JOB INTERVIEW. 5. Each participant s cover letter, résumé and application will be the result of his or her own efforts. - PDF

JOB INTERVIEW PURPOSE The Oregon FFA Job Interview Career Development Event is designed for FFA members to develop, practice and demonstrate skills needed in seeking employment in the agricultural industry.

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JOB INTERVIEW PURPOSE The Oregon FFA Job Interview Career Development Event is designed for FFA members to develop, practice and demonstrate skills needed in seeking employment in the agricultural industry. Each part of the event simulates real world activities that will be used by real world employers. OBJECTIVES Participants in this career development event will become proficient in the following areas: 1. Develop documents supporting them as professional business men and women within the agricultural industry 2. Understand how to articulate their strengths and abilities to potential employers 3. Gain and strengthen public speaking abilities RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. The contest will be held on the chapter, district, sectional, sub-state, and state levels.. Each district may submit the top three (3) contestants to the sectional contest. The top three (3) sectional contest winners will compete in the sub-state contest held at the State FFA Convention. The top six (6) contestants from the sub-state contest will compete in the state contest at the State FFA Convention. No awards will be presented at the sub-state contest. 2. The student contestant, at the time of his or her participation, must be: (l) a high school student. A graduating senior is considered eligible to compete in state and national contests up to and including the first National FFA Convention following high school graduation. (2) Enrolled in at least one agriculture education course with a supervised experience program, the objective of which is the establishment in an agricultural occupation. 3. The first place state winner shall have first right to represent Oregon at the National FFA Convention. A member representing the state association may participate in the National Job Interview CDE only once. 4. All Job Interview CDE participants will be in official FFA dress. 5. Each participant s cover letter, résumé and application will be the result of his or her own efforts. 6. Participants shall be ranked in numerical order on the basis of the final score to be determined by each judge without consultation. The judges ranking of each participant then shall be added, and the winner will be that participant whose total ranking is the lowest. Other placings will be determined in the same manner (low point score method of selection). EVENT FORMAT A. EQUIPMENT Students are allowed to bring the following items into the event: Writing Utensils Blank Paper Resume Cover Letter List of References B. ACTIVITIES 1. The event is developed to help participants in their current job search (for SAE projects, part-time and fulltime employment). Therefore, the cover letter, résumé and references submitted by the participant must reflect their current skills and abilities and must be targeted to a job for which they would like to apply. In other words, participants cannot develop a fictitious résumé for a fictitious job. Instead, they are expected to target the résumé towards a real job that they can qualify. Job Interview cover letter and resume must be uploaded to the FFA website two weeks prior to the Friday of State Convention for manuscript scoring. Those missing the deadline will be penalized according the rules of the CDE. All paperwork received more than 1 hour late will receive a 0. All Paperwork for the CDE s listed above will only be scored once and that score will follow the participant throughout the state CDE. Each participant will submit the following no later than 2pm on Friday of State convention delivered to the CDE Coordinator: a. Cover Letter (Points - 100) 1. Fifteen copies of a single spaced 8 1/2 x 11 plain white paper letter of intent. The paper is to be single sided only, typed with no more than ten characters per inch and block justified. 2. Letter is to be addressed to the Superintendent of the Career Development Event and dated for the first day of the event. b. Résumé (Points - 175) 1. Fifteen copies of a single spaced 8 1/2 x 11 plain white paper. The résumé is to be single sided only, typed not to exceed two pages total. Suggested formats can be found in the Greggs Manual. 2. Résumé must be non-fictitious and based upon their work history. 3. Students are to submit three letters of reference. (10 pts each) 2. At the State FFA Career Development Event the following will be completed: a. Application (Points - 50) 1. Students will complete a standard job application on-site, at 2pm on Friday of State Convention. b. Personal Interview (Points - 0) 1. The preliminary round will consist of a 15 minute interview in front of a panel of judges. 2. Students participating in the final round will interview with three separate judges. Each interview will last twenty minutes. PRELIMINARY ROUNDS Seating of the individuals in the preliminary round will be done by the use of the written cover letter and resumescore. The number of indviduals in each flight will be determined prior seating. Order of presentation will be drawn 30 minutes prior to the posted start time at the coach s orientation. TIEBREAKERS Ties will be broken based on a follow-up telephone interview with the judges. A list will be posted near the interview area indicating whether or not a follow-up interview will be required. The interview will take no more than 3 minutes. POINT DEDUCTIONS There will be a 10% reduction made to all cover letters and resumes not turned in on time. If a contestant shows up more than 10 minutes late for the start of the CDE, they will be disqualified unless prior arrangements have been made. Any cover letters, resumes, and references that are more than 1 hour late will be receive a 0. RESULTS TABULATION 1. Each personal interview judge will independently score each contestant using the provided scorecards. 2. Separate judges will score Resume, Cover Letter, and Applications to create a raw score to follow them throughout the contest. 3. At the conclusion of the final interview the contest coordinator will provide a spreadsheet with resume, cover letter, and application scores provided. Judges will then insert their personal interview scores and total the scores. 4. Based on the total raw score, judges will rank the contestants. 5. With the CDE coordinator create an overall rank, based on the combination of judges rankings. Low score wins. Contestant Personal Interview 0 Resume 175 Cover Letter 100 Application 50 Total Raw Ranking Job Interview Name: Chapter: Cover Letter Composition Possible Points Correct format and stationary 10 Punctuation 10 Grammar 10 Spelling 10 General appearance 10 Composition Sub Total: 50 Content Career goal specified 15 Proper qualifications 35 Content Sub Total: 50 Composition Sub Total: 50 Grand Total: 100 Job Interview Name: Chapter: Employment Application card Possible Points Overall impression 5 Legible 10 Neat 10 Grammar Punctuation Completed accordingly 10 Consistent with résumé 15 Grand Total: 50 Job Interview Name: Chapter: Personal Interview card Possible Points Appearance and courtesy Greetings and introduction Speech Grammar Vocabulary Volume Enunciation Attitude and personality Forcefulness Poise Temperament Sincere Ability to convince or impress interviewer Persuasiveness Self-confidence Knowledge and presentation of abilities Educational experience Occupational experience Reliability Frankness Consistency Accuracy Poise Tact Discretion Questions asked of interviewer Career Objective Degree to which the contestant had determined career objective Conclusion of interview Grand Total: 0 Job Interview Name: Chapter: Résumé card General Appearance Possible Points Presented in proper format 15 Pleasing to the eye 40 Captures interest Layout Easily read Grammar 20 Punctuation Typing Spelling General Appearance Sub Total: 75 Composition Personal data 10 Career objective 10 Educational background 20 Work experience/skills 20 Special experiences, activities, honors 10 Letters of Recommendation (10pts each) 30 Composition Sub Total: 100 Grand Total: 175 Job Interview For Tie Breaker Name: Chapter: Telephone Interview card Possible Points Introduction 22 Initiative 22 Communicated Effectively 26 Exhibited Ambition and Efficiency 30 Diplomatic and courteous 26 Asked appropriate follow-up questions 24 Grand Total: 150
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