O texto abaixo está dividido em 5 (cinco) partes. Leia-o e responda as questões sobre ele. Proto-Ferrari (Revista Time, 17 de Maio de 2004, pg 66) - PDF

O texto abaixo está dividido em 5 (cinco) partes. Leia-o e responda as questões sobre ele. Proto-Ferrari (Revista Time, 17 de Maio de 2004, pg 66) Parte I If you think Detroit takes an awfully long time

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O texto abaixo está dividido em 5 (cinco) partes. Leia-o e responda as questões sobre ele. Proto-Ferrari (Revista Time, 17 de Maio de 2004, pg 66) Parte I If you think Detroit takes an awfully long time to develop new models, consider the car on display at Florence s Museum of the History of Science: it needed five centuries to get from plan to prototype. Parte II The car takes a no-frills approach it has no onboard computers, seatback TVs or even airbags. What it does have is the most impressive pedigree in automotive history: it was designed in 1478 by Leonardo da Vinci. Parte III The original Renaissance man produced what are believed to be the first workable automotive drawings more than 400 years before Karl Benz came along. (He also drew plans for a helicopter, a submarine and a tank.) Da Vinci s car, sketched in great detail in his manuscript Codice Atlantico, is propelled by springs, like a mechanical toy. Probably designed as a spectacular special effect for some court festivities, it has a remote-control brake and can be preset to steer either right or left. Parte IV Although experts have tried to build a working model from Da Vinci s blueprints for nearly a century, none of their cars ever functioned before. The documentation in the drawings is incomplete, explains the museum s director, Paolo Galluzzi, and until a shift in interpretation a few years ago, the car was an enigma. At that time Carlo Pedretti, director of the Armand Hammer Center for Leonardo Studies in Los Angeles, deduced that the real motor apparatus was a pair of spiral springs contained in drums beneath the wagon, and not as scholars had long believed the leaf springs visible in the upper section of the drawing. Parte V The model displayed in Florence was built on Pedretti s interpretation; in a test drive, it traveled 40 m. The car will remain in Florence until June 5, then move to Vinci, the artist s hometown, before touring Tuscany. 1 a QUESTÃO Valor: 1,6 (0,2 cada item) Decida em qual das partes do texto Proto-Ferrari cada informação listada pode ser encontrada e assinale com o algarismo (I, II, III, IV ou V) correspondente no CADERNO DE SOLUÇÕES the person who conceived the model the identification of the real mechanisms idealized by the inventor other inventions of the father of the car the place where you might see the car in August the probable reason the car was designed for the one who could decode the mystery of how the car could work properly the place known for innovations in the car industry the reason why it was so difficult to built the car. 2 a QUESTÃO Valor: 1,5 (0,3 cada item) Complete cada frase abaixo com 1 (uma) palavra retirada da parte indicada do texto Proto-Ferrari, escrevendo-a no CADERNO DE SOLUÇÕES Saving the little boy from the flames was really a of courage. The soldier deserved the medal. (Parte I) The new supermarket is a store that offers products at low prices: it provides just what we need and nothing else. (Parte II) This is too complicated a plan, I m afraid it just isn t. (Parte III) Along years we have been noticing a gradual in the population away from the countryside to the towns. (Parte IV) Josh was only 16 when he left his to study abroad. (Parte V) 3 a QUESTÃO Valor: 2,0 (0,4 cada item) Cada frase a seguir apresenta 4 (quatro) expressões sublinhadas (a), (b), (c) e (d), das quais apenas uma apresenta-se incorreta. Corrija em cada frase a expressão que deve ser modificada, identificando-a e substituindo-a por uma expressão do texto para que a frase fique correta de acordo com o texto Proto-Ferrari (a) Karl Benz was the one who produced the first (b) workable automobile (c) blueprint more than (d) 400 years ago A (a) car is (b) fully described and outlined in a (c) manuscript called (d) Codice Da Vinci Experts had tried to build the (a) model (b) unsuccessfully until (c) Paolo Galluzzi decoded the (d) enigma The (a) automobile can be seen in (b) Detroit until (c) June (d) It took (a) experts and engineers a (b) little time until they could (c) materialize Da Vinci s (d) dream. 4 a QUESTÃO Valor: 1,2 (0,3 cada item) Leia as frases a seguir e responda as perguntas sobre elas, assinalando a resposta correta com um X no CADERNO DE SOLUÇÕES. A. Is Mancipation needed to close the gender gap? With that question, last month, Elsevier Science Publishers, taking a leaf out of feminists book, unveiled the new Journal of Men s Health and Gender Who is this Journal probably primarily oriented to? (A) men (B) women (C) men and women (D) science publishers 4.2. The word mancipation in the sentence can be inferred as (A) participation of men (B) anticipation of men (C) emancipation of men (D) extirpation of men B. Fifty years on from the discovery of the DNA double helix, species and, by extension, global genetic resources are becoming increasingly impoverished What does the sentence say about DNA double helix? (A) It is becoming scarce. (B) Researches on this matter have been developed for half a century. (C) DNA is an extension of species. (D) The global genetic resources helped discovering DNA. C. A chance encounter on a train in October 1999 led Zhang Jicheng, then a reporter for Henan Science and Technology Daily, to uncover a huge AIDS scandal that would shake China and attract intense international attention and cost his job What do we know about Zhang Jicheng? (A) He unveiled important information which led to a scandal. (B) He still works for Henan Science and Technology Daily. (C) He met a reporter on a train in (D) The information he caught cost a lot of money. 5 a QUESTÃO Valor: 1,5 (0,3 cada item) No texto abaixo, faltam 5 (cinco) pontos finais que tornam coeso e coerente o desenvolvimento das idéias. Leia o texto e pontue-o com os 5 (.) que faltam. No CADERNO DE SOLUÇÕES, indique a palavra anterior e posterior ao ponto. It is never too late to be punctual People who are unpunctual fall into three categories the first, and saddest, comprises the hopelessly incompetent and inefficient who worry about being on time and never late the second lot are, strange as it may seem, impatient people who cannot bear to be kept waiting, and who make sure they aren t by always being late themselves, thus guaranteeing that others must wait for them if they are outmaneuvered and compelled to wait for someone, they are the first to express disapproval of the bad manners of the latecomers finally, there are the egoists, determined to impose their own personality on others and to impress their sense of importance on them an easy way to do this is to keep everyone waiting the star makes an appearance. 6 a QUESTÃO Valor: 2,2 Traduza para o português. Being Brave for This New World (Revista Discover, Janeiro-2003, pg 29) A cloned human being, a near-replica of another person, may be gestating in a womb somewhere or may even have been born. Panos Zavos, a reproductive specialist from Kentucky, himself is openly trying to produce a human clone, and he is not alone. In July, for example, a group called Clonaid said it had a surrogate mother carrying a clone in South Korea. An Italian physician made a similar claim. These practitioners are willing to work in the public glare. Surely other researchers are trying in secret, and still others are cloning and sustaining human embryos without bringing them to term. The world doesn t want a human clone, yet the world is going to have one, whether it is outlawed or sanctioned, hidden or announced, damaged or healthy. This genie is out of the bottle, said Zavos to Congress, and it keeps getting bigger by the hour. RASCUNHO
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