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Medicina Biodinamica Papirus Editora 2002 Paolo Bellavite Questionar por possivel reprodução: BIBLIOGRAFIA Aabel, S., Fossheim, S., Rise, F. (2001) Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

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Medicina Biodinamica Papirus Editora 2002 Paolo Bellavite Questionar por possivel reprodução: BIBLIOGRAFIA Aabel, S., Fossheim, S., Rise, F. (2001) Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) studies of homeopathic solutions. Br. Hom. J. 90: Adams, D.O. and Hamilton, T.A. (1992) Macrophages as destructive cells in host defense. In: Inflammation, 2nd edition (J.I. Gallin et al., eds.). Raven Press, New York: Ader, R., Cohen, N. and Felten, D. (1995) Psychoneuroimmunology: interactions between the nervous system and the immune system. Lancet 345: Adey, W.R. (1988) Physiological signalling across cell membranes and cooperative influences of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields. In: Biological Coherence and Response to External Stimuli (H. Frohlich, ed.) Springer-Verlaag, Berlin-Heidelberg: Adey, W.R. (1993) Whispering between cells: electromagnetic fields and regulatory mechanisms in tissue. Frontier Perspect. 3: Akira, S., Hirano, T., Taga, T. and Kishimoto, T. 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