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~ ~--~---- :::::::-~--~~ ~ ~ ,.. ;ti A 71-oµ A1.; /lk f~~i~ g~-kt/;~~ ~Zi.i; ;: ~ 1 l:-- ' - r l l J f. l I l!'., ~ '., '. ',: ~ ' '. -, _; -... ~~-~- . - -'-o-:-.,..

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~ ~--~---- :::::::-~--~~ ~ ~ ,.. ;ti A 71-oµ A1.; /lk f~~i~ g~-kt/;~~ ~Zi.i; ;: ~ 1 l:-- ' - r l l J f. l I l!'., ~ '., '. ',: ~ ' '. -, _; -... ~~-~- . - -'-o-:-.,.. ~- ;J,, i JUL 14 ]94' Dear Mr. Becki I have your letter of July 5, 1944, enc!.oeing a copy of Poet War 'Immigration to the United State11 . I have read the report with interest en l apprecinte vary much your kindne111 in eending it to me. Ve r-y truly youre, (H.-et l I; W, Fehl J. W, Pehle Bxeoutive Diraotor Mr. Joseph E. Beck, ixeoutive Director, National 1etugee Service, Inc., 139 Centre Street, Hew York 13, llew York. ~RBHutchieon:agr J-11-44 Tolephon1t: CAnol ~bles; NACOMREF~ Ne~ Yqrk; NATIONAL REFUGEE SERVICE, INC. I 3 9 CENTRE STREET NEW YORK 13, N. Y. -1! r, /\J _, OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Wlllfam Rosenwald Honorary Pretidont Joseph P. Chamborlaln Chairman of Iha Board Charfea A. Rlegelman President Alexander S. Kel111tr Chairman of Executive Commiltee I. Edwin Goldwaner Mn. Waller A. Hlr&ch Gu1tave H. Kann Daniel E. Koshland David H. Suliberget Paul Felix Warburg David M. Watchmaker Henry Wineman Manis Wolf Vlce Pre idenh Richard S. Goldmon Trea1urer Stanley M. haacs Secretary Eugene L. Ach Alexander E. Amllein Wolter H. Blerlnger Herman W. Block Monroo Goldwater Harry Green1teln William Haber Adolph Held Joseph C. Hyman Corio& l. Israeli Mrs. Henry llfleaon Slanloy J. Kann Miiion W. King Theodoro Levin Mn. David M. Levy Clarence E. Picken Edwin Rosenberg Wolfgang. Schwabacher Leon C. Sunsteln Louis S. Wein Jonah B. Wlao Executive CommiHee Joseph E. Beck fxecuf/ve Dfreclor Mr. John W. Pehle l\ar Refugee Board \'iashington, D. C. Dear Air. Pehle: July 5, 1944 You will recall you indicated interest regarding information on immigration figures that we might have. I am enclosing herewith a copy of a study made by a member of our staff. It is in a tentative form and will later be revised for 1Vider use. The title of the study is misleading. It is really a study of imr.iigration to the United States and the areas from which the immigrants have come. We will be glad to have you or your staff use this material but since it needs revision, we would prefer that its use be confined to your own organization. Cordially, ~~~~ YoseiU. ~~ Beck.. A DECADE OF REFUGEE Al D 1 N War Relief Control Board Reg. No AMERICA ., ~---, -:: - ~... BOARD OF DIRECTORS Afberl Abrahamson, 8rvnswjck, MJJ. Benic::rni'l Abram1, New Ye rk E,'1~.,e L Ach, C r~i,,nolf N.ortim11r Adler, Rochest r LM!er D. Ale:io:t.:rc!n. Toledo Ch.irlc1 A:'1,.. 1, Jr., New York AJ...,,anrl,_r E f..oste;n, N. w York,Y.n Mei ~\~,1 N,...,. Yv! Po ;I Cr. ' wr.' (,' w Yo k,_,-.,.,,. '.' '' ch. l ns ~ ) 't .. d ~,,,,.., n.,.. Y rk y; -1 0,,., R-1,..., ln, 5 E : 1 1, C/,.,,.,,,, i J f,,... r :i.,., ;... '( r '~..-~ '!' r.- - ' 1,,-i,,..,. r f ;,,_ M:m1earv1/,! J 1 P :d 1.! :,.... Yer~ f, '.'. P.11,.j [l,.1.-c,1, 5 - ' ,._:,.,.~ Y-:d: ~,. f Co:lrn_,., ' Y,,rk 0 t. ),.,._, r.. C lfdot f-.iew Yo1l:- 5...,,,.],.\~,.., --:--1.-.,.rl //cw York J,,,..,,1, P Churuh loin. N,.,,.. York ~I., :,., I l -,!.~., f! ;_1,,..,,,,, :' (_l.,t,n;m_.r i!n/lir ,n (' /. ' S D-oon rd V.,;1.-rr.r:i:;,/ 1 (;., l [l ' ' ! n (T.I t...,, n '.... r,, ',,,,,,.,.,,.,oli1 1,,., G El:n,. Uow York '' r. i.. /,,.,1 Oro.,\' 1 I,., fl I ; N~.,.,, York,\ f.i : c :1 /,,.., ~ro M'' ' f ilk. Jr w.,,/,inqlon. 0 C.,..., v.(. VI roller. fl, ( 01.,.,, le '' f,,.;,,,.,,,.;,, Nt-w Yorl f,,.,i,,,,,, V fi~her. S Jo I/.,. A.rlhw flu,.uelm~h . New Yuri.: Pl,,11,p fo:irm.jn. ff(rnlon Jon M F1u11k, Ch1eo9u Ben1'1m n frunkol, Fnidi.,fd. Ill. u;jl'nc ti fr., '!dhe1m, Cl~ve/ond Mo.o: A Fresd-.1. M1/wo..,kee Leopold Friedman, Now York Mn.o: l friedm .1'1, New York Stunleigh P. Fritdmon. Now York tlt'nry J. Friorid1y, New York John Frumke 1. New Yod: Somuel Gerson, SI. louif Mrs. Norman S. Goelz, New YOTk Samuel Goldhomer. Clove/and Mr1. Maurice L. Goldman, Son fronchco Richard S. Goldman, New York S1dnt y M. Goldmann, Trenlora samvel A. Gotd,m.th, Chicago I. fdwin Goldwaucr. New York N.onroe GoldwnlN Nf w York D Somu~I Ga:teunon, Nt w York 1rv:ng Groof, Now YorJc Harry Orl'L nsl!in, \Vas/1in9lon, D '- Jod Gron. Newark \'/illioni Hnl... V/asl1i11;;le:., D. C..'.\r,rri~ W. Haft. Now York,fl.,b1,. h Held, New York AILerl H. Heller, Jr., St. Paul H(;my S. Hendricks, New YorJc Maurice B. Hexter, New York David M. Heyman, New YorJc Herman Heymo,n. Atfonfa Mrs. Hawc.:rd Heymc.:n, Housfon Ylultc-r S. H;tborn, las Angeles May ;~;nch, Cincinnofi Ma,-. S. Hir~ch, Porllond, Ore. M's Waller A. Hirscil, New York Jull... s Hc~hmon, Nf;w York S,dney Hoi!:;mdor, Boltimoro 'Wi!fred C. Hvise, New York H_ Jc1eph H)r1on, /11d1o.J'10pofi1 Jo:i~eph C_ Hyman, Ni'w York 5,_,,,!t'.:y M.!soon, New Yc.rJc (o 'os llnjner!srue!s, New York Mrs H . nry!!l!e~cn, New York Hrrn, S Jc.;{obu), OuHos Al~., S Jdi l\ .;rl, Ni:w Yori A!~,.,.n /,\_ t:.on 1. r;o,.,, Yo:;.rk fl'. ~ ::y Jo ive\ Keh,,, New Yori:!r ~ Kant:. c_,,,..,,e!ond Gv~luve /; t:...irrn, f,l s!:iurgh :S crde} J. K::mn, P.!+1.h~~9h \!_,.,.,. t 1:,.i'~,, M...i...-.ce J ~;,; pf 5'.)n f, J (ISCO / 2s A-,,..,/ef f !w ,rd I! Ko,:n:.;..y, 3uth:lo A't r. 1Jo r S KellL r, Ho:lford ') ''' 11ha~: hr 1,_,'lN, f/ev. Yark h'.c.., ):, ~- vn , C'l c:hj~ J.\,'10 'H ~ 9. \'/~~lw1;,lon. D. C. f,ur-.. K,,_,-.;;:in. New York lo\~;.' J :n, New Yodc George F. Kohn. Philadelphia Jo~.,,,,, K:- 'c.'i t. No:,,., Ycd D_J.,:.. 1 E Kc:.hl :'ld. So' ' r'jr.ci1co l.b e ''' lon J.Ju. N.. w i'~d: t.ola '1 D tu\k{:r, he,,., rorlc R Jl,..,, Lu ~,,, Ca:JmbuJ S f ;. Luu- r,unence. l /. P 1n: 'd E. l«,e, 5r P .Jul h,r~ O'!vod II\ ll Vf, Ntn ' Yc.rJ: hvin9 le.,.,., S Paul Read lewis, N 'w York Cho111'1) li ~1n:.m..:ew Ycrk )011. io I (;t!:mun.!ic ilon Rich,.-d P I ;mburg, Nl W Yotk /,., t.,... '.J\'an, New Ho..-f'n le\lt'i f to _,c Son frorh'sc., Hom,hon M. Loeb. Chicago Howord A, l oeb, PJ.:l.delphio hi.jar lot b. St. loui1 Ja\cu!-. P. Loeb, loj Angelfll Jo1ri::h H loohtein. New Yo1k Arll---. r...\ lowt:nlhol. Rocho1lor Sidney B. Mai,el, Bulfola Arlhur l. Molken on, Now York Leanurd M Ma,iu1. New Yark A. Wilfrl'd Moy, Now York Harold S Mayer, New Orfoont Robert I!. Ma)er, SI. lovis Jnme1 G. McD01 old, Braoldyn George Z. Medalin, New Yo1k Na!honiel M. Minkoff, New York Robert J. Misch, New Yo1k Henry Monsky, Omaha Charles W. Morris. louiaville Povl Mvni, Hollywood Lavis S. Myers, Kansai Cily, Mo. William A. Nei11on, FoJ/s Village, Conn, 'Eugene Oberdorfer, Allon la Mox Ogu1!, New York 'Jr.rome J(. Ohrbacl1, Nuw York Gcorgn Oppenheimer, Kanrns City, Mo. Kvrt Pciser, Philadelphia Joy Phillipi, MinnenpoJis Clarence E. Pickett, Plii/ade/phia David de Solo Pool. New York f.'. s Edwar~ Popp~r, Now York Jcwb S. Patofsky, New Yori: Joseph M. Proskauer, New York Michael J. Reod)t, Wasl1inglon, D. C. Udo M. Reinoch, New York Sidney Reisman, Now.York Herbert J. Rich, Washington, D. C. Charles A. Riegelrnon, Nnw York Edwin Rosenberg, New. Yotk Arthur JA.. Rosenbloom, New Ycik William F. Rosenblum, New Yotlc William ~osenwald, Greenwich, Conn, Morris Rothenberg, Now York Borone1s Edouard de Rolhsc.hlld, New York Simon Sokowitz, Hovston llcwe!lyn Sole, SJ. Louis Edger Solinger, New YorJc Hurry J. Sapper, Oakland Edwi.1 J. Schonforber, Columbua Aaron Scheinfeld, J.iilwoul:ee lvdwig Schifl. los Angeles Samuel S. Schneierson, New York lru A. Sthvr, New York Jacob VI. Schwab, New York Wolfgang S. Sc.hwabocher, New York l'lyues S. Schwartz, Chicago Ben M. s~lt krnon, Boston Euslccs Seligman, New York Williom J.!:!--.rader, Cincinnoll Muvrice J. S;i:vers. Cndnno/J Jo~! ph 5. Silber, Cfpveland Ben D. Silver. Omo ha Rod1urd l. S!ou. San Francisco I~..iore Scbl'lofi. N w Yo1k A1;1 ol.um Sr1: e, DefroiJ Mii1011 S!orr. Noihvi/le f1t j M. S e.n, N.,.w Yark Nuth\.' M. S.,i,1, M.fwaukca Jc~s_, H. Sleln:1ml. Sen fruncisco Eci,y:r E. S..,n. New Orie-ans Alw G. S11 '9;.i1. Whrtc Plain t1.,gh G a1.i S!rnu~. B1ooklyn Mr~- Noth... S1ru .1\, WhHe Plaln1 'lew:\ L 5' 'lu1\ New York Mrer Srroun, Ballimore Alon M. S~roo(k. Ne.-, York Ch~ 1.-i S r1;!!. lovisvi:.., Arthur tioy~ S:i:b,;,rgur. New YorJr D.:ivid H. Sul:b... ~9er, New Yark frm'~ l. Su!zbt!rgcr. CJ,icogo l( cn C St1nstcin. Philadelphia l.\u-. foc~ Taylor, Pithburqh S;d,,~ ( S. h letche, brooj..lyn S ! t Tei~ r. Palfio.1d, Oro. l,~onon G. ThdCiimer, Richmond Wlliium B. Tholhinier, Richmond Jc.- Onl'l I. Udell. New Ya1k Harry Uviller, New Yo1k Elkan C. Yoor~ongcr, Milwaukee f. Fronk Varenbt!rg, Boslon Abe D. Wcldc rnr, Memphis Edward M. M. Warbvrg, Now York Eric M. Warburg, New Yori:, Pavl hlb; Warburg, Now Yarl. Geor9e l. Warren, New York ; oavid h\. Wardunaker, Ballon Albert C. Weit.I, Cincinnati Fronk l. Weil, New York Sol Weir.hero,- Philadelphia louh S, Wein, New York Mn. Joseph M. Welt, Delroil Movrice Werlhelm, New YorJr JomH l. While. Suit lake City Clarence K. Whitehill, New York Mn. Joseph Wilkoff, Yovnpdown Joseph Willen, Now York Ma.,, Wilner, New Yo1k Henry Wineman, Defrail Moses Y/inkelstein, Syrocu10 Erhel. H. Wise. New York Jonah B. Wiso, New York Sam'.Jol Wolchack, Nrnv York Morris Wolf, Philodefphin Ralp,11 Wolf. New Yo:k Hutry Zcit1. Brar.klr,l'.IJ now SERVING IN lhe ARMED FORCES OF THF UNHEO STATES! ~- ; ~ Prop&rff bj lohph A. Ber1u tor tmi llt.ti~al. ft f~ B l'ric, Ino. lfllreb 21, 19'4 '.... In vi« 'lt ~ tn. wide w 1atoreot in 19 pllgl\\ ot \!Mt Uliono of b'w:lllll bttinttfl llf! 1 havo been d pr1ve4 of the eluatal r14b\e or Utit by the llruiie since l9:n. tbb 11H11tor nd.ua ntt.11pt-11 w i:ot tonb. i;omo of tho uuio teiotora for oon111d..-at.1oa by the.bel'10«d l' o.pl in rogard to the futv imigrauon pouo)' ot tblt United fitate11. Cond.der~t.ion h givcm pritlc1p.:llly to tho unt'ql'\'iul&\ \0Ul;y de~ori'bed aa 1 re!ui~ ' U1noe tho Jewi~h p~~r~o l.\ia ll'll4ig aln!jlod out. lly Hltler to 11uffer hr gl't 41.tor Qiool'iid.na\ion 1;b.m ej11 o thf!r r;rl)u.r, epeeial 4'&~1uusb h ldd on ~11e par'1wlnt probl. 11 HlAUna to Juviuh rof\lgee Beo&U1r.e of t~e laok of 6Utllor1tat.1ve otb.t1utioo touohtng ~pon 11«n1 vhftcee of th6 eit~gtion 1 it will be ob!ofyod that 11&17 or \he til'u'9 ~ohd are b1u1od on Htilutea, but tht'lee o.ro belloved. to oootol'lll na nearly H poaeibltt to tile footci. l'or tho ealce of &nd 1a order to obtain ohronolocioul perapect1ve, the uwrbl lloreid &11,tbralt.ted 1o arrdgod aii tollo111j1... PllftO e 9... ll l2 II 14 II 10 ls Retleo,1ona on tti. pact What 1e l'tft'ugeet l're0'{11)t.. location of Jewbll r'tti'\lgeea outsido the Uni\ ~ &tdou. United ~tuteo liua1gra\1on Pol107»!uti-iblitlOll o! r~tuseoo in the United State1 f&ble 1. 1~~1rante ~ U.B. by Cot.U1t.1'1&~ of iir\h, July l, l9)j - Juno )O; 191.:h Tal le 11. Rogbtoi-ed alien& in too United Stdea V.0011\iur.:n., Totllo Ill. Gob611 (Ind Auetr1u J.y,'lu; Table IV. J ll'hb fltt!\lgiltte in Al.lied 11nd ntrai Co'QJ1U'1ea, l'lfld in 8hAngha1. TIU l v. Jon aull livins ln U&~im~i:iontnlled fall ope ~~----~-:. 1.. ---~-~ ~ --- ~ , ,494.i.65, 756.l.55,4.2.4 ~ lilwli5rants aa~itted - l..1w1igr11nts 11amitted - refugees Hebrew L1l!lligrc.nts.. admitted.. Hebrew i.mmigr ants admitted - refugees blu'lng.the poriod ot \en 7ean fro. l aly lp 19)) \hrc»vab luh ' '-. lt4l ,'i'JO il!ldputn v.re ad111\\ff to U. U..1ted 1'6\ 11 of wn. loj,m (34.7 ) dttghnd thttllaeltelt ' 1Ht ot the Hel row...-. (tabl it l). Of \Jw wkl. nu'ihtr ot imdgnate, ( ), 296,494 (62.1~) tton lo &tnpnn CJO'Wlt1 1H of ref\lgee nlir&\iode (fabil.e 1). ot tu S.bl'$1t ituigran~e, (16,,'7'6), l'5 1 4:l4 (9Je'17~) wen bon ill ll.'ul'ojnhtll i0wltrio1 9f r4 u4 ll!i.ir ~1G'Ae (Table t). or 9 t.ow ntu1ber ot l'i!flll 1n1sraau, (296{494) 1 15,,424 (,2.4d) deol.at.v.d thuaolvo11 t.o ti. of ta l141bjtn race. 'i'e.ltle 1). TlUI exprn.t.m 11 i-1cnat.a lnol.sdh botb Ql&Ota lljld nga-..q\mth lu1aru the latter OOllJJl'1B1q bwl'baad9 1 wbh ADd ebudffll ot u.s. oith alnbt~ra &lid pnfn1e n acd their wboo f!j14 tm1111rr1n cblldl'tla. All the lllhn'o ftlat \Q..1ui«ran~ ud do not in~ J IOl'eoDJ 11dlaittad \o the United Btat.. t9r '4Wpor&J7 vblu. A\ tb9 pruut. tot.. it 1o UDdttratood thd \MN llff HM 3',000 all111u1 bl the WW SbWo, o~olw!ioc diplo.&\lo Od ilit&ry perdonno1. ~ho _... in V0 ~ 11i6a Of tupol'a17 ox- tl'&nalt vtau.. Thie lli\11' intlludee. P rmnlt of all llliionou U.11 and racet trm all eounti-1.ol' in tu 'llol'l.d, Olio.pt. hlltlw ~in cltberui of Oaoada Md llle1 t10.. Aceoiodillg t.o tho!iguret euppliod by t.h~ l whh sta. buaal n~.._u,-t.1w,. w.re 4,'170164'7 lewa 111 t.hat Unit.ed Stat.ea in 1971 Thull \be l hb n,fu1.. who MY cou to tbo United 8t.at.oo dur1o(c t.he.lut t.-. :roar& NPNt \. oxai., J.26% ot ille lt11111 b po~uc1 i. table U of the St&\bUcal Tabl.91 aho.11 tba\ 1 aoo&l'diog to t)m AU ll aiet..-auon DJ:d81oii of the I~tJ.on ud lle.t.vtll.1ution 6 ntce, Udtri S\aUI U.p.'1.1'~111\mt of J\UJtiC t tbar wen lj841,994 ft4bt. H4 all la,._. Vaikd St.tea OI\ JJoc bttr 31, 19~0 whq 2-d been boni in \he couatriea ot lfuopeaa ntug.. uignuoa. fh\la ~h n.fua bo MTG come to tllli U:iited ikt.11 av l111111gl'c1at dlu'lllg tb1j l&11t ten 7ttari r prh oal ot \M tot.al reaid*,jl\.ua l)opula.\!on fna ~\\1tis111 n~ CQUnUiHe ' --~ ~: =-~-;- '' r ' _,... AaeHing - \lilt ~\lea l&n ot \M ljlaiw Sta\4111 q'u.. 'fl'* ~. have be.a bahcl \o 606,400 19r.- bo'ttl la \M eoua\ri t o'. ~ ~- -11Pti ci'u'u.g \be J.u\ u. lffl'i!b9 MWal ~\lea dvlng t.bla period ot All pnlolls bol'll 1D \MIH oo VlH n W t. lh \baa ball Ulla -W, aaulj' 296, ~ lfbat Iff A mggt It is d1tt1aul.t nougb, in tenut of ui7 51v.n mo~t, to dd'ine tbt te1'11 1 otugee. Vbffd hlst.odcall)' or iit&t.btlcally over tll i puiod. ol t.ti. lu{t. tun ynre line the doe to po!ijfjr of B1'1v, tlab dltticul.:h mlltlplled a tboummd.told. W!.lVlDg O\lt ot ll-ccowtt Ill together too a1llioae lul.n n..s ha tihdl' hohe boc11u119 of' thla pll)'a1cal r& fllgh ot nio, faalue, flood cmd ~ Ulen~, OVMI t.he n~gt 1nt.«lrprotat1o» of nt11goe ill apt. to be,...bo.ee. A i e!ugeo wq bo detlned ao 1 t.bera- (l) A P6l t1011 wne nod 11r 9l'bo \'i\\ji collpolled to depart tvoi!i to C nuf of b1a ol t.i.mmohip, pom nont rev.l lence or birth bj t' tl\ijoa o.f aowal or 11Utieipatod religiou&, v-ol1t.1cuu, raolo.l or ac~no.uo ptjj'hcu.tion 1 01' (2) A perat1u who, bdng abu1'dt from t.bt countl 7 of!1111 d.t1hllfihip1 pof'lllldgt reoidence 01 birth, 1o tmllble to rttl;um thero id-bout; «bjeetllig l:dmaolf \Q pora.ecution. The definition of a rei'ugee dos aott tbitrctore) include ~ perl!ollo who, finding ~ lt \\lf&)' froa tho count.-ry ot hie ol t.bensh:l.p, penaanqt reeide11oe Ol' bbtll, h tmable to return t.hero aolel.y b#oautie of uck ot traneport1 tion faglliti ' Fer mmpl,fl kl lrbbc:ialn in the United Sit.tea who nuld like to l'etum t.o &ire, end who finda hill.ael.! uuo.bltt to do ao be4lw.i of b&billt7 to HOUI'& trmioµ.ortat1-0d 1 would not be count.a nu a r..t\lam. Boea\laG o! the i.111nll uwabor ot ret'\li.. a a.dldtkd to t!itt Unttod St.ll\e 1'l'Oll n0b-ol!uropoon eountdh, tho fttota end oaum!ath in thie It.Udy will be ccmfined to l'.\lropotw r111.fugoee. tven»1th tlleue U.mitat.1.0DD it h 111po2s1blo t.o rmte MtliH IROYoaeta io nn7 epoo1fic pol'iod 1t1thout tirot l' u!.llliinlf the Q.1)1 iapoad.l ablea wblch Mft, to 'Do oon'11dered 1D &rriv~i at MT llllb11tant1ve ecmelusiona. AP trt. fl olll.o.nd in addition to the tng1c fd of '1l.Jeu.nil «etlve'imu Ho.cb un.:i o! all people in countrj.ui:i over-l'ql\ bl Gttnu111 uinoo 19)9, it n&t be ricll to r$.t'lect tor a 1~0111imt upon aomu of tn. incitanto o! the paat. deo&do wnich ho.vo also brought in thdt' nk ~ ~ucch1to11 of mivos ot reiil( ;eed 1 late nc l9j) there aitll wander.d arowut ~- hollla).(th - end etatol e$, hwidrede ot tt10ue1.-.nlilo ot reftlgo a frolll lm1' 1a lfho, fo~ OllO rec.son or anothtir, were w:i.able or unw1llina io F4'Wm thue,..ud YI!» l'ijpl' nei t.(llj. a. loh8... t ra legr.01 tna tho ~a,-11 of t.he 1t1111dan ro\'olutioo. t'be &paai&ih civil war ot l936/j8 ore11t44.tin!'lddi\i~n8.l a.\1uu1 of toousitll.dj of ro!u~eee, not s.ll. of whoa by lld1 -.an were Sptin1shi alld t\18. a.jorit7 of whoa were '1{,lndnllod to a prhor-11.ke exle\elleo ln thll in\ffllj!l!ift\ Ml.Pl of eouthent F'l!uce. the occu.pl\uoo ot' Austria, \hit Cl.ldetWland,.Ubsab, Bobetd,~rawha &nd!ceasl, - all of the. linoici t.tjt ill & \tql ld 4\\ peue, eaoh ti. lded llh srou»s to t.be l giouo G the watu1 1DI _,_ lforeovor, in coa&ido1 1ng wbotber or not 1-.U.grimt.s to ti~ Uni.tad i'.itot1tlj durin4 thtl l.&8t ~911 yeare!ren flll1 apeoitic 00\Ulo't.17 eho!.lld 01' 3l~~ld no\ oe counted av rotui.. n, it aeemtt 1leail'able to t.gke thit broad wt Yi~ of t.lw i 1.vj.1eauonu 'Jf Zuro..-an politio!tl GTeatu u.1io1.1 the 11v p of pfll's(idi 1;!.t'ectad by t.mtto f'gr W!Pli - It. lllgbt llt!ir~t llfil tho\l.3bt tlu.\ Cl'll.i.«P(lllttt f1'0ill ltal.y ehoul.d be ngll.l'd d M rat\lg onlj' if thoy left. lt#l.j' ~ t r J111u1 1.0, tho dt te UJ3 wbioh 1\alr d clwnd a, Ill hue. uad ilrht brudn. VittfftMi ru~i11tiuall7, bowner, i\ b nu bo'llll tu.t a ver1 l11rge mn1ber of ~ej fioth'i who e&il. ratod tro11 ltttl}' wri.tla th 1U1Ttt1:4ll 7et re prior tg tnh W.n aneuld be counted u roi'ug oo. 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'.th of.fici -1 dtitud of Uw gne~. of 'he ~tat D et lgeat in t~t~o of tbe Dopa~taent~ oi' St.«te ~ Jus.t1c, limtb not. ttempt to 1rt P!tl'o.\e Jniah 1-1araato tro !4 ~&tdo.h 1me1g~l!llts. fh t*lt1st1am publishad by tno.dopa~mient ot Just.ice, bb.,,er, lt~ve 1U1.t1J. r9otmll7 claus~f1ed ~e flolnoew SJaeig.-.nts t.hoao peroon$ who ~.al~rod thmeeebetj to b of the Btlbl'elt vao.. Il.idoed, tbe ('4'1ly Wol'aition froa Which.t'.lltQJ'!,'11.1 b(i IJOA'IJ)il..84 ot IHialt lflillip$\10n to tho United Stoteci 1a tb!lt bm!ftl'i ~ t' iw i'30l.11r1 u;:,n~ of tbs!eniii.~tll t.li'lt tltt rf flh 0J' tm!lltb!'{l~f x- 'ee. Xn a1.nud.d«11roht~ tll!r;.f.aet, 111 ill ~~ a'6mhf!11 tm U..~ niuut, t.b&t not BU.Jewiab ~itp-mlt.s rill. have «eollit'ffd ti~j.yae to ~ or the Hobr
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