MGB BERLIN SINCE PIONEER OF PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL DEVICES MGB Endoskopische Geräte GmbH Berlin 2 MGB Berlin, the pioneer of modern endoscopy, takes place in an extraordinary fruitful

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MGB BERLIN SINCE PIONEER OF PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL DEVICES MGB Endoskopische Geräte GmbH Berlin 2 MGB Berlin, the pioneer of modern endoscopy, takes place in an extraordinary fruitful environment for health care industry jobs are related to the healthcare industry. More than 150 medical device manufacturer are established. MGB Berlin benefits from the direct access to the science, manufacturer and users. Our facility is located in Europe's most modern technology park in Berlin-Adlershof. MGB Berlin is founder member of Gesundheitsstadt Berlin e.v., an association in order to create benefits around health care in the region, is founder member of Optec BB, a network for optical industry in Berlin-Brandenburg, official research partner of the TU Berlin and the Charité, the biggest medical university faculty in Europe. Berlin, a City with Tradition and Innovation WISTA, Europe s Modern Technology Park MGB GmbH, Modern and Functional WHERE AND WHO WE ARE BERLIN, THE CITY OF EUROPEAN S MODERN TECHNOLOGY WISTA-MG WISTA-MG 3 Original Charité Building Berlin Professor Max Nitze develops the first modern cystoscope (international patent) in Berlin. Continued cooperation in the field of endoscopy with the instrument makers L. & H. Loewenstein. Establishment of Georg Wolf GmbH Berlin and their outstanding patents: Instrument for insight into body cavities (1923) Bending Gastroscope (1930) First photocystoscope with blue light illumination (1937) Ureterenocystoscope by Caspar Berlin The company Georg Wolf GmbH Berlin is stateowned. Renaming in VEB Secura: industrial manufacture of respiration bronchoscope by professor H. Friedel. Restructuring into VEB MGB: Market leader in East Europe for endoscopy. Reprivatization of the company: MGB Medizinische Geräte GmbH Berlin. KNOW HOW & TRADITION TODAY THE BEST COMBINATION Alliance with Carl Zeiss Corporation: a new generation of endoscopes is developed. Establishment of MGB Endoskopische Geräte GmbH Berlin; an enterprise of the Medison group (Medison Co., Ltd., Seoul, Korea). Foundation of MGB Endoscopy Co., Ltd., Seoul, Korea. Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Seoul, became a shareholder of MGB. The alliance with the Asian market strengths MGB s position. Bionet Co., Ltd., Seoul, became shareholder too and MGB was appointed as Bionet's European/African representative. Bionet is a leading company for biosignal products such as Cardiographs, Fetal- and Patient- Monitors. Promed Supply Company Ltd., Hongkong, became an additional shareholder and appointed MGB as their European/African representative. Promed is a fast growing manufacturer of consumables for surgery and endoscopy. MGB is the official European representative of ACCESS Instruments, subsidiary of SSI, Specialty Surgical Instrumentation, USA. 4 MGB is a global acting medical device manufacturer. The Berlin facility is specializes in design and manufacturing of optics, precision mechanics and micro systems. MGB offers a full product line of rigid endoscopy standards as well as customized solutions. In partnership with Bionet and Promed, MGB is able to offer complete solutions for a wide range of medical devices including digital electronics as well as consumables. Promed offers the complementary disposable accessories. Bionet's product line contains a complete solution for bio-signalmonitoring. Qualified Handcraft CNC Production MGB and associated companies search continuously for innovations with benefits for both users and patients. The extraordinary network of R&D partners allows the development of products with unique features. Precision Optics WHAT WE DO ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY GUARANTEES COMPETITION 5 LAPAROSCOPY Minimal Invasive Surgery SUCCESS WITH HIGH QUALITY EXPERIENCED QUALIFIED HUMAN RESOURCES UROLOGY Resectoscopy Cystoscopy BRONCHOSCOPY Laryngoscopy Otoscopy Sinoscopy The experience in design and manufacturing of precision mechanics and optics since more than 111 years provides the fundament for MGB's high end products. The opportunity to offer unique products with best quality for reasonable price requires continuously improvement of design and manufacturing process. The combination of best practise and innovation. ARTHROSCOPY Shaver System ENT GYNAECOLOGY Hysteroscopy Resectoscopy VIDEO EQUIPMENT Electronics 6 MGB Berlin is investing continuously in future technologies like micro systems, micro machining and optics. MGB is focussing on high definition imaging systems, future diagnosis and therapy procedures like optical biopsy. Our long term vision follows the trend of minimal invasive medicine. Close co-operation with universities, independent research institutes and industrial partner guarantees the progress of the art. Any technical edge is controlled by certified process management. The newest harmonized international standards are always applied. PROGRESS GUARANTEED TEAMWORK COMBINED WITH KNOWLEDGE AND PARTNERS IN BERLIN 7 OUR SERVICE WORLDWIDE TECHNICAL EDGE AND SERVICE GUARANTEE CUSTOMER S SATISFACTION Are you interested in the best offer? Would you like to know which products fit your client s request? Customer's satisfaction has the highest priority in MGB. We are always providing our best service to all our partners all over the world at any time. You are welcome to attend our sales workshops as well as individual sales trainings at your location. If you need assistance to prepare quotations or tenders, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. MGB trains the service engineers individually in order to satisfy customers who use MGB equipment. If you prefer to exchange your experience with other MGB clients? Please ask for our annual service workshops. 8 MGB has joined an international network of leading companies in medical device manufacturer's society. BIONET manufactures cardiographs, patient monitors and fetal monitoring systems. Disposables PROMED manufactures consumables for surgery as well as high frequency surgery equipment. The network has established One Stop Agency. SSI is a provider of premium endoscopic surgical instruments and related surgical products. Bio Signal MGB is able to offer complete solutions for individual customer requirements. Optical - Micro - Systems NETWORK RESOURCES WORLDWIDE SYSTEM SOLUTIONS ONE STOP AGENCY Shenzhen Seoul Nashville TN Berlin MGB Endoskopische Geräte GmbH Berlin Schwarzschildstr Berlin, Germany Telephone: / /7012 Telefax: / Internet: AHRENS DESIGN
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