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Komerční banka Group Financial results as of 30 September 2014 According to International Financial Reporting Standards, consolidated, unaudited Prague, 6 November 2014 Disclaimer This document contains

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Komerční banka Group Financial results as of 30 September 2014 According to International Financial Reporting Standards, consolidated, unaudited Prague, 6 November 2014 Disclaimer This document contains a number of forward-looking statements relating to the targets and strategies of the Komerční banka Group. These statements are based on a series of assumptions, both general and specific. As a result, there is a risk that these projections will not be met. Readers are therefore advised not to rely on these figures more than is justified as the Group's future results are liable to be affected by a number of factors and may therefore differ from current estimates. Readers are advised to take into account factors of uncertainty and risk when basing their investment decisions on information provided in this document. Results and ratios in this presentation are as of 30 September 2014, unless stated otherwise. Komerční banka, a.s., public limited company with registered office: Prague 1, Na Příkopě 33/ 969; identification number: ; registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, file Agenda Business results 4 Financial results 10 Loan portfolio quality and cost of risk 19 Appendix 22 3 Economy of the Czech Republic Good economic outlook boosted by domestic demand, but financial conditions to remain challenging Czech GDP in 2Q +2.5% YoY, +0.3% QoQ. Gross value added rose in all segments of the economy Industrial activity still driven mainly by exports. Solid pace of new industrial orders continued Real GDP outlook (YoY, %) Increased fixed investment activity since mid due to reviving housing construction, solid capacity utilisation in industry, and gradually rising infrastructure investments Private consumption supported by decreasing unemployment, rising real wages, end of fiscal consolidation CPI presumably bottomed out given the effect of CZK depreciation and economic recovery, but CNB pledge still in place to keep CZK floor and low monetary policy rates until 2016 New all-time low 10Y CZGB yield around 1% 10% * 2015* Source: CSO, * KB Economic & Strategy Research forecasts Solid grounds for revival in increasing investments and consumer demand 5% 0% -5% -10% -15% Household consumption (real, yoy) -20% Fixed investments (real, yoy) Komerční banka in the nine months of 2014 Valuable franchise Clients confidence in KB reflects in the growth of AUM Excellent inflow of clients, despite intense competition. The number of KB s clients was boosted by the well-liked liked MojeOdměny rewards programme Deposits expanded by 12%, rising in retail as well as corporate. Investments in mutual funds, pension savings and life insurance grew at double-digit pace, too Lending rose by 4% with continued growth in loans to individuals and improving trend in business segments KB was awarded the title Nejlepší banka (Best Bank) and Komerční pojišťovna Nejlepší životní pojišťovna (Best Life Insurer) in a contest run by Hospodářské noviny Profitability maintained despite revenue headwinds Revenues declined by 1.8%. Net interest income increased thanks to dynamic growth of deposits and loans but was offset by erosion of fees for basic services and unfavourable environment for trading activities. Low interest rates were pushing down yield from reinvestment of deposits Continued rigorous cost control while investing into development of the business. Operating costs down 1.0%. Cost-to-income 41.9% Low cost of risk at 30 bps thanks to favourable development in corporate segment and solid retail Net profit increase by 1.0% to CZK 9,654 million 5 Note: year over year comparisons, results for the first three quarters of 2014 Selected deals of the third quarter of 2014 PointPark Properties (P3) Acquisition and development financing EUR 379,775,000 Mandated Lead Arranger 2014 NET4GAS, s.r.o. Reg S Senior Unsecured Notes CZK 7,000,000,000 Joint Lead Manager and Active Bookrunner 2014 Energy 21 Group Senior Term Loan Facility CZK 1,800,000,000 Mandated Lead Arranger 2014 ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. Term and Revolving Facilities Agreement CZK 740,000,000 Mandated Lead Arranger 2014 MOLITAN a.s. Investment and Operational Loans CZK 160,000,000 Complex bank services provider 2014 Statutární město Zlín Investment Loans CZK 200,000,000 Complex bank services provider Loans to clients Positive trend of lending Gross loans up 4.0% YoY*, +0.6% QoQ. Group housing loans +4.4% YoY, o/w mortgages to individuals rose 9.8% YoY to CZK billion, but loans from Modrá pyramida down by 12.5% YoY to CZK 39.6 billion, affected by clients preference for mortgages in the low interest rates environment Consumer loans (KB + ESSOX) up by 3.4% YoY to CZK 29.0 billion Business loans up 4.0% YoY*, of which: Small businesses (KB) -0.9% to CZK 28.3 bil. with a slight improvement in 3Q 2014 Corporations (incl. Factoring KB) +4.4%* to CZK billion driven by large corporate lending in CZ and Slovakia SGEF +7.2%* to CZK 21.8 billion CZK billion Q Q Q Q Q Q 2014 Other loans Consumer loans Building saving loans CZK million Business loans Mortgages to individuals Sales volume of mortgages to individuals 10,403 9,176 9,793 7,719 10,183 8,977 2Q Q Q Q Q Q * Slight contribution to the CZK YoY growth rates of loans and deposits (mainly in corporate segments) from revaluation of foreign currency denominated instruments, following CZK depreciation after CNB intervention in November 2013 Dynamic growth of assets under management Group deposits up 12.0% YoY* to CZK bil., +3.8% QoQ (excluding repos with clients). Total amounts due from clients +11.4% YoY* Current accounts rose by 16.2% YoY Deposits and assets under management CZK billion By Customers Deposits from business clients +15.2% YoY and +5.2% QoQ to CZK billion KB (bank) deposits from individuals up by 10.0% YoY to CZK bil. mainly on current accounts Clients pension assets in Transformed Fund grew by 11.2% YoY to CZK 38.8 billion MPSS deposits up 0.7% YoY to CZK 71.8 bil. KP life insurance technical reserves rose by 26.4% YoY to CZK 41.7 billion AUM in mutual funds (sold through KB) increased by 18.2% YoY to CZK 36.0 billion * Slight contribution to the CZK YoY growth rates of loans and deposits (mainly in corporate segments) from revaluation of foreign currency instruments, following CZK depreciation after CNB intervention in November Q Q Q Q Q Q 2014 Other deposits Clients' pension assets Building savings CZK billion Business deposits KB Individual deposits By Products Q Q Q Q Q Q 2014 Loans f rom Customers (excl. Repo operations) Term and Savings Accounts Other payables to pension scheme benef iciaries Current Accounts Other payables to customers and Repo operations Agenda Business results 4 Financial results 10 Loan portfolio quality and cost of risk 19 Appendix 22 9 Consolidated income statement Net profit stable Profit and Loss Statement Change 9M M 2014 YoY (CZK million, unaudited) Net interest income Net fees & commissions 15,879 5,315 16,009 5, % -5.0% Income from financial operations 1,986 1, % Other income % Net banking income 23,282 22, % Personnel expenses -5,034-5, % General administrative expenses -3,356-3, % Depreciation, impairment and disposal of fixed assets -1,285-1, % Operating costs -9,675-9, % Gross operating income 13,607 13, % Cost of risk -1,344-1, % Net operating income 12,263 12, % Profit on subsidiaries and associates % Share of profit of pension scheme beneficiaries % Profit before income taxes 11,989 11, % Income taxes -2,167-2, % Net profit 9,822 9, % Minority profit/(loss) % Net profit attributable to equity holders 9,558 9, % 10 Consolidated statement of financial position Underlying balance sheet growth driven by deposits Balance Sheet (CZK million, unaudited) 30 Sep Dec Sep 2014 Change YoY Change YtD Assets 804, , , % 5.9% Cash and balances with central bank Amounts due from banks Loans and advances to customers (net) 457, , , % 0.5% Securities and trading derivatives 179, , , % 4.9% Other assets Liabilities and shareholders' equity 804, , , % 5.9% Amounts due to banks Amounts due to customers 609, , , % 4.6% Securities issued Other liabilities Shareholders' equity 50,280 44,405 67, % 52.4% 79, , , % 6.4% 37,937 38,218 46, % 20.7% 31,285 49,680 50, % 0.9% 23,502 22,417 21, % -3.7% 46,226 46,187 59, % 29.4% 93,829 96, , % 7.9% 11 Equity boosted by net profit and revaluation of hedges Development year-to-date Shareholders equity Total shareholders equity as of 31 December ,612 Total shareholders equity as of 30 September 2014 Share capital Capital and reserve funds - Retained earnings, reserve funds and dividends - Treasury shares Current year attributable net profit Cash flow hedge AFS securities' fair value changes Others Minority equity Total Shareholders' equity Equity for adjusted ROAE calculation* 31/12/2013 1/1/2014 Increase Decrease 30/09/ ,005 19,005 19,005 47,439 59,967-8,607 51,360 48,165 60,693-8,607 52, , ,654 9,654 8,181 8,181 5,913 14,095 6,211 6, , ,879 2, ,049 96,538 96,538 16,219-8, ,150 79,266 79,266 9,686-8,607 80,346 * Group shareholders equity w/o minority equity, cash flow hedging and revaluation of AFS securities 12 As of 30 September 2014, CZK -2,164 million was transferred from Other comprehensive income (Cash flow hedging) to net profit (net of tax) Financial ratios Strong balance sheet and solid profitability indicators Key ratios and indicators (year-to-date) 30 Sep Sep 2014 Change YoY Capital adequacy * Tier 1 ratio * Total risk weighted assets (CZK billion) * Risk weighted assets for credit risk (CZK billion) * 16.7% 17.1% n.a. 16.7% 17.1% n.a n.a n.a. Net interest margin (NII/Av. interest bearing assets), annualised 2.9% 2.6% Loans (net) / deposits ratio Loans (net) / deposits ratio excl. TF client assets Cost / income ratio 75.1% 70.0% 79.6% 74.2% 41.6% 41.9% Return on average equity (ROAE), annualised 13.5% 13.2% Adjusted return on average equity (adjusted ROAE), annualised ** * 16.8% 16.1% Return on average assets (ROAA), annualised Earnings per share (CZK), annualised Average number of employees during the period 1.6% 1.4% % 8,618 8, % 13 * According to Basel II methodology in 2013, Basel III since Capital in 2014 including interim profit adjusted for foreseeable dividend at the level of 2013 pay-out ratio (69.8%), as prescribed by Art. (2)(7) of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 214/2014 * * Adjusted ROAE is computed as net profit attributable to equity holders divided by (average Group shareholders equity w/o minority equity, cash flow hedging and revaluation of AFS securities) Net interest income NII slightly up thanks to business volumes NII in 9M 2014 up by 0.8% YoY. NII in 3Q 2014 increased by 1.1% QoQ 5,327 5,293 5,328 5,279 5,335 5, NII from loans reflecting volume growth and protection of spreads in the highly competitive environment NII from deposits underpinned by growing volumes. Negative impact of low rates on reinvestment income from deposits mitigated by adjustments in deposit remuneration NII from other lower yield from reinvestment of capital due to low interest rates Net interest margin development impacted by flows of large-volume, low-spread deposits 2,434 2,395 2,448 2,392 2,444 2,479 2,397 2,447 2,430 2,409 2,426 2, Q Q Q Q Q Q 2014 CZK million 15,879 +1% 16,009 1,382-7% 1,282 Other 7,179 +2% 7,315 NII f rom loans NII f rom deposits NII from IB 7,228 +1% 7, M M Pressure on fees from basic products, rising income from cross-selling selling and advanced solutions Net fees and commissions NFC in 9M 2014 down by 5.0% YoY. In 2Q 2014 down by 3.7% QoQ Deposit product fees switch of clients to packages with MojeOdměny rewards Loan fees rising share of retail loans not charging administration fees 1,800 1,790 1,761 1,690 1,711 1, Fees from cross-selling revenue growth driven by increased volume of client assets in mutual funds and life insurance Transaction fees higher total number of transactions. Better revenues from payment card payments. Higher share of transactions included in the price of packages Other fees YoY increase in fees for loan syndications, debt capital markets, bank guarantees and trade finance products 2Q Q Q Q Q Q , % +16% -28% 5,049 CZK million ,043-11% % 512 2,293-3% 2,234 9M M 2014 Other fees Deposit product fees Loan fees Fees f rom crossselling Transaction f ees 15 Net profit from financial operations Better activity in the third quarter Net profit from financial operations in 9M 2014 down by 13.3% YoY. NPFO in 3Q rose by 27.7% QoQ Improved result of treasury mainly on IR in 3Q, after low 2Q 2014 was affected by subnormal market volatility and yield curve moves Slightly rising demand of clients for IR and FX hedging influenced by some return of volatility. Higher contribution from operations for clients in Slovakia Clients economising on FX transaction costs mainly by shifting to cheaper payment and conversion methods Q Q Q Q Q Q , % -16% 1, CZK million Trading book (prop + client originated) Net gains on FX from payments 941-6% 887 Other M M Operating expenditures Continued rigorous cost control OPEX in 9M 2014 decreased by 1.0% YoY. OPEX in 3Q 2014 up by 1.7% QoQ Ongoing efforts on process optimisation and extracting operating efficiencies, while supporting business development and security projects Personnel costs in 9M 2014 up by 0.7% YoY. Average staff level decreased by 1.0% 2Q Q Q Q Q Q ,681-1,719-1,694-1,655-1,679-1,733-1,184-1,128-1,310-1,028-1,075-1, ,293-3,266-3,124-3,201-3,254-3,473 GAE declined by 5.3% YoY. The main savings 9M M 2014 CZK million were achieved in costs related to Group buildings and telecommunications. Marketing expenses remained unchanged +1% -5,034-5,067 Depreciation Depreciation & Amortisation rose by 3.8% YoY. The increase was mainly driven by software applications -3,356-5% -3,178-1,285 +4% -1,334 General Admin. Expenses Personnel costs -9,675-1% -9,580 17 Agenda Business results 4 Financial results 10 Loan portfolio quality and cost of risk 19 Appendix 22 18 Loan portfolio quality Persisting good loan quality Loan exposure +4% YoY, +0.6% QoQ CZK billion Gross lending Share of Standard and Watch loan exposure stable at 94.5% (94.5% in 2Q 2014) Share of LUSR exposure stable at 5.5% (5.5% in 2Q 2014) Share of NPL exposure stable at 4.1% (4.1% in 2Q 2014). QoQ NPL exposure stable at CZK 20.3 billion (CZK 20.1 billion in 2Q 2014) Provision coverage ratio for LUSR portfolio QoQ increased to 67.9% (66.7% in 2Q 2014), for NPL portfolio increased to 82.1% (81% in 2Q 2014) Q Q Q Q Q Q 2014 LUSR loans Watch loans Standard loans CZK million Specific provisions -1, ,417-17,513-17,675-18,059-18,162-18, % 81.0% 82.1% 74.8% 75.0% 77.4% 64.0% 64.0% 64.2% 65.5% 66.7% 67.9% -18,485-18,449-18,520-18,915-19,056-19, Provisions on Watch LUSR coverage ratio Provisions on LUSR NPL coverage ratio Cost of risk Low and stable cost of risk 3Q 2014 cost of commercial risk remains at low level similar to 2Q 2014 results, mainly due to continuing favourable environment in Corporate segment in 3Q 2014 YoY cost of risk down to 30 bps (1.09 Bn CZK) from 38 bps (1.34 Bn CZK) driven by Corporates and Individuals YoY decrease in Retail cost of risk driven by Individuals (25 bps in 9M 2014 vs. 34 bps in 9M 2013). CoR in Small Business segment stable (122 bps in 9M 2014 vs. 119 bps in 9M 2013) Total Cost of Risk (Year-to-date, in basis points) 2Q Q Q Q Q Q Total Corporations Retail Total Cost of Risk development (CZK million) 2Q Q Q Q Q Q Cost of risk on Corporates down to 22 bps in 9M 2014 from 34 bps in 9M 2013 driven by low number of new defaults and successful recovery 3Q 2014 contribution to cost of risk by KB Group entities: KB 77%, ESSOX 7%, Factoring KB 6%, Modrá pyramida 5%, SGEF 5% CoR Retail (commercial) CoR Corporates (commercial) CoR non-commercial Agenda Business results 4 Financial results 10 Loan portfolio quality and cost of risk 19 Appendix 22 21 Number of clients and distribution network KB Group s 2.5 million clients, of which KB bank 1,621,000 clients (+3%) MPSS 557,000 clients (-3%) KBPS 558,000 clients (-1%) ESSOX 277,000 active clients (+1%) Network Number of bank clients (ths., CZ) 1,620 1,590 1,602 1,602 1,589 1, branches for retail clients, 10 corporate divisions and 4 divisions for large corporate clients in CZ, 1 in Slovakia 746 ATMs MPSS: 209 points of sale; 1,025 sales agents (of which 377 full-time professionals) M 2014 Number of clients Direct Channels (ths.) SGEF: 7 branches in CZ, 2 in Slovakia Direct Channels 984 1,003 1,061 1,119 1,165 1,249 1,249,000 clients (i.e. 77% of KB client base) using direct banking channels Two call centres, internet and mobile banking M Consolidated financial results Profit and Loss Statement Change Change 3Q Q Q 2014 YoY QoQ (CZK million, unaudited) Net interest income 5,293 5,335 5, % 1.1% Net fees & commissions 1,790 1,711 1, % -3.7% Income from financial operations % 27.7% Other income % -33.3% Net banking income 7,774 7,588 7, % 1.6% Personnel expenses -1,719-1,679-1, % 3.2% General administrative expenses -1,128-1,075-1, % 0.0% Depreciation, impairment and disposal of fixed assets % -0.2% Operating costs -3,266-3,201-3, % 1.7% Gross operating income 4,508 4,387 4, % 1.6% Cost of risk % 16.4% Net operating income 4,128 4,125 4, % 0.7% Profit on subsidiaries and associates % -12.7% Share of profit of pension scheme beneficiaries % -9.4% Profit before income taxes 4,038 4,053 4, % 0.8% Income taxes % 14.3% Net profit 3,328 3,415 3, % -1.7% Minority profit/(loss) % -17.4% Net profit attributable to equity holders 3,248 3,305 3, % -1.1% 23 KB consolidated group Pension insurance Building society Consumer credit KB Penzijní společnost (100%) Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna (100%) ESSOX (50.93%) Management company for Transformed Fund (pension fund with 558,000 clients) and for new pension funds in 2nd and 3rd pillars of the Czech pension system #2 largest building savings bank according to loan volume with 557,000 clients and 1,025 strong agent distribution network Consumer credit and car finance company. #4 non-bank consumer loan provider in the Czech Republic Insurance Komerční pojišťovna (49%) Universal insurance company focused on life insurance Corporate services KB, branch in Slovakia KB's branch in Slovakia focuses on serving large corporate clients. It operates as a locally well-established focused corporate bank. Factoring KB (100%) #2 on the Czech factoring market, offering domestic, foreign and reverse factoring SGEF Czech Republic (50.1%) Leading provider of asset-backed financing in the Czech Republic and also active in Slovakia 24 Business performance of subsidiaries 1/2 MPSS KB PS ESSOX 9M M 2014 Change YoY Volume of new loans (CZK million) Volume of total loans (gross, CZK million) 2,422 45,180 2,385 39,553-1% -12% Volume of deposits (CZK million) 72,092 71,758 0% Number of clients 574, ,159-3% Average number of FTEs % Number of points of sale % Number of new contracts Number of clients Assets under management (CZK million) of which in Transformed fund Average number of FTEs 26, ,022 35,379 34, , ,566 39,920 38, % -1% 13% 11% -9% Volume of new contracts (CZK million) Volume of total loans (gross, CZK million) Number of active clients Average number of FTEs 2,764 9, , ,254 9, , % 0% 1% 0% 25 Business performance of subsidiaries 2/2 Factoring KB KP SGEF 9M M 2014 Change YoY Factoring turnover (CZK million) 18,749 24,774 32% Volume of total financing (gross, CZK million) 3,984 5,993 50% Average number of FTEs % Volume of technical reserves (CZK million) Premium written (CZK million) of which in life insurance of which in non-life insurance Average number of FTEs 33,019 6,373 6, ,726 8,714 8, % 37% 38% 9% 2% Volume of new financing (CZK million) 5,605 6,322 13% Volume of total financing (gross, CZK million) 20,314 21,778 7% Average number of FTEs % 26 Standalone results of KB group companies and associated undertakings CZK million Account. standards Share of KB KB IFRS 100% - o/w KB bra
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