NAME Jay RANK 1 CLAN Isawa EXPERIENCE POINTS SCHOOL Isawa Shugenja INSIGHT 130 (Rings X 10) + Skills Earth

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  N  AME  R  ANK  C LAN  E XPERIENCE  P OINTS S CHOOL   I NSIGHT   (Rings X 10) + Skills S KILL  N  AME R  ANK T RAIT R OLL E MPHASES  & M  ASTERY   A  BILITIES   H ONOR G LORY  S TATUS S HADOWLAND   TAINT  Void Points Spent    S  c   h  o  o   l   S   k   i   l   l Earth S TAMINA  S TRENGTH R EFLEXES  A  GILITY   W  ILLPOWER P ERCEPTION  A   WARENESS I NTELLIGENCE  Air Water  FireVoid  W EAPON  1I NITIATIVE  A  RMOR  TN A  RMOR  W OUNDS R  ATE   OF  W OUND  H EAL  W EAPON  2A  RROWS W OUND  L EVEL  P ENALTIES  T OTAL  C URRENT Jay Isawa Isawa Shugenja 1130 3332223332232  Calligraphy1IntCipher  Theology1Int  Medicine1Int  Meditation1Void  Spellcraft1Int  Hystory1Int  Divination1IntKenjutsu2AgiDefense1Ref 4k3 25 57 15 66666 6 6 77 Katana 5k3 5k2 11  4   A  DVANTAGES P OINTS D ISADVANTAGES P OINTS  P ERSONAL  I NFORMATION S CHOOL  T ECHNIQUES  (N ON - SHUGENJA  )S CHOOL  T ECHNIQUES  (S HUGENJA  )K  ATA  M ISCELLANEOUS  M ECHANICS E QUIPMENT  & P OSSESSIONS  M ONEY  Isawa's Gift FIRE There are no greater masters of the shugenja tradition than those among the Isawa. You gain a Free Raise on all Spell Casting Rolls for spells of the element which you chose as your Affi nity.  E XPANDED  B  USHI  M ECHANICS S CHOOL  T ECHNIQUES S CHOOL  T ECHNIQUES S CHOOL  T ECHNIQUES K  ATA  K  ATA  K  ATA   E XTENDED  S HUGENJA   M ECHANICS S PELLS  & K IHO  Air Earth FireWater Void Spell slots TEMPEST OF AIR 1Air (Thunder) Instantaneou A cone 75’ long and 15’ wide at its end Personal You summon a powerful gust of air emanating from your position that crashes into all in its path, knocking them to the ground. All targets within the area of effect suffer 1k1 Wounds and must make a Contested Roll using their Earth against your Air. Every target that fails suffers Knockdown. Raises: Area (+5’ to the width of the cone), Damage (+1k0), Range (+5’ to the length of the cone), Special (+5 to Air TN against Knockdown per Raise) ARMOR OF EARTH 1 Earth 1 (Battle, Defense) 10 rounds Self Personal This spell infuses the caster’s body with the strength of Earth, weakening the force of any physical or magical attack which strikes him. For the duration of the spell, you gain Reduction in an amount equal to your Earth Ring + School Rank. However, this infusion of Earth slows your movements – your Water is considered 1 Rank lower for purposes of movement while you are under the effects of this spell. Raises: Duration (+2 rounds) FIRES OF PURITY 1Fire 1 (Defense) 1 minute One target25’ This spell, one of the few directly protective prayers involving the Fire kami, asks the kami to protect one person, enveloping the target in a shroud of bright fl ames. Neither the target nor anything he carries takes damage from the spell, but anyone who comes into contact with him or strikes him with a melee attack takes 2k2 Wounds. Anyone the target strikes in melee with an unarmed attack or a weapon he carried when the spell was cast also takes an extra 2k2 Wounds. Anything the target puts down, however, cannot be picked back up without subjecting it to the damage from the spell. Ranged weapons such as arrows bypass this barrier of fi re, dealing Wounds as normal. Raises: Damage (+1k0 per twoRaises) BURNING KISS OF STEEL 1Fire 1 (Battle) 5 minutes One melee weapon in caster’s hand Touch This spell embraces a weapon with fi re, causing it to be larger and more effective. When the spell is cast, a tendril of fi re extends from your hands to engulf your weapon. (If you drop or lose the weapon, the spell effect ends.) This weapon gains a +1k1 bonus to melee attack rolls. The bonus is +2k2 when making attacks against mounted opponents or opponents of larger than human size. Raises: Duration (+2 minutes) ENVIOUS FLAMES 1Fire 1 Instantaneou One target30’ Fire’s most basic power is destruction, and summoned Fire spirits can easily be unleashed on one’s enemies. This spell invokes a single Fire kami, which lances toward the target, hitting unerringly so long as the target is within range. The spell deals 2k2 Wounds. The burns this spell infl icts are quite painful, and if the spell targets a shugenja who is casting a spell, his Willpower roll has a TN of 20 plus the damage dealt, instead of the normal 10 plus damage dealt. Raises: None
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