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ISSUESEVEN Happy Birthday Your Majesty Aen Bouan Jour dé Naissaence à Vote Majestaï FOREWORD Welcome to Issue 7 of our Townie magazine from your New Profile Committee. We ve sadly said goodbye to Rob

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ISSUESEVEN Happy Birthday Your Majesty Aen Bouan Jour dé Naissaence à Vote Majestaï FOREWORD Welcome to Issue 7 of our Townie magazine from your New Profile Committee. We ve sadly said goodbye to Rob Grant who had been our Chair since the outset of the magazine in 2013 who has retired as a Douzenier. Thank you Rob for all your hard work, we wish you the very best with your future volunteering and many congratulations on your appointment as the new Chair of The Friends of The Priaulx Library. We also say thank you to Mike Garrett who was with us last year. The new team has some familiar faces, other founding members of the Townie team; Keith Pike who is now our chair, Richard Harding and Neil Forman. Jacquie Robin who joined the team in January 2014 and Mary McDermott who joins us this year as well as one of our recently appointed Douzeniers, Pauline Fath. Issue 7 has gone to print later than normal for the first of our two publications of the year, to enable us to include the photos and details of our new St Peter Port Deputies who have recently been appointed to serve for the next four years. We wish them all the very best for the job ahead. The last few months have been a very busy time for the parish, and the island, with the general Pauline Fath election of new Deputies, with many former Deputies either standing down or losing their seats. We welcome the new members of the States and look forward to them attending monthly Douzaine meetings, and representing our parish interests in forthcoming States debates. Looking ahead, in this edition of the Townie we have great articles on a variety of subjects including; The Guernsey Donkey, Martyrs Memorial and A Regimental Bear. But as always, we would like to hear from any parishioners who may have interesting articles that they would like to see included, or to receive any comments and feedback on the magazine. We hope you enjoy this edition of the magazine and look forward to what we hope will be a great summer. Townie Sub-Committee Townie Sub-Committee (from left to right): Neil Forman, Mary McDermott, Jacquie Robin, Richard Harding and Keith Pike Issue 7 - July 2016 Townie Sub-Committee: Keith Pike, Neil Forman, Richard Harding, Jacquie Robin, Mary McDermott, Pauline Fath Design/Production: Stuart Duquemin - HS Design Printers: Melody Press Printers Cover photograph courtesy of Chris George THANKS We would like to thank all those who kindly contributed articles also the Island Archives and Museums services and the Priaulx Library for their support. DISCLAIMER The Constables and Douzaine have no knowledge of the source or credibility of any information given in the articles by guest authors and printed in this issue of the Townie magazine, the information supplied by them is researched of their own accord. The Constables and Douzaine accept the written articles in good faith and do not accept responsibility for any errors, misquotes or misinformation contained within. The Townie 1 INTRODUCTION BY THE CONSTABLES Dennis Le Moignan (Constable) Flat 4, Le Mont de Val, Vauvert, St. Peter Port, GY1 1NJ. Tel: In office until as Constable and as Douzenier. Chair of Advisory, Moorings and Streams Committees. Member of Island Emergency Planning and Street Lighting Committees. La Mare de Carteret High School Representative. Nominal member of all other committees. This is a year of changes. February saw the appointment of our new Governor, Vice Admiral Ian Corder, who until the beginning of June was the UK representative to NATO and the European Union. In April we had the Island Election for Deputies. This produced a few surprises, along with an improved balance between male and female Deputies. The Douzaine as always were heavily involved in running the polling stations and the count. We say a big thank you to those members of the public who gave up their time to help us. We welcome two new Douzeniers, Mrs. Lisa Vahey and Ms. Pauline Fath, who were elected at the Parish Meeting in April and look forward to working with them. Repairs to our Parish Church are ongoing, as happens with an old building with repairs to windows and the installation of a new stainless steel oil tank, which was a major job. At Candie Cemetery the eastern wall is causing concern and a structural engineer has confirmed that one section of it is in danger of collapse. The area is cordoned off while investigative work is carried out before major repairs take place. In May, I was honoured to be invited as Senior Constable to be presented to HRH the Duke of Kent, when he came to Guernsey on a visit to the Lifeboat Station. The Constables are also members of the Douzaine. Jenny Tasker (Constable) 12 Belmont Rise, Les Croutes, St Peter Port, GY1 1PZ Tel: In office until as Constable and as Douzenier. Member of Baubigny Schools, Island Emergency Planning, Advisory, Moorings and Streams Committees. Nominal member of all other committees. The Queen s Birthday celebration lunch at the Model Yacht Pond on Saturday 11 June will be an enjoyable occasion for the older members of the community and then in the afternoon for the youngsters who will have the opportunity to take part in various games and activities. The Guernsey Press has had the application form for the parishioners whom we look forward to seeing for their lunch. It is the time of year when the St. Peter Port Floral group continues to work hard to ensure that the Parish s entry for Britain in Bloom does everyone proud. The judging takes place on Saturday 6 August and we look forward to everyone making an effort to be the best we can. Prior to that there will be the Parish s own competitions which always ensure that businesses and public buildings entries as well as private gardens are a joy to behold and make such a difference to the ambience of the Town. Our thanks to all those who assist in this event. We are still awaiting information about the Waste Strategy and how it will impact on us all in St. Peter Port, but the new Committees of the States involved will need to fully explain where we have got to and how progress will be made. In the last half of June the Douzeniers will be checking hedges and streams. We hope that all occupiers will carry out their obligations under the Law in due time and that they will also make sure that any cuttings are properly disposed of. Your Constables and Douzaine seek to serve you all, doing our best to meet the needs of the Parish. The Townie 2 CONTENTS Foreword... 1 Introduction by the Constables... 2 Contents... 3 Your parish Douzeniers... 4 Your parish Deputies... 5 What is happening in the office... 6 The law regarding hedges and streams... 8 Guernsey French phrases you need... 9 The Queen s Birthday Celebrations in St Peter Port Floral Committee update Keep Guernsey Green Award The German defences of St Peter Port You can call us La Frog if you like, we don t mind! Randall s of Guernsey What s on The changing face of St Peter Port A regimental bear A message from our Latvian representative Brockhurst Open Day The Guernsey Donkey Private Michael Thomas Sarre POW Tommy s Treasure Guernsey Scottish Association The Queen Victoria Statue Deutsche in Guernsey St Peter Port - As described by Victor Hugo Guernsey martyrs remembered Parish information The Townie 3 DOUZENIERS Christine Goodlass (Dean) Tel: In Office until Douzaine Council Representative. Member of the Lighting Committee. Member of the Advisory Committee. Amherst and Vauvert Primary Schools Representative. Rhoderick Matthews (Vice Dean) Tel: In Office until Chair of Waste Management Committee Member of Advisory and Amenities Committees. Baubigny Schools Representative. Katina Jones Tel: In Office until Coordinator of Floral Group, Chair of Floral Committee. Amherst and Vauvert Primary Schools Representative. Barry Cash Tel: In Office until Member of Amenities, Advisory and Emergency Planning Committees. Keith Pike Tel: In Office until Chair of Profile Committtee. Member of Island Emergency Planning and Streams Committees. John Sarre Tel: In Office until Chair of Christmas Lights Committee. Member of Streams and Waste Management Committees. Neil Forman Tel: In Office until Deputy Chair of Waste Committee and Member of Profile Committee. Richard Harding Tel: In Office until Deputy Chair of Profile Committee. Member of Waste Management Committee. Jacquie Robin Tel: In Office until Chair of Street Lights Committee, Deputy Chair of Christmas Lights Committee and Member of Profile Committee. Danielle Sebire Tel: In Office until David Falla Tel: In Office until Chair of the Town Amenities Committee. Mary Mc Dermott Tel: In Office until Member of Waste Management and Profile Committees. Mike Garrett Tel: In Office until Member of Christmas Lights, Profile and Floral Committees. Deputy Guernsey Douzaine Council Representative. Joe Mooney Tel: In Office until Member of Waste and Streams Committees. Rosie Henderson Tel: or In Office until Member of the Floral and Christmas Lights Committees. Chris Blin Tel: In office until Member of Amenities Committee. Lisa Vahey Tel: In Office until Member of Floral and Town Amenities Committees. Pauline Fath Tel: In Office until Member of Profile Committee. The Townie 4 DEPUTIES (NORTH) John Gollop 28 Rosaire Court, Rosaire Apartments, St Peter Port, GY1 1XW Tel: Charles Parkinson 2 Vue de Godfrey, Rue de Vega, St Peter Port, GY1 2JB Tel: Lester Queripel Flat 11, Maison Haro, Mon Plaisir, Green Lanes, St Peter Port, GY1 1TG Tel: Michelle Le Clerc Dulwich, Upper St Jacques, St Peter Port, GY1 1SR Tel: Marc Leadbeater 2, Maison Priaulx, Mon Plaisir, Green Lanes, GY1 1TF Tel: telephone number not supplied DEPUTIES (SOUTH) Peter Ferbrache Les Granges De Beauvoir Manor, Ivy Gates, St Peter Port, GY1 1QT Tel: Jan Kuttelwascher L Hyvreuse House, L Hyvreuse, St Peter Port, GY1 1UY Tel: Dawn Tindall 2 Clos De Bas, Green Lanes, St Peter Port, GY1 1TS Tel: Barry Brehaut Le Fond du Val, Le Foulon, St Peter Port, GY1 1YT Tel: Rhian Tooley Herries, Rue des Vallees, Castel, GY5 7DR Tel: Joseph Mooney Dualla House, Le Rohais, St Peter Port, GY1 1FE Tel: THANK YOU Dennis Le Moignan and Keith Pike, Returning Officers for the St. Peter Port 2016 Deputy Elections, would like to thank everyone who gave up their free time to help run the Polling Stations, also those involved in the count. This helped to make the whole day a very successful one for the parish. Dennis Le Moignan & Keith Pike Returning Officers for St. Peter Port North and South The Townie 5 WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE OFFICE By Martyn Guilbert, Secretary to the Constables From left: front row - Len Bullock, Jenny Bullock, middle row - John Naftel, Ann Jennings, Geoff Le Gallez, back row - Jon Morris, Martyn Guilbert It has been a busy start to the year for office and grounds staff. I am pleased to welcome Jon Morris to our grounds staff. He joined us at the beginning of April and is fitting in well with our small crew. The office staff has settled back in to the Lefebvre Street offices and the staff are all agreed that it is a real pleasure to be back in the building. It is a much more pleasant working environment with proper heating, lighting, toilets and kitchen facilities and the new Douzaine Room (the Brock Room) is a superb facility for meetings of all sizes. If you haven t had a look at the beautifully restored building yet, visitors are always welcome. Spring is always a busy time in the office, with the preparation of the Remede and the Spring Parish meeting and the raising of 8,000+ Rates bills. This year is even busier with the addition of the General Election on the 27th April. Ann Jennings has taken the lead in organising the polling stations, the count and the hustings meetings. Surprisingly 126 people are needed to man the four polling stations and bring in the results in the evening count. Two completely separate teams of counters are needed for the St Peter Port North and South Electoral Districts. A big THANK YOU to all the folk that have volunteered, the General Election could not take place without you. Full time grounds-men Geoff and Jon, assisted by part timers Len and John, are as busy as ever around the parish sites, and now that grass is growing in earnest, they are busy strimming and mowing. They are also continuing on with their hospital job of levelling the grass and adjusting head stones in Candie Cemetery. Opening times: 8.30am pm Monday - Friday (open through lunchtime) Contact number: The Townie 6 VISIT THE GUERNSEY AQUARIUM La Vallette, St Peter Port Discover an exciting display of marine species from around the Channel Islands, European fresh water fish, tropical fish and reptiles. Housed in the historic La Vallette Tunnels. Opening Hours: 9.00am -6.00pm 7 days a week, including Bank Holidays Telephone: If you would like to advertise in the next issue of The Townie magazine please contact the Constables Office on for more information. THE LAW REGARDING HEDGES AND STREAMS HEDGES - by law must be cut by 15th June and 30th September Hedges bordering a public road must be cut back in declivity (sloping away from the road - see diagram below) between 1st and 15th June and between 15th & 30th September of each year, so that they do not overhang. Trees and hedges need to be cut back to a minimum height of 12 feet. There are lorries higher than 12ft, so please remember to cut your trees higher than this if you do not want them damaged. Hedges are inspected by the Douzaine. Property owners with uncut trees and hedges following re-inspection are reported to H.M. Procureur for prosecution. It is the responsibility of the hedge owner, according to the Law, to ensure that all hedge and tree cuttings are cleared up the same day. STREAMS - by law must be cleaned by 15th June and 30th September Most of the streams in the island are inspected twice a year - after 15th June and 30th September. Property owners must therefore ensure streams are free from over-grown vegetation, growth in the stream and anything that prohibits the free flow of water. Following inspection by the Douzaine, property owners with uncleaned streams are reported to the States Public Services Department who in turn report to H. M. Procureur for prosecution. The Profile Committee express their thanks to the Parish of St Sampson for the above article, the wording and the diagram are taken from their Parish Information booklet. Declivity Incorrect Correct The Townie 8 GUERNSEY FRENCH PHRASES YOU NEED By Jan Marquis MAY Lé meis d mai ch est quaend nou célébe lé jour d la Liberâtiaon, et coume nou dit, Faot daon s en ermaette et célébraï daove l ordgeul dé l île. Leh meee-d meh sheee cae nou selleb leh jour dlah Leeberrahhs-yao(ng), eee caum nou dee, Fao da(ng) s au-r maett eee selebraye daov l audjuhl deh l eel The month of May is when we celebrate Liberation Day and as we say, Let us therefore remember and celebrate with island pride!. JUNE Quaend nou pense, nou z-est déjà au meis d juin, sra bian vite lé pu laong jour, et énne ashie nou z-érait yaeu Les faeus d St. Jean. Cae nou pauss nouz eee deee-shzah o meee-d jwaee(n) ee srah byau veet leh pu lao(ng) shzourr, eee enn ahshee nouz erreh ya-ee Leee fa-eee-d Sa-ee Shau! When you think, we are already in the month of June, it will soon be the longest day, and at one time we would have had St. John s tide fires! JULY Ch est qu au meis d juillet qué nou pourra avé du ji au Carniva à la Ville! Shee-k o meee-d jwee-eh keh nou pourah aveh du shzee o Carneevah ah lah veeel! In July you can enjoy the Town Carnival! AUGUST Lé meis d avout, ch est l meis des shaos à la caempogne, pens-ous allaï les vei? Leh meee-d ahvou, sh eee-l meee deee shao ah lah caepoinn, pauss-ou ahlaye leee veee? August is the month of the country shows, are you planning on going to see them? SEPTEMBER A la mié-stembe les jours et les gniets s enter semblle. Ah lah myeh-staub leee shzour eee leee nyeh s auterr saub. During mid September days and nights are of similar/equal length. OCTOBER Rànbillaï poui à arriérié vos ologes à la fin d chu meis! Raenbeeyaye pwee ah ahree-erree-eh voz oloj ah lah fa-ee-d shu meee! Don t forget to put the clocks back at the end of this month! Learn a little of our Norman language over a drink! - Appernai aen ptit d giernesiais daove enne veraie! The Imperial Hotel (Wednesday pm). Informal language lessons aimed at adults, and centred around having a go at speaking in small, friendly groups. Lunchtime lessons at Candie Museum and Art Gallery, contact Jo Dowding on or Translation service also available, from house names and T-shirt slogans to branding for local businesses and products. Please get in touch with Yan on or The Townie 9 THE QUEEN S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS IN ST PETER PORT By Douzenier Pauline Fath Patron s lunch street party is one of them: 10,000 guests were expected for a huge street party with a picnic and street performances outside Buckingham Palace. In Guernsey as well we have seen a lot of family fun days organised on Saturday and/or Sunday in the different parishes of the island. Each parish celebrated in their own way. Celebrations took place in museums as well and Castle Cornet, Candie Museum and Fort Grey did not charge an entrance fee on Saturday 11th June for the pleasure of many visitors. On Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of June a weekend of celebrations took place for Queen Elizabeth II, the nation s longest serving monarch, as she officially marked her 90th birthday. A bit of history The Queen s actual birthday is April 21 but the annual official public celebrations take place in June. It is a tradition that was started by George II in 1748 and owes its origins to the ageless problem of the British weather. George was born in November, and felt the weather would be too cold for his annual birthday parade. Instead, he combined his birthday celebration with an annual spring military parade known as Trooping the Colour. It is a tradition that has continued to this day. Celebrations everywhere Many events were organised around the U.K. this weekend, from pageantry in London to local street parties across the country to officially mark the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, The scale of some of the events is massive. The There was a 21 Gun Salute at Castle Cornet, at 12.00, the gunners were made up of volunteers mainly ex-service. In St Peter Port The party in the park this year became the party by the pond in order to celebrate the Queen s Birthday and for people going to Castle Cornet for their free celebration entry. The Constables set the annual senior citizen lunch under a marquee next to the Model Yacht pond and we were lucky enough to have a very pleasant weather. It is the fourth year that St Peter Port Parish organised this annual lunch The Townie 10 for the senior citizens but usually the event takes place at Les Cótils. An invitation card was printed in the Guernsey Press and up to 100 guests could attend the event for free by sending the invitation card back. The catering was provided by Les Cótils, and the staff along with the constables and douzeniers did a great job serving the sandwiches and cakes to the guests. A glass (or two!) of bubbles was also served to them, just before the sing a song started. Bus shuttles were there to take the parishioners back to their homes around 2.30pm. From 2pm, activities for families and children were organised by douzeniers Christine Goodlass and Rosie Henderson next to the Model Yacht pond - two bouncy castles were set up and The Sigma Group provided a sand painting table, pet rock painting and decoration of cups with specialised pens. A face painter was kept busy preparing faces, candy floss was available and various traditional games were available including chalking and colouring. The balloons initially meant to be released were used to win prizes by bursting a balloon which contained a number and if the number contained a 9 or a 0 a prize was
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