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JoLetter 6.5 Mail ad merge with QuarkXPress JoLauterbach Software GmbH Stolzigstraße 4a Bayreuth Germay Telefo: Fax: Iteret:

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JoLetter 6.5 Mail ad merge with QuarkXPress JoLauterbach Software GmbH Stolzigstraße 4a Bayreuth Germay Telefo: Fax: Iteret: Table of Cotet 1. Overview System requiremets Istallatio Mac Widows The JoLetter Palette Activatio Creatio of persoalized data Data source Addig placholders Itelliget spaces Frame umbers Persoalizatio Disclaimer of Quark, Ic JoLetter 6.5 2 1. Overview JoLetter is XTesios-Software for mail ad merge with QuarkXPress. The data are supplied by ASCII files with tab separated etries or CSV separated by ;. The clipboard ca also be used as a data source, if it cotais tab separated text. JoLetter (Stadard) provides the followig fuctios: Import of text files (tab separated or CSV) Buildig the ecessary pages with a maximum of 2000! Addig spaces if ecessary (itelliget spaces) Removal of uecessary paragraphs (optioal) Automatic PDF-Export Versios for QuarkXPress 2015/2016 JoLetter is also available i a Pro-versio with additioal fuctios: Import of ative Excel files (xlsx) Support for image exchage Creatio of several documets to avoid the 2000 page limit Separatio betwee static ad variable data Creatio of a umber sequece (e.g ticket umbers) Versios for QuarkXPress 8/9/10/2015/2016 JoLetter 6.5 3 2. System requiremets QuarkXPress 8/9/10/2015/2016 MacOS X Widows 7/8/10 3. Istallatio 3.1 Mac To istall copy the file JoLetter.xt ito the XTesios folder of QuarkXPress. After a restart of QuarkXPress JoLetter is ready to use. 3.2 Widows To istall copy the files JoLetter.xt ad JoLetter.dll ito the XTesios folder of QuarkXPress. After a restart of QuarkXPress JoLetter is ready to use. JoLetter 6.5 4 4. The JoLetter Palette JoLetter adds a meu etry JoLetter to the Widow meu. After choosig that etry the JoLetter palette appears o the scree for cotrollig all ecessary operatios. Ob Oa Oc Od Og Of Oe The JoLetter palette The JoLetter palette cotais 5 fuctioal areas a Additioal fuctios b Cotrollig the data source c List of placeholders imported from the data source d Frame umber for text frames e Startig the persoalizatio process The JoLetter palette for the Pro versio provides two additioal buttos f Itelliget duplicatio of frames g Rules for text exchage JoLetter 6.5 5 5. Activatio Without activatio JoLetter works i demo mode. Oly 10 rows of data ca be processed. The meu item for activatio ca be foud i the butto for the additioal fuctios a. The additioal fuctios i h are oly available i JoLetter Pro. Oa Oh Activate ca be foud withi the butto for additioal fuctios Dialog for eterig the activatio key Eter the 32 digit activatio key you got by ad press OK. JoLetter 6.5 6 6. Creatio of persoalized data Buildig of persoalized data with JoLetter is a 4 step process 6.1. Choosig the data source (file or clipboard) 6.2. Add the placeholders i your text frames 6.3. Cotrol the sequece of processig differet data rows 6.4. Persoalizatio 6.1. Data source Data source are either text files (tab separated or CSV) or the clipboard, if it cotais tab separated data. JoLetter iterprets the first row of data as colum headers ad creates the placeholder ames from them. The data source area Via Choose or Clip Via Choose oder Clipboard (e.g. copied cotet from a spreadsheet) JoLetter imports the text ad creates the placeholder ames.. I the Dropdow butto (Adresses.txt) you ca verify the file locatio ad avigate to the paret folders of the data source file. JoLetter 6.5 7 6.2. Addig placholders Create a text frame i your documet ad add the placeholders simply by double clickig o a etry. Placeholder ames The placeholder will be visualized by double brackets before ad after the placeholder ame, similar to word processig applicatios. The placeholder ca be formatted arbitrarily. Placeholders withi a text frame You do t have to use all placeholders ad do t have to care about their sequece. JoLetter 6.5 8 Itelliget spaces If placeholders are placed side by side it very likely to get uwated spaces, if some fields are empty. To avoid this problem you ca use a so called itelliget space. Simple delete the space betwee the placeholders ad add it at the ed of a placeholder ame before the closig brackets. Titlec First amec secod ame r Spaces are oly added, if the accordig fields are ot empty Frame umbers Each text frame gets a umber cotrollig the data row for text exchage, by default 1 for the first row of data. This is doe automatically o addig the first placeholder i a text frame. I case you have several text frames o oe page, which are be filled with differet rows of data, this umber ca be chaged by pressig the butto Frame umber. Settig frame umbers The accordig umber will be displayed as a marker i the top right corer of the text frame. It is also possible to assig several differet umbers i ascedig order i oe step. Simply select the accordig frames by shift clickig just i the right sequece ad press Frame umber. You ca the defie the start umber ad offset for assigig umbers to the selected frames. I case you eter 0 for the offset, all frames will be assiged the start umber. Now it is time to persoalize the documet. JoLetter 6.5 9 6.4. Persoalizatio O Persoalize JoLetter will create a copy of your documet ad build all ecessary pages to process all data i the data source. There is a limit of 2000 pages per documet. To start the process press Persoalize o the JoLetter palette A dialog comes up with the followig areas: i Data source j Data rows k Output Oi Oj Ok Persoalize The area Data source i shows the path to the data source file ad the umber of data rows foud. JoLetter I the area Data rows j you habe to eter the first row of data (Start umber), the Offset for advacig the data for each persoalizatio ad the umber of Copies to be created (data rows divided by umber of differet frame umbers o your template). I case of several thousad rows of data it may be useful or ecessary to create several documets. This is a feature of JoLetter Pro. Three sample scearios i case you have a data source with 1160 rows of data: 1) The template cotais 1 page with 1 frame, frame umber copies with offset 1 have to be created. The first page will be filled with the data from row 1, the secod with row 2, ad so o. 2) The template cotais 2 pages mit 1 frame, frame umber copies with offset 1 have to be created, exceedig the limit of 2000 pages per documet (2320). I that case you have to divide the process i two steps with e.g. 580 copies each. The start umber i step 2 will the be ) The template cotais 1 page with 3 frames, umbered from 1 to copies with offset 3 have to be created, resultig i 387 pages. I the area Output k you have several optios: Remove empty lies removes ay empty paragraphes resultig from empty fields i the data. Via PDF export style you ca automatically create a PDF from the persoalized documet, which will be closed afterwards. With the optio O text overflow you ca abort the persoalizatio process i case of text overflow after text exchage. JoLetter Disclaimer of Quark, Ic. 2013, QUARK INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. QUARK, THE QUARK LOGO, QUARKXPRESS, QUARK PUBLISH- ING SYSTEM, QPS, QUARKCOPYDESK, QUARK INTERACTIVE DESIGNER, JOB JACKETS, COMPOSITION ZONES, XTENSIONS, QUARKXTENSIONS, THE XTENSIONS LOGO, SERVICE PLUS, QUARKALLIANCE, QUARKCON- NECTS, AND QUARK PROMOTE ARE TRADEMARKS OR REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF QUARK.. THIS SOFTWARE PACKAGE HAS NOT BEEN WRITTEN, REVIEWED, OR TESTED BY QUARK, OR THEIR LICEN- SORS. QUARK AND THEIR LICENSORS MAKE NO WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE ENCLOSED SOFTWARE PACKAGE, ITS MERCHANTABILITY, OR ITS FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PUR- POSE. QUARK AND THEIR LICENSORS DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS RELATING TO THE SOFTWARE PACKAGE WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR COLLATERAL, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTY OF NON-INFRINGEMENT, COMPATIBILITY, OR THAT THE SOFTWARE IS ERROR FREE OR THAT ERRORS CAN OR WILL BE CORRECTED. IN NO EVENT SHALL QUARK OR THEIR LICENSORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY LOST PROFITS, LOST TIME, LOST SAVINGS, LOST DATA, LOST FEES, OR EXPENSES OF ANY KIND ARISING FROM INSTALLATION OR USE OF THE SOFTWARE OR ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTATION IN ANY MANNER, HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY. IF, NOTWITHSTANDING THE FOREGOING, QUARK AND/OR THEIR LICENSORS ARE FOUND TO HAVE LIABILITY RELATING TO THIS SOFTWARE PACKAGE, SUCH LIABILITY SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE FEES PAID BY END USER TO QUARK, IF ANY, WITHIN THE ONE -YEAR PERIOD PRECEDING THE CLAIM, FOR THE LICENSE OF THE SPECIFIC QUARK PRODUCTS (EXCLUDING ANY THIRD-PARTY COMPONENTS ADDED BY END USER OR ANY THIRD PARTY, INCLUDING DEVELOPER OR AN DEVELOPER), OR THE LOWEST AMOUNT UNDER APPLICABLE LAW, WHICHEVER IS LESS. THESE LIMITATIONS WILL APPLY EVEN IF QUARK AND/OR THEIR LICENSORS HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF SUCH POSSIBLE DAMAGES. JoLetter
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