Concept Liza GIRL is a monthly magazine for stylish girls, who never miss any of the interesting and exciting items. In every issue: Fashion and style Beauty secrets Competitions and scanword Interviews

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Concept Liza GIRL is a monthly magazine for stylish girls, who never miss any of the interesting and exciting items. In every issue: Fashion and style Beauty secrets Competitions and scanword Interviews and stories about celebrities Stories, articles and advice on different life situations and problems Tests Psychology Readers letters, questions and answers And any more! The quality of the materials, actuality of themes, the way of giving the information, high circulation and low price.. All these facts give the Liza GIRL magazine an opportunity to become a part of teenagers life. Themes Audience Moscow: Russia: Average issue readership peoples Average issue readership peoples Half-year audience peoples Source: TNS Gallup Media. NRS-Moscow. March-July 12 (Audience: Moscow 12+) NRS-Russia. March-July 12 (Audience: Russia, cities with population ) Audience in Russia 571,0 549,1 539,1 540,0 535,4 531,9 612,2 671,7 671,8 708,2 668,7 635,7 601,9 566,2 559,0 553,6 542,6 480,9 407,6 348,7 356,6 March- July 2007 May-Oct 2007 Dec 2007-Apr 2008 Sept Feb 2008 March- July 2008 May-Oct 2008 Sept Feb 2009 Dec 2008-Apr 2009 March- July 2009 May-Oct 2009 Dec Apr 2010 Sept Feb 2010 March- July 2010 May-Oct 2010 Sept Feb 2011 Dec Apr 2011 March- July 2011 May-Oct 2011 Sept Feb 2012 Dec Apr 2012 March- July 2012 Audience (Demographics, Moscow) men women Source: TNS Gallup Media. NRS-Moscow. March-July 12 (Audience: Moscow 12+) Audience (Demographics, Russia) men women Source: TNS Gallup Media. NRS-Russia. March-July 12 (Audience: Russia, cities with population ) Basic Info Deadlines Ad Rates CPT We have the lowest CPT* in our segment: Лиза Girl 396,21 RUR Elle Girl 745,78 RUR Yes! 880,68 RUR Source: TNS Gallup Media. NRS-Russia March-July 12 (Audience: Russia, cities with population ) *Cost per thousand Reader s Portrait Socio-dominant structure of population Social oriente d Im pulsive Modest Nonconform ists Hom emake rs Elle Girl Venturous Conf ormis ts Yes! Fashionable Organized Girl Pragm atic individualis ts DOMINO segments description Social oriented They are sensitive to social problems. They are ready to contribute their energy for the sake of other people. Qualities: responsibility, honesty, frankness. Views on career: one can do no more than one can. They show much interest in what is happening in the world. They try to spend their free time for the common good. Modest They are careful, uncertain, secluded from society. They set mental values proir to material needs. They don t like spending free time in crowdy and noisy places. They prefer to stay at home. They wear plain clothes, avoiding other people s attention. They don t visit prestigious stores. They consider it unwise to spend money on luxuries. They aren t inclined to innovations. Homemakers They are sensitive, caring, attentive, sincere. They devote themselves to their family. They value most of all their relationships with relatives and close friends. Very seldom they change the way of life and the place of work. Typical leisure: keeping the house, taking care of relatives. Conformists They conform to the principles which are regarded as a norm by society. They care about how others see them. Core values: reasonableness and common sense. They try to avoid excessiveness in habits and behavior. In most cases they buy those brands which advertisements they saw or heard. Organized They are responsible and accurate. They weigh every step. They never loose control. Before making a decision they try to understand the situation better. Core values: active life, realization of their potential. They appreciate being engaged into the kind of job, which they thoroughly know. Pragmatic individualists They are self-absorbed. They set personal interests prior to social needs. Qualities: strong will, persistence, self-dependence. They strive for success in career. They can sacrifice many things to get success. They have little curiosity. They choose the exact information they need. They are inclined to venturesome entertainments. Fashionable They are bright and attractive. They need other people s attention. Core values: material well-being and love. Typical kinds of leisure: entertainments out of home, visits to beauty centres. They look spick-and-span. They try to keep up to fashion tendencies. They consider shopping as the means of getting pleasure. They do not set budget limitations. They show great interest in technological innovations. Venturous They like meeting challenges.they are self-controled and erudite.they aim at launching their own business.they like competing with others. They are ready to take big risks in order to get what they want.they like experiments.they wish to explore different spheres. They prefer entertainments which provoke strong emotions. Nonconformists They behave independently of common rules and principles. They prefer only to rely on their own opinion disregarding what others say. Core values: upholding their own interests, respecting different points of view. They smoke more frequently than others. They pay little attention to health care. Fashion is not taken into account.they consider advertising a waste of time. Well-known and unknown brands do not make any difference to them. Impulsive They are emotional and impressionable. They set intuition prior to reasoning. They are light-minded and thoughtless. Often they make spontaneous decisions. Core values: love, creative work. Job usually does not bring them emotional satisfaction, while entertainments let them express their feelings and emotions. Syndicate It means that the advertising is placed in two magazines Liza GIRL and OOPS! - at the same time 1/1 page in Liza GIRL = RUR 1/1 page in OOPS! = RUR And one placement at GIRL S POWER syndicate (1/1 page in Liza GIRL + 1/1 page in OOPS! ) = !!! For this money you get the largest coverage of young women audience people! Source: TNS Gallup Media. NRS-Russia. March-July 12 (Audience: Russia, cities with population ) List Of Advertisers Ad Specials Special Formats junior page/ джуниор пейдж 1/4 middle page/ 1/4 по центру 1/3 middle page/ 1/3 по центру горизонтальная 1/3 stripe in the middle/ 1/3 по центру вертикальная 1/2 triangle/ 1/2 по диагонали 2x1/3 middle panorama/ центральная панорама 2x1/3 opposite/ 2х1/3 напротив Rates by request (495) x1/3 panorama/ нижняя панорама Advertorials PR Map Of Circulation Map Of Circulation СЕВЕРО-ЗАПАД НЫЙ (36, 8) ЦЕНТРАЛЬНЫЙ (185,8) ДА ЛЬНЕВОС ТОЧНЫЙ (23, 5) ПРИВО ЛЖСКИЙ (116, 7) УРАЛЬСКИЙ (31, 3) ЮЖНЫЙ (83, 8) СИБИРСКИЙ (64,8) N/A TNS Россия/NRS-Россия march-july 2012 Contact Us Advertising Sales Director: Advertising Manager: Advertising Print Coordinator: Ad Special Coordinator: Elizaveta Voloshanina Natalia Yakunina Olga Kalacheva Tatyana Konina Julia Chunihina (3842) Fax
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