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- JSE TIOL K Wint Guid Égalmnt offt n fançais amot adows WELCOE Columbia Icfilds Th wint sason in Jasp ational ak is such a bautiful tim to visit. Fom ou snow covd mountain paks to ou lightly dustd fosts,

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- JSE TIOL K Wint Guid Égalmnt offt n fançais amot adows WELCOE Columbia Icfilds Th wint sason in Jasp ational ak is such a bautiful tim to visit. Fom ou snow covd mountain paks to ou lightly dustd fosts, th landscap is a wint wondland awaiting advntu. Whth you njoy snowshoing, skiing, skating, biking o wint walking, th options fo wint activitis a ndlss. Tak you wint activity xpinc to th nxt lvl, and gt out at night to njoy th scond lagst dak sky psv on th plant. ost nights you can look up and s billions of stas dancing ovhad (and if you a lucky, th nothn lights)! Th ya maks Canada s th bithday which mans w will b clbating all ya long! With f pak nty fo th nti ya, w wlcom you and you family to visit us as oftn as you can. Dictoy KS CD JSE IFOTIO CETE Connaught Div pc.gc.ca/jasp pc.gc.ca/jaspwint WITE OUS: OV. - Y 8 Daily : a.m. - : p.m. CLOSED Chistmas Day, oxing Day and w Ya s Day SOCIL EDI Jasp JSE TIL CODITIOS EOT pc.gc.ca/jasptails TOUIS JSE jasp.tavl FIEDS OF JSE TIOL K aps and guid books: findsofjasp.com ESEVTIOS Onlin booking: svation.pc.gc.ca What s Insid? Jasp Townsit 3 Wint dvntus 4 Wint Sightsing ap 6 Tail ap Snowshoing Walking, iking and Skating Coss-county Skiing Downhill and Light Touing Skiing 4 Intptation and Evnts align Vally and Caibou Wint Camping 8 Icfilds akway ap Wint Wildlif Wint Diving Safty 3 GEEL Jasp wath: wath.gc.ca oad conditions: albta.ca EEGECY Dial Cll phons a not always liabl (satllit) Cab 3 Lgnd 8c ighway oad Sconday oad Loos sufac oad (closd to vhicls) aking aking with tailhad Infomation cnt ospital Washoom Disabld accss Dump station Cabin Ck in Ck D D aticia St Valmount Kamloops Vancouv Wint ga ntal Tail mak Easy odat Difficult Swift 8a onhomm St opl a v opl wst aticia St aticia l Wint Ga ntals C D E F G I a Lod v gpol St Connaught Div Willow v 8a Tut St aticia St 8 in v onhomm St 8 8 8c itt v Tonquin St Tut St Slpy ollow d Louis anff Calgay olic/ C align v Connaught D S puc v 3 spn Clos Giki St spn C onhomm St yamid Tut St Clinic Elm v itt v aticia St oad obson St 6 C I E azl v Giki St F yamid oad spn v Collin Cscnt ost Offic G 4 6 Giki st 3 Jasp Townsit onhomm alsam St aticia st V/Tail aking Connaught D spn v Giki St Junip aticia Cicl aticia st Kilomt 86 D Jasp Infomation Cnt Downhill skis Ic clats Snowboads inton Edmonton 4 Old Fot oint oad EDGE COTOL 66 Connaught D ü ü ü ü ü ü FEEWEEL CYCLE 68 aticia St ü ü ü ü GVITY GE 68 aticia St ü ü JSE K LODGE Old Lodg d ü ü ü ü ü UE OUTDOO 63 Connaught D ü ü ü ü ü ü YID LKE ESOT yamid d ü ü ü SOUCE FO SOTS 46 aticia St ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü TOTE SKI SO 48 Connaught D ü ü ü ü ü VICIOUS CYCLE 63 Connaught D ü ü ü Snowshos Fat biks X-county skis Skats lpin touing Splitboads 3 ad down th Icfilds akway Wint dvntus at you fingtips! Ski to Lach Tak you coss-county skis up to th Lach Tail ( S, pag ). Enjoy th stunning viws of ount Kkslin as you ski along gntl olling tain. Walk to Low Sunwapta Falls Enjoy a nic quit walk o snowsho to low Sunwapta Falls ( K, pag ). Obsv th spctacula ic fomations as you walk downstam, a shot.6-km tun tip. Snowsho by a Glaci Stap on th snowshos, lay up and gt up clos and psonal with th magnificnt thabasca Glaci on th To of th Glaci out ( L, pag ). su to chck oad conditions pio to hading out (s pag 3). Caution: This out is not makd. Explo th yamid nch aa gin you jouny by vntuing up th yamid oad which is accssibl fom th townsit. Th a sval tailhads along th way to yamid that off accss to an xtnsiv tail systm pfct fo snowshoing, wint walking and fat biking. Follow th snowsho tail maks and tak off fom yamid to ty th yamid Ovlook Tail (, pag ) o chck out th Edg of th nch Tail (, pag ) and tak in th stunning viws. ik along a v ad out on th d Squil Tail to ig on lly ( D, pag ) by foot, and us th Easy Tail Systm to gt acoss th iv at Old Fot oint. Enjoy viws of th thabasca v, don t fogt th cama! Go fo a Skat! ick up th skats and had to on of ou pictusqu fozn laks. Th a two gat skating inks that a clad fo you to njoy. Expinc iconic yamid ( Q, pag ) o had out to Jasp ak Lodg fo a skat and hot chocolat on ildd (, pag). Discov amot adows Wint ub gat plac to spnd th nti day, amot adows fatus a challnging 4-km goomd coss-county ski tail though th fost (, Q, pag ), an asy loop though th madows, and a wint shlt. On wknds, pak intpts off pogams and activitis aound th campfi, at th taditional tipi and on snowshos. ak Guidlins 4 las spct dog stictions and closus. Do not walk o snowsho on goomd ski tacks. Lav no tac: pack out all of you gabag. thabasca Glaci Wint Sightsing ap Sightsing Oppotunitis Lgnd OCK LKE SOLOO CEEK WILDLD K Infomation cnt Gand Cach Gand aii Scnic oad to laska Camping 4 ackcounty camping ostl Viwpoint inton Edson Edmonton ak Sn oo s E C O LU I p L ak T IS ighway v a sc Sconday oad oadway Sy ocahontas och itt nc lin dg ount Gnock Esplanad ountain a in g Talbot v Snaing l Dlayd accss - closd (s pag ) v Sulphu Skylin yamid o ck oo ak dd Utopia ountain Cinqufoil ountain oad closd in wint Fi y align - 48 km v awk ountain aguad Falls Goomd tail Ja s IT OUT OSO OVICIL K Unmaintaind tail k L JSE TIOL K a th Sn Ovland Falls C ba inc Gog Fot St. Jams inc upt n och ond ount obson ho ound vy con of this 48-km oad you ll find pictusqu scny. Stop at dicin (3 km) to tak in th stunning mountain vistas. Thn continu to th nd of th oad to discov th bathtaking align. Kp you ys pld fo wildlif! ount Colin D ount idgland Valmount Kamloops Vancouv Victo i yamid ountain och onhomm ss a ng tt i a Co F align Canyon iv yamid Co lin v ang a lign V C Yllowhad Jasp Old Fot oint W E ount Tkaa a ng a iv iv a Edith Cavll ount Edith Cavll S thabasca Falls v ald ills ount Kkslin J align T Kkslin W align n v ol po l hi G T alig oi I ount adisty ount accaib Opal ak Whilpool ount Clitho st th sc Y Th ampats ab ba U Wabasso Tonquin Vally Eliz Cuato ountain ha Guidd Tous at align Canyon n Tavl down th Icfilds akway (ighway ), on of th most scnic divs on th plant! Tak in th sual ic fomations at thabasca Falls (3 km) and Sunwapta Falls (4 km), tansfomd by wint into fozn ic sculptus. Continu on to thabasca Glaci aa (3 km), wh you can stap on you snowshos and bak tail blow som of th highst paks in th Canadian ockis. las watch fo wildlif and spct th ducd spd zons along th way. Qu amot t Dlayd ccss Opning Fb dicin Dlayd ccss Opning a E Icfilds akway ighlights - 3 km, 4 km and 3 km S F Signal ountain Wapiti Whistls shot div laving fom th back of town. Stop at aticia to tak in som intptation and stlla viws. Continu a littl futh up yamid oad, and njoy a stoll to yamid Island wh you can gt up clos and psonal with th xquisit yamid ountain. Kp you ys opn fo wildlif along th way! Washooms ak Sn v n ia d In iv d Chais 4 ian Ind Dlayd ccss Opning a icnic aa yamid - km ount Chalton ount Unwin n u Q th b iza El onymoon ount Fyatt dl s sca aba v Cha bba th auty Ck thabasca Falls Tangl dg ount lbta 6 Dlayd ccss Opning a Sunwapta ak Stutfild ak v I oboktan ountain ta T LU v E CO E OVICIL K availabl fom th following companis: Jasp Tou Company: jasptoucompany.com align dvntus: malignadvntus.com SunDog Tous: sundogtous.com dg ap w n Su IS in thabasca v Duing th wint months, align Canyon bcoms a fozn oasis awaiting xploation. Guidd ic walks a L IT align Canyon sc ha K ount azau ng a En Sunwapta Falls ount ay Vaux Kilomts ils Tangl Falls Wilcox ak Stutfild Glaci Icfild Cnt Columbia Icfild (Closd fo wint) L Wilcox thabasca Snow Dom Glaci ount ilda ount ndomda thabasca Ck Saskatchwan Glaci FF TIOL K Louis anff Calgay Waning! oads can b vy slippy o closd duing bad wath. Chck th oad pot at albta.ca o divbc.ca bfo hading out. las not th is no cll phon cption along th align and Snaing oads o th Icfilds akway. Tail ap Wint ctivitis itt ot Spings inton Edmonton Ovland.3 a.8 Sixth idg X Wildlif Only a 8 n ig al y..4 m.6 id nc 3.6 h j h t. j 6b h nc. id ly.4 am y ina s 8 J. V W W yn d a o d (n o v hi cl s ). 8 4a D Infomation cnt (6 m) Old Fot oint ( m) Flatpackd tail Ic skating Goomd tail.8 Tlphon ostl ospital Lookout icnic sit th Kitchn shlt sca aba 4 J Wildlif Only a c Whistls oad Tail mak Unmaintaind tail Camping. ount obson, inc Gog, Kamloops and Vancouv. itt v aking with tailhad Jasp.. Loos sufac oad (closd to vhicls) aking.8 ajoi ighway oad Lac. auvt Cabin... 8 C Lgnd ach K D. 8c dicin align 4g nntt 4d L Cottonwood Slough oad ach a. 8. b. 6 lign 3.3. a f. Edith F.4. align Canyon.6. aticia c as v a o lign ad Fifth idg ab. ya mid Ta il Q a b g 3. yamid Wildlif Only a a iv yamid Island stauant v. Whistls d Chais Distanc mak Wildlif Only a Distanc 3.3 C o bicycls allowd Easy Wapiti Q odat Difficult amot adows Wildlif a - closd to human us fil Ic ds ay kw a Sha th tails a T U.6 Y Wabasso Campgound kilomts ils.. S amot asin and Edith Cavll 8. Fist ak Gat. Icfilds akway Columbia Icfild, Louis, anff and Calgay E a. a b. Fifth. Wabasso ( km) Snowshoing Walking, iking and Skating gat way to gt th whol family out! Inspiing th xploation of untackd titoy, snowshoing is on of wint s most accssibl activitis. With such a vaity of wint aas, Jasp is th pfct plac to xplo and cat you own psonal advntus. it th tails fo a snowy hik! ak you way to on o all six of ou d chai locations thoughout th pak (visit pc.gc.ca/jaspdchai). op on a fat bik fo a mo cuisy id aound ou asily accssibl tail ntwok and skat to you hat s contnt on ou pictusqu fozn laks. align nntt Easy odat Difficult Easy odat Difficult Tail and ctivitis Distanc Dsciption aps YID EC Tail and ctivitis Distanc Dsciption aps WITE WLKIG Edg of th nch 4. km tun Enjoy spctacula townsit viws.. Jasp Discovy Tail 8.3 km loop n intptiv loop tail with bautiful town viws.. C yamid Ovlook. km tun loop tail with tmndous viws.. Vil, Doothy, Chistin s 8.6 km tun bautiful fostd tail with gat lak viws.. 6, OELY OESTED D obly adows LIGE VLLEY E F G I Vaiabl laz you own tail in a wid opn madow and xplo histoic buildings. dicin 3 km tun Follow th laksho fo bautiful opn viws.. 6 av 4 km tun chaming fostd tail with lak viws.. 6 oos Loop ay Schäff Loop.6 km loop 3. km loop This tail will tak you though scnic fost, ov an old landslid and to oos. bautiful loop to a scnic viwpoint looking down align ,. 6, Upp oos Loop 6 km loop Tavl though fost thn down to th lak.. 6, ICEFIELDS KWY J K L thabasca Falls v Tail km tun Tavl along th upp sction of th thabasca v offing gat viws of ount Kkslin.. 6, 3 Low Sunwapta Falls.6 km tun Walk along th iv to a st of stunning falls.. 6- To of th Glaci out.4 km tun ig nd.6 km tun agnificnt viws of th massiv thabasca Glaci. fostd tail with phnomnal viws of Dagon ak and suounding mountains C D E F Lac auvt Loop 3.4 km loop loop tail aound a lak with spctacula viws.. Wapiti Campgound Vaiabl options fostd tail with viws of th thabsaca v.. d Squil to ig on lly.6 km loop loop with vaid tain along th thabasca v.. Vally of th Fiv s 4. km loop loop tail with a sis of bautiful fozn laks.. align Canyon Vaid out options Walk along th top of th canyon.. 6, FT IKIG J K L Cabin Fi oad Woodpck / Tail 4 yamid Tail-Cottonwood Slough (4) to yamid sot () ina-cabin Loop 6.8 km tun 3.6 km loop 8 km tun.3 km tun faily modat id out to Cabin and back with panoamic viws. Flat-packd by Faimont, this loop tavls though gntly olling tain fom Jasp ak Lodg to nntt and back. This cuisy tail climbs stadily to bautiful yamid. Sctions of dmanding tain and scnic viws on th wst nd of yamid nch. Tail 8 to 8c 8. km loop Gat tain fo xpincd ids.. ICE SKTIG Q ildd ppox. km loop ad out to Jasp ak Lodg and skat on stunning ildd. yamid ppox.. km loop Skat on iconic yamid Wilcox Viwpoint 4 km tun shot climb to an incdibl viw of th thabasca and Dom glacis.. 6- Coss-County Skiing amot adows Wint ub!!! Icfilds!! thabasca v akway!!!. km.4 km. km!!! CUTIO! Stp ill. km Gooming subjct to constuction closus and hazad t moval. CECK TIL EOT FO UDTES.. km Gat.6 km. km. km Q CUTIO! Stp ill 3. km amot adows Jasp offs up a gat mix of coss-county ski tails with somthing fo vyon. lax with th whol family and tak in th vistas on a casual ski aound on of ou asy campgound tails o gt you hat pumping up on of ou stplyascnding fi oads. Whilpool and thabasca Falls Wint ub U Whilpool Wint ub Wabasso Campgound Easy odat Difficult 3.6. Tail and ctivitis Distanc Dsciption aps OT EDOWS WITE U Whistls Loop Vaiabl options Fostd loop though th campgound. Tackstting vais du to constuction.. 6,, 3. thabasca v Q un 4 km loop Fostd loop with challnging hills.. 6, 3 WILOOL WITE U Lach 4. S Whilpool Tail 4 km tun Gntl tain with iv viws.. 6, 3 S Lach Tail 8.4 km tun autiful mountain and lak viws.. 6, 3 TSC FLLS E T U V W X Y Galdin oad OTE ES.8 km tun Winding, challnging oad with som viws. Elvation gain: 3 m. Dogs allowd on Fyatt accss Wabasso Campgound 3.6 km loop Gntl tain along th iv. Vaiabl loops.. 6 Dcoign Vaiabl options Opn madows with olling tain.. 6 iplin km tun Gntl tain with subtl ups and downs.. 6 yamid Fi oad km tun stp climb with nic viws. Elvation gain: m Cavll oad 3. km tun stp climb with stunning viws. Opns Fb , 3. yamid Tail Etiqutt Skis going downhill hav th ight-of-way. Kp to th ight whn mting oncoming skis. Whn sting o visiting, mov off th tail. Whn passing say tack plas and pass on lft sid. oab 3. Lgnd ighway oad Unmaintaind tail Easy odat Difficult aking 3.8 o dogs Dogs allowd Distanc mak Washooms Camping Shlt T 3.8. thabasca Falls J 3 Downhill and Light Touing Skiing Intptation and Evnts 4 Six ass Downhill Jasp offs up spctacula oppotunitis fo all ski nthusiasts. Whth you into caving up smooth coduoy uns at th ski hill o njoying th quit solitud of light backcounty touing, th pak is you oyst fo xploation! OT SI With shot lin-ups, wid opn goomd uns, high alpin bowls and dy powdy snow, amot asin offs wold class skiing and snowboading in th hat of th pak. Sitting at an lvation of,68 m with a vtical dop of 4 m, amot has a vaid ang of tain fo all abilitis. Ski lssons offd. Visit: skimamot.com Light Touing Gt off th batn path and go ski touing in th pak. Gliding acoss th snow on skis is on of th bst ways to xplo Jasp s untackd tails. Fom shot to full day tips, tak in bathtaking viws as you wind you way along vally bottoms and ov gntl olling tain. Fo th kn advntu, ty spnding a winty night at on of ou uniqu wint camping dstinations. LIGT TOUIG S Easy odat Difficult T Tail and ctivitis Distanc Dsciption aps Summit s ig nd.6 km tun 4 km tun Tapp Ck out 3.4 km tun Tips fo planning a light backcounty tip Visit th Jasp Infomation Cnt. Familiaiz youslf with tail infomation bfo stating. Choos a tail suitabl fo you goup. Chck wath focast and tail conditions. Do not tavl alon. Tll sombody wh you a going, whn you ll b back and who to call if you don t tun. ppad fo suddn wath changs. Tails a not patolld us thm at you own isk. Old oad with gntl olling tain. Enjoy bathtaking lak viws. Fostd tail that lads to stunning viws. Option to wint camp. Ski to iddn Cov Campgound (. km on way) o had south and tun along th lak. Infomation , Fo alpin touing and mountain safty visit: paksmountainsafty.ca Daily avalanch bulltin: pc.gc.ca/avalanch aks Canada Visito Safty: EEGECY: Call Dak Sky sv On ach 6, th oyal stonomical Socity of Canada (SC) officially dsignatd Jasp ational ak as a Dak Sky sv. That mans th pak maks a spcial commitmnt to potct and psv th night sky and duc light pollution. amot adows Wint ub Join us at amot adows Wint ub just south of Whistls Campgound on ighway fo activitis, advntu and intactiv laning. You can ski on you own thn join an intpt aound th fi fo stois. lso, ty you hand at nw skills lik making a fi with flint and stl o cooking bannock on a stick. taditional tipi wlcoms you to th madows and povids th stting fo Indignous pogams and cultual tachings. Enjoy a vaity of pogams, including wildlif tacking wh you will do a bit of hiking o snowshoing whil tying out som of th pak s tlmty quipmnt. In th vning, ty a guidd dak sky snowsho hik. ogams and activitis will b offd vy wknd btwn Januay ach 6,, gnally fom : a.m. 3: p.m. and in th vning at : p.m. Chistmas olidays Dc., - Jan., fom : a.m. 3: p.m: w will b on sit vy day with fisid stois and activitis. : p.m: join us nightly fo a Dak Sky ogam and wam dinks aound a cackling campfi. Visit us at amot adows fo a w Ya s Ev Dak Sky Evnt on Dcmb 3. Jasp Dak Skis In fall and wint pak intpts off dak sky pogams that highlight th impotanc of maintaining ou dak sky status fom both light duction pspctiv and fo th bnfit of Jasp s noctunal citts. nntt Did you know? Encompassing ov, km, Jasp ational ak is th scond lagst dak sky psv in th wold! Evnts Jasp in Januay dvntu Wk (Jan. ): Fatuing cosscounty skiing, snowshoing, fat biking and advntu inspid activitis and pogams at amot adows. pptits Wk (Jan. ): Ty you hand at cooking ov th campfi at amot adows. annock, s mos and lots mo yum! ts Wk (Jan. ): Join us fo a sis of ats and cafts wokshops at amot adows in th tipi and wint shlt. Fbuay and ach Chck out th pogams offd vy wknd that hlp you lan to lov wint, and ou xtndd pogamming fo Family Day wknd. OTE: Chck onlin at pc.gc.ca/jasp-intptation fo a dtaild pogam schdul. Woodland Caibou and align Explo align Vally Th caibou that call Jasp ational ak hom migat btwn th alpin (abov tlin) and subalpin (just blow tlin) fosts in spons to sasonal changs. This is bcaus thy lik it cold and snowy. tu wint spcialist, woodland caibou s lag snowsho hoovs, wam fu and ability to suviv on a dit of lichn hlp thm avoid pdatos by staying high in th mountains though wint. owv, on of th thats to caibou a packd tails that lad into thi habitat, as thy allow pdatos to accss aas thy would not hav tavlld to othwis. hoto:. adly Woodland caibou inhabit som of th most scnic alpin landscaps of th mountains in Wstn Canada, including Jasp s align gion. Jasp ational ak is hom to fou distinct hds of woodland caibou whos habitats a found in th nothn angs of th pak, in th Tonquin ang, and in th align-azau angs. This last hd uss th high lvation aas na align as pat of thi habitat. Woodland caibou populations hav bn stadily dclining and thy a considd a Spcis at sk. s a lad in consvation, aks Canada is taking action to potct thm, at align and lswh in th pak. You can hlp too! t align :. Fom ovmb to Fbuay 8, njoy th opn, low lvation tails opn ya-ound, such as th ay Schäff Loop, oos loops and Tapp Ck out.. ft Fbuay 8, whn th snowpack hadns natually and tails packd by humans bcom lss of an advantag to pdatos such as wolvs, you a wlcom to had up to ald ills (this is avalanch tain b ppad). align 4 ad 6 o 8 oos Loop n La k 8 8 ig G al oos Tonquin Vally, azau and oth Jasp:. ccss is dlayd fom ovmb until Fbuay fo th Tonquin Vally, and until Fbuay 8 fo th azau and oth Jasp. Upp oos Loop I T Icfilds akway:. Fom south of Sunwapta Falls though to auty Ck ostl, a ducd spd zon is in ffct fom Fbuay ay. Caibou a sn h vy ya. Div with ca. Shadd aas a opn fo wint xploation aft Fbuay 8. ay Schäff Loop ald ills Gab you snowshos and had up to ith dicin ( E, pag ) o align ( G, and I, pag ) to xplo th pacful winty landscap. Enjoy som gat bginn snowsho tails o, if th lak is safly fozn, xplo th sholin and tak in th suounding wid opn viws. Loain dicin and align ona 8 align Visit fozn watfalls and sual ic fomations at align Canyon ( F, pag ), just a shot tn-minut div fom town. Guidd ic walks a availabl fom local tou companis (s pag 6) o, if you fl lik taking it up a notch, ty ic climbing with a ctifid mountain guid. Opal ills sp Ja Dlayd ccss align Canyon Tapp Ck out To lan mo visit: pc.gc.ca/caibou Wint Camping CGOUDS D SEVICES JSE Elctical Sani Dump Flush Toilts it Toilts Wapiti Wint Oct. - ay 4 Shows Fipit Cooking Shlt Dinking Wat Disabld ccss OE DTES FEES UE OF SITES $3.3* $.4 4 with lc.* 4 tnt Whilpool Dc. - pil $. tnt-6 V FF Tunnl t. Villag II Opn ya ound $ Louis Tail Opn ya ound $3.3 8 Camping sason dats a appoximat; plas confim at infomation cnts pio to hading out. Sits a availabl on a fist-com, fist-svd basis, so aiv aly. ll wint campgounds a slf-gistation. Daily fi pmits cost $8.8 xta. Camping pmittd in dsig
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