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Dipl. Ing. Systems Analysis IT Sen. Consultant / Freelancer Jobs & Projects since 1996 Freelancer Activities since 1994 IT, Training & Workshops since 1985 State: 26/03/2013 Period 03/2013 actually 03/2013

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Dipl. Ing. Systems Analysis IT Sen. Consultant / Freelancer Jobs & Projects since 1996 Freelancer Activities since 1994 IT, Training & Workshops since 1985 State: 26/03/2013 Period 03/2013 actually 03/ /2013 n.a. Project / Seminar Short description Customer: Fraunhofer Institut für Optronic, Karlsruhe Direct client: TOP IT Services Subject: Operatin, change management, incident managment, server management, infrastructure monitoring, control center, trouble shooting, patch management, Rollout, 2 nd /3 rd level support, Installation/Implementation, documentation, asset management Function: Sen. Consultant Fraunhofer CC PKI (Smartcard&RFID Security) Activity: 2 nd /3 rd Level Support (Incident Management, Problem Management, Avira Antivirus Client Protection, Assyst Security Management System, TMC2, Troubleshooting, Environment: Windows 7 Clients, Dell Hardware (Server/Clients/Printer/Scanner) Associates: 3 Security Analysts Tools: Microsoft Outlook 2012, Windows XP, Windows 7, MS Office Professional 2010, Zonealarm Client Firewall, McAffee Client Antivirus, Avira Client Antivirus, MS Terminal Server RDP. : ++49 (0)511/ : ++49 (0)171/ : ++49 (0)511/ Page 2 of 14 03/ / / /2013 n.a. Customer: Talanx Système AG/HDI/Gerling Hannover Direct client: LHG Subject: Operatin, change management, incident managment, server management, infrastructure monitoring, control center, trouble shooting, patch management, Rollout, 2 nd /3 rd level support, Installation/Implementation, documentation, asset management Function: Sen. Consultant Wintel hosting Activity: 2 nd /3 rd Level Support (ITIL, Documentation, Incident Management, Patch Management, Firmware Rollout, Service Pack Rollout, Problem Management, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Trendmicro Firewall, MS WSUS, Backup, Change Management, Troubleshooting, Backup Monitoring, Server Monitoring&Management, ESX Cluster, Remote Management Environment: Ca. 80 ESXi Hosts, ca VMs, vsphere 5, ca. 500 Fujitsu Siemens Server Associates: 20 Sen. Supp. Analysts (Hosting/Engineering), 30 Supporter) Tools: VSphere 5, Siemens Serverview, IBM TSMP, Siemens Systemcenter, Microsoft Exchange 2007, W2K3, W2K8, XP, W7, MS Office Professional 2010, MS ADS, Citrix Serverfarm, MS System Center, MS SCOM 2008, MS MOM 2005, Symantec Antivirus, Trendmicro Antivirus, MS Terminal Server RDP, VMWare ESXi 5.0 Infrastructure Client 5, VMWare ESXi Server 5.0, vmotion, Hyper-V, AHM Monitoring, Legato Networks, Wireshark etc. : ++49 (0)511/ : ++49 (0)171/ : ++49 (0)511/ Page 3 of 14 01/ / / /2012 n.a. Customer: Siemens for E.on Hannover Direct client: ConTexts Oldenburg Subject: Rollout planning, patch distribution, server firmware updates, packaging, server operating, change management, server management/monitoring, control center, trouble shooting, patch management, Rollout, 2 nd /3 rd level support, rollout planning & implementation, documentation, incident-, asset-, change management Function: Sen. Consultant Windows hosting Activity: 2 nd /3 rd Level Support (ITIL, Documentation, Incident Management, Patch Management, Firmware Rollout, Service Pack Rollout, Problem Management, Change Management, Troubleshooting, Backup Monitoring, Server Monitoring&Management, Cluster Administration, Leitstand/Bereitschaft, Remote Management, Rollout Planung/Durchführung Environment: Ca vsphere Server, ca HP, Dell, IBM Server weltweit Associates: 20 Sen. Supp. Analysts (Hosting/Engineering), 50 Supporter) Tools: Action Request System ARS Remedy System Center 7.0, Microsoft Exchange 2007, W2K3, W2K8, XP, W7, MS Office Professional 2003, MS ADS, Men & Mice, DSView, Citrix, VMWare vsphere, MS Office Pro 2007, Tivoli Storage Manager TSM, Tivoli TEC, TIVOLI ITM5, TIVOLI ITM6, Trend Micro office Scan, MS Terminal Server RDP, HP RIB Boards, HP System Update Manager HP SUM, HP Insight Manager, IBM RSA Adapter, IBM Director 5.2, VMWare ESX Infrastructure Client 2.5, VMWare ESX Server 3.0, MS Cluster Administrator, HP Lights Out Management 2, HP Management Homepage, Citrix Metaframe Server Farm. DS View, Men&Mice Management Console, Netinstall, Documentum, SAP CATS, MS Outlook, HP Intranet, HP Webaccess : ++49 (0)511/ : ++49 (0)171/ : ++49 (0)511/ Page 4 of 14 03/2008 n.a. 03/ /2009 n.a. 10/ / / /2008 Closed because of low budget Customer: Fujitsu-Siemens für Daimler Stuttgart Direct client: TASC Nürnberg Thema: Operating European Data Center (EDC) Daimer worldwide (ca Server, davon 2000 vitualisierte Server, Cluster, ESX Cluster) Function: Sen. Support Analyst Activity: 3rd Level Support (ITIL, Documentation, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Troubleshooting, Backup Monitoring, Server Monitoring&Management, Cluster Administration, ESX Management, Server Farm Operating, Server takeover, Server (de-)launch, Server Installation, ESX Host Installation, Virtual Infrastructure Management, Installation Virtual Server Environment: Ca Virtual Server, ca HP, Dell, IBM Server, ca Clients Worldwide Associates: 5 (Sen. Supp. Analysts, ca. 20 Supporter in India) Tools: Remedy System Center CISM 6.5, Lotus Notes 7.0, MS Office Professional 2007, Tivoli Storage Manager TSM 3.25, MS WSUS, Legato Networker, Symantec Enterprise Antivirus 2005, MS Terminal Server, Aventail, Raritan, RIB Boards, MS Systems Management Server SMS 2007, HP Open View, Comapq Insight Manager, MS Operating Manager MOM 2005, MS System Center Operations Magager SCOM 2007, Legato Networker, VMWare ESX Infrastructure Client 3.5, VMWare ESX Server 3.0, MS Cluster Administrator, HP Lights Out, HP Management Homepage, IBM Sametime, IBM Notesbuddy, Citrix Metaframe Server Farm. Customer: Commerzbank Frankfurt PS-IT Direct client: IQ-net AG Thema: Project assistance Function: ITIL, Change Management Dokumentation, Peregrine 5.5 zu HP Service Center 6.5 Migration Activity: Translation of german documentation into english, change management with HP Service Center 6.5, creation of training documentation, creation of planning guides & conceptional documentation, operating manuals, howtos, handbooks,... Environment: Ca Server Associates: 30 (project team) Outcome: Global migration Peregrine 5.5 to release 6.5, worldwide introduction of ITIL standards Tools: Lotus Notes, MS Project, MS Office Professional, HP Service Center 6.5, Peregrine 5.5 : ++49 (0)511/ : ++49 (0)171/ : ++49 (0)511/ Page 5 of 14 04/ / / /2007 n.a. 08/ / / / /2007 zur Erfolgreich beendeten Beta Testphase beim Kunden Customer: IBM Global Services Mainz, 80% Home office, Tivoli TSM Team European System Storage Competence Center, Get 2 Green Project, Bocada Project Direct client: Götzfried AG Thema: Project assistance, planning activities Function: Developement of a worldwide, standardized and validated Backup/Restore Systems Management Activity: Implementaion of worldwide IBM Backup&Recovery Procedures, Creation of IBM customer specific Backup & Recovery Plans, Documentation, Handbook creation,... Associates: 3 (Project team) Outcome: IBM General Standard for Backup & Recovery Tools: MS Visio Professional, MS Project, MS Office Professional, AT&T, Windows Terminal Services, Lotus Notes, TSM, Tivoli Monitoring, PC Duo, Customer: Utimaco Safeware AG München Direct client: Hays AG Thema: Testing Function: Testing of the new developed Utimaco Safeware Enterprise Manager Security Suite Activity: Testing of de-/encryption, installation, operating, stability, consistency etc. for the new complex Safeguard Enterprise Manager, documentation, handbook creation, testsuite developement Associates: 80 (6 Testers, some developer, 5 Project Manager, etc.) Outcome: Some successful Betatests, program changes, documentation, bug fixing, Handbooks, instruction & training material, sales documentation, customer presentations Tools: Managenow, VMWare Workstation 5.x, MS Office, Windows Server 2003, Lotus Notes 8, MS RDP Terminal Server, some software test suites, driver suites, VMWare ESX, VMWARE, PE Builder, disaster recovery, Powerquest Partition Magic, disk snapshots, cloning, Norton Ghost, encryption hardware (Thales & other Token etc.). : ++49 (0)511/ : ++49 (0)171/ : ++49 (0)511/ Page 6 of 14 07/ / / / / / / / /2006 Outsourcing Projekt ohne zeitliche Bindung Customer: IBM Strategic Outsourcing, Continental AG Hannover Direct client: Hays AG Thema: Server De-activation, asset management, inventory, server decomissioning Function: Deaactivation and depletion of outgesourced IBM Servers (because of outsourcing contract transfer to HP) Activity: Tivoli Remote Console, IBM Managenow Ticketmanagement, PC Duo, Windows Terminal Server, IBM Deactivation procedures, TSM Client, Lotus Notes 7.x Associates: Only me, because of closure IBM Hannover (liquidation of IBM BS Hannover) Outcome: Conversion of the IBM Continental server operating into the new HP environment including data, cluster etc., logistic procedures for IBM Server decommissioning & transport, controlling of technicians, inventory, backup tape management conversion,... Tools: Managenow, Tivoli TSM Client, MS Office, Avocent, AT&T, Avocent, Lotus Notes, VPN, Terminal Server, PCDuo Customer: IBM Strategic Outsourcing, Nord/LB Hannover Direct client: HarveyNash Thema: Security, Server Activation/Deactivation, Asset-, Incident-, Change management, 3rd Level Support, Problem- und Ticket management, Backup management, Troubleshooting, OS/2 Server management, Warp Serveradministration, Remote Administration, Onsite Support, Asset Management Function: Security Management, Operating, Migration Activity: Avocent, Citrix, Tivoli remote console, IBM Managenow ticket management, OS/2 Warp Server administration, Lotus Notes 7.x Associates: IBM Wintel-2 Workbench (12 Personen) Outcome: Serveroperating & -management, 2 nd /3 rd Level support, imaging, backup optimization, data security, translation/migration Tools: Remedy, Managenow, VMWare, ESX Server, Citrix, Tivoli, MS Office, AT&T, Avocent, Lotus Notes 7 Client, VPN : ++49 (0)511/ : ++49 (0)171/ : ++49 (0)511/ Page 7 of 14 09/ / / /2005 Erfolgreicher Abschluß 09/ / / /2005 Vorzeitiges Ende wegen globaler IBM BS Rationalisierungsmaßnahmen (Outsourcing nach Ungarn) Customer: IBM Business Services, Continental Global Direct client: Hays AG Thema: 3rd level support, incident-, problem- & ticket management, Backupmanagement, Troubleshooting, Lotus Notes Operating/Monitoring, server management, clustering, Tivoli Storage Manager TSM, Server administration, Remote administration, Onsite support, Asset management Function: Problem Management, Betriebsführung von ca. 100 Servern, Clustern etc., Server Ceactivation Processes Activity: IBM Managenow Ticketmanagement, PC Duo Remote Admin, OS/2 Warp Server Administration, Microsoft Terminal Server, Aventail, Lotus Notes 6.x, Server decomissioning Associates: Only me Outcome: Optimization of server operating, ensure 2 nd /3 rd level supports, imaging & cloning, backup optimization, Data security, translation/migration Tools: Remedy, Managenow, VMWare ESX Server, MS Cluster, Citrix Metaframe, Tivoli, IBM Personal Communication, NT, W2K, Lotus Smartsuite, MS Office, AT&T, Aventail, PC Duo, Lotus Notes, VPN, PC Anywhere, DSView, Raritan Customer: Sercon, Nord/LB Niedersachsen Direct client: Harvey Nash GmbH Thema: 2 nd /3 rd level support, problem- and incident management, Backup management, troubleshooting, server management, server administration, remote access & administration Function: Problem management, operating Activity: IBM Managenow ticket management, VMWare Workstation und VMWare GSX, OS/2 Warp Server Administration, Citrix Remote Administration, Raritan Remote Administration, IBM LAN Management Adapter, Netview DM/2, Tivoli Associates: 40 direct IBM associates, Sercon und Arge associates, ca. 40 UHD Erfurt und CS Sossenheim collegues for UHD und 1 st /2 nd level support Outcome: Optimization of the server operating, ensure 3 rd level support, imaging/cloning, backup optimization, Data security Tools: Remedy, Managenow, VMWare, Citrix Metaframe, Tivoli TSM, Tivoli Remote Console, IBM Personal Communication, NT, W2K, Warp, Hummingbird Exceed, Lotus Notes, AT&T VPN : ++49 (0)511/ : ++49 (0)171/ : ++49 (0)511/ Page 8 of 14 04/ / / / / /2004 Erfolgreicher Abschluß 09/ / / /2003 Partially successful Customer: European Central Bank Frankfurt am Main Direct client: British Telecom Thema: Global CoreNet Migration Projekt for ECB, National Central Banks and other related institutions Function: Technical Writer Activity: Document Management with EMax and Livelink, Migration, Planinng, Review, Correction, Translation. Training Organisation, ehealth SNMP Trap Monitoring. Fact Sheets creation including general descriptions of British Telecom CNM planning deliverables Associates: British Telecom and Syntegra people, some customer staff Dimension: Migration of roundabout 40 global Institutions (European and international Nationalbanks) to the ECB BT Corenet Outcome: Succesfully delivered 50 fact sheets including 3 pages of general descriptions with cross-references, dependencies and assumptions Tools: Microsoft Office, MS Project, MS Outlook, ehealth, Atlas Livelink, BT EMax, Backoffice, C-View/Remedy Customer: Deutscher Ring Hamburg Direct client: Computacenter Thema: Einführung eines Unternehmensweiten LAN Management Systems (Jazzey). Erstellung einer Installationsdokumentation, Prototyping und Test Function: System Ingenieur Activity: Implementation of a management console and installation, configuration of test clients on W2K Servers. Creation of a corresponding documentation. Associates: 1 Größenordnung: 1 management console, ca. 50 Server Outcome: Successful documentation, implementaiton of the management console into the production environment. Tools: Microsoft Office 2000, Jazzey : ++49 (0)511/ : ++49 (0)171/ : ++49 (0)511/ Page 9 of 14 10/ / / /2003 Beendet ohne externe Mitarbeiter wegen Budgetproblemen 09/ / / / /2002 Very successful end Customer: Dresdner Bank Kleinwort Wasserstein Frankfurt am Main Thema: Rollout & Migration NT4 to W2K Clients, implementation PtoV with VMWare, implementation Citrix Metaframe, Backoffice migration Function: Project planning/project coordination, Rollout of 500 Clients Activity: Creation of flow charts, process diagrams, Project plans, Rollout lists. Creation procedure manual, application testing, packaging, profil implementation, rollout controlling, dokumentation, quality management Associates: 15 Größenordnung: Migration of ca. 500 Clients in three different nd locations Personalführung: Coordination, controlling, governance, steering Outcome: Functional successful, aborted because of low budget. Tools: Pontis Webstation Manager, Pontis OMD Profil Database, test/standardization/parameterization, MS System Management Server, interviews, rollout planning/implementation Customer: VW Leasing Bank AG Braunschweig, VW Werk Wolfsburg, diverse VAG Partner Direct client: CompuNet GE Thema: Server management, LAN administration, exchange administration, global server monitoring, 2 nd level support, monitoring intranet/internet, Exchange Server administration, W2K und Netware 6.0 administration (NDS/ADS), Citrix Server farm administration. backup management und creation/maintenance documentation & operating manuals. Function: Failsafe global server operating/monitoring, Einarbeitung interner Mitarbeiter und Übergabe Tools: Tivoli Expert Advisor, MS Exchange, W2K Srv, NW 6.0 Srv, Backuptools, SMS, Backoffice, Compaq Server Admin, HP Open View Outcome: Erfolgreicher globaler LAN/WAN/Intranet operating, adjustment of internal employees and handover after project end to internal staff of the customer Associates: 8 Dimension: ca. 500 Server worldwide, ca. 300 Clients in BS, ca Exchange Groups und User Personnel management: self-responsible : ++49 (0)511/ : ++49 (0)171/ : ++49 (0)511/ Page 10 of 14 04/ /2002 Gesamte Projektdauer Very successful premature completion 06/ / / / /2001 Premature abort 07/2002 because of exploding costs Customer: British American Tobacco Hamburg, T-Systems Hamburg Thema: Rollout & Migration W9x, Lotus Notes, Intranet, Netware 5.0 and NT4 to W2K servers and clients Function: Project management, Project planning & -coordination, rollout implementation for all indoor- and outdoor employees, migration, upgrade, conversion of Win95 und Office 97 to W2K Pro and Office XP. Creation of a fundamental operating manual, Rollout developement, support, emergency scenarios, time planning, contingents, applicationswarenkorb, hardware shopping basket, training plan, conception & steering parallel to rollout. Tools: Citrix Metaframe server farm, MS Project, Backoffice, Netware 6.0, Novell ZenWorks, NDS/ADS, Backoffice, Lotus Notes 5.0, ca. 400 application for packaging & standardization. Outcome: Very successful in-time Associates: 20, structured in developer, rollout teams, project management, technicians Personnel management: ca. 30 employees, managerial authority Dimension: 1500 Clients, 1000 ICA Citrix Clients, 400 Notebooks, 15 Server Customer: IBM Business Services, csg (Stadtverwaltung Leipzig) Thema: Rollout & Migration C/S Direct client: Parity Function: Project assistance. successful migration/rollout of 8 departments, migration, operating manual, conception, plan of procedures, time plan, upgrade, Data conversion concept, application tests, prototyping, documentation, user adjustment Tools: IBM Bluebase (Tivoli for W2K Prototyp), Citrix Metaframe Serverfarm & Clients, Active Directory, Citrix Thin Clients, Backoffice, Novell Migration, Lotus Notes, Corel Office und Lotus Smartsuite Migration, MS Project Outcome: Successful project leading of 6 departmens by me, Project closure because of bad central planning & permanent flow of employes 07/2002 Associates: Ca. 35, tructured in developer, rollout teams, transition teams etc. Dimension: 80 departments, ca W2K clients, 8000 user : ++49 (0)511/ : ++49 (0)171/ : ++49 (0)511/ Page 11 of 14 01/ / / /2001 Successful end 01/ / / /2000 Erfolgreicher Abschluß 04/ /1999 Gesamte Projektdauer Erfolgreicher Abschluß Customer: IBM Hannover Thema: LAN management, 3rd level support, server administration, Notes administration, server hardware support Function: Warp Server management, LAN administration, Lotus Notes administration Tools: OS/2 und W2K Clients, Warp Server, LAN Server, Notes Domino Clients/Server, IBM LAN Management Tools Outcome: Successful project finish with following new project Associates: 1 Personnel management: self-responsible Dimension: 1 man project, 500 clients, 20 servers Customer: Nord/LB Hannover Thema: Change management, software distribution Function: Standardization, SW tests, migration, upgrade, server installation, antivirus, documentation of software distribution environment, scripting & packaging with MS Installer, scripting, Tivoli/Netview administration... Tools: Tivoli, NetInstall, OS/2, W2K Clients, Warp Server, Backoffice, Adobe Exchange, Lotus Notes, MS SMS, Outcome: Successful Associates: 10 Personnel management: self-responsible Dimension: 1500 user, 300 applications Customer: vgh Hannover Thema: Prototyping, Application tests, scripting Function: Scripting, application tests, 1st & 2nd level support, trouble shooting, training Tools: W9x Clients, Warp Server, W2K Server, Visual Rexx Outcome: Successful seminars, successful scripting Associates: 3 Personnel management: Trainer, self-responsible Dimension: ca. 100 Applikationen, 9 Seminare : ++49 (0)511/ : ++49 (0)171/ : ++49 (0)511/ Page 12 of 14 07/ / / /1998 Successful finish 11/ / / /1997 Successful finish 09/ / / /1996 Very successful Customer: Sparkasse Wuppertal Thema: Software Distribution, Change Management, C/S, Notes Entwicklung, Scripting Function: Rexx scripting, Lotus Notes application developement, LAN management, remote installation, remote administration, software distribution, Warp Server, rollout Tools: OS/2, Warp, IBM LAN Netview DM/2, Tivoli, CID, Lotus Notes 3.5 Outcome: Completel
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