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Registered at: oddíl B, vložka 1472 Spisová značka B.1472, vedená u rejstříkového soudu v Praze Bank: CITIBANK a.s., Praha, Account No.: /2600 National VAT No.: CZ Address: METAZ a.s.

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Registered at: oddíl B, vložka 1472 Spisová značka B.1472, vedená u rejstříkového soudu v Praze Bank: CITIBANK a.s., Praha, Account No.: /2600 National VAT No.: CZ Address: METAZ a.s. Ing. Fr. Janečka Týnec nad SázavouS CZECH REPUBLIC Vadim Li Commercial Director Phone: Pavel Cervenka Sales Manager Mobil: Phone: Web: Faximilie: At present time METAZ a.s. (Plc.) keeps 403 qualified employees and, thanks to the rapid growth in last years, the revenues are reaching the 400 millions CZK per year Specially important is the increased role of the export, which grew g from 4,6 million EUR in the year 2002 to 6,3 million EUR in Strong export increase is connected especially with the activities of aluminum foundry here are the export contracts and automotive industry sector absolutely dominating. Production of the aluminum foundry is participating on the total sales revenue by 2/3 (64% in 2004), while saless to the automotive industry abroad or to their subcontractors in inland was total dominating. The participation of the steel and steel alloys foundry was about 1/3 of sales revenues and the production was mainly, by 70%, bound to inland market. Under the customers are again dominating producer of the transportation technique (parts for railway industry, for truck and tractor producer, as well as for agrotechnic producer). Likewise important customers are producers of the combustions technologies (industrial boilers, parts for incineration plants). Conti Capital a.s.- major share holder Conti Capital, a.s. as the major share holder owned by Czech bodies is a type of venture capital company financially controlling group of enterprises, with activities in machinery, foundry, production of industrial valves, electronics and real estates. Whole Conti Capital Group is financially stable with doors open in banks and good credibility for meaningful projects All together the Conti Capital Group actually employs people, with total turnover of Million CZK and total assets of Million CZK (Year 2004) Group Members: - Conti Capital, a.s.. - METAZ, a.s., - SEVEROČESK ESKÁ ARMATURKA, a.s., - SČA Slévárna šedé a tvárn rné litiny,, a.s., - Kovopol a.s., - Microtherm CZ s.r.o. - Conti Real, spol.. s r.o. Enterprise was established closely before the II. World War in the t year 1931 by successful Czechoslovak businessman and industrialist Eng. Frantisek Janecek. In the newly build foundry were produced casting parts for local military, automotive and aircraft industry. Main business partner r in that time were companies Česká Zbrojovka (CZ Strakonice), JAWA a AVIA, as well as another important industrial enterprises. In the civil area the main production program were metallurgical semi finished products dedicated for local motorcycle plant JAWA. Co-operation operation with JAWA brand was so close, that popular personal cars JAWA 700, JAWA Minor I and II. were completely finished here. Production of aluminum castings was the base of the business, later on, the production of cast magnets and a alloys of AlNi-type was added, as well as production of special steel castings. Enterprise was growing fast and become one of the most prestigious suppliers s of cast parts for Czechoslovak automotive industry. In the year 1992 the enterprise was privatized under the brand name METAZ At present time METAZ a.s. (Plc.) is yearly producing about 1600 tones of aluminum alloys castings and approximately 2000 tones of steel castings c in mostly one-shift production regime. ALUMINIUM FOUNDRY Aluminum foundry comply with ISO 9001:2000; ISO 9002:1994, VDA 6.1 a QS 9000 (issued by RWTÜV Systems GmbH) Aluminum foundry METAZ is successful combinating chill mould casting (low-presure and gravity methods) with lesser semi-automatic sand casting line, and special precise die-casting in to plaster moulds. Own core-make shop allows us to produce large batches of castings with compound shapes and inside spaces by using both hot-box and cold-box methods. Foundry has large capacities of heat treatment, annealing and polishing. Aluminum foundry produces yearly approx tones of aluminum casts in one-shift & two-shift regime. MAIN TECHNOLOGIES USED IN ALUMINUM FOUNDRY All technologies incl. usage of cores made by hot-box and cold-box technologies Low-pressure die-casting into chill moulds Precise die-casting into plaster moulds Sand casting with machined molding line Gravity casting into slashing chill moulds or into fixed chill moulds (horizontal & vertical type) Products examples: Turbocharger wheels Turbocharger back-plates Turbocharger bodies Engine holders/ brackets Engine Inlet/Outlet tubes Gear case back-plates Engine heads Fuel pumps bodies Covers, housings Cooling heads Low-pressure die-casting into chill moulds batches from 2000 pcs to pcs/year or more (depending on shape & size),, weight 20 kg Production marks: : High metal exploitation (approx. 95%), cooling time in minutes ( approx minutes per 1 piece) Equipment: 2 large-size machines, 6 middle-size machines, degasification unit, vac-tester Investment Intentions: : modernization plus purchase of 6 new machines, modernization of furnaces, thermo control Typical products: engine brackets, turbo back-plates, covers, holders, housings References examples: Cummins Corp. (USA,U.K.), WOCO GmbH (D), CZ Strakonice (CZ); IT Compact (Porsche) (D) Precise die-casting into plaster moulds batches from pcs up to pcs/year, weight up to 0,5 kg ; diametres up to 105 mm Production marks: : unique technology (license from U.K.); very precise castings; excellent mechanical parameters Equipment: : mixing equipment, drying furnaces, electronically controlled multi-head casting machines Investment Intentions increase of capacity (up to 200%); purchase of second machine; transfer into separate site Typical products: : turbo-wheels (used in could side of superchargers) References examples: Honeywell-Garrett (UK); CZ Strakonice (CZ); Turbo Corp.. (USA) Sand casting with machined molding line batches from 50 pcs up to 2000 pcs/year, weight 30 kg, up to dimensions 800 x mm Production marks: smaller series, tightness 4mm; roughness of the surface, better ter for big and massive castings Equipment: : machined molding flow-line, line, semiautomatic sand dosing, sand recycling; Investment Intentions: : increase of maximal dimensions up to 1000 x1000mm; modernization of the equipment Typical products: : larger inlet/outlet pipes, any product with small series and prototypes References examples: Cummins Corporation(U.K.),.), Praga Praha(CZ), Daewoo-Avia (CZ), Elektroporcelan Louny (CZ) Gravity casting into slashing chill moulds or fixed chill moulds (horizontal & vertical type) batches from 2000 pcs up to pcs/year, weight 20 kgs (depending on shape and size!) Production marks: Low metal exploitation (50-60%), long cooling time, depending on human factor; Equipment: slashing machines 8 pieces (2 not installed, semi-automatic operation), fixed machines: pcs (vertical or horizontal machines; particularly not installed) Investment Intentions low return on investment - limited investments only ( into slashing machines), over dimensioned ioned Typical products: different similar to low pressure technologies (pipes, brackets, turbo back ck-plates, covers etc) References examples: Schieffelbusch(M.A.N.. Nutzfahrzeuge), Kolbenschmith Pierburg (AUDI),, BOSCH Dieselsysteme, CZ Strakonice (VOLVO, DAF, HONEYWELL etc) Heat Treatment, Annealing and Polishing CORE-MAKE SHOP METAZ has extensive capacities in core-making giving us good operational range in offering castings with compounded shapes with internal spaces. We are using COLD-BOX BOX, HOT-BOX and CT techniques with total capacities up to pcs/year COLD-BOX technologies: 5 shooting machines (2xH25,H12,H5,H6) with capacities up to pcs HOT BOX technologies: 4 shooting machines (2x H12, H25, H16) with capacities up to pcs CT technology (CO 2 method): additional technologie used in specific cases (small series, sand casting) METAZ is owning huge capacities in heat treatment,, shot-blasting and pouring HEAT TREATMENT - Capacity up to 3000 Tonnes / year 5 electric pit ovens, annealing, hardening, natural aging,t4,t6,t7,t64 T7,T64 etc., FETTLING EQUIPMENT - grinders, shot-blasting machines, pouring equipment etc Overview of aluminium castings material (DIN 1725/2) Al Si 12 Mn Al Si 10 Mg Mn Al Si 7 Mg Al Si 7 Mg Ti Al Si 5 Cu 1 Mg Al Si 10 Cu Mn Al Mg 5 Si 1 Mn Al Si 10 Mg (Cu) Al Si 12 (Cu) Al Si 7 Mg (Cu) Al Si 7 Mg 0,3 Al Si 7 Mg 0,6 Al Si 9 Cu 3 (Fe) Al Si 9 Cu 3 Al Si 5 Cu 3 Al Si 12 (Cu) Al Si 5 Cu 3 Al Si 7 Cu 2 Metoda výroby Castings into sand moulding-machinery moulding Weight (kg) 0,1-30,0 Moulding by hand 0,1-40,0 gravitation, low-pressure die into chill metal moulds Precise casting into plaster moulds superblower wheels 0,1-19,0 0,1-5,0 0,1-20,0 0,1-20,0 Dimension(mm) Max. dimensions of moulding frame 800x600x300 Max. dimensions of moulding frame 1000x1000x600 Examples of aluminum castings II. Examples of aluminum castings III. Referecies Aluminum Castings: CUMMINS Inc., U.S.A. CUMMINS Engine Comp., U.K. Honeywell - Garret, U.K. ČZ Strakonice,, Czech Republic WOCO F.J.Wolf, France/Germany ADB, Zaventem, Belgium Kolbenschmidt Pierburg, Germany MODINE EUROPE, Germany Kemper GmbH, Vreden,Germany M.A.N. Nutzfahrzeuge, Germany Jawa Moto a.s., Czech Republic Avia Praha,, Czech Republic Newly acquired customers: MODINE EUROPE GmbH (D), Yorkhinge Co Ltd (UK), Emerson Inc.(USA), KNORR-BREMSE Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH(D), STEEL FOUNDRY foundry comply with requirements of Euro-norms EN ISO 9001 and VDA 6.1 (we are certificated supller of Deutsche Bahn (German State Railways) and České drahy (Czech State Railways ) Higher amount of smaller furniture's with operation range from 100 kg to 2 tonnes of melted metal allows us realization of small melts and produce limited casting series. Extraordinary flexible production program is the main advantage of our steel foundry. High specialised centrifugal casting into chill rotation moulds is although available. Own pattern shop, in combination with some CNC machine tools are likewise contribution to our high market flexibility. Fully equipped laboratories and testing rooms for analyse of mechanical, chemical and other characteristics are integral part of the foundry. Steel foundry produces yearly approx tones of steel castings in mostly one-shift production regime Construction department is using systems CAD/CAM at the method PRO Engineer. Steel foundry is official supplier of Deutsche Bahn as well as České drahy (Czech Railways). Foundry comply with requirements of certificates EN ISO 9001 and VDA 6.1 TECHNOLOGIES USED IN STEEL FOUNDRY All technologies incl. usage of cores made by hot-box and cold-box technologies Low alloyed carbon steel castings - batches from 50 up to pcs/year, - weight up to 60 kgs,, dim. 800 x 600mm Wear-resistant resistant chromium based steel alloys - batches from 50 pcs up to 9000 pcs/year Heat-resistant and corrosions resistant steels - batches from 50 pcs up to 9000 pcs/year, - dimension up to 1000mm length Centrifugal steel castings - diameters mm, lengths mm) Castings into individual hand-mould moulds - small series up to 500pcs/year, - weight up to 500kg; frames 1000x1000x600mm) Permanent magnets (AlNiCo alloy - used in electronics) Products examples: Castings for railway industry Consoles, girder, brackets for tracks, buses and vans Fire resistant bars, grates & grids used in combustion chambers Wear-resistant resistant jigs of diggers, parts of shot blast machines Grinding balls and elements for cement plants Agricultural parts Steel castings Clients Steel Castings: Elektro Mekanisk,, Norway Lostr Louny,, Czech Republic Lonati, Matec, Santoni,, Italy Wagonbau Niesky,, Germany Colignon,, France Prins, Amersfoort,, Netherlands Ronator, Roneby,, Sweden LIP, Czech Republic Karlshütte tte,, Germany Eigelberger,, Austria PATTERN SHOP Manufacturing of wooden and metallic patterns Manufacturing of core boxes Manufacturing of low-pressure patterns Pattern design will be proceeded by using of PRO Engineer method Usage of CNC-Machines for cutting & machining Simulation of settings by SIMTEC QUALITY MANAGEMENT, CERTIFICATION laboratories and testing possibilities Company METAZ a.s. is producing and delivering on international markets. Our products are mostly technical demanding components determined for automotive and transportation industry clients are reputable global concerns and multinational companies. In order to comply with international standards, METAZ has to have international label of procedure management, quality management and appropriate instrumental and laboratory equipments on international label. Well equipped laboratories and qualified staff controls the quality of incoming raw materials, molding blends and core blends chemical,quick chemical analyses of applied castings materials, mechanical characteristic acteristic and metallographic. We may also imply 100% control using X-ray X and ultrasonic inspection, magnetic partial inspection and die penetration testing. TERITORIAL SALES STRUCTURE (year 2004, total) U.S.A. 14,4% Austria 1,4% England France1,2% 1,2% Itálie 2,3% Netherland Norway 1% 0,6% Sweden 0,6% Slovakia 0,5% Swiss 0,2% Canada 0,2% Germany 22,8% Czech Republic 53,6% SALES STRUCTURE MAIN SEGMENTS (year 2004, total) ventilation air conditioning 2,55% combustion technologies 3,58% agrotechniques 2,72% soundry machinery 22,27% railway industry 3,08% automotive industry 65,8% Metaz a.s. Ing.Fr Fr.Janečka 147 Týnec nad SázavouS Phone: Mobile: ( ) Fax: Web:
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