NBIC as Identity Provider – what does it mean for you?

NBIC as IDP - what does it mean for you?A session at Netherlands BioInformatics Conference 2012Parallel session: Infrastructure & Support (DISC) See also: http://www.surfnet.nl/nl/nieuws/Pages/NBICisalsidentityprovideraangeslotenopSURFconext.aspx

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  • 1. NBIC as Identity Provider – What does it mean for you? NBIC 2012, April 25, LunterenGera PronkCommunity Manager ResearchNBIC 2012, April 25, Lunteren
  • 2. Agenda -> Collaboration made easierWhat does it mean.... –  collaboration model / vision ...for you? –  ... for NBIC Users –  ... for NBIC Service Providers –  ... for NBIC OrganisationSURFnet - We make innovation work 2
  • 3. ....Users are Choosers…SURFnet - We make innovation work 3
  • 4. ...they work in Teams…SURFnet - We make innovation work 4
  • 5. ...teamwork is cross-border & internationalSURFnet - We make innovation work 5
  • 6. Vision on collaboration ..collaborate online.. Researchers - select the tools that best fit their online collaboration needs. Institutions and virtual organizations - integrate self-hosted services with commercial cloud services. Service providers - make their services easily accessible for users in higher research and education.SURFnet  -­‐  We  make  innova1on  work   6
  • 7. Collaboration requires... trusted relationshipscontractual agreementswithin the federationlaying down the rights and obligations of theparticipating partiesSURFnet - We make innovation work 7
  • 8. What is an Identity Provider?Identity Provider (IdP)•  Provides the user with the credentials•  Maintains the user accountsAn IdP can•  identify,•  authenticate, and•  authorise users.SURFnet - We make innovation work 8
  • 9. Log ins, log ins, log ins,...... SURFnet. We make innovation work 9
  • 10. nbicasIdP=onelogin
  • 11. Service Providers – make your service broader available... Source: Hubblesite.org Warp2D - 2D Time Alignment SURFnet. We make innovation work 11
  • 12. For now - experimental service - FileSender – secure sending files to 100G https://filesender.surfnet.nl/SURFnet - We make innovation work 12
  • 13. Please let us know•  Which services you want to use•  Your opinions and suggestionsCheck out SURFconext•  https://wiki.surfnetlabs.nl/display/surfconextdev/ Get+Conexted!SURFnet - We make innovation work 13
  • 14. NBIC IdP - Thanks to Rob Hooft (NBIC) Peter Clijsters (SURFnet)SURFconext and SURFfederatie teamsSURFnet - We make innovation work 14
  • 15. NBIC as IdP – #NBIC2012 Thank you!!SURFnet. We make innovation work 15
  • 16. Gera.Pronk[at]surfnet.nl @gera_p Gera.PronkW www.surfnet.nl +31 30 2 305 305 Creative Commons “Attribution” license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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