & Finance, Accounting,Problem Solving, Business Analysis,Applied Statistics, Financial & Insurance Mathematics Financial Mathematics,Stochastic Processes,Statistical modelling and Mathematical Modelling & Quality Control. A2-LEVELS | SUMMER 2012| DOWN HIGH SCHOOL, DOWNPATRICK English Literature (B), Mathematics (C), ICT (D), AS Physics (E) GCSE’S | SUMMER 2010 | ASSUMPTION GRAMMAR SCHOOL, BALLYNAHINCH Mathematics (A*), Religion (A), ICT (A), English Language (A), English Literature (B), Geography (B), Additional Mathematics (B), Double-Award Science (B B) and Spanish (D) Key Skills FINANCIAL LITERACY Studying for my degree has given me a comprehensive knowledge of financial and business terminology. I have also gained lots of knowledge about financial terminology from reading newspapers such as the Financial Times and The Sunday Times ANALYTICAL Several of my modules have taught me how to analyse large amounts of data in several computer programs including Minitab and Matlab. In two separate pieces of coursework thatinvolved analyzing data and reporting on the results I have received Firsts. LEADERSHIP During my time volunteering with Glebe House I am often required to take the lead with a group of children or volunteers to execute activities or go on excursions if an emergency has arisen. By setting myself personal targets to ensure I completed all tasks and guarantee all children in my care we adequatelylooked after, these activities took place without incident and with much praise from my manager. As a senior reading mentor at Down High School I helped younger pupils to improve their public speaking and reading skills as well as encouraging them to read about topics they were interested in.
  • 3. INITATIVE I am highlymotivated, enthusiastic and ambitious.During myfirstweek at Glebe House I was left in charge of running the programme when an emergencyoccurred. I organised activities that received great feedback from the children and kept everything under control. I was able to approach very delicate subject matters with troubled children in a manner that yielded impressive results. INTERPERSONAL I have taken on a major role in many of my group assignments for mydegree.I organized whateach member ofthe group would do, created and analysed data about our chosen topic and presented our findings to the rest of our class. Whilst volunteering for a local charity, Glebe House, I was required to work with a large group of others to co -ordinate activities for 25 children as part of a cross community program in Northern Ireland. This involved being able to speak to the children about a range of things and being able to communicate sensitive information to other staff members in a discrete manner. It was also essential to work to strict deadlines to ensure activities were completed to schedule.I was able to calm down volatile situations through use of creative group work to help the children bridge the gaps between their respective communities. Technical Skills I can confidently use Microsoft Office including Outlook, Word, Access, Excel, Power Point and Publisher. Through my course at university I have also learnt to use some statistical and mathematical software such as Minitab, R, Derive and Matlab. My knowledge of these computer programs allows m e to quickly learn new systems and utilize their abilities. Experience ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT | G CURRAN & CO ACCOUNTANTS | JANUARY 2011 I worked on clients Income Statements,Statements ofFinancial Position, Cash Budgets and helped create reports on how to maximize their profit margins and minimize losses. VOLUNTERY STAFF MEMBER | GLEBE HOUSE, HARMONY COMMUNITY TRUST | JUNE 2013 - PRESENT In the resentment amongst communities in Northern Ireland, I volunteer with a cross community charity for children that allows them to learn more about other cultures whilst making new friends and providing a holiday for those who are underprivileged.I assisted in making sure the children were keptsafe, distributing medication to those who needed it and working as part of a small team in a sometimes tense, sectarian environment to encourage them to learn about the similarities between their backgrounds. SALES ADVISOR | SUPERDRUG, EAST MIDLANDS AIRPORT | SEPTEMBER 2015 – PRESENT Working individually and as part of a team, I used my many skills to promote sales and complete tasks. By ensuring shopping is a pleasantand easy experience for customers I have encouraged many sales and received positive feedback from many of my colleagues.By remaining a vigilantmember ofstaff, I help guarantee the safety of passengers travelling and approach all potential breeches of security in a professional and effective manner and help my team meet targets. Interests and Hobbies I am very interested in historyand my heritage,especiallyIrish music as Iam a keen singer having been a member ofmy school choir from a young age. Given the divide in communities in Northern Ireland, I enjoy dedicating my free time to volunteering with a local charity. The aim of this work is to educate children abouttheir shared historyand the dangers of repeating the pastin the hope that they can bridge the gap and create a better future for themselves.Although this can be frustrating and challenging at times, it is very rewarding as I believe strongly in being part of the solution and not part of the problem. References References available upon request.
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