Jaroslav BÁBA. (high jump) Sokol Kolín-atletika. 2.28i Hustopeče , 2.28 Budapest high jump. achievements. - PDF

:36 Stránka 34 Kateřina ŠAFRÁNKOVÁ Jaroslav BÁBA (hammer throw) (high jump) born: born: Kolín Karviná club: Sokol Kolín-atletika club: TJ Dukla Praha coach: coach: Jiří JanTuček,

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:36 Stránka 34 Kateřina ŠAFRÁNKOVÁ Jaroslav BÁBA (hammer throw) (high jump) born: born: Kolín Karviná club: Sokol Kolín-atletika club: TJ Dukla Praha coach: coach: Jiří JanTuček, JankůStanislav (elderly) Pluhař PB: throw / PB:hammer high jump i/, 2.36/ : throw Praha :hammer high jump 2.28i Hustopeče , 2.28 Budapest high jump hammer throw WJ OG 2004Beijing Athína- -HT/11 HJ/3 WJ OG Bydgoszcz Beijing - HJ/6 - HT/2 EU23 WCh 2003 Kaunas Paris - HJ/11 - HT/2 EJ WCh Hengelo Helsinki - HT/2 - HJ/5= WCh Ósaka - HJ/8 WCh Berlin - HJ/5 WI 2003 Birmingham - HJ/9 WI 2004 Budapest - HJ/3= WI Valencia - HJ/9 WI Doha - HJ/Q EI Madrid - HJ/4 EI Torino - HJ/Q EU23 Erfurt - HJ/1 WJ 2002 Kingston - HJ/8 EJ 2003 Tampere - HJ/1 WY 2001 Debrecen - HJ/ i i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, i, 2.28 DDid id yyoouu kknnooww?? In February during a racewill Jaroslav seriously hurt event his ankle reached his did previous The European Championships be the first senior for and Kateřina she high performanceofnot sooner than a year when he managed to get into World Králové, Championships school education and now haslater been studying at the university in Hradec major finals since junior years he trained Ostrava-Vítkovice, he changed Prague Teaching for Kindergarten heinlikes spending time inwith small children, for with smile and on is coached by she Jan says Janků, a father of significant high to jumper Tomáš Janků familytalljanků her face that her back hurts whenczech she bends children, as she is 193cm is related to Jaroslav as his sister is married Jan Janků asked her hobbies are music, she can play thetoflute, pianojr. and guitar about his hobbies, he mentioned watching TV, going to movies :36 Stránka 35 Lucie ŠKROBÁKOVÁ (100 m hurdles) born: Hodonín club: USK Praha coach: Jana Jílková PB: 100 m hurdles / NR : 100 m hurdles Třinec OG 2004 Athína m H/h OG Beijing m H/h WCh Helsinki m H/dns WCh Berlin m H/sf EC 2002 München m H/h EC Göteborg m H/h, 4x100 m/h WI 2004 Budapest - 60 m H/h WI Doha - 60 m H/sf EI 2002 Wien - 60 m H/h EI Madrid - 60 m H/sf EI Torino - 60 m H/2 EU Bydgoszcz m H/sf WJ 2000 Santiago de Chile m H/h EJ 2001 Grossetto m H/3 WY 1999 Bydgoszcz m H/h 100 m hurdles , 13.30w Lucie is the first Czech hurdler to run under 13 seconds outdoor and 8 seconds indoor until she raced under name Martincová, after the divorce she went back to her maiden name she comes from Čejkovice in Moravia, area known for growing wine. She herself is lover of wines, thus she did calendar of interesting photos for her boyfriend s family wine cellar among her hobbies are music, cynology :36 Stránka 36 Barbora ŠPOTÁKOVÁ (javelin throw) born: Jablonec nad Nisou club: TJ Dukla Praha coach: Rudolf Černý PB: javelin throw / WR : javelin throw Roma OG 2004 Athína - JT/Q OG Beijing - JT/1 WCh Helsinki - JT/Q WCh Ósaka - JT/1 WCh Berlin - JT/2 EC 2002 München - JT/Q EC Göteborg -JT/2 EU Bydgoszcz- JT/6 WJ 2000 Santiago de Chile - Hep/4 WUG 2003 Daegu - JT/4 javelin throw new specification Barbora comes from a sports family, her mother, father and brother did athletics she started with this sport at basic school, later on she focused on combined events after her one-year stay in the USA she decided to change the discipline, while making this decision she was influenced by Jan Železný, who told her after European Championships in Munich 2002 she could reach high in this discipline finished Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague three times in a row awarded the best Czech athlete of the year; in became sportsman of the year in the Czech Republic and her world record was announced as the Performance of the world by the IAAF :36 Stránka 37 Michal UHLÍK (400 m hurdles, 4x400 m) born: Praha club: AK Kroměříž coach: Petr Novotný PB: 400 m hurdles / : 400 m hurdles Vila Real de Santo António m hurdles EC Göteborg m H/h, 4x400 m/h EU Amsterdam m H/h, 4x400 m/7 WUG Izmir m H/5 WUG Bangkok m H/ Michal graduated from Czech Technical University, Faculty of Building, major in Roadwork, at this faculty he also works as a teacher body and soul sportsman, likes overcoming barriers, not only athletic ones likes mountains, especially in summer, enjoys discovering undiscovered, watching a good movie besides athletics he follows ice hockey, his favourite team is Montreal Canadiens :36 Stránka 38 Jakub VADLEJCH (javelin throw) born: Praha club: TJ Dukla Praha coach: Rudolf Černý PB: javelin throw / : javelin throw Olomouc javelin throw WJ Bydgoszcz - JT/10 EJ Novi Sad - JT/8 WY Ostrava - JT/ NJR Jakub is a training mate of world record holder Barbora Špotáková he has finished secondary school this year as national junior record holder he was not in shape succeed at junior or youth championships, last two seasons he was throwing very well at their ends (in September) he likes biking, he can do 190 km in a day off-season the youngest athlete of the team :36 Stránka 39 Jan VELEBA (100 m) born: Brno club: Athletic Runners Club Brno coach: Jiří Sequent PB: 100 m / NR : 100 m Pardubice m i, Jan is brand new national record holder at 100 metres beside athletics likes football, which he had played earlier his role model is former world record holder Maurice Greene, Jan has similar running style to Greene s he dreams about running under 10 seconds he likes speed outside of track as well, especially fast cars :37 Stránka 40 Vítězslav VESELÝ (javelin throw) born: Hodonín club: TJ Dukla Praha coach: Jan Železný PB: javelin throw / : javelin throw Olomouc javelin throw OG Beijing - JT/12 WCh Berlin - JT/Q WJ 2002 Kingston - JT/ Vítězslav improved his personal best this season by five meters with a single throw and was leading world season s top lists he made a great progress under Jan Železný s guidance he trains with other elite javelin thrower, Petr Frydrych :37 Stránka 41 Jiří VOJTÍK (200 m, 4x400 m) born: Praha club: PSK Olymp Praha coach: Miroslav Zahořák PB: 200 m / : 200m Praha m OG 2004 Athína m/h OG Beijing m/h EC 2002 München m/q, 200 m/q, (4x400/4, only heat) EC Göteborg m/sf, 4x400/ h WI Doha m/h EI 2002 Wien m/h EI Madrid - 200m/sf EI Birmingham m/sf EU Amsterdam m/h, 4x400 m/7 EU Bydgoszcz m/6, 4x100 dnf WJ 2000 Santiago de Chile m/sf EJ 1999 Riga m/h WUG 2003 Daegu m/3 WUG Izmir m/sf, 4x400 m/h WUG Beograd - 200m/sf , 22.05w Jiří has been doing athletics for 23 years in single club he finished Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague he likes cars and airplanes, as well as creating their models he owns Smart Fortwo in a violent pistachio nuts color and visits meetings of cars holders likes carpentry and baking occasionally plays accordion :37 Stránka 42 Kristina VOLFOVÁ (400 m hurdles) born: Praha club: ASK Slavia Praha coach: Petr Novotný PB: 400 m hurdles / : 400 m hurdles Pardubice EU23 Kaunas m H/sf EJ Hengelo m H/sf 400 m hurdles Kristina has been studying Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, specialization PE & Sports with Biology until 15 years of age she had been doing figure skating and skiing at competitive level she likes to travel, especially to hotter countries as a hobby she plays guitar, likes sports, her dog and leading group of kids in her home club :37 Stránka 43 Antonín ŽALSKÝ (shot put) born: Jilemnice club: USK Praha coach: PB: shot put /2004 : shot put Pardubice OG 2004 Athína - SP/Q WCh Ósaka - SP/Q WCh Berlin - SP/Q EC 2002 München - SP/Q EU Amsterdam - SP/Q WJ 1998 Annecy - DT/Q EJ 1999 Riga - DT/5 shot put Antonín is not a professional athlete, trains by himself and after work Uses spin technique does discus very well, can throw up to 60 metres he s two metres high, when he sleeps well
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