Mon nom est Denise Larocque-Renaud, je suis une résidente permanente de la municipalité de Alleyn-Cawood (Danford Lake), mon adresse. - PDF

il- Monsieur Claude Béchard. Ministre Ministère du üéveloppement durable, de l'environnement et des Parcs Édifice Marie-Guyart 675, boul. René-Lévesque Est, 30e étage Québec (Québec) GIR 5V7 Objet :

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il- Monsieur Claude Béchard. Ministre Ministère du üéveloppement durable, de l'environnement et des Parcs Édifice Marie-Guyart 675, boul. René-Lévesque Est, 30e étage Québec (Québec) GIR 5V7 Objet : Projet de LET à ûanford Lake Monsieur le Ministre Mon nom est Denise Larocque-Renaud, je suis une résidente permanente de la municipalité de Alleyn-Cawood (Danford Lake), mon adresse. Je demande par la présente, la tenue d'audiences publiques sur le projet susmentionné parce que je suis préoccupé par plusieurs des conséquences de ce projet sur mon environnement immédiat, plus particulièrement, le fait de l'augmentation substantielle de camions empruntant la route 301 qui traverse le village et la proximité du site proposé à la Rivière Picanoc. Veuillez recevoir, Monsieur le Ministre, mes salutations distinguées, C.C. Bureau du Premier Ministre Jean Charesî Monsieur Marc Carrrere president CRZ-O Mons,ew Eenoit Peiietier. Minisire responsable de ; 0~:aouais Madame Charlotte L'Écuyer dépr;?ée du Pon:iac Monsieur Norman Mchiliilan, député de Papineau Monsieur Lawrence Cannon, deputé fkdéra! du Pontiac Monsieur John Baird. Minlstre fedéral de l'environnement March 13Lh 2007 O' M. Claude Be chard. Ministre kiitiistere du Devcloppemcnt durableo De 1'Environnemcnt et des Parcs Fidiiiee Marie-Cuyart, 3ûeme ctage 673. boulcvard Rcne-Levesque Est Que bec,(quebec) GlR 5V7 Dear Sir, Re: Public karings for the Danford Lake Landfil1 Site Proposa1 My name is Stanley Lithwick and 1 am a resident and taxpayer of the Municipaiity of Chelsea, Quebec. 1 rcquest that public hearings be held on this project because 1 am concerned about the increase of truck trafic along highway 105 as my home borders this highway. 1 would also like very much to appear before the BAPE and present several arguments as to why this proposed landfill should not proceed at Danford Lake. 1 am veq much concerned about the environnient and the impact that this landfill will have on ûmford Lake, the future seepage of liquids from this site over tinie, the lack of community support for this proposal and the process for the proposa1 by the munieipal couneil at Danford Lake. 1 would also request that public hearings bc held in Chelsea as uell as in Danford Lake. the municipality that would be most affected by the project. The RAPE mandate should also includc looking at alternatives to landfills. such as waste-into-energy technologies. Yours sincerely, Stanlcy Lithwick, Febtuaiy 2%h 2007 Regisiered Mirister's Cabinet, Ministei' of Sbstsirnblr Develrpn-ent, of the Envirorneinent ard of Parcs Édifice Marie-Guyant 675 bout. René-L&vesque Est, Ne étage Québec [ Québec ) GIR 5V7 Çubjed: Request for plblic hearirgs- Estabiishment of an Engireered Landfil In Danford Lake Since 1987, 1 own and pay taxes on approximately 400 acres of land in the Mucicipality of Alleyn and Cawood (Setter known as Danford Lake). Nly propeiiy sits on the south and nwth side of highway 301, slighrly dlagonafly across?rom the propsed entracce Io the proposed Landfill and adjacent to Momt ODr:en, h ich has been developed as a Park by the Mount O Bnen Association and myself, with the full support and active involvement of the Municipal Councibof Alleyn and Cawood. In 2W3, well in advance of any plan io establish an engineered lanafiil, I had subrnitted a formal proposal to the Municipality for the develcprnent of a vacationhg ana retiremert cornmunity, next to Mount O'Brien, which serves as a strong attraction to the area for interested buyers. This formal proposal was the culmination of many rounds of discussions with Counul rnembers and with the Municipal Inspector. It mnsists of two phases of 120 lots each. mis project is in hamony with the existing Land Plan of the MRC, which consiciers Eco-fourism as the primary land use on its temtwy. My developmen! proposal is capable of generating stibsiantial tax revenues, emp!oymwit opportwities in both local consiruction and sew.ce sectors, cc a sustainable basis. Slnce the adveni of the propos& Landfil! across lb'e higilway fro y picperty, my plans have su??ered signihîant negative fa!ioui indudhg impcrta-t, aocuwe 5narciai losses, wh#& fan be d:rect:y attribuied to the Land511 prooosal. Despi:e many reasonable aiternpts to Se heard by the Municipal Council acout this maser, tce G respcnse reçeatedly offefd to -ne, Co:h during M~ricipel COJ~C;~ ieet ngs and in piivate dismssions, EPPE Pearings at :&:ci!ime I wwid ~e ab:e tc make my case. ~ rherefwe A-xordingly, my oniy pon-iit;gious -ei=urse :s to reqbest ii L%?xrtüt?ty!O prasetit rny case is at 1% SAPE :eanrgs. Since the pirnary reasors pjbi:cly ir-içed t.- suaport ttie Lardfiil are aconomic develcpmerit and :everues, 1 beileve that l caa decwstrate tnat similar bene'its 'rom my iarniioning and rstirement conmurity iewopmen: piws can nvai ticse of the Lands!!, ~ithokii destroying the socai whzsion and :ne prisline en iormen! [ha:!his coir:murity,iaix?s, as captured in its wmnunity visios docuneni of request lo be included in the Puok Hearings t.kat Nou!d be striick relative to trie Englneered Landfill it7 Daniurd L.ak0. Respedfully, Renato Livinal 1 tel cc. M.Jean Charet, Premier Miaisire du Quebec hfinistered u Conseii executivc Eùifice Honore-Mercier,3e etage boul.rene-levesque cjt Quebec (quebec) GIA IB4 I Robert Rowaii i,als«reprcsciitiiig [lie vicws of Gisc'lc' Mûlette) (,Poririer Director of 1-Iurnaii Rcsourccs for tlie Caiiadian Iiistitutc's of Healtli Rcscürch aiitl the?izetlicüi Rescarch of Caiiüdn) 2 M Claude Béchard, Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, 675, boul René-Lévesque Est, 30 étage, Québec, Québec, GlR 5V7 Sir: Re. Application for a Public Hearing concerning a Project to establiçh a Technical Landfïll Site (TLS) at Danford Lake, Municipalité de Alleyn-et-Cawood I should like hereby to request a public hearing into the above project. My interest arises because of the close proximity of my property, on Little Lake Danford, to highway #301; this road would be used excessively should the project proceed. As far as I can determine, from those Who have examined the document filed by the project proposer, LDC, very little attention seems to have been given to the problem of heavy traffic to and from their proposed landsite. Moreover, the whole process of determining whether or not the project goes forward seems to have serious flaws that need to be aired in a public hearing. Not the least of these flaws is the absence of an English translation of the huge document that describes the environmental impact study cornmissioned by LDC. If democratic process is to succeed, the population affected by the project, most of whom are Anglophones, must be able to read and understand the technical details of the proposal. This information is available at the present time ONLY in French. Of considerable interest to me are four salient points. Whether or not these have been taken into consideration in the impact study I cannot determine. These are the problems of heavy traffic on roads that were never intended for such incessant loads; the likalihood of increased vermin and seagulls in the environment of the lakes that totally surround the proposed landsite; the question of eventual leakage of poisonous material into the neighbouring waterways (including some that are claimed by indigenous people); and the issue of safer, more modern, alternative means for eliminating not only the accumulated garbage of the area but also the presence of potentially noxious landfills themselves. Even if the existing French document does discuss these points in detait, 1 feel that it is necessary for the people Who are going to be impacted by the project to have a forum to express to the Government of Quebec, and to your department, Mr. Minister, their misgivings about and general opposition to the proposal as it is now constituted. There is a wideiy held opinion that those most affected have not had such an open forum. A formal public hearing is, I believe, very strongly indicated. Please advise me of details should the public hearing take place; I would like to parîicipate in it. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Yours sincerely, David Bonvun Association des rive- du lac Daaford et des lacs envkonrrants Danford Lake and DEstrict Property Owners.Associatiou do Shannon R Marüu, &esident Queen sireet ottaws, Oatsrio, IUP N9 Tel: (613) Fax: (613) s ~. ~ ~ ~ w ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t i c o. ~ Dear Sir, Ny name is Suzanne %artin ad1 am writing to you todky regard'zng tliepoposedz)anfmdlake LandfiCi site. I am a resdmt adtaxpayer of the neighaoring ofkaza6uzua ad1 am requesting tfuzt yu.6gc hearings 6e lieliton thisproject. ï hve many concerns regardhg ihisproject. dr a scfï.ooc6ur drivzr I traveithe stretcfi of higfiway 301 connecting Xaza6azua aduanfordlake eiight times a duy adi a&o transport stu&nls abng iiigfiwuy am very concerneda6out the dedrisk thut uny increase in tvtæ traffi on these akeadÿ mer Gurdénedhighways wicci%ng to uur Tesdents, esyeciaky the chiuren. 1 woulitaho request thatp6gc heurings 6e hecdin the ureas most afjcectedby t fie poyoredproject -- Danfordlake, 3CazaGazq ~ YW, or LapeChe, m faigng that, Gatineau. In this age of m o h teclinobgy adwith reneuledempriasis onprotecting Our environment r?-vauua&o request that the B3WZT rptandate includé hoking at waste-into-energy tec finoliigies as alternatives to yours sincerefÿ,,,-- ?4arch 12, 2007 Mocsieur Claude Béchard, Ministre Ministère du Géveloppement durùbie, de Environnement et des Parcs Édifice Marie-Guyart 675, boul. Rene-Lévesque Est, 30-6tage Québec (Québec) GlR 5V7 Bear Sir: Re Public Hearings/Oanford Lake Landfill Site As a taxpayer of Danford Lake, 1 am requesting that public iwrings be held rn lhis project because 1 am concerned on a nurnber of levels. From the onset, there has been a cornpiete iack of transparency around this project. Citizans have been denied tlkir right to decide thcir own future, and thatur future generat'ons. 1 have been driving Highrvay 105 for 28 years. It is dangerous; its iwo lanes wirrdinq dong the Gatineau River throuyh rriany little villages between Gatineau and Kazabarua. Accidents and deaths rach year are numerous. ic cannot lake any more rnamrnoth trücks. The choice of location and the site itsclf is beyond comprehension. Where is the social justice in transporting the garbage of over 250,000 people :O a tiny cornrnunity of about 150, in an area of!akes, rivers, fores& and wetlands,.sp+xiaity the beautiful Picanoc River, used by fishermen, white water canoeists and outdoor enthusiasts. The impact (tao rnany to deal with at this tirne) on the communi?y and the environment will be devastaling. 1 request that public hearings be held in Danford Lake, as weli as al1 those rnunicipalities that will be rnost affected hy this project, such as Karabarua, Low, and Lapêche. Most importantly, 1 see Quebec as forward thinking and a leader, and 1 request that the BAPE's mandate include looking at alternatives to landfills, such as waste-intoenergy technologies. Yours truly, ;-pi, / *' \y/*&; I hlrs. k fq Masoni, 3arch 12, 2007 Monsieur Claude Béchard, Ministre Ministère du üdveloppernent durable, de Environnement et des Parcs idifice MarieGuyart 675, boul. P.ené-iévesque Est, 30e étage Québec (Québec) GIR 5V7 Dear Sir: Re Public HearinadDanford Lake L,$idfill Site AS a taxpayer of üanfocd Lake, 1 am requesting that public neanngs be hdd on this project. 1 have several concerns: (a) lack of ~ r ~ n ~ aruund ~ a this r ~ projed; n ~ (13) ~ the need for the developer to bring in garbayr from Ontario iri order to be viable; (c) the!ocation of the dump; and (d) the hct that better solutions are availaüie that do rot necessitate truckpg garbage away from the City OF Gatineau and the MRC Collines. Probably my biggest concern is the effect of the durnp on Traffic. 1 halie 3een driving Highway 105 for 28 years. IL is dangernus; its two iane5 winding along the Gatineau River through many little villages between Gatineau and Kazabazua. Accidents and deaths each year are nurnerous. It cannot take any more traffic. I request that public hearings be heid in Danford Lake, as well as al1 those niunicipalities that will be moçt affcxted by this projcr2, such as Kazabazua, ~ow, and Lapêche. 1 may be asking questions (and submitting a report) represntitig'myye(f or representing the coalltion Agùins: the Mega Dump or represeriting Michetle- Masson; both have put in a request for Public hearirigs also. Yours truly, 44-i Mr. Ed Masotti \--_i /' r-' Karch 8. 2ûü7 Monsieur fla:ide Becnard. Minisire Ministère du i)évr.uppcr;!ent durable, de :'Environment et des Parcs Edifice Marie-Guiart 675, boul, R$&L&asqoe Est, 30s ciaye Quebec (Quebecj G1R 3V7 Cear Sir, /. Re: ûanford LAe i.andfill propcsal My name is Cinihya McCamhley. I request that public hwarings be held on this project b-çaiise I am concemec abojt me inneased heavy truck tra'fic on the Hwy 105. I live in a home buin in (iis 107 yean old). Ky house is les than 45 feet from the iliyhway 105. I am already distuhed by :he present heavy tw& traffic on the road. Every time a truck goeç by. my huuse shakes as ttwy pass over the culver3 nwih of CU: house. I would a150 like tu mention the use of pdke braktis . As ihese lractor trailers reach speeds in excess of 1 Iükmlhr as lhey tomb dom the bill before Our house, (hey then 'lip rheir jake brake' nght under var bedmom windcw to slow thsir speed in order ba able Io sttrr around the mrner just south $7 Our hou%. I have aiready had my chiidren's iives endangered by trador trailers Who?ail to slop 8: liashing school bus lights. An increase in truck traffic wiil jusi makv UuebItc's Killer Highway' ihai müch more unsafe for motoristç in smailcr vehicies, pedestrians, and residents Who!ive along the tiighway. I am also mncemed with seepage of liquids froni this site. iust a few kilometers Rom this Dromsed, landiili site. ~, and i I~ donï want Our pnsune-' Ia~e fo De uintaminated by leadiaie, or seepage from this sile. My children swim in this water. I am asking you 10 ensure that public hearing are conduded in al1 :nurricipalities Route 105, as these residenü wiil be impaded greatly by this potential projed. I also ask you 10 consider more advancec technolcgy to cope wilh Our p;ovinu?'s gahage problem. Quebecers are Smarier than putting garbage in the ground . 'Ne already know how dangerous this is for the enviomment (see CanUey), liner or no liner. We have an oppominity to have the worid w Quebec as an innovator, a leader in the Enviomment by using more advanced technobgy to deal vnth Our gafbage. Tkank you for your attention in this matter. March 12, 2007 M. Claudi Bechard, Ministre Ministere du Developpement du:ab;e, de 1'Envi:onnernent et du Parcs Edifire MarkGuyart, 30e etage 675, boul. Rene-Levesque Es!, Quebec, (Quebec) GIK 5V7 :8 Southland Cres. Ottawa ON, KÎG 5E5 Dear Sir, Re: Public Hearings for the Danford Lake Landfilf Site Proposal My narne is Wendy McCormick and I am a taxpayer of the adjacent municipality (Kazabazua) to the proposed Danford Lake Landfill Site. I tiereby request that Pubiic Hearings be held for this proposed project, as I am concerned that this landfill Mill have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore the health and safety of the surrounding environment. I also request that the BAPE public hearings be held in other locales in order to gain the full breadth of the feelings of the people living and working in this area. Hearings should be held in Gatineau, as well as Danford Lake, Kazabazua, Low and Lapeche. In addition ta the potential greenhouse gas emission for centuries to corne as a result of this proposal, the BAPE public hearings should look at alternatives to landfills. As you are aware, there are rnany such successful waste-into-energy technologies used elsewhere in the world. The proposai of bury and forget type of rnentality is not acceptable in today's environment. I would only hope that in this progressive era, the Province of Quebec woüld be looking weli beÿond this stage and towards alternative waste solutions. Yours sincerely, C.C. M. Jean Vharest Premier ministre du Quebec biinistere Cu Conseil exacurif tdi5cc Honore-Mercier, 3e etage 835, boul, Rene-Levesque Est Qucbeç, (Quebec), GIA 184 M. Marc Cari-iere Presiuent, Conference regionale des eluç de l'outaouais 394, boul. Maloney Ouest Gatineau, PQ, J8P '725 Pdlarch 7, 2097 M Clabde Bechaid, li4in isce Miristere du Develcppesient durable, de 1 Environnement et du Parcs Edifice Marie-Guyart, 30e etage 075, boui Rene-Levesque Est, Quebec, (Quebec) FIR 5V7 ûear Sir, Re: Public Hearings for the Danford Lake Landfill Site Proposal My name is George McCormick and 1 am a taxpayer of the adjacent rnunicipality (Kazabaziia) to the proposed Danford Lake Landfill Site. i hereby request that Public karings be held on this project, as 1 am conceriied thai this project may have a significanl impact on the health and safety of the surrounding environnient. The pioposed landfill site is being considered in an area which has a soit type unsuitable foi Lhis kin3 of project. The Danford area is generally made up of sandy solls. The soi1 engineers who are experis in this area advise that a Clay sol is considered to be rnuch preferred, in order to help ensure the containment of leachate. l ais0 request that the BAPE public hearings be held in other locales in order to gain the full breadth of the feelings of the people living and working in this area. liearings çhould be heid in Gatineau, as well as Danford Lake, Kazabazua, Low and Lapeche. In addition to the soi1 problems, the BAPE public hearings should look at alterna?ives to landfills. As you are aware, ihere are rnany such successful waste-into-eneigy technologies used elsewhere in the worid. The proposal of bury and forget type of menta!ity is a vety old solution. l would only hope thal. in today's era, the Province cf Quebec would be looking we!l beyond this stage. Yours sincere;y, C.C. IUT. Jean Charest Premier ministre du Quebec hlinistere d2 Conseil execrtif Edifice Hormre-hlercisr, 3e stage 835, Ooui, Rene-Levesque Est Cluebec, (Quebec), GIA $84 M. Marc Carriere President, Conference regionale des elus de I'ûutaauais 394, boui. Maloney Ouest Gatineau, PQ, J8P 725 c Miniçrerc du De\ clopenient diirabie, De I'Eiivii-onemcnt et des Pares Ildifice Marie-Guyari 675, boul. Rene Levesque Est. 3Oe cïage Qucbec (QuebcçJ G lit 5V7 1 Ikar Sir, Ili: Danford Lake 1 aiidtill prcipoiai My name is Karl Milford JOX IPO. Danford Lake Quehec, 1 'am writing to siiy that i am totally against thiç mega dump. 1 live about two kilometers from the proposed Larrdtïli site. A heautiful pürk, water bodies, and wild yüme outfitters surround us. Don? let this mega dump go aheod; ail Our çouncil wants iç money Al1 Denis Rouleüu wmts is to in& money. 1 woufü rather stay as we are and conserve our wild iife, streams, lakes and riverç. At tlii: meeting on February 2gth 'O7 Iield in Ottcr L.akc, Denis Rouleau said that he would iiot drink any surface water ofany kind. It is sad to say but a wild animal does not hiow %-bat a water facet iç. People that do not have respect for the ahovc mentioned do not have rny respect At the Februav 2gLh meeting, Denis Rouleau said thüt if this mega dump goes through, aftcr thirty yearç he wili have npproximateiy- 28 million dollars for clean up. This man in niy mind is anticipating a lot of trouble. Yom tmiy. Kari Milford klinibterc du Dc~elopeinent Juiüble, De I Envii-onement et des Parcs Ediiice Marie-Guyart 675. houl, Rene L.e\esque Est, 30e etage Quebec (Quebec) GIR 5V7 Ikar Sir. Re Danford Lake LandfiIl proposal. My name is Stephanie Milford Quebec, JOX 1PO. : Danford Lake i request that Public hearings be held on this proje
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