MEDICA. Nov. 16 Nov Düsseldorf, Germany SMART SOLUTIONS FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING. Investing in your future THE EUROPEAN UNION - PDF

SMART SOLUTIONS FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING SMART SOLUTIONS FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING MEDICA Nov. 16 Nov Düsseldorf, Germany 3Part A/S 3PART designs products and services based on the end-customers actual

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SMART SOLUTIONS FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING SMART SOLUTIONS FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING MEDICA Nov. 16 Nov Düsseldorf, Germany 3Part A/S 3PART designs products and services based on the end-customers actual needs. With more than 10 years of experience the company has created a strategic design and innovation house with a team of competent designers, graphic designers, engineers, business developers and project managers who can solve all aspects of an innovation and design process. 3PART A/S Katrinebjergvej Århus N Phone: Simon Skafdrup, CEO Abilia ApS Abilia develops, manufactures and sells aids for persons with disabilities in the areas of Communication, Cognition and Environment Control & Alarm. The products are easy to use and to adapt. Abilia ApS Krakasvej 7 C 3400 Hillerød Phone: Jakob Iversen, CEO Alu Technologies A/S AluTechnologies is a professional supplier with 25 years of experience in design, development, optimization and processing solutions containing extruded aluminum profiles. AluTechnologies offers a wide range of standard processing tasks of aluminum, and are also happy to receive special tasks that others could not solve. (See page 23) Alu Technologies A/S Tvedvej Bylderup-Bov Phone: Steen Rubæk 1 Astrid Leisner & Søn ApS Astrid Leisner & Son develop and produce alarm devices for the treatment of involuntary nocturnal urination. The devices undergo continuous development, and today the company offers a wide range of enuresis appliances, sensors and accessories. Astrid Leisner & Son also develop and produce equipment for nighttime supervision of epilepsy patients and smaller calling systems for the elderly and the handicapped. Astrid Leisner & Søn ApS Korsvangcentret 5610 Assens Phone: Sune Leisner, CEO Byskov & Smith ApS Byskov & Smith is a consulting firm dealing with staff and organization development. The company has comprehensive experience with management, conflict resolution and communication, as well as in depth knowledge of municipalities and regions. Byskov & Smith ApS Rugårdsvej 44 Phone: Bo Smith, Development Consultant - excellent electric actuators Concens A/S Concens A/S develops and produces in-line actuators, which are characterised by small dimensions and a compact design, high precision in the control of movements as well as reliability. Moreover, Concens can supply actuators in stainless steel with a waterproof construction so that the application options are broadened to the wet food industry, marine etc. Concens A/S Øresundsvej Esbjerg N Phone: Martin R. Fischer Sales & Marketing Manager 2 Daintel ApS Daintel s Critical Information System, CIS, is a clinical workspace for Intensive Care Units. CIS handle all common activities expected of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) the system also provides advanced statistics and facts to both clinicians and management. CIS consists of the medical record, a CPOE, and the Electronic Observation Chart. Daintel CIS is currently in operation in 40% of Danish ICU beds. (See page 24-25) Daintel ApS Rued Langgaardsvej København S Phone: Troels Bierman Mortensen, CEO Delta DELTA is a company with a uniquely practical determination to help you get advanced technologies working exactly as intended, and bring them to market quickly and efficiently. We re the people you contact to get complex technological challenges dealt with effectively - and within a manageable budget. Delta Venlighedsvej Hørsholm Phone: Claus Nielsen, Internaional Manager Danish Technological Institute The Danish Technological Institute is a self-owned and non-profit institution. We develop, apply and disseminate research- and technologically-based knowledge for the Danish and International business sectors. As such we participate in development projects which are of use to society in close collaboration with leading research and educational institutions both in and abroad. Danish Technological Institute Center for Robot Technology Forskerparken Odense M Phone: Claus Risager, Center Manager 3 Dometic A/S The Medical Systems Division in Dometic Group are specialized in research, development and manufacturing of professional refrigerators & deep freezers, storage & transport concepts, high quality instruments & equipment for laboratories, medicine, research, biotechnology and life science. Dometic places its expertise in medical refrigeration and its excellent knowledge of user needs at the service of humanity. Dometic A/S Nordensvej Fredericia Phone: Per Flensted, CEO eglu A/S Software development company which has developed an electronic platform that can both be based on knowledge sharing and automated processes. The platform can be a center for knowledge sharing based on Web 2.0 approach and manage automated processes in the intelligent home. Eglu connects people electronically through smart phones, PCs and touch screens. eglu A/S Peterborgvej Trustrup Phone: Charlotte Ladefoged, Partner Elcanic A/S Elcanic specializes in development and production of innovative electronic controls and relays. The company is a major cooperation partner on the Danish electronics market. Especially within the field of individual customer-specific e lectronic controls, measuring instruments, relays, and surveillance systems. (See page 26) Elcanic A/S Gørtlervej Ringe Phone: Christian Andersen, CEO 4 E-mergency e-mergency is a team of creative specialists ready to assist you with interactive design solutions and synergies between media platforms. E-mergency Pantheonsgade 10, 4. Phone: Brian Østergaard, Owner quality of life and management tool cal se6ng and researc7 ile core olotest t7 pa9ent r in the clinic/ DoloTest - Profile est - Profiles ApS , Two versions: e- DoloTest and DoloTest DoloTest is available in an web based version, e- DoloTest and a paper version, A4 size. e- DoloTest languages PnQl now validated translated into: Danish, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Russian olotest is a registered trademark and. All rights reserved. e-dolotest patent pending. EvidenceProfile ApS EvidenceProfile develops evidence based measuring instruments. The DoloTest is the only validated pain and quality of life assessment tool involving the patient in interpreting the result. DoloTest helps patients to describe the impact of pain on their quality of life. DoloTest is visual, fast and easy to score. It is vailable in a web based and a paper based solution. (See page 27) Falck Hjælpemidler A/S Falck Hjælpemidler A/S is a service company that collaborates and form partnerships with public companies to operate, optimize and innovate new solutions that meet the challenges and commitments faced in the public sector in order to give elderly and disabled people in Scandinavia the services and help they need. EvidenceProfile ApS Engsøparken Grindsted Phone: Kim Kristiansen, CEO Falck Hjælpemidler A/S Gydevang 2D 3450 Allerød Phone: Claus Sørensen, Market Manager 5 Flowsion A/S Flowsion A/S Danfoss Industrial Park, E3-11, Nordborgvej Nordborg Phone: Hans Jørgen Pedersen, CEO FORCE Technology FORCE Technology set focus on product and concept development, design, production optimization and operation, and maintenance of industrial facilities. FORCE Technology Navervej Vejen Phone: Henrik Black, Innovation Advisor Gibotech A/S Gibotech develop, implement and maintain industrial solutions. The range of products are high technological machines or systems, CNC-machinery, automation with and without robots and panel sizing machinery, which are often part of complicated production lines or single profit centers. Gibotech also deliver automated systems for hospitals. Gibotech A/S Hollufgaardsvej Odense S Phone: Poul Fuglsang, Market Manager 6 Grundfos BioBooster A/S Innovative pre-fabricated wastewater treatment applications - Compact, modular, movable... Grundfos BioBooster A/S Poul Due Jensens Vej Bjerringbro Phone: Bent Gadgaard, Managing Director Intelligent Systems A/S Intelligent Systems is a Danish project and consultancy house. Intelligent Systems develops and delivers customer-specific software solutions within industrial automation and logistics. Often the delivered systems are missioncritical to their customers. Intelligent Systems A/S Østre Allé Hadsund Phone: Niki Nicolas Grigoriou, CEO Invencon ApS Invencon was founded with the purpose of researching and developing assistive aids for people with weak hands. Invencon ApS Danfoss Industrial Perk E Nordborg Phone: Jesper Allan Hanssen, CEO 7 KEN A/S KEN A/S is an innovative company with more than 60 years of experience in the development, production, sales and servicing of disinfecting washers, bedpan washers and laboratory washers as well as dishwashers for industrial kitchens and washers for the food industry. KEN offer a wide range of standard solutions and can also provide special solutions to meet individual requirements. KEN A/S Bøgebjergvej Broby Phone: Per Juul Nielsen, CEO Linak A/S LINAK is the the world s leading producer and supplier of actuator systems. The intelligent actuator solutions of LINAK are included in a variety of different applications, including hospital and care beds, raising and lowering tables, windmills, etc. LINAKs solutions improve the quality of life and work environment of people. Special focus on intelligent systems to which other sensors can be connected, such as hospital beds. (See page 28-30) Linak A/S Guderup 6430 Nordborg Phone: Peter Brøndum Jensen, Product Manager mail: ManMachine Engineering ApS ManMachine Engineering offers counseling regarding implementation and development of production technology. The company has a special focus on user involvement, and fast fail-safe working practices for staff and users. ManMachine Engineering combines their technological knowledge with knowledge of usability, design and LEAN manufacturing. ManMachine Engineering ApS Kyringevej Ringsted Phone: Peder Brandt, Senior Consultant 8 Medical Insight A/S A revolutionizing technology that enables doctors and nurses to view and share all patient images on any PC within or outside the hospital. (See page 31-33) Medical Insight A/S Krumtappen 4, 3. etage 2500 Valby Phone: Frits Thomsen, SVP, Co-Founder Medisat A/S The Patient Briefcase provides an immediate link between the patient at home and the hospital through video conference. So the patient can be monitored at home and treated by specialized nurse or doctor. (See page 34-37) Medisat A/S Rugårdsvej 55 Phone: Kurt Christensen, CEO Mikro Værkstedet A/S Mikro Vaerkstedet markets and sells IT products to the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish educational institutions. The development department exclusively develops educational software and multimedia titles for infant school, secondary school, upper secondary education, and upper vocational training. Mikro Værkstedet also develop IT products for functionally disabled persons. Mikro Værkstedet A/S Lucernemarken Odense SV Phone: Niels Askær, CEO 9 Net-Nurse A/S Net-Nurse develops and sells a communication tool for mediation of extra shifts and duty roosters among employees and internal replacements. The system is specially designed for the healthcare sector. Net-Nurse is a decentralized successor portal that efficiently and quickly disseminate agreements between employees and employers when there is a need for replacements on short notice. Net-Nurse A/S Valby Langgade Valby Phone: Peter Munk Schade, CEO Pressalit A/S Pressalit Care is a leading provider of accessible bathroom and kitchen solutions for people with physical disabilities. Since 1975, Pressalit Care has been committed to the design of functional and flexible products for the temporarily or permanently disabled. Today, Pressalit Care operates world-wide and is known for an innovative range of solutions that adapt to different user requirements. (See page 38) Pressalit A/S Isagervej Ry Phone: Vibeke Pedersen, Product Development Manager Public Intelligence Public Intelligence enables cooperation and innovation by promoting dialogue between private companies and public organizations. By supporting cooperation, development and innovation across sectors Public Intelligence helps public organizations to become more efficient, less bureaucratic, and more effective on documentation. Public Intelligence Thriges Plads 8 Phone: Maja Gro Lilsig, CEO 10 RoboTool A/S Advanced robot technology from industrial production can be utilized in hospitals for automation of for example sterilization centers. (See page 39) RoboTool A/S Vestermarksvej Vejen Phone: Leif Thomsen, CEO Sonovision ApS Solutions Sonovision designs stressreducing interior environments based on medical research. The company is specialised in healing art, sound regulation and lighting, which can contribute to improved mood and increased comfort for users and staff in medical settings. The company s team of experts designs individual solutions according to needs that impel positive distractions to promote healing and good conversation Sonovision ApS Græshaven 9b 5320 Agedrup Phone: Kenneth Rossau, CEO Team Online A/S The Bosted System more Time for Care. The Bosted System is a social IT system that enables professional care providers, families/relatives of the disabled, and public administrators to ensure more time for care through better planning, documentation and service, reduced administration and reduced costs. (See page 40-42) Team Online A/S Edisonsvej 2 Phone: Michael Sandal, CEO 11 Teccluster A/S Teccluster provide technical solutions and advice to the industry wtith in six main areas: design, project management, 3D scanning, product maturity, outsourcing, and rapid prototyping. Teccluster A/S Bavnehøj Egtved Phone: Per Lynnerup, R&D Time Advice A/S Time Advice PLC implements flexible working models based on the Time Care Method. The IT based projects optimize the use of social capital within elder care, social services, psychiatry and health care, by eliminating the often cumbersome workflows, systems, rules and habits that often limits the flexibility, efficiency, quality and presence. Time Advice A/S Thorsgade 8, st Phone: Ulrik Rasmussen TriVision A/S TriVision develops its own modules to make vision solutions that satisfy the specific demands of the customer. This is achieved by combining self-developed software with extern software and hardware based on open standards. TriVision s know-how is the base for tailor-made and flexible solutions - qualities that are absent in most traditional toolbox solutions. TriVision A/S Pakhusgården 16 Phone: Ole Neckelman, CEO 12 Udviklingspartnerskabet i Gribskov - Momentum Udviklingspartnerskabet is a public-private partnership for development of health and service care at Gribskov Municipality. The partnership is characterized by confidence, curiosity and courage to test new technologies and methods together as a way to find the best solutions to common challenges. Udviklingspartnerskabet is working on developing new tools and methods for the elderly, so life is easier and better for both citizens and employees. Momentum Ryesgade 23, 2. sal 2200 København N Phone: Christian W. Hansen, Senior Consultant Welfare Solutions ApS Welfare Solutions develops and sells virtual communication for use in municipalities and regions respectively in service care and health care. The Home Care concept has been developed over the last 7 years in cooperation with research institutions, professional staff and senior citizens. Today it is a turnkey solution that provides municipalities an opportunity to save resources and still offer high quality services to their citizens. Welfare Solutions ApS Samdtoften 10K 2820 Gentofte Phone: Jesper Jørgensen, Partner Wemind A/S Wemind are experts in social media, software and processes and offers strategic business development, transition and deployment of tools and processes to create commitment, trust and strengthen relationships with employees, customers, partners and the outside world. Since 2005, the company has serviced more than 100 companies and restructured their business, organization and activities with transparency, involvement and collaboration in mind. Wemind A/S Vestergade 12a, 3. sal 1456 København K Phone: Jakob Boman, Partner 13 WN Group WN Group Skovvænget Sdr. Nærå Phone: Lasse Werner, CEO 14 NGO s AluCluster Åvedvej Løgumkloster Phone: Michael Nedergaard, CEO Center for Communication and Assistive Technology Vestre Engvej Vejle Phone: Jan Hoedt, Manager COK Schacksgade 39 Dit Apotek J. Chr. Juliussens Vej 13, Horsens Phone: Phone: Peter Vest, Consultant Carl Lynge, CEO GS1 Hammershusgade København Ø IDA Englandsgade 25 Phone: Phone: Mendez da Silva, Market Development Manager Peder Uhd, Senior Consultant 15 NGO s IT Forum Syddanmark Boulevarden Vejle Knowledgelab Campusvej Odense M Phone: Phone: Michael S. Borre, Chariman Niels Henrik Helms, CEO LederForum Tørvelong 24, Egebjerg 5771 Stenstrup MedCom Rugårdsvej 15, 2. Phone: Phone: Frants Christensen Henrik Bjerregaard Jensen, CEO Socialt Leder Forum Kochsgade 31A Phone: Ib Poulsen, CEO Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation Forskerparken Odense M Phone: Klaus Holmsberg, CEO 16 MUNICIPALITIEs Assens Municipality Willemoesgade Assens Esbjerg Municipality Torvegade Esbjerg Phone: Phone: Jim H. Steffensen, CEO Arne Nikolajsen, CEO Fredericia Municipality Gothersgade Fredericia Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality Tinghøj Alle Ringe Phone: Phone: Louise Thule Christensen, Manager Finn G. Johansen, Manager Haderslev Municipality Gåskærgade Haderslev Hørsholm Municipality Ådalsparkvej Hørsholm Phone: Phone: Charlotte Scheppan, Manager Louise Høg, Manager 17 LOGO1TH_Stor_POSrød MUNICIPALITIEs Kolding Municipality Akseltorv 1, Rådhuset 6000 Kolding Langeland Municipality Fredensvej Langeland Phone: Phone: Rikke Vestergaard, Manager Mie Pedersen, Manager Middelfart Municipality Jernbanegade 77, Middelfart Odense Municipality Center for Welfare Technology Ørbækvej Odense SØ Phone: Phone: Kate Bøgh, CEO Dennis C. Søndergård, Consultant Odense Municipality Department of the Elderly and Disabled Tolderlundsvej 2, 8. Odense Municipality Department for Social Services and Ørbækvej Odense SØ Phone: Phone: Lisbet Holck Bendt, Consultant René Lorenz, Manager 18 MUNICIPALITIEs Sønderborg Kommune Rådhustorvet Sønderborg Tønder Kommune Vestergade Tønder Phone: Phone: Tim Hansen, CEO Karsten Hagel Jensen, Coordinator Udviklingsrådet Tobaksgården Assens Vejen Kommune Rådhuspassagen Vejen Phone: Phone: Inge Dahl Simon Simonsen Vejle Erhvervsudvikling Banegårdspladsen 6, Vejle Vejle Kommune Nordås 17G, Vejle Phone: Phone: Mogens Toft, Manager Karen Heebøll, Manager 19 MUNICIPALITIEs & OTHER PUBLIC ORGANISATIONS Aabenraa Kommune Skelbækvej Aabenraa Phone: Niels Johannesen, Manager Odense Universitetshospital Sdr. Boulevard 29 Region Syddanmark Damhaven Vejle Phone: Phone: Inge Bendixen, Manager Mikkel Hemmingsen, CEO The National Board of Social Services Edisonsvej 18, 1. Hospital of Southern Jutland Egelund Aabenraa Phone: Phone: Palle Lund, CEO Ditte Thinggaard, Manager (See page 45-46) 20 EDUCATION Designskolen Kolding Ågade Kolding Phone: Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, Rector Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt Munke Mose Alle 9 Phone: Jens Mejer Pedersen, Rector Høgskolen i Gjøvik PO Box Gjøvik Norway Social- og Sundhedsskolen Fyn Athenevænget Odense SV Phone: Phone: Dag Waaler (See page 43) Mogens Kragh Andersen, CEO Syddansk Universitet Faculty of Engineering Niels Bohrs Alle 5230 Odense M Syddansk Universitet Regional Health Services Research J.B. Winløws Vej 19 Phone: Phone: Per Michael Johansen, Dean Kirsten Ohm Kyvik, Lector 21 EDUCATION Syddansk Universitet Institute of Technology and Innovation Niels Bohrs Alle Odense M Syddansk Universitet IDEA Entrepreneurship Engstien Kolding Phone: Phone:
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