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Nombres contables e incontables: some / any A) Elige la opción correcta. 1 Th e r e i s _ ___ b e e r i n th e f ri dg e. s om e an y 2 A r e th e r e _ ___ g r ap es i n th e ki t ch en ? an y s om e 3 I' v e g ot __ __ n i c e ri n gs an d b ra c el et s . an y s om e 4 Th e r e i sn 't _ ___ wi n e i n my gl a ss . an y s om e 5 Th ere aren 't ___ l i on s i n Green l an d. s om e an y 6 H as y ou r m oth e r g ot __ __ b r oth

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  Nombres contables e incontables:  some / any    A) Elige la opción correcta. 1  There is ____ beer in the fridge. some any 2  Are there ____ grapes in the kitchen? any some 3  I've got ____ nice rings and bracelets. any some 4  There isn't ____ wine in my glass. any some  5  There aren't ___ lions in Greenland. some any 6  Has your mother got ____ brothers or sisters? any some 7  We had ___ snow this evening. some any 8  I can't eat ____ more meat but I'd like ____ more wine, please. any / some some / any 9  Don't make ____ noise. She wants to get ____ sleep.   some / any any / some 10  ____ people are very good at languages. Some Any B) Elige la opción correcta. 11  There are vegetables in the oven. 12  Have you got mushrooms? 13  Emma has got old pictures in her house. 14  There aren't buses on Sundays. 15  She never has fun. 16  If you find mistake, please, tell me. 17  He brought me beautiful roses. 18  Is there soup left? 19  Have you got free time next Saturday? 20  I have just made coffee, can I get you ?  1. Is there book on the top shelf? 2. There aren't children in the school yard. 3. I need paper and a pen. 4. Would you like orange for dessert? 5. She never takes luggage when she travels. 6. Would you like iced tea? 7. You can see wonderful Modernist buildings in Barcelona. 8. Have you got English friends? 9. people don't like flying. 10. I hardly ever watch films in English. 1) There are ____ nice shoes in that shop. 2. 3. 2) Is there ____ post office near here? 4. 5. 3) Have you got ____ money you can lend me? 6. 7. 4) I don't have ____ time just now. 8. 9. 5) Would you like ____ more cake? 10. 11. 6) There's ____ orange juice if you don't like tea. 12. 13. 7) Is there ____ orange on the table? 14. 15. 8) Can I have ____ change for this ten pound note, please? 16. 17. 9) Is there ____ good surf on those beaches? 18. 19. 10) Can I have more time to finish writing this letter, Mr Jones? But we don't have time, Mary. Well, maybe you should find new secretary, then. 20. 1) There are ____ birds in the park. 21.
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