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. Well, here's 1 story for you: Srh Perry ws veterinry ɪə ʏ nurse who hd been working dily t n old zoo in deserted ɐ ʏ ɐ ŋ ɐ district of the territory, so she ws very hppy to strt new job t ɛɹɪtʰɔɹi ɪ

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. Well, here's 1 story for you: Srh Perry ws veterinry ɪə ʏ nurse who hd been working dily t n old zoo in deserted ɐ ʏ ɐ ŋ ɐ district of the territory, so she ws very hppy to strt new job t ɛɹɪtʰɔɹi ɪ ɑ njʏ ɑ superb privte 2 prctice in North Squre ner the Duke Street ɐ ɔ ɛə ɯ Tower. Tht re ws much nerer for her nd more to her liking 3. ʊə ə ɞ ɪ ŋ Even so, on her first morning, she felt stressed. She te bowl of əʊ ɐ n porridge, checked herself in the mirror nd wshed her fce in ɔɹə ɪɹə ɑ ɛ ɪ hurry. Then she put on plin yellow dress nd fleece jcket, ɜ ɪ ɛ ɪ ə picked up her kit nd heded for work. When she got there, there ɜ ɑ ɛə ws womn with goose witing for her. The womn gve ɯ ɞ 1 Unlike some other Deep South spekers, this subject s speech is entirely rhotic. Vowels +/r/ re hevily so. 2 Notice tht it is only in PRICE words in which voiced consonnts follows the vowel, tht the vowels re reduced. 3 The subject is meticulous with his ing endings in his reding, but less so in his unscripted speech. Srh n officil letter from the vet. The letter implied tht the ə ɛə? niml could be suffering from rre form of foot nd mouth ɜ æə disese, which ws surprising, becuse normlly you would only expect to see it in dog or got. Srh ws sentimentl, so this ʊ əʊ? sɛntʰəmɛnɫ mde her feel sorry for the beutiful bird. Before long, tht itchy ɑ ɾ ɜ ʊ goose begn to strut round the office like luntic, which mde ɯ ɪ n unsnitry mess. The goose's owner, Mry Hrrison, kept ɛ ɯ æ clling, CommA, Comm, which Srh thought ws n odd ɑ ŋ ə ʊ ɑ ɑ choice for nme. Comm ws strong nd huge, so it would tke ɔə ɛ ɪ ɑ ʊ ɯ some force to trp her, but Srh hd different ide. First, she ɔ ə æ ɜ?dɪə ɜ tried gently stroking the goose's lower bck with her plm, then ː ɛ əʊ ə ɑ singing tune to her. Finlly, she dministered ether. Her efforts sɪŋɪŋ ɛɪ tʰɯn tʰə hɜ ə were not futile. In no time, the goose begn to tire, so Srh ws ɜ ɑ ɯɾɫ əʊ ː ɯ ə ble to hold onto Comm nd give her relxing bth. Once ɛɪbə əʊd ʊ ɑ æ æ Srh hd mnged to bthe the goose, she wiped her off with æ ɛ ɪ ɯ ɪ ɒ cloth nd lid her on her right side. Then Srh confirmed the 2 ɒᵊ ɛɪ ə ɪ ː ɪ ɜ ɪ vet s dignosis. Almost immeditely, she remembered n effective ə əʊsəs ɛ tretment tht required her to mesure out lot of medicine. Srh ə æʊ? ɛɪ ɑ ɛ wrned tht this course of tretment might be expensive either ɔ ɔə ɪ ɛ four or five times the cost of penicillin. I cn t imgine pying so ː ː ː ʊ ɛ səʊ much, but Mrs. Hrrison millionire s lwyer thought it ws mɪzrɪz fir price for cure. ɪ ɜ I ws born in Svnnh, Georgi nd I ws rised in little smll lɪɫ town bout twelve miles west of Svnnh clled Bloomingdle. ː As n dolescent dult I moved bck into Svnnh nd got my own prtment nd I've been living here most of my life. I hve əʊ ɑ ɪ been in the hospitlity industry for bout fifteen yers I um got out iə of it for bout three nd hlf yers nd went into construction mngement where I trveled pretty extensively nd it ws good. æ ɪɾɪ ɛ əi ɜ Money ws rel good just becme I high stress job, got wy ɪ ɜ ː ɑ from it. Svnnh hs lwys been city tht did not, s long s we 3 ʊ knew wht one nother ws doing nd who they were doing ʏ n n didn't relly mtter, but s soon s the rest of the world strted dɪ?n ɯ wɜ ɫ ɑ looking in on us it mde big difference you know nd there re lot of umm so to spek blue bloods here in this city tht umm re ɑ əʊ ɯ ʌ ɪəʽ very privte nd they think tht the book shone umm ɛɹɪ ː ɛɪ unflttering light on us becuse they, they felt like you know it just ŋ ɪ ɑ it showed bunch of freks nd firies so to spek nd I just, I əʊ fɹəiks əʊ didn't relly look t it like tht. I think it showed the colorful side əʊ ʌ ə of Svnnh becuse Svnnh hs lwys been, umm I refer to ʊwɛɪz ɪ ɞ Svnnh s the sinner sister city becuse of, I think I mentioned ɜ ɜ ɛ tht to you yesterdy. And umm there ws time when Svnnh ː ws nothing but brothels nd brs ws the big trde here nd now ŋ ɒ ɑə ɛ ɪ of course it's tourism nd umm you know when it's like t tht time, nd ʊə əʊ ː of course you know Svnnh hs clened up lot, which is good. əʊ kɫəind ɑ ɜ But umm, it ws just, it ws very, even though it ws big city it 4 ws very neighborly city. And the big thing I cn remember living here when I ws in my erly twenties nd the big thing on ŋ iə m?ɜ ɜnɪz Sundy fternoons ws you strted out with bottle of chep wine ɯ ɑə ɑ ː nd you grden-prty-hopped. You just went from grden-prty to ɑ grden- prty nd it didn't mtter whether it ws somebody like me dɪ?ᵐm æɾə ɪ tht ws hving one or somebody like umm Alvin Kneely (sp?) or əiləi the umm the Levi's (sp?) or someone like tht. You wlk by their ʊ grden gte ws open you got invited in nd tht er's gone nd I əʊ ɪ iən ʊ hte to see tht. I think the book chnged lot of tht. I men now ɛ ɪ you cn't hve everybody tht wlks the streets you cn't invite ɪ them into your house nd stuff for obvious resons, but there's umm I think it's been good influence on Svnnh but lso əʊ nytime you progress you lose something right so I dunno. Um, ɪnitːm ɫɯ n it s been good but there's there s some losses tht I hte hted to ɜ ɒ see hppen too. əɯ Phoneticlly notted by Pul Meier, Februry 11,
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