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.J.- A- ) ;f-n.~.-_.7 k~ -c-- ~ r,. '~.( «.../ one los .. THIUE SUTTON P'LACI October 21,1947 At the sugceation of llas Kar7 Vail Andress I am enclosing these leaflets about the Franco-jaerican Uuseum at Blerancout, Aisne. Kiss Korean bad hoped to have an opportunity to tell you of the c reat desir e of llcmaieur JauJard Director of the Rational Ius~ of France to secure a buat,or else a portrait for the Blerancourt collection in which he 1s deeply interested 1 of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. low llss Uorcan s serious illness aakea her personal plea 1apoaaible so I aa writinc as Secretary of tho American Frienda of Prance to ask your cooperation in thia matter. The Uuseua which lisa Korean helped round after the f irst ~orld ar is a unique and most interastinc expression ot Franco-American fr1andsh1pthe collections include souvenirs of t he American Revolution and that period-latarette,rochambeau, Washington,Franklin and John Paul Jonea. It has a special Sa l le l efferson. The war of bas a moat c o~prehanaive show:ng or the French andamericana who pl&jed an important part in those years. Monsieur JauJard is now conoantrat inc onthe third pbaae where French and Aulerican relations bave been s o vital ly' important and he is especially anxious to have a portrait of y~u r husband who was so outatandinc 1n his development of the hi ghest type of friendshi p between t he two countri es. Sincerely yours Urs.FranKliA Delane Roosevelt 29 Washington Cquare Wes t enclosures I:? }).,:_,._7 '+ ' K._ f'p,~ Cecretary to llss Uorgan , TWO THOUSAND YEARS In that small triangle, made by Soiuons, Chouny and loon, lies the heon of fronce4 Here, on the some spot, more than two thousand years of.sttuggle, romance, life and death hove gone into the building of o great republic. loon on its hill top, once the home of cove men, - Soiuons, resplendent under the first Caosors, once tho capitol of f ronce. Here the domain of the Church wot created in tho 3rd cen tury, and on the Chomp de Mon of Soiuons kin9 Clovis mode his obeisance. Religious art reached it a peak ' this region. In all France ore no finer examples of both Roman and Gothic in every stage of evolution. Hero feuda lism Aourished. And of a ll feudal.strongholds none was g reater than the colossal Couey whose embattled towers dominated the countryside for centuries, Couey lo Choteau was built in 12.t2 by Enguor rand Il l and represented tho best military architecture of the Middle Ages. Though practically destroyed by the Germans in the late war, ports of it a re still standing. The king' built France in this territory. The king was the ally of tho people against rho bitter oppression of feudalism. The armies of the king protected the frontiers against droodod northern inva dors. Here notional pride was barn, and lotor, in Camille Oesmoulins and Saint-Just, tho spade. that fired tho french Revolution. Here too was the mo.st comple te dovosrotion of tho lost and greate st war. But once again groin is growing on the vast ond forrilo plateaus, and tho work of restoration continuos as so often before. In the centre of this a reo i.s 816roncourt. I The FRANCO AMERICAN COOP The Choteau de 116roncourt wo.s bui do Gesvres, o favorite of Marie de Me was the Polois du luxembourg in Po ri olf that aurvived of the famous chotec pov111ons and the two monumental ~ oddod tho domogo of rho lost war. Oevottated France with headquarters 1927 rutored t~ e pavilions and one.. conclution of their work in Fronc.e c.re. oil time will commemorate Fronco Am museum is now one of the Mut the Choteau It c louified a s on Histo1 Ministry o f 8eou Arh. In the museum 1 which is open all document.s 1 portraits and souvenirs of I tho 18th century ro rhe prese nt day. In ttl 'Solon Mno Dill.. - In IMI'floty of Mn. MM Mt~tro y 0 \. Dir ctor of th Amoericon COIIWNnee - KMI't nin of th botrl of YCH fttown. of Wo.,.if\gton. f ranlttif\. t.gfoyette. 'toc.hol!'b.ov ond de Crou ~ Two po ntin.g by ' A,. Witt. r pre nting tt.e d potnr oftd ' ' ' of o young french ofnc r to tt!o Amorkon Wor of lndepend nu. A bv1t of John Poul Jone by th fomou tculptor Houdon ond o very lnterettlng and colorful tel of gouo ch ftom the tludlo of Nicolo Hoffmann of French Infantry unl form ot ttl tlme of tho Am ricon R volutlon, In the Solie Lofo yette. ore mopt, poro iro i o wtogro ph 1, coricotvrel ond moi'\)1 hhtoricol.tol.f\'e.-.lr~ of An I So foo ' '...,.;, Ad I Ge Ch FRANCO AMERICAN COOPERATION The Choteau de 818ronc:ourt wos built in the 17th century by Potier de Gesvres, a favorite of Marie de Medicis a nd Henry IV. Its model was the Polois du luxembourg in Paris. After the French Revolution o il that survived of the famous choteau wa s the moot, two mutilated pavilions a nd the two monumental gatos. To this destruction wo.s a dd~d the damage of the lost wor. Ttle American Committee for Devastated France with headquarters at Bl6roncourt from 1917 to 1927 redored t ~e pavilions and one wing of the choteau, and at the conclusion of their work in France created a museum there which for o il time will commemora te franco American cooperation. The museum is now one of the Mus6es Notionaux of France, and the Choteau is classified os an Historical Monument by the french Ministry of Beaux Arts. In the museum. whic:h is open oil the year, o re many valuable / documents, portraits and souvenirs of Franco American rela tions from the 18th tentury to the present day. In the Solon Anne Dike - in memory of M r~. Anne Murrey Oilte, Director o f the Americon Committee - ~ou ve nin of the bohle of Yorktown, of Wo~hin g ton, fron klin, lofoyette, Rochomb ou ond de Graue. Two paintings by P. A. Wille represen ling the departure a nd relwn o f o young french officer to tho Ame rican War of Independence. A bud of John Paul Jones by the fomou~ sculptor Houdon ond a very intere)ting and colorful set of gouo ches, from the ~tudio of Nicolas Hoffmann of french Infantry uniforms at the time o f the American Revolution. In the Solie Lofo ycllc ', are mop~. por l r o its, autographs, caricattrres and mony historical souvenirs of Americo s Wor for Independence. In tho Solie fefferson , memaries of Saint Ju,t the lfevolutionory who come from 6feroncourt ond o f Franco America n relations during the french Rovolu tion with portraits o f Jeffenon, Madison, AdomJ and Jool Bodow. In the Veatibule , pot1raits and sou venin o f the fotnily of lhe Dues de Cesvres and pich;(es of rhe original Ch61eou de 814toncourt. In the '' Povillon of the American Com mihee , oil the fran co American souvenirs of the Wor of , th e collectio n of po rtraih and s et ches by J. F. 6aucho r, recordj ond p hoto groplu of rho Com mittee ond other America n War Work. PARTNERSHIP At Bt~ ronc:ourt and in its surrounding neighborhood, frond and American traditions o re united forever. Here Americ: and Fronc:e stood side by side in the greatest struggle th world has ever known. In February of 1918 the 26th American Division moved intc sector on the plateau between Couty a nd Aniz.y over whicl runs the Chemin des Domes. The first villoge to be token b Americ:ons was Contigny, not far from Compiigne, in May of ' HI Shortly after, Americ:on troops a ided in stopping the Germo1 offensive ot Choteau Thierry. In this d rive, 816ra nc:ourt and a! the territory from Couc:y and Aniry to Noyon, south to Soisson and Choteau Thierry and e ast to Reims hod been retaken b the Germans. In June come the battle of Belleau Wood wher1 the U. S. Morine fought o gallantly. In the flnol Allied Offensive the 1st, 2nd, 4th ond 32n Divisions were with General Mangin and the Ffenc:h Tent Army, between the Aisne and Marne. Soissons was retake August 2nd. From then on the Allied Armies continually progre: sed. The 32nd Division, seeing almost constant action until th Armistice, contributed to the retaking of Couc:y. While forthe to the east Fronte and Americ;o were shoring tho terrific fightin in the Argonne, ot St. Mihiel and Verdun. The Americ:on CommiHee, stationed o t Ble rancourt, was fofc:e to evac:uote dufing the German advance in '18. They returne os soan as the village was liberated and began again theirwor of building up the morale, creating health, soc:ial and ogricu ltur( c:enters, and restoring to o people, ravaged by four yeor s unbelievable suffering, their will and interest to start o new lift A DAY'S TOUR 0 This land of Picardie, lie de france and the Aisne, Is of fascinating interest. M otoring from Paris by way of Senlis (or Chantilly) tho rood leads through Crepy en Volois to Pie rre fonds, where the impressive Cho teau o f tho Middle Ages recreated by Viollet lo Due during tho Third Empire, rowers on the hill above the ancient village. One cont nues to Compiigne mode famous by the kings of france and Napoleon, and ' Compiegne's glorious forest one still may see or Rethondes, the wagon of Morechol foch where t he A rmijti e was signed. The rood goes on by way of Choisy au Boc ond Cuts to 81erancourt. By this time it is noon and one is very gro reful for the excellent luncheon sef'\led out doors or in the charming l ogis on the grounds of the Choteau de B roncourt. (Noyon, occupied by the Germans for over th ree years, the birthplace of Colvin, 12 kilometres from Bleroncourt). After luncheon one makes o tour of the M us6e and t he rose gardens before leaving for Couey. Hero is the celebrated feudal ruin o f Couc;y l e Choteau and a marvelo us view from the hill rop. (loon 28 kilometres). The rood lhen descends to Soiuons, if there is rime, by way of Anizy and the Chemin des Dames. Soiuons seems to hove sprung miroculoutly from its ruin, but its Cathedral is still o grim sign of war and devos lotion. It was at Scissons that one of tho first American has p tols was instituted. From Scissons one goes on to Choteau Th1erry, Belleau Wood and reaches Paris by woy of Meaux. THE LOGIS As one enters I he main gateway of I he Choteau de 816ran. court, the stone building on the rig.ht with flower gardens and inviting blue doors is the logis. Here luncheon and teo ore served under the horse Chestnut trees on the brood terrace. The chorming solons and dressing rooms of the logls ore a lso open to the public, but its attrac-tive bed-rooms ore reserved e xclusively for the use of 11 Les Amis du Mus'e do 816roncourt , o French Society, (roconnue d'utilite publique), with o French a nd American membership, organized to promote the g rowth a nd development of the museum. MemberJ of Les Am is or their guests may stop over night, spend o week end or remain still longer at Bl6roncaurt which oftords opportunity to make worth while lours in every direc-tion, os well as to rest ond e njoy the quiet beauty of rural France. The Logis is open from May through October, the Museum all the 1eor. There is o stone go rage on the grounds for the conventence of motorists. l'llcls ~ - '' - ~ - JO h!juo._ '',..!10. ' C~ f 10,._ - - ' Ln Alrdt 4w ~ ~ '1 n..._...c ,_~..,.,.s..._,.,..u... ~~cm_., o\4;... 1,..,...,,...,., _.. t~l'loot. ... .... ~.,.,_., 4DMIHIJTU TM)N ' COMMmU: ON.vdl ICAN U l AfiOMS M. ' (t ttf... ' tl~... M 1: 1 a... ct., M.iu AIM ~ - ~ I ljoftch IUc,. cl lola w. l. v.~ T roin Serv ce : r,.,,..... '» Ge de t'ord *,..o.,ei'o.,... loe ' llh.iic... n lko -.to lf'e1110 h.ll l n H riwi f61 ' no of J II 40 ~ ' to.l c.lfo ot I ~ 1 S-.-.
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