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НУГ «Социальное исследование тела» Ридинг группа: «Феминность, гетеронормативность, сексуальность» Бойко Виктория Jacobs S., Klesse C. lntroduction: Special Issue on Gender, Sexuality and Political

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НУГ «Социальное исследование тела» Ридинг группа: «Феминность, гетеронормативность, сексуальность» Бойко Виктория Jacobs S., Klesse C. lntroduction: Special Issue on Gender, Sexuality and Political Economy //International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society Т С This introduction to the special issue on Gender, sexuality and political economy explores such fissures in the light of historical developments within gender studies, materialist feminism and critical sexuality studies, especially queer theory. We focus particularly on tensions between materialist feminisms and queer theory, because it is here that questions of political economy and class are most explicitly addressed. Теоретические «разделы»: Gender and sexuality On the Disjuncture Between Gender and Sexuality Sex Wars of the 1980s Gender Theories, Sexuality Theories and Structuralist Critiques Intersectionality, Gender, Sexuality and Political Economy «Практическая» часть: May Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. The themes discussed are: labour within households; individualisation; ethnicity, race and nationalism; social class, and social movements. Williams L. S. Trying on gender, gender regimes, and the process of becoming women //Gender & Society Т С Ophelia died because she could not grow. She became the object of others' lives and lost her true subjective self. Mary Pipher (1994, 292) Методология. 26 девушек в возрасте 13 лет (в начале исследования) в 2-х локациях in New England (Greenville and Rolling Rock). Продолжительность исследования 4 года. Greenville: население - преимущественно средний класс 25% имеют, как минимум, степень, бакалавра средняя зарплата учителя 6000$ Rolling Rock: население преимущественно рабочий класс ~8% имеют высшее образование средняя зарплата учителя значительно ниже Выводы: The Rolling Rock girls, like those in Greenville, drew on their experiences of trying on gender to develop an idea of womanhood. Some of the qualities they attached to being a woman paralleled those at Greenville: They accepted norms of looking good (although details might differ), attachment to men, and compliance. For them, women are more assertive in attracting a man but less aggressive in demanding equal access to resources. The Rolling Rock girls have few occasions to directly compete with men, such as in sports and the classroom, but they compete with other women (in both physical and emotional fights) for men as a resource. Pregnancy is seen as a direct tie to a man, even though the expectation is that the relationship may not last; This study clearly demonstrates that not only are communities defined by class characteristics (including both economic and cultural attributes); they are also identified by specific gender regimes that shape the ways adolescent girls try on and adopt gender standards. Three structural dimensions - gender, class, and race-are mutually reinforcing and encourage particular kinds of femininities and masculinities. The whiteness of the communities in this study invoked femininities that, for the most part, ignored identities linked to other races and ethnicities; The girls in this study provide hope that collective resistance can change the gender regime. Individually, and sometimes in small groups, these young women challenge the gender order. Girls in Greenville fight for equal resources and strive to excel in male-dominated areas of sports and disciplines. When Rolling Rock girls face what they perceive as unfair advantages, they talk back and fight and act out sexually. In both communities, social control works to keep girls «in their place»; А fundamental implication of this study is that not only are places gendered, but space-defined structures have structural holes that allow for direction, intervention, and redirection of gendering processes. Structural holes can mean the difference between compliance to and changes in the gender order. На следующем семинаре НУГа: 1. Barbara Sutton. Bodies in Crisis. Culture, violence and Women s Resistance in Neoliberal Argentina. Chapter 3 Beautiful bodies. 2. Gutierres S. E., Kenrick D. T., Partch J. J. Beauty, dominance, and the mating game: Contrast effects in self-assessment reflect gender differences in mate selection //Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin Т С Спасибо за внимание!
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