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Made in Germany since 1975 Mobile Geschäftsideen RET ROLINER STYLISH, ORIGINAL, ICONIC Häußer s Gale es snack van THE CONCEPT The RETROLINER embodies a unique mobile vending concept

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Made in Germany since 1975 Mobile Geschäftsideen RET ROLINER STYLISH, ORIGINAL, ICONIC Häußer s Gale es snack van THE CONCEPT The RETROLINER embodies a unique mobile vending concept with a dis nc ve look that stands out from the crowd. Survival in the mobile vending business is all about ge ng no ced and hi ng on the right image. The RETROLINER is a dis nc ve sales and promo on solu on, and a perfect symbiosis between a rac ve design and func onality. Drawing on over 40 years of experience, GAMO has created a concept which is notable not just for its iconic appearance, but also for its high flexibility. The versa le RE- TROLINER offers every customer a tailor-made solu on made in Germany. FIND OUT MORE A UNIQUE BUSINESS IDEA DESIGN MEET S ERGONOMICS All design processes start with an idea. In this case, the idea was to create a mobile vending solu on which would shake up the image of the conven onal snack van without compromising on ergonomics or professionalism. Customers expect the best and so should you! Adver sing ing medium and vending solu on A unique retro design, high-quality materials and decors and professional equipment make the RETROLINER a real eye-catcher. Its rounded shape harks back to the good old days , crea ng a dis nc ve 50s look that's guaranteed to bring a smile to your customers' faces. It's not just the shape of the RETROLINER that gets your adver sing message across and highlights the quality and uniqueness of your product. Nowadays high-quality food and drink is no longer enough to survive in a compe ve market. Product presenta on and overall image also have a role to play. Color also plays a key role, offering plenty of scope for crea vity: The interior and exterior colors can be selected individually thanks to through-dyed FRP sandwich panels in a range of colors, and can be complemented with full or par al wraps. HOT & WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SELL FROM YOUR MOBILE BUSINESS? COOL & FROZEN Burgers & American food, hot dogs & sandwiches, premium grilled/broiled food, smoked meat, schnitzel varie es Ice cream, so ice cream and slushies, frozen yogurt, iced coffee, ice cream sandwiches, organic ice cream, iced tea SWEET & COFFEE Cakes & pies, cup cakes, donuts, crêpes, waffles, churros, assorted candies, cake pops, coffee WE BRING YOUR IDEA TO LIFE! SPICY Chicken wings & chicken, tacos & wraps, curry dishes, fried & deep-fried fish, German ravioli, noodles & pasta, Asian s r fry DRINKS & SHAKES Delicious cocktails, milkshakes, lemonades, chilled beers, fine wines, fresh juices, vitamin-packed smoothies, healthy whey beverages VEGAN & ORGANIC Vegan soups and stews, vegan pasta dishes, baked potatoes, hash browns and potato pa es, vegan burgers OUR ST REET-FOOD CONCEPT S We RET RETROLINER 290 MINI-SNACK RETROLINER 340 MIDI-SNACK We get your concept on the road There's no doubt that mobile business ideas are one of the winners of the fast food trend. And we're not talking about unhealthy and greasy dishes here. Nowadays, snack van operators are generally quality-conscious crea ve cooks who want to offer their customers something special. Imagina ve dishes are no longer only offered in gourmet restaurants; they're now popular around the world as street food as well. With our RETROLINER vending and promo on trailers and the GAMO food trucks, together with you we're crea ng a stylish and pleasant cooking and sales environment that provides you with everything you need to sell your products successfully on the street. With its dis nc ve look and an appropriate design, the RETROLINER makes a huge visual impact. The equipment of the RETROLINER is individually customized and perfectly tailored to your industry. What you want to do HOT & SPICY COOL & FROZEN SWEET & COFFEE DRINKS & SHAKES VEGAN & ORGANIC WE BUILD YOUR VENDING T RAILER build your ROLINER RETROLINER 400 FRESH RETROLINER 460 MAXI-SNACK You get these ready-made concept s from us We provide these extra services We build your mobile vending solutions! - Asia-Wok - Bo le-bar - Ice cream/gela - Fish n Chips - Coffee & Co. - Fry & Snack - Kebab & Co. - Midi-Snack - Pizza & Co. - Pasta & Co. - Smoked meat - Soup & Co. And much more besides. - Planning - Advice - Financing - Wraps - Flyers and marke ng - Hire Available as trailers in the following models: RETROLINER 290 RETROLINER 340 RETROLINER 400 RETROLINER 460 Available as food trucks in the following models: STREET-FOOD-MASTER 330 STREET-FOOD-MASTER 400 RETRO YOUR MOBILE VENDING VENT URE START S HERE Lou s Maultäschle (Lou's German ravioli) snacks CONCEPT S IN ACT ION LOU S MAULTÄSCHLE ( LOU'S GERMAN RAVIOLI ) A new twist on a tradi onal dish Swabian ravioli The main emphasis in the case of this business idea is on combining speedy delivery with consistent product quality. Large fresh and gray water tanks also guarantee reliable product quality even over longer periods of use. Using the two integrated pasta cookers and the hotplate, different varia ons on the ravioli theme can be prepared quickly and easily. The concept is a real success story German ravioli is always a hit in southern Germany, and Lou s Maultäschle (Lou's German Ravioli) has also been around in Switzerland for quite some me now. With several GAMO food trucks, RETROLINER trailers and pavilions, Lou s Maultäschle is now on the road serving up delicious food from the deep south of Germany. Lou's concept is quite simple: tradi onal products with a modern interpreta on, prepared to high quality standards and served to the customer quickly. WE BRING YOUR IDEA TO LIFE! Häußer s Gale es snack van Gin Kao Thai cuisine Bague e & Co. snacks Ein Stück vom Glück (A taste of heaven) cup cakes GIN KAO THAI CUISINE RETROLINER 290 The name GIN KAO translates as Come and eat . On offer here are original Thai dishes with premium ingredients. Oriental-style meat and vegetables are freshly prepared before the customer's eyes using two efficient gas woks. The various dishes are then transferred to clearly visible heated buffet servers. The overall concept is completed by an integrated rice cooker and a refrigerated tower dispenser for drinks. BAGUETTE & CO. RETROLINER 290 The wide range of products from Bague e & Co. goes way beyond tasty bague e crea ons. Besides classical ham, salami and cheese bague es, the RETROLINER RL 290 can also be used to sell tasty hot dogs, homemade hamburgers, spicy curried sausage, coffee and other drinks. EIN STÜCK VOM GLÜCK ( A TASTE OF HEAVEN ) CUP CAKES RETROLINER 340 Probably the yummiest cup cakes in the en re Calw region! Finest-quality baked goods, desserts and specialty coffees also feature among the freshly made products on the cup cake theme. In this case, the RETROLINER serves as a self-contained mobile kitchen: From dough prepara- on through baking to washing up. HÄUßER S GALETTES RETROLINER 460 Every gourmet in the Coburg area will be familiar by now with the tradi onal French gale e . And all thanks to Häußer s Gale es without doubt one of the gastronomic highlights of this buzzing Bavarian city. These savory and spicy special es are prepared simultaneously on up to 6 hotplates. Up to 6 people can work simultaneously in the RETROLINER 460. PARTNER & CONSULTANT HERE TO HELP Don't know where to start? Not much of an expert on mobile vending? GAMO offers you the support you need, par cularly in the start-up phase. Long experience with mobile business ideas makes GAMO a competent partner who can give you ac ve support and advice on all aspects of mobile vending. Just get in touch we're happy to help! Your success is our success. Financing & leasing service With GAMO, you have the op on of financing or leasing your RETROLINER according to your wishes. Customer care Had an accident, or need quick, uncomplicated assistance? We'll get your business up and running again as soon as possible with our customer care team and repair and assembly service. Hire pool Our hire pool comprises high-quality vending trailers and units for a wide range of business sectors. We'll be happy to give you a quote. Loca ng a site Bureaucra c hurdles can be a headache. We can advise you on selec ng the right site, and help you pick a suitable pitch at events. Marke ng & vehicle wraps We design professional applica on documents which you can use to present your mobile business idea to site administrators. We also advise you on vehicle wraps, design wrap layouts and take care of the whole wrapping process so that you can give all your a en on to your business. UNIT SIZES RET ROLINER mm Weight: approx. 1,300 kg Interior dimensions: Overall dimensions: Assembled dimensions: 2920 x 2400 x 2310 mm (LxWxH) 4500 x 2520 x 2900 mm (LxWxH) in running order 5800 x 3650 x 3030 mm (LxWxH) with tables 2400 mm RL 290 RET ROLINER mm Weight: approx. 1,600 kg Interior dimensions: Overall dimensions: Assembled dimensions: 3340 x 2400 x 2310 mm (LxWxH) 4850 x 2520 x 2950 mm (LxWxH) in running order 6150 x 3650 x 2950 mm (LxWxH) with tables 2400 mm RL 340 RET ROLINER mm Weight: approx. 1,800 kg Interior dimensions: Overall dimensions: Assembled dimensions: 3920 x 2400 x 2310 mm (LxWxH) 5350 x 2520 x 2950 mm (LxWxH) in running order 6600 x 3650 x 2950 mm (LxWxH) with tables 2400 mm RL RET ROLINER mm Weight: approx. 2,000 kg Interior dimensions: Overall dimensions: Assembled dimensions: 4720 x 2400 x 2310 mm (LxWxH) 6100 x 2520 x 2950 mm (LxWxH) in running order 7530 x 3650 x 2950 mm (LxWxH) with tables 2400 mm RL 460 ST REET-FOOD-MASTER 400 RET RO 7950 mm Weight: approx. 3,500 kg Interior dimensions: Overall dimensions: Assembled dimensions: 4150 x 2320 x 2300 mm (LxWxH) 4250 x 2400 x 2900 mm (LxWxH) in running order 7950 x 3650 x 2900 mm (LxWxH) with table 2500 cm RM 400 The quoted weights and dimensions may vary according to the version and model. RL 290 MINI-SNACK RL 340 MIDI-SNACK RL 460 MAXI-SNACK RL 340/400/460 FRESH RL 340/400/460 BAKED GOODS RL 340 UNIVERSAL RL 340 COFFEE-BAR RL 340 GELATI-BAR RL 340 BOTTLE-BAR RL 340 ASIA-WOK RL 340 SOUP & CO. RL 340 FISH AND CHIPS RL 340 PIZZA-BAR RL 340 PASTA & CO. STREET-FOOD-MASTER 400 RETRO (FOOD-TRUCK) GAMO Fahrzeugwerke GmbH Kanalstrasse Ravensburg Tel.: +49 (0) Fax: +49 (0) You can also find GAMO on: All data sub ject to chan ge. Mo difi ca o ons in the inter terest est so of ft tech nical imp roveme ement and er ror s e xcepte d. Date of fi ssus e: 11/20 16
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