ایران متلب 1- رابط گرافيكي براي كاربر )GUI( GUI menus sliders ) list boxes ( ) pushbuttons - PDF

ایران متلب - رابط گرافيكي براي كاربر )( menus sliders ) list boxes ( ) pushbuttons كي Graphical User Interface ( ) pushbutton MATLAB چگونه كار مي كند - text box menu list togglebutton pushbutton

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ایران متلب - رابط گرافيكي براي كاربر )( menus sliders ) list boxes ( ) pushbuttons كي Graphical User Interface ( ) pushbutton MATLAB چگونه كار مي كند - text box menu list togglebutton pushbutton event driven event event MATLAB ( اجزا (Components) - editbox label pushbutton) list editbox pushbutton slider 2 Graphical User Interface ( ) uncontenxmenu axes اشكال (Figures) 2- figure figure figure figure فراخوان ها (Callbacks) -3 event MATLAB event function 3 Graphical User Interface ( ) Figure toggle button pushbutton text check box radio button list box slider edit box field مشخصات بعضي از عناصر اصلي : uicontrol) : Pushbutton 4 Graphical User Interface ( ) uicontrol) : Toggle button toggle button uicontrol) : Radio button radio button toggle button check box : (uicontrol) : Check box edit box : (uicontrol) : Edit box Callback enter uicontrol) : List box text string 5 Graphical User Interface ( ) uicontrol) : Popupmenu popup slider : (uicontrol) : Slider slider uicontrol) : Frame figure label uicontrol) : Text field text field figure uimenu) : Menu items context uicontextmenu) : Context menu Axes axes) : Axes 6 Graphical User Interface ( ) guide MATLAB -2 ايجاد و نمايش يك properties guide 2 Layout editor guide 7 Graphical User Interface ( ) Menu Editor Tab Order Editor Property Ins p ector Align Objects Object Browser Components Design Area Drag to Resize Design Area guide 2 layout layout editor toolbar layout propertise 8 Graphical User Interface ( ) MATLAB figure guide figure guide Property Inspector MATLAB tag guide figure figure.fig M-File pushbutton pushbutton pushbutton 9 Graphical User Interface ( ) text text pushbutton field 3 field Total Clicks : 0 Figure Text Field Pushb Pushbutton pushbutton 3 guide guide 2 pushbutton Alignment 4 0 Graphical User Interface ( ) guide 4 property toolbar Property Inspector right-click property Inspector Inspect Properties 5 pushbutton property Graphical User Interface ( ) get set Property Inspector property property Inspedtor 5. MyFirstButton Tag Click Here string property Pushbutton string property 2 Graphical User Interface ( ) Tag property Tag click here string. `My First Button` property text field String property text field Tag property text field `My First Tag `Total click:0` String 6 Text` pushbutton property 6 3 Graphical User Interface ( ). textfield property Layout Editor Figure Property Inspector Name property MyFirst MyFirst File Save.fig MyFirst.m MyFirst.fig load M-File M-File 7 MyFirst 4 Graphical User Interface ( ) MYFirstGui MyFirstButton Callback not implemented yet. 7 MyFirstButton 8 guide M-File 5 Graphical User Interface ( ) MyFirst M-File 8 MyFirst MyFirst MyFirst.fig fevel Edit Field MATLAB 6 Graphical User Interface ( ) Tag property MyFirstButton _Callback MyFirstButton_Callback guide M-File ballback MyFirst MATLAB pushbutton MyFirstButton_Callback MyFirst 9 MyFirstButton_Callback String property MyFirstText function MyFirstButton_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles) %Declare and initialize variable to store the count persistent count 7 Graphical User Interface ( ) if isempty(count) count=0; end %Update count count = count + ; %Create new string str=sprintf('total Clicks : %d',count); %Update the text field set(handles.myfirsttext,'string',str); Original event : Mouse click on button Total Clicks : 0 Push button Button calls MyFirst With Argument MyFirst_Callback MyFirst MyFirst calls subfunction MyFirst_Callback MyFirstButton_Callback Function updates string in MyFirstText Total Clicks : Push button 8 Graphical User Interface ( ) MyFirst 9 MyFirstButton_Callback MyFirst MyFirst count MyFirstButton_Callback textfield count persistent count count count update MyFirstText MyFirst MyFirst MATLAB MyFirstButton_Callback text field MyFirstButton_Callback MyFirst count 0 9 Graphical User Interface ( ) 0-2- نگاهي عميقتر guide MyFirst M_File 8 M-File function varargout varargin varargin varargout MyFirst فراخواني M-File بدون آرگومان 20 Graphical User Interface ( ) nargin MyFirst openfig openfig MyFirst.fig Fig=openfig ( `mfilename`,`reuse`); load mfilename `reuse` `reuse` openfig openfig `new` `new` `reuse` guide openfig MyFirst load Set(fig,'color',get(0,'defaultUicontrolBsckgroundcolor')); MATLAB 2 Graphical User Interface ( ) UNIX handle handles Handles = guihandles(fig); Guidata(fig,handles); handle guihandles Tag MyFirst.m handle handle Handles = guihandles (fig) Handles = Figure MyFirstText: MyFirstButton: text field figure handles guidata pushbutton setappdata 22 Graphical User Interface ( ) handles MyFirst If nargin 0 Varargin{} = fig; end فراخواني M-File با آرگومان MyFirst nargin fevel fevel varagin{3}, varagin{2} varagin{} M-File -2-2 ساختار يك زير تابع Function componenttag_(hobject, eventdata, handles,varargin); componenttag Tag property (parent) handle -hobject MATLAB eventdata 23 Graphical User Interface ( ) handle handles handles varagin figure handles MyFirst text field %Update the text field Set(handles.MyFirstText.'string',str); -2-3 اضافه كردن Application Data به يك شكل handles MATLAB global M-File handles guide guidata guihandles application data 24 Graphical User Interface ( ) count handles handles %Generete a structure of handles to pass to s Handles = guihandles(fig); %Add count to the structure. Handles.count = 0; %Store the structure Guidata(fig,handles); handles count handles guidata handles Function componenttag_(hobject, eventdata, handles,varargin); %Update count Handles.count = handles.count+ %Save the update handles structure Guidata(hObject,handles); 25 Graphical User Interface ( ) %Creat new string Str=sprintf('Total Clicks: %d',handles.count); %Update the text field Set (handles.myfirsttext,'string',str); -2-4 چند تابع مفيد ديگر handle (get object) gcbo handle (get gcbo gcbf findobj figure) gcbf findobj property handle Hndl = Findobj(parent,'property',value); `property` property handle parent `value` 26 Graphical User Interface ( ) `button` Hndl = findobj(gcbf,'tag','button'); Set(Hndl,'string',New text'); property -3 هاي يك شيء property figure property Online Property uicontrol axe property Help Browser uicontrol figure get Property Inspector Property property Property Inspector set property set get 27 Graphical User Interface ( ) -4 اجزاي Text Field( ) Edit Boxes Frames( ) Pushbuttons Toggle Button Chekboxes Radio Bations Popup Menus List Boxes Sliders Property هاي مهم يك شكل color `b` `g` `r` ] 0 [ magenta 0 28 Graphical User Interface ( ) MenuBar `figure` property `none` Name NumberTitle `off` `on` property position `units` y x SelectionType `open` `normal` MATLAB Online Units Tag `pixels` `points` `normalized` `centimeters` Visibe `pixels` `inches` `characters` `off` `on` 29 Graphical User Interface ( ) modal normal Windowstyle. `modal` `normal` مشخصات مهم اشياء uicontrol BackgroundColor `b` `g` `r` [] magenta 0 0 Callback Enable property `on` `off` FontAngle FontName `oblique` `italic` `normal` FontSize points 30 Graphical User Interface ( ) FontWeight `bold` `demi` `normal` `light` ForegroundColor HorizontalAligment. `right` `center` `left` :. value property : Max value property Min handle : Parent `units` Position y x Tag Tooltipstring Units `pixels` `centimeters` `inches` `pixels` `chracters` `normalized` `points` 3 Graphical User Interface ( ) check box toggle button uicontrol value off Max property on radio button property Min property `on` visible. `off` - Text Field ها 4- text field Horizontal text field property Alignment `edit` style property uicontrol text field Layout Editor text field Text field String property 2 Edit Box -4-2 ها 32 Graphical User Interface ( ) edit box Enter edit box edit box `edit` property style uicontrol Layout Editor edit box `EditBox` edit box `TextBox` text field EditBox_Callback edit box edit box handles text field function EditBox_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles) %Find the value typed into the edit box str = get(handles.editbox,'string'); %Place the value into the text field set (handles.textbox,'string',str); 33 Graphical User Interface ( ) text field edit box 2 edit box 'Hello' 34 Graphical User Interface ( ) test_edit 2 Frame ها Frame radio button 35 Graphical User Interface ( ) `frame` style property uicontrol Layout frame 7 MATLAB Editor frame Panel Frame Pushbutton -4-4 ها pushbutton style uicontrol pushbutton `pushbutton` property pushbutton. Layout Editor pushbutton 0 MyFirst Toggle Button -4-5 ها off on toggle button toggle button max on `value` 0 min off style property uicontrol toggle button 36 Graphical User Interface ( ) `togglebutton`. Layout Editor toggle button `ToggleButton` toggle button 3 `TextBox` textfield togglebutton handles Value property ToggleButton_Callback toggle button text field text field function togglebutton_callback(hobject, eventdata, handles) %Find the state of the toggle button state = get (handles.togglebutton,'value'); %Place the value into the text field if state == 0 set (handles.textbox,'string','off'); else set (handles.textbox,'string','on'); end 37 Graphical User Interface ( ) text field toggle button 3 4 toggle button test_togglebutton 4 togglebutton 38 Graphical User Interface ( ) Checkbox -4-6 ها و Radio button ها toggle button Radio button Checkbox Radio button Checkbox off on toggle button Value off max on property radio button checkbox 0 min 0 style property uicontrol checkbox checkbox `checkbox` radio button Layout Editor `radiobutton` style uicontrol radio button radio Layout Editor button on/off checkbox radio button 39 Graphical User Interface ( ) text field radio button 5 radio button 5 radio button radio button Option3 Option2 Option : radio button function radiobutton_callback(hobject, eventdata, handles) set(handles.label,'string','option '); function radiobutton2_callback(hobject, eventdata, handles) set(handles.label,'string','option 2'); function radiobutton3_callback(hobject, eventdata, handles) set(handles.label,'string','option 3'); 40 Graphical User Interface ( ) radio button text box radio on radio button off button radio button 6 Option 2 test_radiobutton منوهاي Popup popup cell popup `value` Layout Editor popup menu 4 Graphical User Interface ( ) popup 7. Option 2 Option popup text field popup 7 popup function Popup_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles) %Find the value of the popup menu Value = get(handles.popup,'value'); %Place the value into the text field str = ['Option ' num2str(value) ]; set (handles.label,'string',str); 42 Graphical User Interface ( ) `value` 8 text field Option 4 test_popup 8 ها List Box -4-8 list box scroll bar list box list box Value property style property uicontrol list box 43 Graphical User Interface ( ) listbox list box `listbox`. Layout Editor list box pushbutton SelectionType property `normal` SelectionType `open` SelectionType property property property min max list box 9 option 2 option list box text field pushbutton pushbutton list box 44 Graphical User Interface ( ) list box listbox_ gcbf text list box field function button_callback(hobject, eventdata, handles) %Find the value of the listbox value = get(handles.listbox,'value'); %Update text label str = ['Option ' num2str(value) ]; set (handles.label,'string',str); function listbox_callback(hobject, eventdata, handles) selectiontype=get(gcbo,'selectiontype'); if selectiontype()== 'o' %Find the value of the listbox value = get(handles.listbox,'value'); 45 Graphical User Interface ( ) %Update text label str = ['Option ' num2str(value) ]; set (handles.label,'string',str); end text field pushbutton listbox 9 Button_Callback pushbutton text field list box 20 test_listbox 46 Graphical User Interface ( ) 20 Slider -4-9 test_listbox ها slider bar slider Value property min max style property uicontrol slider Layout slider `slider` Editor text field slider 2 0 Max property slider min property Slider_Callback Slider text field `Value` slider 47 Graphical User Interface ( ) text field slider 2 slider 22 test_slider 22 Dialog Box -5 ها )جعبه هاي محاوره اي( figure dialog box dialog box 48 Graphical User Interface ( ) property modal non-modal modal dialog box dialog box dialog box nonmodal dialog box MATLAB dialog box هاي منتخب : dialog box dialog dialog box errordlg OK dialog box help helpdlg OK inputdlg listdlg 49 Graphical User Interface ( ) dialog box printdlg dialog box questdlg Cancel No Yes dialog box uigetfile dialog box uiputfile dialog box uisetcolor dialog box uisetfont dialog box warndlg OK Warning و Error هاي Dialog Box -5- error dialog box warning dialog box dialog box errordlg(error_string,box_title,create_mode); warningdlg(warning_string,box_title,create_mode); 50 Graphical User Interface ( ) error_string warning_string create_mode dialog box box_title `non-modal` `modal` dialog box modal dialog box 25 errordlg('invalid input value!','error Dialig Box','modal'); error dialog box 25 Input Dialog Box -5-2 ها 5 Graphical User Interface ( ) input dialog box input dialog box answer = inputdlg(prompt) answer = inputdlg(prompt,title) answer = inputdlg(prompt,title,line_no) answer = inputdlg(prompt,title,line_no,defalt_answer) prompt title line_no dialog box default_answer prompt OK answer figure input dialog prompt{}='starting x position:'; prompt{2}='starting y position:'; prompt{3}='width:'; prompt{4}='height:'; title='set Figure Position'; default_ans={'50','50','80','00'}; answer=inputdlg(prompt,title,,default_ans) ; 52 Graphical User Interface ( ) 26 dialog box و input dialog box 26 uisetfile uigetfile هاي Dialog Box -5-3 uisetfile uigetfile dialog box dialog box [filename, pathname]=uigetfile(filter_spec,title); [filename, pathname]=uisetfile(filter_spec,title); 53 Graphical User Interface ( ) filter_spec title `*.mat` `*.m` dialog box filename dialog box Cancel dialog box pathname filename dialog box script file [filename, pathname]=uigetfile('*.mat','load MAT file'); if filename ~= 0 load( [pathname filename]) end mat-file dialog box 27 Windows XP dialog box 27 uigetfile 54 Graphical User Interface ( ) MATLAB Menu ها Menu -6 menu bar MATLAB Context uimenu uimenu uimenu parent property uicontrol Enable Accelerator : uimenu هاي مهم Property CTRl + key Callback 55 Graphical User Interface ( ) `on` property Checked `off` `on` property Enable property `off` `on` property Lable & label property F `&file` ` File ` handle : Parent menu bar Position menu bar `on` Property Seperator `off` `on` Tag `on` Visible 56 Graphical User Interface ( ). `off` uimenu figure 28 b 28 a (a) 57 Graphical User Interface ( ) Figure Ui menu ( M e n u ) Ui menu ( Me nu 2 ) Uimenu ( It e m ) Ui menu ( It e m 2 ) Uimenu ( It e m 3 ) Uimenu ( It e m ) Uimenu ( Sub m e n u It e m ) Uimenu ( Sub m e n u It e m 2 ) (b) (b) (a) Menu Editor MATLAB Menu Editor Property Menu Editor propedit Editor 58 Graphical User Interface ( ) Menu Editor 29 uicontextmenu context context uimenu uicontextmenu مشخه هاي مهم اشياء uicontextmenu context context 59 Graphical User Interface ( ) context Tag context handle : parent context Visible -6- از بين بردن اثر منوهاي پيش فرض MATLAB MenuBar property `none` `figure` none figure Property Inspector -6-2 چگونه منوهاي مورد نظرمان را بسازيم Menu Editor Tag Label 60 Graphical User Interface ( ) uimenu uicontrol MyGui (`MenuItemTag_Callback`, gcbo, [ ], guidata(gcbo)) Tag MyGui. MenuItemTag Property Editor Label Tag Menu Property Editor Callback Property Editor Menu Editor Property Editor 7 Editor MATLAB -6-3 كليدهاي ميانبر و كليدهاي مخفف MATLAB CTRL+Key File/Open o 6 Graphical User Interface ( ) O CTRL File/Open Accelerator property uimenu File 30 Open 30 ALT Edit F ile Graphical User Interface ( ) Exit x ALT+f )&( )&( Label Property 'E&xit' 30 Exit Label property -6-4 ساخت منوهاي Context Context uicontextmenu uicontextmenu (figure) context Menu context context Menu Editor Uicontextmenu context context handle Property set Property Inspector 63 Graphical User Interface ( ) context handle Hcm plot H=plot(x,y); set(h, `UiContextmenu`, Hcm) ; context -7 نكاتي براي خلق هاي كارآمدتر Tool tip tool tips -7- uicontrol tool tip. tooltipstring property Pcode -7-2 MATLAB run-time pcode pcode interpreter MATLAB MATLAB 64 Graphical User Interface ( ) pcode pcode MATLAB pcode pcode pcode MATLAB pcode fun.m fun2.m fun3.m... pcode *.m M-File .p foo.p foo.m M-File P-File P-File MATLAB M-File 65 Graphical User Interface ( ) pcode pcode 66
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