Okręgowy Komitet Żydowski w Radomiu (Sygn.169), RG M - PDF

Okręgowy Komitet Żydowski w Radomiu (Sygn.169), District of Jewish Committee in Radom RG M United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archive 100 Raoul Wallenberg Place SW Washington, DC 20024

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Okręgowy Komitet Żydowski w Radomiu (Sygn.169), District of Jewish Committee in Radom RG M United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archive 100 Raoul Wallenberg Place SW Washington, DC Tel. (202) Descriptive Summary Title: Okręgowy Komitet Żydowski w Radomiu (Sygn.169) (District of Jewish Committee in Radom) Dates: RG Number: RG M Accession Number: Creator: Okręgowy Komitet Żydowski w Radomiu Extent: 1 microfilm reels (35 mm); 869 digital images (JPEG) Repository: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archive, 100 Raoul Wallenberg Place SW, Washington, DC Languages: Polish Administrative Information Access: No restrictions on access. Reproduction and Use: Reproduction of more than 100 pages of copies of documents for researchers or other institutions requires a written permission of the General Director of the State Archives of the Republic of Poland. Publication of more than 10 complete documents in an individual work requires the written authorization of the General Director. The Museum may not publish any archival material obtained from the General Director, including specific archives under its control, on the Internet, the World Wide Web, or any other publicly accessible on line network without the written permission of the General Director. Citation of the materials in any publication must refer to the 1 Museum and the Polish State Archives and must include the name of the archival group and catalogue number of the originals. To request written permission, contact the General Director, Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwów Państwowych, ul. Rakowiecka 2D, Warsaw, Poland, Attention: General Director Preferred Citation: RG M, Okręgowy Komitet Żydowski w Radomiu (Sygn.169), United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives, Washington DC., and Archiwum Państwowe w Radomiu, Poland. Acquisition Information: Purchased from the Archiwum Państwowe w Radomiu, Poland. Forms part of the Claims Conference International Holocaust Documentation Archive at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. This archive consists of documentation whose reproduction and/or acquisition was made possible with funding from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. Accruals: Accruals may have been received since this collection was first processed, see the Archives catalog at collections.ushmm.org for further information. Custodial History Existence and Location of Originals: The original records are held by the Archiwum Państwowe w Radomiu, Rynek 1, Radom, Poland. Tel More information about this repository can be found at Processing History: Aleksandra B. Borecka Scope and Content of Collection The collection contains postwar records relating to Holocaust survivors activities to reconstruct their existence in Radom and its outskirts. It includes protocols of the sessions of the Board of the Committee, materials of its Historical Commission, files of the Jewish Religious Congregation, and documentation concerning specific issues such as productivity of the Jewish people, searching for missing persons, restoration of the synagogue, attempts to regain possession of the Jewish hospital, and the like. It also includes correspondence which illustrates the changes in the numbers of Jewish population staying in Radom (more than1100 people in 1945; less than 30 people by 1950) The documents relate mainly to Radom, wand some to Kozienice county (Jedlińsk, Szydłowiec, Kozienice). System of Arrangement The system of arrangement of the source repository has been preserved in the microfilmed reels and digital files. Indexing Terms Okręgowy Komitet Żydowski w Radomi. Jews Radom (Poland) History. 2 Jews Poland Radom History 20th century Registers. Holocaust survivors Poland Radom. Synagogues Poland Radom History. Radom (Poland) Ethnic relations. Radom (Poland) Politics and government Kozienice (Poland) Jedlińsk (Poland) Szydłowiec (Poland) Correspondence. Reports. Registers. CONTAINER LIST Reel File Description 1 File number 1 File number 2 File number 3 File number 4 File number 5 File number 6 File number 7 File number 8 [Regulations sent by the Central Committee of Jews and Poles, and Provincial Jewish Commiittee in Kielce, rendered incomplete], , p. 154 [Minutes of general assemblies and management meetings], , p. 20 [Correspondence on organizational and administrative matters, among them search of archives buried in 1942], 1945, 1947, p. 14 [Correspondence of the district Committee with other Committees and sent from abroad], , p. 25 Most of it in the Hebrew language [Correspondence with Jewish Committes in Jedlińsk and Kozienice], 1945, p. 11. Among other items, a threatening letter addresed to the Jewish congregation by the underground, list of Jews living in Jedlinsk, correspondence regarding loans given to Jews] [Correspondence with the Jewish Committee in Szydłowiec.List of Jews from Szydlowiec] 1945, p. 7 [Correspondence with Jewish fellow countrymen throughout the world], , p. 19 [Correspondence with persons abroad regarding aid to Jews], 1946, p. 21 3 File number 9 File number 10 File number 11 File number 12 File number 13 File number 14 File number 15 File number 16 File number 17 File number 18 File number 19 File number 20 File number 21 [Correspondence regarding Jewish real estate], , 1949, p. 39 [Correspondence regarding Jewish libraries, renumbered periodicals], , p. 29 [Correspondence preserved as example of, among other, supply type ], , p. 67 [Records of the district's Jewish Historical Commission in Radom. Correspondence on collection of historical sources regarding Jewish martyrology, participation in organized commemorations, assistance in running down Nazi criminals, participation in exhumation of murder victims], , p. 48 [Documentation devoted to building of the Monument to Jewish Martyrs in Radom correspondence with fellow countrymen, with the Department of Polish Martyrology Museums and Monuments in Warsaw, invitations, telegrams], , p. 28 [Correspondence and a prayer house in Radom correspondence concerning destroyed synagogue], 1945, 1947, ps. 7 [Jewish cemetery in Radom Correspondence regarding preservation], , p. 9 [Correspondence regarding return of the Jewish Hospital in Radom, , ps. 4 [Documentation on collections for the Jewish National Fund], , ps. 14 [Documentation of financial nature instructions, cashiers' monthly statements, estimates, balance sheets, statistical tables rendered incomplete, examples of pay lists], , p. 64 [Name lists of Jews registered in Radom and name data on Radom Jews from the Polish territory], 1945, p. 92 [Productivity of Jews activities of the Praca [ Work ] Cooperative, in Radom], , p. 23 [Repatriation of Jews from the Soviet Union, 1946, ps. 10 4 File number 22 File number 23 [Jewish Religious Association in Poland articles of association, correspondence regarding supply of matzos, religious rites, administration], , p. 58 [Reports and records of various circumstances, among them improper conduct in camps], 1945, p
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