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NEONGRÜN (Graduate Studies) The Chicago Guide to Your Academic Career, x The Ph.D. Process: A Student's Guide to Graduate School in the Sciences Accounting to Zoology - Peterson's Graduate & Professional

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NEONGRÜN (Graduate Studies) The Chicago Guide to Your Academic Career, x The Ph.D. Process: A Student's Guide to Graduate School in the Sciences Accounting to Zoology - Peterson's Graduate & Professional Programs 2010, Book 1- Peterson's Graduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences 2010 Book 2 - Peterson's Graduate Programs in the Biological Sciences 2010 Book 3- Peterson's Graduate Programs in the Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Agricultural Studies the Environment & Natural Resources Book 4, - Peterson's Graduate Programs in Engineering and Applied Sciences 2010 Book 5- Peterson's Graduate Programs in Business, Education, health, Information Studies, Law & Social Work Book Peterson's Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States: Continuity and Change - National Research Council The Complete Guide to Graduate School Admission: Psychology, Counseling, and related Professions 1999 Guide to Graduate Departments of Sociology Peterson's Graduate Schools in the U.S Getting IN A Step-by-Step plan for Gaining Admission to Graduate School in Psychology, American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C., 1997 How to get a PhD A handbook for students and their supervisors; Phillips & Pugh, 2000 Road Map for Graduate Study: A Guide for Prospective Students; Martin, 2008 Graduate Study for the 21 st century, Semenza Americas best graduate schools, 2007 Katalogisieren2011.doc 1 LILA (General Reference Works) I'm the Teacher, You're the Student, Patrick Allitt, A Semester in the University Classroom, University of Pennsylvania Press, x Dictionary - DAAD Studienhalber in den USA. Interkulturelles Orientierungstraining für deutsche Studenten, Schüler und Praktikanten NAFSA's International Student Handbook: The Essential Guide to University Study in the USA Teaching American Students: A Guide for International Faculty and Teaching Assistants in Colleges and Universities - Harvard University Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education: Programs, Candidates ( ) The Accent of Success: A Practical Guide for International Students, 2001 International Student Handbook 2012: For undergraduate and graduate students. The College Board, Online Resources for the Cyber - Savvy Student, Making the most of College, Richard J. Light, Students speak their minds, 2001, Harvard University Press Studieren in Europa und Übersee USA, Australien, Asien. Hans - Martin BartholdSocietäts Verlag, Studienführer USA, Kanada, 2. voll. überarbeitete Auflage, DAAD Berufschancen im Ausland, Martina Schulze und Stefanie Winter, Falken Verlag, Studienaufenthalte, Praktika und Jobs in USA und Kanada, Der Bewerbungsratgeber fuer Abiturienten, Studierende und junge Berufstaetige, Falken Verlag, Martina Schulze, The Public Ivies, Greenes Guide, America s Flagship Public Universities, Howard and Mathew Greene. Cliff Street Books American Ways A Guide for Foreigners in the United States, Gary Althen 2 nd Ed Hello! USA Everyday Livng for Intenationa Residents and Visitors by Judy Priven Hello! America, Inc. 3 rd Edition, The Art of Crossing Cultures, Craig Storti, 2001 The Art of Coming Home, Craig Storti, 2001 Book of Majors 4 th Edition. College Board. Book of Majors 6 th Edition. College Board Studieren in den USA!, Christina Klein, Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities or AD/HD, 8 th Edition Peterson s, 2007 International Student Handbook 2010: For Undergraduate Students; The College Board College Handbook 2010: The easy way to find and compare schools FAST! The College Board College Ed: 12 My Next Steps; College Board 2009 Studieren weltweit: USA und Kanada mit Tipps für Praktika und Arbeitsaufenthalte; Fehlner, 1999 The facts on file dictionary of education, Jay M. Shafritz Get it together for college. College Board, 2 nd edition, 2011 Keys to success building analytical, creative, and practical skills How To Write a Thesis 1998 Academic Writing A handbook for international students, 2011 Academic Communication Skills Conversation Strategies for International Graduate Students, 2010 Katalogisieren2011.doc 2 PINK (Financial Aid) Studium, Forschung, Lehre im Ausland Förderungsmöglichkeiten für Deutsche, DAAD, x How to Win a Sports Scholarship Money for Graduate Students in the Physical & Earth Sciences Money for Graduate Students in the Humanities The Winning Edge: The Student-Athlete's Guide to College Sports Getting Money for Graduate School, Peterson's A Parent's and Student - Athlete's Guide to Athletic Scholarships, Dion Wheeler, 2000 Peterson's Sports Scholarships & College Athletic Programs 5 th edition, x Grants for Graduate & Postdoctoral Study, 5 th Edition Peterson's x The Sports Scholarships Insider's Guide, getting Money for a College at any Division, Dion Wheeler, Sourcebooks, Inc. Athletic Scholarships Thousands of Grants and over 400$ Million for College-Bound athletes, Karen Breslow, General Editor, 4 th Ed. Checkmark Books x Funding for United States Study, A Scholarship Guide for Europeans, Institute of International Education, 2005 Der Weg zum Sportstipendium, College Sport Programs [?] Scholarship Handbook. College Board 2012 Getting Financial Aid. College Board 2012 Katalogisieren2011.doc 3 ROT (Undergraduate Studies) 2x Four-Year Colleges Peterson's Two-Year Colleges Peterson's Study Abroad - Petersons s, 2005 Guide to College Visits Peterson's Vocational and Technical Schools (West) - Peterson's Vocational and Technical Schools (East) - Peterson's The Insider's Guide to the Colleges: Students on Campus tell you what you really want to know 2003 Newsweek: How to Get into College, 2004 U.S. News 2004 edition America s Best Colleges. Best Buys in College Education Barron s 7 th Ed. Lucia Solorzano, College Handbook 2006, The College Board 2007 Higher Education Directory 25 th Aniversary Ed. th Ed. plus CD-Rom Barron's Profiles of Ame rican Colleges Online Resources for the Cyber Savvy Student; Guernsey, 2000 Community College is it right for you? Stafford 2006 US News Americas Best Colleges, 2007 Edition The hidden ivies thirty colleges of excellence greene s guide 2000 The Undergraduate Experience of America, College, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Ernest L. Boyer 1987 Your global education resource, IIE Network membership directory, 2009 edition [?] The Fiske Guide getting into the right college 2007 Katalogisieren2011.doc 4 HELLBLAU (High School Student Exchange) Als Gastschüler in den USA, 2001 Als Gastschüler in den USA, 2008 Schuljahres-Aufenthalte in USA; ABI, Barbara Engler, x Handbuch Fernweh. Der Ratgeber zum Schüleraustausch. Thomas Terbeck, Advisory List Das USA-Gastschuelerbuch Aktualisierte Neuausgabe. Volker Kitz, Eichhorn Verlag American and Canadian Boarding Schools and Worldwide Enrichment Programs 2002 Nix wie weg. Anderswo ganz anders leben, Magdalena Koester, Dtv pocket reader, 1999 Mein Jahr in den USA Class of 2000; Daniel Faltin, x Ein Schuljahr in den USA und Weltweit; Gundlach und Schill, 2011/12 2x Ein Schuljahr in den USA und Weltweit; Gundlach und Schill 2012/13 Living in the USA, 1996 American Ways, 2003 DUNKELGRÜN (Summer Camps / Language Programs) Summer Opportunities for Kids & Teenagers Peterson's Summer Fun: Learning Programs - Peterson's 1999 Summer Fun: Traditional & Specialty Camps - Peterson's UCIEP: Member Profiles ABI Englisch Lernen in Uebersee Barbara Engler, x UCIEP University & College Intensive English Programs in the USA 2005 Member Profiles Katalogisieren2011.doc 5 GRASGRÜN (Internet / Correspondence Study) Independent Study Catalog - Peterson's x Guide to Distance Learning Programs Peterson's Campus-Free College Degrees 1996 Perterson's Guide to Online Learning. Get an Educaton without etting foot in the classroom Bears Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning, 2003 DUNKELORANGE (Law / Business) MBA Programs Peterson's Game Plan for Getting into Business School - Peterson's 2000 Challenge Europe: International Career Guide for Students and Graduates 2001 MBA Planet The Insider's Guide to the Business Experience, Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove, 2001 The Wall Street Journal Guide to Top Business Schools 2004, Ronald Alsop 2x DAJV; USA Studienführer für Juristen, Biene Eumann, 6. Auflage (2005). Which MBA? A critical guide to the world's best MBAs George Bickerstaffe, 15 th edition Pearson Education x Das MBA-Studium, Staufenbiel Birgit Giesen / Claudia Pahlich 2005 Das MBA-Studium, Staufenbiel Birgit Giesen / Eva Balster 2002 How to get into the TOP LAW SCHOOLS, Richard Montauk, J.D Der MBA-Guide 2003, Teilzeit -, Fernstudien- und Vollzeitprogramme zum Master of Business Administration, Brackmann/Kran Luchterhand. 2 x 88 Great MBA Application Tips and Strategies. To get you into a top business School Second ed. Pearson, Brandon Royal ABA LSAC Official Guide to ABA Approved Law School ABA LSAC Official Guide to ABA Approved Law School x How to get into the TOP MBA PROGRAMS Fourth Ed., Richard Montauk, x DAJV; USA Praktikumsleitfaden für Juristen Degree Mills, Allen Ezell and John Bear, Prometheus book, x DAJV; USA Masterstudium für Juristen (LL.M.., M.C.L.., M.C.J. ), 3. Auflage (2008) Getting the MBA Admissions Edge, Mendonca und Symonds, 2001 DAJV: USA Bewerbungsführer für Juristen; Wilske, x DAJV: USA Praktikumsführer für Juristen; 2009 The official guide to legal specialities, Lisa L. Abrams Katalogisieren2011.doc 6 ROSTROT (Application / Resume) Graduate Admissions Essays, Write your way into graduate school of your choice, Getting into Medical School Today 1998 Perfect Personal Statements, Mark Alan Stewart & Cynthia C. Muchnick, 1997 und 2002 The Best College Admission Essays 2002 The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Perfect Resume 3 rd edition, 2003 Susan Ireland. The Perfect Resume, Tom Jackson The Perfect Cover Letter, 3 rd Edition, Richard H. Beatty, Bewerben und Arbeiten in den USA und Kanada ILT - Europa Verlag, Karsta Neuhaus, Dirk Neuhaus, 2005 The Social Work Graduate School Handbook Jesus Reyes, Peterson s Practically Painless Guide, Writing a Winning College Application Essay [?] Do-it Write. How to prepare a great College Application 9 th Ed G.Gary Ripple Octameron Associations Winning the Heart of the College Admissions Dean An Expert's Advice for Getting into College, Joyce Slayton Mitchell, Ten Speed Press x Presenting yourself successfully to Colleges Greenes Guide to Educational Planning. Harper Collins The Insider's Guide to Medical School Admissions, R. Stephen Toyos, Conquering the College Admissions Essay in 10 Steps: Crafting a Winning Personal Statement; Gelb, x Best 296 Business Schools; The Princeton review, 2009 Business School Essays that Made a Difference; The Princeton review, 2008 online resources for the cyber-savvy student 2003 Arco college applications and essays 2001 The Gatekeepers inside the admission process of a premier college 2002 College Essays that made a difference, Princeton Review 2003 Inside the top colleges, greene s guide 2000 How to transfer to the college of your choice, Eric Freedman 2002 Behind the scenes an inside look at the selective college admission process 14 th edition 2004/5 Accepted! 50 successful college admission essays, x College Admission from application to acceptance, step by step, 2011 America s Best Colleges for B Students, 4 th edition 2011 Fiske Real college essays that work, 3 rd edition 2011 Katalogisieren2011.doc 7 GELB (Jobs / Praktika / Au-Pair) Job Hunting for Dummies 100 Best Careers in Entertainment 1995 Work and Travel USA - Council on International Educational Exchange 2000 Internship USA - Council on International Educational Exchange x Das Bewerbunshandbuch für die USA I.L.T. Europa Verlag 1998 Abenteuer Au Pair USA & Europe, Corinna Nitsche, Interconnections, Fit fuer Au Pair in den USA, Yvonne Kirner AOL Verlag, Peterson's Internships 25 the Anniversary Edition,2004. The Ultimate Job Seeker's Guide. Knock 'em Dead Martin Yate. Internationale Freiwilligendienste Helfen und Lernen weltweit, Katja Christ Joern Fischer, interconnections The San Francisco Bay Area Job Bank 16th Edition, The Metropolitan Washington DC Job Bank 15 th Edition, The Metropolitan New York Job Bank 18 th Edition, The Los Angeles Job Bank 17 th Edition, HQ 2005, Headquarters USA, Volume 1: Alphabetical by Organisation Name HQ 2005, Headquarters USA, Volume 2: Classified by Subject The Harvard Business School Guide to Careers in the nonprofit Sector by Stephanie Lowell, America s Top Jobs for College Graduates 5 th Edition, Michael Farr, Occupational Outlook Handbook Occupational Outlook Handbook America s Top 300 Jobs 8 th Edition, Career Guide to America s Top Industries 5 th Edition, Schritte zu einer erfolgreichen Bewerbung in den USA, Terik Hashmi (Hg.) Dagmar Giersberg. 99/2000. Guide to Internet Job Searching Edition, Richard N. Bolles, Bewerben in den USA, Carsten Schmidtke Falken Verlag, Your first Interview Ron Frey 4 th Edition, Gardner s Guide to Internships in New Media The Ultimate Job Seeker s Guid. Knock em Dead 2006, Martin Yate Vault Guide to TOP INTERNSHIPS Updated 2007 Edition, Hamadeh, Samer / Oldman, Mark / The Staff of Vault Vault Internships 2004; Thomson Peterson s, 2003 Internship USA, skills for a global life, 2000 [?] Subsidiaries of German firms in the US, 34 th edition, 2010/11, AHK Internships in Sport Management, 2010 Katalogisieren2011.doc 8 HELLORANGE (Fields of Study) Graduate Faculty and Programs in Political Science Professional Degree Programs in the Visual & Performing Arts Peterson's Peterson's Guide to Nursing Programs - Peterson's 2008 Culinary Schools - Peterson's 2000 Profiles of Engineering & Engineering Technology Colleges 1998 Pharmacy School: Admission Requirements 2006 Barron's Guide to Medical and Dental Schools 1997 Insider's Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical &Counseling Psychology Graduate Study in Psychology, American Psychological Association 2008 Becoming a Physician: A Practical and Creative Guide to Planning a Career in Medicine Ärztliche Aus- und Weiterbildung in den USA: Ein Leitfaden für Studierende und Mediziner 2002 Guide to Architecture Schools 1998 A Guide to College Programs in Culinary Arts, Hospitality. & Tourism Guide to Museum Studies and Training in the United States Iserson's Getting Into a Residency: A Guide for Medical Students, 2001 American Medical Association, Graduate Medical Education Directory Directory of National Association of Schools of Art and Design x Graduate Programs in the Arts and Architecture 2004 Guide to Careers in the Health Professions, The Princeton Review 2000 Directory of History Departments, Historical Organisations, and Historians, 29 the Edition Insider's Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Edition The Insider' s Guide to Film Schools, Film School Confidential, 1997 Environmental Careers in the 21 st Century, 1999 Health Professions Career and Education Directory, , 35 th edition 2x Graduate Programs in the Health Professions 2004, Peterson's. The Woman s Guide to Navigating the PH.D. in Engineering & Science, Barbara B. Lazarus, Lisa M. Ritter, Susan A. Ambrose, 2001 IEEE Wiley-Interscience. Colleges for Multimedia & Animation 2003 Edition Garth Gardner, Ph.D. The AWP Official Guide to Writing Programs 10 th Edition A Comprehensive Guide to Caree Decisions in Engineering Is there an Engineer Inside You? 2 nd Edition Celeste Baine A Candid Guide to the Profession Architect? Rev. Ed. Roger K. Lewis, MIT Press Massachusetts, Iserson s Getting Into a Residency: A Guide for Medical Students, 2000 Careers in Architecture, Blythe Camenson, 2002, VGM Career Books Peterson's Computer Science & Electrical Engineering Programs, Curricula 1998 in the Atmospheric, Oceanic, Hydrologic, and Related Sciences. [?] Jazz College Guide Studying Psychology in the United States: Expert Guidance for International Students; Hasan, Fouad and Williams- Nickelson, 2008 Peterson s Visual and Performing Arts, 2005 Graduate medical education, Katalogisieren2011.doc 9 Smithonian Opportunities for Research and Study in History, Art, Science, 2007/2008 Research-Study-Funding A German-American Guide for Historians and Social Scientists, 2005 Creative Colleges a guide for student actors, artists, dancers, musicians and writers, 3 rd ed., 2010 Katalogisieren2011.doc 1 0 BLAU (Test Prep. Materials) CLEP American History, 1998 Rypin's Medical Boards Review: Basic Sciences, 1989 Rypin's Medical Boards Review: Clinical Sciences, Volume 2, 1989 Rypin's Medical Licensure Examinations: Topical Summaries and Questions, 1985 GED Success Peterson's 2x The Official SAT Study Guide 2005 Barron's LSAT 1993 Barron's SSAT, ISEE 1997 SAT & PSAT 2003 Spring Edition, Kaplan. MCAT All-in-one, KAPLAN, x MCAT Sample Exams, 2002 Review for USMLE Step 1 AP International English Language - The College Board CLEP - The College Board, 2000 Official Study Guide for the CGFNS Qualifying Examination, 1990 [?] AP Success Government & Politics, Peterson s, 2003 Master the AP Government & Politics Test, 2003 Master the Miller Analogies Test, 2003 The Official Guide GRE: Physics The Official Guide GRE: Computer Science The Official Guide GRE: Psychology The Official Guide GRE: Engineering The Official Guide GRE: Biology The Official Guide GRE: Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Cracking the SAT II: Spanish - The Princeton Review Practicing to Take the GRE Geology Test Practicing to Take the GRE Education Test Practicing to Take the GRE Sociology Test 2 x Practicing to Take the GRE Literature in English Test 2 x Practicing to Take the GRE Political Science Test 2 x Practicing to Take the GRE Economic Test Practicing to Take the GRE Mathematics Test Practicing to Take the GRE Physics Test Practicing to Take the GRE Music Test Essential Words for the TOEFL Third Edition, Barron's Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test, for the CBT Exam, Cambridge University Press TOEIC Business Idioms from Silicon Valley with audio CD. Tools for TOEIC Series, Peterson's, [?] Peterson's Ultimate New SAT Tool Kit, GMAT CAT, Answers to the real essay questions, 2000 GMAT Quantitative Review, GMAC, Blackwell Publishing, 2005 Katalogisieren2011.doc 1 1 Barron s GMAT , 14 th Edition. Jaffe, E. / Hilbert, S., x The Official LSAT SuperPrep, LSAC, Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests, LASC, 2007 Cracking the SAT; Princeton Review, x Cracking the SAT: Literature Subject Test; Princeton Review, x Cracking the SAT: Biology E/M Subject Test; Princeton Review, x Cracking the SAT: Physics Subject Test; Princeton Review, x Cracking the SAT: Math 1 & 2 Subject Tests; Princeton Review, x Cracking the SAT: Chemistry Subject Test; Princeton Review, 2010 GMAT Review 11 th Edition, GMAC, Blackwell Publishing, 2005 GMAT Review 12 th Edition, GMAC, Blackwell Publishing, x The Real ACT Prep Guide, 2008 GRE: Answers to the Real Essay Questions; Peterson s, 2009 Peterson s, prepare for the NYSTE: Last and ATS-N Arco: Teacher certification testing The master series: LSAT, 2004 Master the PCAT, Arco: SAT subject test: Math levels 1 and 2 Barrons, SAT 2 writing CLEP, Arco, 2004 Arco, SAT subject test GMAT, Barron s, The revised GRE general test coming in 08/2011, David G. Payne. PhD [?] 2x New GRE, Barron s, 19 th edition 2011 The real ACT prep guide, 2 nd edition, x New GRE a strategic approach x Cracking the TOEFL ibt, The Princeton Review, 2012 edition What s up? A guide to American collegespeak slang and idioms for TOEFL students 2003 Write your way into college - SAT Essay, 2010 Master the GRE, Peterson s 2012 Katalogisieren2011.doc 1 2
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