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Every organization faces change. The best organizations anticipate and adapt faster so that their ability to make change work becomes a strategic advantage in their marketplace. This webinar will share specific, practical ideas you can use to help your organization be more effective at change. You will walk away with ideas to help you: Build buy-in and support for change Overcome resistance to change Equip your leaders and managers to lead and manage change Influence a nimble culture that embraces opportunities to improve Change your organization’s mindset about change and its importance in achieving success

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  • 1. Presenter: Randy Pennington Author, Speaker and Consultant @RandyPennington . Host: Erin Boettge Product Manager Follow along and participate on Twitter: #BIZWEBINAR @BizLibrary
  • 2. Improve employee performance with the largest and fastest-growing library of training videos.
  • 3. What the movie and television industry know
  • 4. @RandyPennington The ability to quickly change and adapt in pursuit of your vision is the difference between excellence and irrelevance.
  • 5. Faster Better Cheaper Friendlier @RandyPennington
  • 6. “70 percent of change efforts fail to achieve their desired goal.” -John P. Kotter @RandyPennington
  • 7. Ten Reasons Why Change Fails 1. Poor planning or resource allocation 2. Goal, purpose, or desired result is not clearly defined 3. Lack of buy-in for change 4. No accountability 5. The change is never given time or resources 6. Lack of processes or guidelines 7. Poor or no support from leadership 8. No measures or metrics to evaluate success 9. Resistance derails the change 10.Take on too many changes at once @RandyPennington
  • 8. Change doesn’t fail because of faulty models. It fails because of faulty leadership. @RandyPennington
  • 9. The challenge: How do we change more quickly and more effectively? @RandyPennington
  • 10. What is the most important aspect of making change work that interests you today? • Building buy-in and support for change • Overcoming resistance to change • Helping leaders and managers be more effective at leading change • Influencing a nimble culture that makes change a strategic advantage Quiz Question! @RandyPennington
  • 11. The Difference Between Leading Change and Managing Change @RandyPennington
  • 12. Change management: managing projects and processes Change leadership: inspiring and connecting with people to bring them with you on a journey @RandyPennington
  • 13. Leaders build support and buy-in for change with … • What they say • What they do @RandyPennington
  • 15. Quiz Question! What percentage of the things leaders talk about when it comes to change is not important to the vast majority of people listening? • 30% • 50% • 80% • More than 95% @RandyPennington
  • 16. “80 percent of what leaders care about and talk about when trying to enlist support for change doesn’t matter to 80 percent of the workforce.” -Scott Keller and Carolyn Aiken McKinsey & Company@RandyPennington
  • 17. People support and take action to change for their reasons not ours. @RandyPennington
  • 18. Individuals want to know • From what to what? • What does this change mean for what I do and how I operate on a daily basis? • Will this make a difference? • How will success be measured? • What is the support level for this change? @RandyPennington
  • 19. Involve People Early and Often @RandyPennington
  • 20. People support what they help create x No one argues with their own ideas and information @RandyPennington
  • 21. Four Levels of Involvement • Input: Ask for feedback on the change • Participation: Solicit questions, concerns, and ideas to implement • Collaboration: Work in partnership to develop solutions that work for everyone • Empowerment: Give others control of the decision and implementation within agreed upon boundaries @RandyPennington
  • 22. Leading change would be easy if it weren’t for people!@RandyPennington
  • 23. USE RESISTANCE AS YOUR FRIEND @RandyPennington
  • 24. The assumption: People want to do a great job and deliver service that helps the customers we serve. @RandyPennington
  • 25. Using resistance as your friend • Respect the individual – embrace the resistance as well- intentioned • Pull don’t push • Be open to other options for achieving the goal or purpose @RandyPennington
  • 26. Which of the following is the most challenging type of resistance you experience in your organization? • Skeptics • Know-it-alls • Argumentatives • Grudge carriers Quiz Question! @RandyPennington
  • 27. @RandyPennington
  • 28. Building a Nimble Culture that Embraces Change as a Strategic Advantage @RandyPennington
  • 29. Choices Culture Actions Habits How Culture Develops @RandyPennington
  • 30. CHANGE CHANGE @RandyPennington
  • 31. Perspective Matters Weeeeeeeeeeee! @RandyPennington
  • 32. We must … • Change our thinking • Change the conversation • Change the consequences @RandyPennington
  • 33. GENERATE URGENCY @RandyPennington
  • 34. The ability to change is based on readiness. Intellectual understanding does not ensure emotional readiness. @RandyPennington The truth about change
  • 35. People change for two reasons • Crisis pushes us to change • Opportunity pulls us to change @RandyPennington
  • 36. @RandyPennington What’s on top of your refrigerator? Cookies or Brussels Sprouts?
  • 37. GO FIRST @RandyPennington
  • 38. 1. Invest in education • Make Change Work® series in you BizLibrary subscription • Make Change Work® session leader guide available from Pennington Performance Group 2. Be more intentional about initiating and leading change 3. Change more often and celebrate wins Three Ideas to Enable Your Leaders and Managers @RandyPennington
  • 39. For resources go to
  • 40. The present should be guided more by the future than the past. @RandyPennington
  • 41. Remember to follow Randy on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Sign up for Randy’s Newsletter at
  • 42. Make Change Work – Video Series 1. Dodos and Coyotes -Only the Nimble Survive 2. The New Realities of Change 3. What Change Leaders Do 4. Achieving Buy-In for Change: Part 1 5. Achieving Buy-In for Change: Part 2 6. Use Resistance as Your Friend- Follower 7. Use Resistance as Your Friend-Leader 8. When Change Isn't a Choice-Follower 9. When Change Isn't a Choice-Leader 10.Building and Sustaining a Nimble Culture
  • 43. Try out these video lessons and more! Let us know through the poll if you’d like a free trial of BizLibrary’s online course collection. Thousands of videos and unlimited access for your employees.
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