Leçon 1. supporter, endurer, durer. The managing director kept repeating he couldn t abide laziness. constant, durable - PDF

Leçon 1 Chacune des 50 leçons commence par une liste de mots dont vous aurez besoin pour réussir vos examens et concours. Apprenez-les méthodiquement en lisant systématiquement la phrase d exemple. to

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Leçon 1 Chacune des 50 leçons commence par une liste de mots dont vous aurez besoin pour réussir vos examens et concours. Apprenez-les méthodiquement en lisant systématiquement la phrase d exemple. to abide supporter, endurer, durer The managing director kept repeating he couldn t abide laziness. abiding My sister has an abiding passion for horses. constant, durable to abide by respecter Lots of countries still do not abide by human rights. North Korea still does not abide by international law. an about-turn un changement complet (d opinion, d attitude, de politique ) This is the government s first about-turn on the issue of immigration. to abound Theories on climate change abound. abonder above board honnête et légal His plans for opening a plant in Korea are totally above board. to be/to keep abreast of something se tenir au courant de quelque chose If you study politics or economics, you must keep abreast of current events. It is abundantly clear that il est tout à fait évident que It is abundantly clear that the new CEO has little experience. abysmal insondable, sans limite/très mauvais, désastreux abysmal working conditions des conditions de travail désastreuses Over the past three years the losses of the company have been abysmal. to account for représenter Non-Hispanic whites now account for about three-quarters of the deaths in the Golden State but barely a third of the births. By 2030, experts predict that the world will require about 60% more energy than in 2000, with economic growth in developing countries accounting for most of this increase. to be accountable for être responsable de Pinochet has been declared accountable for all the outrage committed in Chile (responsable des atrocités commises au Chili). 91leçon 9 to take account of (to take something tenir compte de quelque chose, into account) prendre en considération quelque chose The editorial must have been written before the crisis: it does not take account of (it does not take into account) the most recent developments. Leçon 1 accuracy l exactitude, la précision accurate exact, juste the degree of accuracy le niveau d exactitude, le degré de précision Architecture is a skilled profession; you need a high degree of accuracy. to achieve exécuter, réaliser We have finally achieved our objective. to achieve a significant réaliser une percée breakthrough (in) significative (dans le domaine de) an achievement une réalisation, une réussite, un exploit He has broken the world record: this is quite an achievement! to regard sth as a considerable/substantial achievement an achiever un gagnant an under-achiever un laissé-pour-compte, un paumé to acknowledge an acknowledgment He acknowledged he had made a mistake. actual His actual words were: admettre, reconnaître, avouer une reconnaissance courant, actuel Il a dit textuellement ceci : in actual fact en fait He thought the business was failing, but in actual fact they made a large turnover. actually effectivement, vraiment, en fait Interest is only paid on the amount actually borrowed (les intérêts ne sont dus que sur les sommes empruntées). an acumen un don business acumen le sens (aigu) des affaires Martha Stuart made a fortune thanks to her business acumen. acute grave/pénétrant, aigu an acute problem un problème grave to live in acute poverty The problem of infant mortality is particularly acute in Yemen. adamant catégorique to be adamant that maintenir catégoriquement que The protesters adamantly refused to leave the Embassy premises. 10 Structurer votre discours écrit et oral Pour construire un discours percutant, il est indispensable de recourir à des liens logiques variés et nuancés, qui non seulement donneront une véritable structure à votre pensée, mais qui, en plus, donneront du poids et de la force à votre argumentation. Voici un choix de mots dans lequel vous pourrez puiser. Leçon 1 POUR INTRODUIRE UN ARGUMENT first, first of all, to begin with, in the first place, for a start, in the first instance en premier lieu first and foremost d abord et avant tout for one thing tout d abord at first glance, on the face of it au premier abord on second thoughts à y réfléchir de plus près arguably (en début de phrase) on peut avancer que Ex.: Arguably the single currency still raises quite a few questions in the European Union (on peut dire que la monnaie unique). an argument in support of this approach is that un argument en faveur de cette approche est que the fundamental reason for believing this assumption to be true is that la raison majeure pour considérer que cette hypothèse est vraie est que INTRODUIRE UN ARGUMENT SIMILAIRE second, in the second place, next for another thing (après for one thing) d autre part similarly, in the same way, likewise de même as for, as regards quant à as regards education en ce qui concerne l éducation 11 Exercice sur les expressions idiomatiques Leçon 1 QUELLE EXPRESSION SE RAPPROCHE LE PLUS DU SENS DE L EXPRESSION SOULIGNÉE? 1. He means business. a. he is very serious b. he is very interested c. he is very boring d. he is very bored 2. That person s name rings a bell. a. is very silly b. is rather strange c. sounds familiar d. is unique 3. They re a dime a dozen. a. not very common b. very expensive c. not sold in every shop d. very easy to find 4. We ve been here for hours. Let s call it a day. a. it s late in the evening b. we should quit c. we have to take a break d. fix our next appointment 5. We would like to iron out a few points in the contract. a. re-negotiate a couple of major clauses b. eliminate certain sentences c. reformulate certain phrases d. clarify certain details corrigé : 1. A ; 2. C ; 3. D ; 4. B ; 5. D 12 Leçon 2 to address an issue s attaquer à un problème, à une question The Prime Minister s speech failed to address the issue of social housing. admittedly de l aveu général, il faut reconnaître que Admittedly, making one s mind up is not always as easy as it seems (je reconnais qu il n est pas toujours facile de se décider). 1 leçon to adopt a compromise (over) adopter un compromis (à propos de) The French government adpoted a compromise over immigration. to present an advantage (over) présenter un avantage sur to present a big/considerable/marked/slight/slender advantage over to give advice (on) to give poor/sound advice on My father always gave me advice on girls. conseiller (sur) to advocate (a policy) prôner, être partisan de The Labour Party advocates a policy of high taxes for the rich. an advocacy un plaidoyer an advocate un partisan, un défenseur to afflict affecter, affliger Aids is one of the main scourges that currently afflict Africa. to afford se permettre You can t afford to turn down an offer like that. the aftermath les suites, les séquelles (associé à une catastrophe, un élément malheureux) Lots of workers lost their jobs in the aftermath of the economic downturn. More than five years after declaring war on terror in the aftermath of 9/11, President Bush does not have a lot to show for his efforts. against the grain à contrecoeur, à l encontre de sa propre nature ou de ses propres convictions I ll do it but it goes against the grain (je le ferais, mais pas de bon cœur). It goes against the grain for him to apologize (ce n est pas dans sa nature de s excuser). an agenda un ordre du jour Reducing taxation is not on the agenda even though the government is contemplating putting forward proposals. an agreement un accord to agree to a proposal accepter une proposition Everyone agrees that we should give up this project. 13 Leçon 2 14 to agree with He entirely agrees with me. to be ahead of one s time Our company is 5 years ahead of its time. être d accord être en avance sur son époque to aim at viser, avoir pour objectif de The company aims at completing the project before November. to air an opinion about to air one s views exprimer une opinion faire connaître ses idées albeit quoique, encore que, bien que The meeting was very useful, albeit a little bit too long. alike semblable, pareil, identique to be alive and well (kicking) exister bel et bien, être plein de vie Despite bland (fade, terne) government claims, pensioners poverty in Britain is alive and well. to be all to the good être un plus For this job, it s all to the good if you speak Spanish. all round These students are doing well all round. to allay to allay suspicion totalement apaiser, soulager dissiper les soupçons to allege prétendre The Prime Minister is alleged to have said that (le Premier Ministre aurait dit que) alleged illegal immigrants (les immigrants qui seraient en situation irrégulière) allegedly à ce que l on prétend, paraît-il Today 40% of the local population are reported to allegedly speak a dialect at home. an allegation une allégation The newspapers made an allegation about the Prime Minister. to alleviate soulager, alléger New taxes should alleviate the government s financial problems. Food aid saves millions of lives each year, but it doesn t alleviate the root causes of famine. It is time we rethink how we feed the poor. all-out There was an all-out strike last week. an all-out effort an all-out war complet, général un effort maximum une guerre totale to allow permettre My mother doesn t allow me to stay out after 11pm. to allow for tenir compte de The government will have to allow for an increasing life expectancy in setting up an efficient pension system. Structurer votre discours écrit et oral (suite) POUR INTRODUIRE UN ARGUMENT SUPPLÉMENTAIRE besides, moreover, furthermore, in addition/what is more de plus in addition to en plus de Ex.: in addition to giving a general description of the situation, the article also expresses an original standpoint. in other respects d autre part incidentally, by the way incidemment not to mention sans parler de Ex.: Car fumes are dramatically noxious for children, not to mention people suffering from asthma: les gaz d échappement sont terriblement nocifs pour les enfants, sans parler des asthmatiques. let alone dans un contexte négatif sans parler de, encore moins Ex.: He can t speak English, let alone write it: il ne sait pas parler anglais, encore moins l écrire. Ex.: The government has not convinced the environmentalists, let alone the communists : le gouvernement n a pas convaincu les écologistes, sans parler des communistes. as a matter of fact en fait another (one of the most) stricking aspects (features) of this problem is un autre aspect marquant de ce problème est Leçon 2 15 POUR INTRODUIRE UN ARGUMENT CONTRAIRE Leçon 2 conversely à l inverse however, nevertheless, and yet, still cependant in return en revanche by contrast, on the contrary au contraire all the same quand même Ex.: She told him she was engaged, but he loved her all the same. notwithstanding en dépit de. Adverbe : néanmoins though (placé après le verbe) cependant Ex.: We must consider though that this argument is debatable. paradoxically, oddly enough, surprisingly enough en début de phrase : paradoxalement on the other hand (après: on the one hand) d autre part even if, even though même si whereas, while alors que hackneyed arguments (des arguments rebattus) of this kind are scarcely convincing the other side of the coin is, however, that (de préférence à l oral) the snag about this argument is that l inconvénient à propos de cet argument est que there is however another argument which cannot be ignored, namely, that 16
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