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Olympic Prpsal Additinal event(s) applicatin Fédératin Aérnautique Internatinal / Wrld Air Sprts Federatin (FAI) Fédératin Aérnautique Internatinal / Wrld Air Sprts Federatin (FAI) Number f events (please

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Olympic Prpsal Additinal event(s) applicatin Fédératin Aérnautique Internatinal / Wrld Air Sprts Federatin (FAI) Fédératin Aérnautique Internatinal / Wrld Air Sprts Federatin (FAI) Number f events (please list by name): Men s events Wmen s events Paragliding Crss cuntry Paragliding Accuracy Paragliding Crss cuntry Paragliding Accuracy Cmpetitin frmat: PARAGLIDING CROSS COUNTRY: Ft launch frm an pen area, preferably at altitude, fly in thermic cnditins arund a pre-set task, land at a declared gal. All pilts launch within the same time windw. The pilt flying the task in the fastest time wins the task. If nbdy reaches gal, the pilt flying furthest wins the task. In a Wrld Champinship, a typical task is 80km and the best pilts achieve it in 2 hurs. Ideally, 4-10 tasks (ne per day). An Olympic frmat culd be implemented with shrter tasks withut taking away any sprtive value t the event. Live tracking by GPS and mderatin prvides visibility t the public thrughut the task. NB. This sprt is weather dependent (sun and wind). Launch can be by winch frm an airfield r any flat pen area at altitude. PARAGLIDING ACCURACY: Take ff n feet frm an pen area, fly straight dwn t the target, landing as clse as pssible t dead centre (2cm spt). Pilt wh is the clsest ver all flights wins. Pilts launch/land in 1.5 t 2minute intervals. Highly media/spectatr friendly. NB Launch can be frm a hillside r by winch frm an airfield r pen field, with target placed within a straight glide. Less weather dependent than Crss Cuntry, but requires light winds and n rain. Culd even be run at a Winter Olympics. Days f cmpetitin: PARAGLIDING CROSS COUNTRY: At least 6 days, preferably 10 r 11 days. PARAGLIDING ACCURACY: 4 t 6 days allws a maximum f 12 runds (depending n number f participants) Quta: Number f athletes: CROSS COUNTRY: 125 maximum ACCURACY: 100 maximum Number f internatinal fficials: CROSS COUNTRY: 15 ACCURACY: 15 Number f natinal fficials: CROSS COUNTRY: 30 ACCURACY: 30 Participatin f best athletes: CROSS COUNTRY and ACCURACY: YES! Selected frm the permanent ranking. 2 Fédératin Aérnautique Internatinal / Wrld Air Sprts Federatin (FAI) Venues Number f venues (incl. cmpetitin, training, warm-up, etc.): CROSS COUNTRY: Usually ne large take ff area up a muntain One large landing area in the valley ACCURACY: Usually same as CROSS COUNTRY but less altitude required, and landing must be within easy glide f launch. Ability t share with ther sprts: Landing (gal field fr CROSS COUNTRY r target fr ACCURACY) can be lcated in a large (pen) stadium Ability t build temprary venues: Nt needed. All venues are natural areas. Field f play specificatins: Take ff and landing areas must be clear f all bstacles. 3 Fédératin Aérnautique Internatinal / Wrld Air Sprts Federatin (FAI) Value Added What value des this sprt prvide t the Olympic Games? Please prvide answers in reference t the fllwing three areas (answers t this sectin shuld be limited t n mre than 200 wrds per answer). Please attach supplementary dcuments/data regarding this tpic, if available: Games-time: PARAGLIDING CROSS COUNTRY: One task per afternn (peak thermic activity), tasks f 1 t 2 hurs flying time. Track prgress electrnically (internet/large screens) by Live Tracking, Pilt headcams and live vide/cmmentary frm bservers flying alngside. Pilts ften fly in gaggles prviding spectacular visual impact f flying like a bird. PARAGLIDING ACCURACY: Flights can be made at any time during the day prviding wind is nt t strng. Pilts fly in rapid successin ne after the ther, landing just 1-2minutes apart, prviding cntinuus visual impact and entertainment. Skill required is clearly demnstrated (accuracy landing) and results can be updated cnstantly. Cmpetitive pressure adds excitement. Yuth: Inspiratinal sprt shwing freedm t fly like a bird, in cntrl, taking advantage f thermal lift, and demnstrating skills and tactics t fly lng, far and fast, and t land accurately and safely. But unlike many sprts, it is nt nly the dmain f the yung and super fit. Skills can be hned ver years, and Champins may be frm any age frm 18 t 50+. Air Sprts like Paragliding teach, frm early n, diverse skills and understanding f cmplex envirnments (technical equipment, meterlgy, legal requirements, team wrk and team flying, mutual respect, acceptance f rules etc.). T learn Paragliding, the pilt needs t be ver 14 years ld, and the sprt is easy accessible. Sme the yung pilts already have sme years f experience in Aermdelling. Legacy: Many have been tempted t realise the dream t fly, frm Icarus t Ott Lilienthal, and nt frgetting Lenard da Vinci. Paragliders have evlved significantly since their early parachuting days back in Early gliders had a glide rati f arund 4:1 but are nw better than 10:1 with average speeds in excess f 65kph. (10:1 says that a Paraglider pilt can fly 10 Kilmeter distance frm an altitude f 1,000 meter abve grund in calm air). This perfrmance has led t sme impressive wrld recrds: 478km pen distance; 36.57k/h average speed ver a triangular circuit f 100km; 3,469m gain in altitude Paragliders take us int a wrld driven nt by the laws f man, but by the laws f nature. We hld this privilege in trust fr future generatins, even as we enjy the legacy f thse wh came befre. Acrss the wrld, mre than 8500 paraglider pilts frm 68 natins are registered with FAI Sprting Licenses in FAI cmpetitins. Ttal number f paragliders pilts is estimated by the Paraglider Manufacturers Assciatin at abut 130,000. Many f them are yung peple lking t fulfil their dream: fly like a bird. Japan is ne f the mst active cuntries in Paragliding. 4 Fédératin Aérnautique Internatinal / Wrld Air Sprts Federatin (FAI) Institutinal Matters KEY INFORMATION FOR THE SPORT Year f establishment f the IF: Within the FAI, the Cmmissin fr Hang Gliding and Paragliding was established in 1975 ( Cmmissin Internatinale de Vl Libre, CIVL). First FAI sanctined Paragliding crss cuntry cmpetitins in 1989, and Accuracy cmpetitins in Number f Wrld Champinships held t date: Men: PARAGLIDING CROSS COUNTRY 14, PARAGLIDING ACCURACY - 8 Wmen: PARAGLIDING CROSS COUNTRY 14, PARAGLIDING ACCURACY - 8 Number f inclusins f the sprt in ther Multi sprt events: Wrld Games 3; Asian Beach Games 2; Asian Games 1 (tbc) Number f Member Natinal Federatins (NFs) crrespnding t NOCs: PARAGLIDING CROSS COUNTRY 68 PARAGLIDING ACCURACY - 55 Number f NFs that tk part in the last Wrld Champinship: Men: CROSS COUNTRY 38; ACCURACY - 18 Wmen: CROSS COUNTRY 12; ACCURACY Fédératin Aérnautique Internatinal / Wrld Air Sprts Federatin (FAI) Ppularity TV Cverage Number f territries where cverage was bradcast N statistics yet available. Wmen TV audience N statistics yet available. Men See as an example: Wmen Men Number f multi-territry rights sales achieved Nne by FAI Wmen Men Number f single territry rights sales achieved Nne by FAI Wmen Men Digital Media Please prvide any key metric t illustrate the success f yur sprt Examples: Ggle search result fr Paragliding 13,9 mi results; Yutube vides 785,000 results, mst watched vide has 220,925 views. Vide frm Brett Hazlett f Wrld Cup Event in Valle de Brav in Mexic https://vime.cm/ was picked up by the Huffingtn Pst http://www.huffingtnpst.cm/2012/02/08/paragliding-wrld-cup-superfinal-mexicvide_n_ html and has 58,000 views. 6 Fédératin Aérnautique Internatinal / Wrld Air Sprts Federatin (FAI) Yur sprt in Japan Year f establishment f the Natinal Federatin: 1913 (Japan Aernautic Assciatin) 1982 (Japan Hang&Paragliding Federatin) Number f Member Prefectural Federatins affiliated t NF: 47 Participants Apprximate verall number f participants: Number f registered participants: 112 fr FAI Wrld Champinships Natinal Champinships held t date Men: 26 Wmen: 26 Yuth, Schl champinships:./. Others:./. Inclusins in natinwide multi sprts events Natinal Sprts Festival:./. University:./. High Schl, etc.:./. Perfrmance Results f Japanese athletes at the tw last Wrld Champinships: Men: CROSS COUNTRY 2015: 16 th,49 th / 2013: 11 th, 24 th Wmen: CROSS COUNTRY 2015: 2 nd, 14 th 2013: 6 th, 11 th Team: CROSS COUNTRY 2015: 13 th / 2013: 15 th Hst Cuntry viewership frm the last Wrld Champinships TV: n statistics available Digital: n statistics available If necessary, pleased prvide any ther key infrmatin relevant t yur sprt in Japan 7 Fédératin Aérnautique Internatinal / Wrld Air Sprts Federatin (FAI) PARAGLIDING CROSS COUNTRY Launch field Cmpetitrs crss cuntry 8 Fédératin Aérnautique Internatinal / Wrld Air Sprts Federatin (FAI) Example fr a task f 66.4 km Race t Gal Example f Live tracking visualizatin 9 Fédératin Aérnautique Internatinal / Wrld Air Sprts Federatin (FAI) PARAGLIDING ACCURACY Winch launch Landing Area 10
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