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    KOLEJ VOKASIONAL PASIR MAS JALAN TENDONG BUNUT SUSU 17020 PASIR MAS KELANTAN KERTAS PENERANGAN INFORMATION SHEET NAMA PROGRAM  / PROGRAMME NAME  COMPUTER SYSTEM AND NETWORKING TAHAP/ LEVEL   4 NO. DAN TAJUK MODUL  /  MODULE NO. AND TITLE   KSK 7013 Server Maintenance Administration   Analyse server maintenance requirements   Plan server maintenance administration   Administer server maintenance work   Produce server maintenance administration report NO. KOD  / CODE NO.  M7013K1 D-051-4 Muka : 01 Drp : 38 NAMA PELAJAR / STUDENT NAME   i. ISO/IEC: 8648:1988 (Interconnection- internal organisation of the network layer) ii. Company policy: ã   Computer system maintenance SOP ã   Computer system security SOP iii. Server maintenance documents: ã   Previous maintenance report ã   Vendor service manual ã   Service Level Agreement (SLA) ã   Manufacturer instruction manual ã   Server warranty information i. Types of server and server technical specification Types of server: ã   e-mail server, ã   web server ã   DNS ã   Proxy ã   Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) ã   file transfer protocol (FTP) ã   database   v. Types of platforms / Operating System(OS) : ã Licensed OS   ã Non -licensed OS vi. Computer network diagram interpretation ã Symbol in network diagram   ã Colours in network diagram   Service Level Agreement (SLA)   Manufacturer instruction manual   Server warranty information ii. Types of server and server technical specificationTypes of server:   e-mail server,   web server   DNS   Proxy   Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)   file transfer protocol (FTP)   database iii. Types of platforms / Operating System(OS) :   Licensed OS   Non-licensed OS iv. Computer network diagram interpretation   Symbol in network diagram   Colours in network diagram
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